Chapter 99 – Otherwise, we'll sleep separately

Chapter 99 – Otherwise, we’ll sleep separately


A gust of cold wind blew through the valley, chilling to the bone, yet heartwarming.


Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo walked together. After a while, Lu Shifeng noticed Jian Luo’s lack of response and furrowed his brow, asking, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo turned back, licking his slightly dry lips and shook his head, “Nothing.” Although he said so, even the most oblivious person could tell that something was amiss. In fact, there was no need for extensive observation. Jian Luo, most of the time, wore his emotions on his face.


As they continued walking, Lu Shifeng reached out with his long arm and pulled Jian Luo closer. !! Caught off guard while lost in his thoughts, Jian Luo tensed, his fingers twitched, instinctively wanting to pull away, but reason stopped him.


Turning back, he heard Lu Shifeng say, “There’s water on the stone steps up ahead. Watch your step.”


Jian Luo looked down and indeed saw water on the stone steps. He silently sighed with relief, grateful he hadn’t pulled Lu Shifeng’s hand away, as that would have been embarrassing.


Regaining his smile, Jian Luo said, “Thanks for the reminder.”


As he was about to continue walking, Lu Shifeng stood by his side, looking down at him from a higher vantage point, his voice deep and magnetic, “Are you scared?”


Jian Luo’s steps faltered, his chest rising and falling as he breathed, steadying himself psychologically before he responded, “No, why would you think that?”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow, “Is that so?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“Then why can’t you look at it?”


Jian Luo lowered his head, remaining silent for a moment, then, after psyching himself up, he raised his head and was met with a glass of water handed to him.


Lu Shifeng said, “We’ve been walking for a while. Have some water.”


Jian Luo struggled to keep up with his pace, dumbfounded as he accepted the water, and replied, “Huh? Oh, alright.”


He unscrewed the bottle cap, taking a few sips even though he wasn’t particularly thirsty. He suddenly felt thirsty after the water touched his lips, and he drank half of it before realizing, “Would you like some?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at the bottle, but there was no place for him to drink from. Thinking that he might have been offended, Jian Luo put the bottle away, saying, “Well, maybe not then.”


Lu Shifeng reached out with his long arm and took the water bottle.


This unexpected gesture made Jian Luo’s eyes light up. It seemed that even the distinguished General was not too formal with him and didn’t find him off-putting at all.


Lu Shifeng put the water bottle back into his storage space and then said to Jian Luo, “Let’s continue.”



Jian Luo rolled his eyes at him and thought about teasing him, but as he was about to reply, Lu Shifeng suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at him.



Awkwardness filled the air, and Jian Luo cleared his throat, “What… what’s wrong?”


Lu Shifeng stood at the higher end of the stairs, casting a glance at him, “Dragons don’t need to drink water as much as humans. This was specifically prepared for you.”


“Ah, I see.”


Jian Luo rarely saw him drink water. It seemed that, compared to dragons, human bodies were quite fragile.


Lu Shifeng took a step forward, pulling Jian Luo along, and said, “The law of the jungle you mentioned earlier usually offers two methods.”


Jian Luo eagerly asked, “What methods?”


Lu Shifeng’s lips parted slightly, “Become stronger, or attach yourself to someone strong.”



Jian Luo was unexpectedly rendered speechless. If he were to make a direct comparison, wasn’t he currently attaching himself to someone strong?


However, upon further consideration, Jian Luo realized that General Lu, elegant and cold, was perhaps providing this explanation to prevent him from overthinking. Maybe he was explaining this just for him?


This speculation made Jian Luo inexplicably happy. The haze of his previous unfounded thoughts had largely dissipated. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. With his current situation, there was no point in dwelling on it. It was better to take it one step at a time and go with the flow.


Walking alongside Lu Shifeng, Jian Luo absentmindedly touched his belly and murmured, “Big brother dragon.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and asked, “Feeling tired?”


Jian Luo’s hand rested on his belly, separated by a layer, and he felt as though he could sense the blood flowing inside. It was strange; sometimes the connection between a mother and child was so subtle. He raised his face to meet Lu Shifeng’s gaze for a moment and had a sudden urge to ask him.


“Will you protect them?”


“When the child is born, will you set them free?”


“What… exactly do you consider this to be?”


Many questions almost slipped out, but just before they did, he swallowed them down, and instead, Jian Luo simply smiled and said, “No, they’re behaving well.”


