Chapter 110 – Cheating on three people at once (Part 1)

Chapter 110 – Cheating on three people at once (Part 1)


The air was filled with such an awkward atmosphere, and the doctor also sensed it. Before she could speak, Lu Shifeng, who was accompanying her, spoke first, “It’s nothing. Stop watching documentaries.”


Jian Luo glanced at him.


Lu Shifeng spoke in a deep voice, “The dragon race has a 0% difficulty in childbirth. You are human, and the situation may be somewhat special. I will have the top medical team in the entire universe assist in your delivery. Don’t worry.”


It sounded good indeed.


Even though he didn’t explicitly state whether the priority was the child’s safety or the mother’s, Jian Luo didn’t want to inquire further. Some things didn’t need a clear answer. Sometimes, being muddled was rare, and making things too clear could be embarrassing.


Moreover, the answers to such questions were already in everyone’s hearts; there was no need to humiliate oneself by asking.


Jian Luo touched his belly and smiled, “Alright, I hope everything goes smoothly and safely.”


Lu Shifeng looked at his forced smile and furrowed his brows.


The doctor on the side felt that she might have said something wrong and tried to change the topic, “It’s okay. There are still three months left. Giving birth is very physically demanding. We will provide some exercise plans later on. Luo Luo, you must actively cooperate with the exercises. Keeping up with your physical condition and strength will prevent many accidents.”


Luo Luo nodded in cooperation, “Okay, got it.”


Today, he was surprisingly obedient, not complaining as usual. However, the doctor didn’t feel relieved.


Now, she could only hope for the safety of mother and child, praying for the smooth birth of the only hope of the Dark Star and that the mother could deliver smoothly.



On the way back from the examination, Jian Luo remained silent.


Before Lu Shifeng could speak, he received a private message from Jiang Jiang, and his whole person became lively, “Oh, the results of the photo processing are out.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “How is it?”


Jian Luo didn’t have time to explain. When he returned to the room, he sat on the sofa and contacted Wei Wei and the others with the processed photos.


Throughout the afternoon, Wei Wei and the others were under great pressure. Influenced by online public opinion, many customers started applying for refunds without the product, and some who received the dried fruits also demanded refunds, citing dissatisfaction with the taste.


Wei Wei said, “They’ve already opened the merchandise and eaten a lot, yet they still demand a refund.”


Anya also helped analyze for Jian Luo, “It’s all the work of that blogger. After posting that manipulated image, he has been leading the narrative, claiming that our products are bad and inciting others to demand justice. It makes it seem like we and the consumers are on opposite sides.”


Jian Luo also opened StarNet to check the latest developments.


Since the release of the manipulated image, which seemed like solid evidence, the blogger became more arrogant. He listed all the mistreatment he had received during his process of seeking justice, even bringing out his past records of seeking justice. He loudly advocated the theory that consumers should stand up to defend their legitimate rights:


“We buy things, and if we’re not satisfied, the merchants should be responsible.”


“No one’s money comes from thin air. If it’s not suitable, it should be returned.”


“These unscrupulous merchants only know how to make money. Do we, as consumers, still have a say?”


The blogger’s words were impassioned, stirring up many people and encouraging them to seize this opportunity to apply for refunds.


Jian Luo, as he continued to read, once again noticed that the blogger had mentioned him: “I have received the refund. I hope you can do better in the future. Don’t be so stubborn and disregard the consumers. That’s it.”


Wei Wei leaned over, “He dares to mention us again?!”


Jian Luo chuckled instead of getting angry. With extreme calmness, he replied, attaching a picture, “We have received your after-sales request. We sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement of our work. We hope that in the future, when uploading after-sales photos, you can seek truth and be genuine. Running a small business is not easy. Please understand each other.”


The manipulated photo was released by Jian Luo.


To make the differences more apparent to others, he even pointed out some obvious flaws in the manipulated image. Finally, he placed the two photos side by side for a more direct and three-dimensional comparison.


As the first image was displayed, the audience was stunned:


“Is it real?”


“Manipulated image? How can someone do such a thing?”


“Just for a dried fruit worth 15 star coins, really?”


One star coin is equivalent to 1 RMB yuan. Although 15 yuan is not a small amount, it’s rare for someone to go to the trouble of manipulating an image for a refund of 15 yuan. It was simply unbelievable.


The blogger, seeing this, became infuriated. He retorted, “Baseless accusations! My photos haven’t been manipulated. Is this how your store bullies consumers?”


Jian Luo said, “We have not made any malicious modifications to the images. Instead, your actions constitute online fraud. If you have any doubts, we are willing to go through legal procedures for a fair trial.”


He knew that it wasn’t worth making a big deal out of a transaction for 15 star coins. He also knew that openly opposing the consumers wouldn’t benefit him. However, from the beginning, the other party had been pushing him step by step. He had already offered a refund, but the other party maliciously placed multiple orders and demanded refunds. Jian Luo had tried to downplay the situation, but the other party continued to publicly shame him on the platform. His tolerance and patience hadn’t gained the slightest restraint from the other party, so he decided to speak up.