Lu Shifeng redirected his attention, saying, “Alright, hang in there a little longer. We’re almost at the Elf Market.”


The Elf Market was essentially the trading hub for the elves. Occasionally, it also attracted various other alien races seeking unique items. Elves were known for their creativity and craftsmanship, and due to their somewhat introverted nature, they often channeled their talents into various arts and crafts.


Most elves possessed magical abilities, and when they infused their magic into their handcrafted items, they often produced unexpected effects and surprises.


This was why the elven people had the confidence and audacity to seek cooperation with the Dark Stars. Their unique magical abilities could be applied in various fields, whether in combat or daily life.


Jian Luo stood at the entrance of the market and looked at the sign, reading it aloud, “Ten Thousand Things Street.”


The name was quite peculiar, and he asked Lu Shifeng, “Why is it called that?”


Lu Shifeng responded, “Because here, you can buy anything your heart desires.”


Jian Luo didn’t argue with such a grandiose name and decided that exploring the market was more important. Both of them entered the bustling commercial street of the elves. It was lively, with not only elves but also small dwarves dressed like Native Americans and even tall individuals walking and chatting.


Jian Luo exclaimed, “Wow, look at that!”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him from the corner of his eye and asked, “Is it that strange?”


Jian Luo made a sound of amazement, “Aren’t you amazed?”


Lu Shifeng walked with him to the side and calmly said, “This is their true form. Compared to them, we dragons have the ability to transform our bodies freely, so isn’t that even more extraordinary?”


Jian Luo cleared his throat, learning to adapt, “Of course. Although they seem quite impressive, dragons are still the most amazing in my heart.”


Lu Shifeng let out a faint hum. While he maintained a neutral expression, Jian Luo could almost see his dragon tail about to wag in the sky. He had recently discovered that his flattery was quite effective. Whenever he praised Lu Shifeng, the general’s mood seemed to improve. Now, it seemed like the general was in a good mood.


Seizing the opportunity, Jian Luo made a reasonable request, “Then, shall we buy something to bring back and play with?”


The stores around them were mostly stalls with a wide variety of items, and the scene was colorful and chaotic.


Lu Shifeng replied, “You can buy whatever you like.”


“Alright, I want that.”


As he pointed in the direction, Lu Shifeng finally saw it: a simple-looking bed in the distance. It was made of wood with carved green vines on it, appearing quite unremarkable.


As they got closer, the details became clearer, and it was indeed very ordinary.


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow, “Why?”


Standing together at the entrance, Jian Luo made a reasonable request, “I’m tired of the bed on the battleship. Can we change it? You can pick any one you like here.”


Lu Shifeng wasn’t particularly interested in the bed, but just as he was about to agree, Jian Luo added, “Of course, since I know you’re used to the bed on the battleship, if you don’t like this one, we can buy it and put it in another room. You can use it when you stay over.”



For a moment, the air became silent.


Lu Shifeng turned his face to look at Jian Luo, his expression inscrutable. Jian Luo suddenly felt a bit nervous, unsure of what he had said wrong.


After a while, Lu Shifeng lightly parted his lips and said, “There are no extra rooms.”


Jian Luo was taken aback, “How is that possible? Just a few days ago, I saw some vacant rooms.”


“But now there are none. During this special period, we can’t waste resources. I’ve arranged for people to stay in them,” Lu Shifeng said with certainty.



Jian Luo was about to say something when a salesperson from the elven race approached, asking, “Hello, are you here to look at beds?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo.


Jian Luo’s scalp tingled, but he quickly regained his composure and said, “Yes, that one.”


The wooden bed not far away was elegant and luxurious. The salesperson noticed their interest and suggested, “If you are a couple, I recommend choosing this one. It’s made of pure elven wood and promotes restful sleep. What’s more, it has an arousal function as well.”


Arousal? Arousal for what? Who needs help to sleep? Isn’t that a waste of money?


Jian Luo, being frugal, was the first to object. He waved his hand, saying, “It’s okay, we don’t need…”


Lu Shifeng’s voice interjected from the side, “Explain in detail.”




Suddenly, Jian Luo felt like the world was full of question marks.


Finally, under the clever recommendation of the elven salesperson, Lu Shifeng chose the arousing bed, and Jian Luo barely heard the conversation between them and the salesperson.


Jian Luo protested, “What’s so good about this one? The one I liked was only 50,000 star coins, and this one is half a million! Isn’t this robbery?”


Lu Shifeng responded, “It enhances sleep.”



Jian Luo almost couldn’t hold back his words. “The 50,000-star coin bed is just fine, it’s comfortable to sleep on, and it’s just the same.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “Have you slept on the one in Paradise? The special one made of pure wood, not the one prepared for you. Where have you slept?”


The air suddenly became quiet.


Jian Luo paused. He had only slept on this wooden bed in his home back in the 21st century, and he hadn’t tried it since he arrived in this world. Sometimes he spoke without thinking, and Lu Shifeng caught him off guard.


Jian Luo’s back broke into a cold sweat. He quickly came up with an excuse. “I tried it in the store when you were talking.”


Lu Shifeng stared at him for a moment, then averted his gaze and said, “I see.”


Jian Luo sighed in relief, relieved that he hadn’t revealed the truth. He had actually never slept on this bed. Land on Paradise. The fact that he knew the exact details about the bed was mere coincidence.


As they continued to stroll through the market, the atmosphere between them had changed. This marketplace was gradually losing its liveliness, especially as some of the houses looked a bit dilapidated. As they passed by a vendor, something caught Jian Luo’s attention. A child, approximately in his early teens, dressed in somewhat tattered clothing and looking rather pale and weary, was selling dried fruits at a stall.


Jian Luo asked, “Where are your family members? Why are you here on your own selling these?”


The young elf lifted his head, and Jian Luo was surprised to see his bright red eyes.


It was a different feeling from Lu Shifeng’s intimidating red eyes. The general’s eyes exuded an aura of power, while the child’s eyes were gentle, like flawless rubies.


The young elf replied, “I don’t have any family.”


Jian Luo was taken aback. “You don’t?”


“They’re all dead.” The young elf’s voice was hoarse. “I was abandoned, a discarded child. Uncle and Auntie here take care of me.”


As a person who had come from another world, Jian Luo felt his heart sink. It wasn’t because he had a sudden surge of sympathy but because he saw a reflection of himself in the child.


The young elf continued, “Would you like to buy something?”


Jian Luo, overwhelmed with sympathy, said boldly, “How much for one?”


The young elf responded eagerly, “Ten star coins per piece, sir.”


That’s not too expensive! Jian Luo decided to show off a bit. “Okay, how many do you have? I’ll take them all!”


The young elf immediately stood up and asked, “We have a total of fifty million pieces. Would you like them all? Would you like to pay by card or in cash?”



Jian Luo’s enthusiasm suddenly turned cold. He was almost about to regret his impulsive decision. He stuttered, “How… how many pieces?”


The young elf repeated, “Fifty million pieces.”




Jian Luo now wished he could bite his own tongue. He had gone too far. Playing it cool was one thing, but he had gotten carried away!


The young elf eagerly awaited his answer. “So, do you want them?”


Jian Luo hesitated, and under the intense gaze of the young elf, he glanced to the side at Lu Shifeng. To his surprise, General Lu had a smirk and an expression of amusement on his face, as if he was thoroughly enjoying the situation.


From his demeanor, Jian Luo could almost feel the unspoken message: “Go ahead, kid, make a fool of yourself!”


Jian Luo scratched his head, facing the young elf, he asked, “Where did you get so many? Is this all your family has?”


The young elf patiently explained, “No, this dried fruit comes from our elven fig trees. During this month each year, the figs grow all over the place, and we can have as many as we want.”


Jian Luo sighed. “If that’s the case, why are you selling them?”


The young elf explained further, “These dried fruits contain the essence of the elven tree. They can cleanse the mind and purify the soul. They help with happiness factor secretion. They are not only consumed by elves but also by people from other races. However, due to the recent interstellar turmoil, our export trade has been disrupted, so we sell them here.”


The logic behind his words was clear, and it didn’t sound like something a teenager in their early teens would say.


Jian Luo rubbed his chin, the businessman in him thinking. He picked up a piece from the package and tasted it, offering it to Lu Shifeng. “Give it a try?”


Lu Shifeng showed little interest, but Jian Luo prodded, “Come on, give it a try.”


After a moment of silence, General Lu condescended to bend down, taking a small bite. After tasting it, he gave his evaluation, “It’s passable.”


Feeling a spark of hope, Jian Luo pressed on. “If you find it passable, do you think other people from the Dark Stars might like it?”


He hadn’t initially thought of this, but considering the dried fruits’ ability to enhance happiness, they could be a good snack for the people from the Dark Stars. After all, they were more aligned in taste preferences.