The commenting onlookers said:


“Interstellar lawsuits aren’t that easy to establish.”


“The amount is too small.”


“Isn’t it a bit much to file a lawsuit for such a small sum?”


There were those who opposed and those who supported:


“What kind of holier-than-thou attitude is this? Isn’t it just money? They say humans are weak, yet they’re trying to take advantage even of a small race. Have some shame!”


“You complained about the taste, but during the live broadcast, there was always holographic tasting. Why didn’t you find it unappetizing then? No one forced you to place an order.”


“Even a fool can see the traces of manipulation in those photos. Is it so hard to admit a mistake?”


“Is this racial discrimination? If this store were a major aristocracy, these people wouldn’t dare to show such an attitude. It’s just because humans are easy to bully.”


The online argument was heating up, and Jian Luo was already considering consulting with legal professionals.


“Ding dong.”


A message happened to come in.


Jian Luo casually opened it, and it turned out to be from Nie Yan. He said, “Any issues with the dried fruits in transit?”


It was a must to reply to the information from the business partner’s influential father. Jian Luo said, “It shouldn’t be. We rarely receive orders with genuine quality issues. I suspect he’s attempting a malicious refund.”


Nie Yan responded with a thoughtful “Hmm.”


Jian Luo lounged on the sofa, sighed deeply, and rubbed his forehead.


Not far away, Lu Shifeng was also browsing the star network. Just as he was about to speak, Jian Luo’s message tone rang.


Nie Yan said, “I’ll have the legal department handle this matter.”


Jian Luo was somewhat shocked, “Are you personally going to handle it?”


“The logistics sector falls under Moonlight’s responsibility. Food spoilage tarnishes the company’s image. As your business partner, I should take responsibility when issues arise. Building a good brand image maximizes benefits,” Nie Yan added, “Next time you encounter such a situation, I hope you’ll think of me first to minimize losses.”




Truly deserving of you.


Jian Luo honestly replied, “Okay, boss.”


Although Nie Yan’s words sounded official, Jian Luo had still received assistance. So, he actively added, “Thank you, boss~”


After some thought, Jian Luo sent a custom emoji he had developed himself. Originally designed for the online customer service team, it aimed to add a touch of friendliness and fun to communication with customers.


He included a dog head, a heart, a crying face, a hug, a happy face, and various other small expressions. Jian Luo chose a heart and sent it to Nie Yan to express his gratitude.


Originally thinking that Nie Yan wouldn’t reply, to his surprise, Nie Yan responded after a short while, “Did you draw this yourself?”


Jian Luo: “Yes.”


Nie Yan was silent for a moment, then copied and pasted a heart back, saving time and effort.




Jian Luo closed the chat interface.


As he looked up, he saw Lu Shifeng staring at him. The marshal was half-leaning on the sofa, in a lazy posture, supporting his chin with one hand. He was quietly looking at Jian Luo with those deep red eyes, making people inexplicably guilty. How to describe this feeling precisely? It was like being caught cheating – an awkward embarrassment.


Jian Luo awkwardly chuckled, “What’s up?”


Lu Shifeng spoke leisurely, “Feeling better?”




Well, it’s quite ordinary.


Actually, Jian Luo, he’s someone with a strong ability to self-regulate. Whatever happens, it doesn’t bother him for long. His earlier bad mood was genuine, but now that things are resolving, his good mood is genuine too.


Thinking about this, Jian Luo became quite proactive. He said, “You’re not asleep yet. I thought you’d go to bed first.”


Lu Shifeng’s lips curled into a cold smile. “What, am I being extra?”


“…Be normal.”


Jian Luo was contemplating what madness this guy was up to again. Dealing with a man’s heart was truly tricky. Lu Shifeng placed the parenting guide he was holding on the table and spoke, “The matter online, I’ll have someone handle it.”


Jian Luo: “Huh?”


Lu Shifeng: “If the involved amount doesn’t exceed 10,000 star coins, it won’t constitute fraud.”


Jian Luo nodded, aware of this matter too. “I understand. I doubt we can make a lawsuit out of it.”




Lu Shifeng paused, lifted his eyelids to glance at Jian Luo, his tone forceful yet tinged with danger. “He likes to deal with merchants, right? Let him have his fill.”


Initially bewildered, Jian Luo blinked, then realized. He clapped his hands, “You mean, he’s not just like this with our family!”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow without confirming or denying.


Jian Luo’s eyes brightened, praising him, “Boss, you’re amazing. If the combined amount exceeds 10,000, we can sue. Wow, you’re incredible.”


Lu Shifeng, languidly, a hint of sourness in his voice, “What, not unnecessary now?”


Jian Luo, like a flatterer, crawled to his side, pleasingly grabbing his arm. “How could that be, how could that be? The boss is the most amazing.”


As they spoke, his phone pinged again.


Lu Shifeng barely had a moment to revel in the attention when Jian Luo let go and checked the message. It was unexpectedly from Zhan Wentai.