Lu Shifeng considered for a moment. “The flavor is average. It’s worth a try.”




Jian Luo was elated. “So, the issue of fifty million pieces should be fine, right? We can have them shipped back, right?”


Being rather young and inexperienced in business, he hadn’t considered the challenges involved.


Lu Shifeng didn’t want to burst his bubble, so he offered some guidance. “Consider the shelf life, the freshness during transportation, and the loss of essence within the dried fruits due to the journey. Even if we solve the logistics problem, most people from the Dark Stars are used to nutrient solutions. Snacks aren’t in high demand. How do you plan to ensure they sell quickly? And…”


Jian Luo interrupted, “And what?”


“Selling,” Lu Shifeng calmly continued, “is essential.”


A bucket of cold water seemed to drench Jian Luo from head to toe.


Jian Luo, who had just been burning with enthusiasm, suddenly felt deflated. He had thought about reselling or forming a partnership, and he might have made a few million in profit. However, Lu Shifeng’s perspective was much more long-term. With these additional considerations, he realized he couldn’t handle the logistics.


In this moment of despair, as he was about to refuse the young elf, Lu Shifeng spoke up again, “In your case, having strong personal abilities is not the only solution. Sometimes, you can rely on external help to solve problems.”


External help? 


Jian Luo furrowed his brows unconsciously and asked, “What external help?”


Lu Shifeng picked up a piece of dried fruit and examined it thoughtfully. Then he spoke calmly, “In the business world, your boss might be more interested.”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up. “The boss!”


Of course! How could he have forgotten? Nie Yan was not only the richest person in the Dark Stars; he also had a significant presence throughout the universe. The Nie Corporation had a well-established industrial chain across the cosmos, and their logistics were highly efficient. If he could convince Nie Yan, the logistics and distribution of the dried fruits could be easily resolved.



He used to be a streamer himself! Isn’t promoting products for businesses quite common? Although we don’t know how effective it is, it’s a way to go.


Jian Luo made an appointment with the young elf to return the next day. Then he hurried back to Lu Shifeng, his eyes shining brightly as he looked at General Lu. “Thank you, Big Brother Dragon, you’re really amazing!”


Lu Shifeng didn’t accept the compliment but instead asked, “Why do you want to help him?”


“Hmm?” Jian Luo hesitated when asked this question. Ultimately, it was the young elf’s plight that got to him, but he simply smiled and said, “Because his eyes are very beautiful.”




Lu Shifeng questioned, “His eyes?”


Throughout the Dragon Clan, only Dragon King Lu Shifeng had red eyes, and back when he had just been born, in a time when the Dragon Clan had been in decline, a unique pupil like his, combined with such a frail body, had been seen as a bad omen by many. Many had believed that the Dragon Clan was doomed. At that time, these red eyes had been something that Lu Shifeng despised.


Now, there was someone saying, “This color is very beautiful!”


For some reason, Lu Shifeng felt a mix of emotions. It was a completely new experience, a bit strange but not unpleasant.



When night time came…


“Wow, the new bed is here!”


Jian Luo, having finished washing up, sat on the wooden bed. He couldn’t see anything particularly different about it, except for a crystal ball in front of the bed with flowing sand inside. It was quite attention-grabbing.


Jian Luo asked, “What’s this for?”


Lu Shifeng’s hand covered it, and he told Jian Luo, “Press it.”


Curious, Jian Luo complied without further questions. He placed his hand on the crystal ball, waited for a moment, but nothing seemed to happen. He asked, “Is there a problem?”


Lu Shifeng retrieved his hand and said, “It’s for aiding sleep. Go to sleep.”


Jian Luo was somewhat skeptical, but he lay down and went to sleep.


Tonight, the night seemed particularly quiet. Lu Shifeng lay down next to Jian Luo and slowly closed his eyes. As both of them drifted into slumber, the crystal ball gradually lit up, and the sand inside began to flow, immersing them in a dream.


In this dream, there was a somewhat run-down village.


Lu Shifeng stood at the entrance of the village, surveying the area. While he was looking, he noticed two peasants coming slowly down the road. One of them, a woman, covered her mouth and pointed to the roadside. “Child, there’s a child!”


The man hurried over. “A boy, left here by someone.”


“He’s not dead yet,” the woman came closer and checked his breathing. She seemed somewhat distressed. “We already have so many mouths to feed at home. We can’t afford to take care of this child. It’s a real tragedy.”



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