The noble master said, “I’ve seen the news online.”


Jian Luo hummed, “Thank you, teacher, for your concern. I’m fine.”


“Is it because of those things that you didn’t submit your assignment today?” Zhan Wentai was very indifferent. “You don’t need to worry about those matters. I’ll handle them.”




As expected of you.


Jian Luo’s hand trembled slightly as he typed the message, “I’m sorry, teacher. I’ll make up for the assignment tomorrow. You don’t need to worry about the things online; I’ll handle them myself. I won’t trouble you.”


Zhan Wentai outright refused, “The M9 Galaxy is an affiliated galaxy of the Phoenix Clan. My lax supervision is my responsibility. Regarding what happened there, I’ll give you an explanation.”


Jian Luo: “But…”


“There are no ‘buts,'” Zhan Wentai said. “When you have time, finish your assignment sooner.”




After closing the message, Jian Luo asked Lu Shifeng, “Do you also have affiliated galaxies? I’ve never heard of that.”


Lu Shifeng, originally reading a document, responded, “We do.”


Jian Luo seemed lost in thought.


“A few years ago, when I had nothing to do, I casually subjugated quite a few galaxies,” Lu Shifeng said casually, as if he had just gone out to buy groceries. “The Dark Star Territory is vast and doesn’t necessarily need colonization. We usually accept offerings from these galaxies. Why, have your eyes set on any?”




Darn it, why is he so extravagant?


Jian Luo persisted, “Um, roughly how many are there?”


Lu Shifeng casually replied, “Forgot.”


Jian Luo nearly choked on his own breath.


Lu Shifeng succinctly explained, “For ease of memory, galaxies named with ‘A’ are affiliated with the Dragon Clan, ‘S’ with the Blood Clan, ‘B’ with Pixius, and ‘M’ with the Phoenix Clan.”


Ah, that’s why His Excellency the Sacrificial Master said it was his affiliated galaxy.


Looking at it this way, giving away Earth was probably as simple to them as giving away a watch. He had been fussing over it unnecessarily for days!


“Ding dong.”


The terminal beeped again.


Jian Luo snapped out of it, only to find it was from the Little Emperor. The Little Emperor said, “Luo Luo, I’ve seen the online matter. They’ve really gone too far! I’m very angry!”


Jian Luo even had to comfort him in return, “Your Majesty, calm down. Don’t stoop to their level.”


The Little Emperor persisted, “Holding back just makes me angrier. I’ve decided, I’ll adjust the laws on online purchases to make people like him face legal consequences.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes, “How will Your Majesty change it?”


So arbitrary, is it? Laws are just changed like that? Your Majesty, are your subjects aware of how authoritative you are?


The Little Emperor’s momentum weakened, “I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’ll decide soon. Luo Luo, just wait and see!”


“…Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty.”


After closing the communication, before Jian Luo could deeply contemplate, Lu Shifeng had already turned off his communication wristband and pointed at the clock, “Look at the time.”


Jian Luo turned to see the hands showing it was already past 11 in the evening.


Lu Shifeng said, “Anything can wait until tomorrow.”


Knowing resistance was futile, Jian Luo obediently nodded, “Alright then, I’ll rest first. I’m actually a bit tired.”


After saying that, he eagerly headed towards the bed.


Cross-legged, gazing at the crystal ball, Jian Luo asked, “Will we return to the village from my childhood this time? Will the previous incident continue?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him coolly, “It’s random.”


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief. In truth, he didn’t have much connection with these elder brothers. They didn’t harbor ill intentions; they were just a group of slightly lonely people in the city who craved warmth. Some liked watching pretty ladies, some enjoyed singing, and others preferred food shows.


Sometimes, these elders would place orders with him. When he livestreamed at night, it coincided with their work breaks, allowing them to watch and support the broadcaster.


After ending the call, Jian Luo relaxed. But as he looked up, he met Lu Shifeng’s gaze. The Marshal’s gaze was penetrating, and he arched an eyebrow. “Another one of your ex-boyfriends?”


Jian Luo hurriedly explained, “No, he’s not, he’s not my boyfriend.”


As he tried to explain in his haste, another call came through. Frantically attempting to clarify, he accidentally accepted the call again.


Jian Luo felt extremely close to collapsing inside.


The voice on the phone sounded delighted, “Luo Luo, it’s me.”


Jian Luo resigned himself, “L-Li Ge?”


“Ah, you okay from last night? You were up late.” Li Ge also expressed concern for Jian Luo’s late-night livestream, “I didn’t tune in last night. You’re not mad, are you?”




Jian Luo sensed a brewing storm of anger.


Desperately trying to survive, he quickly said, “Li Ge! It’s just not watching the livestream, no big deal. You must have had your own stuff to do. I don’t blame you.”


The more accommodating he sounded, the more the man on the other end persisted, launching into a conversation about physical and emotional well-being. Jian Luo was sweating profusely, finally finding a chance to hang up.


Having learned his lesson this time, he tossed the phone aside, vowing never to accidentally answer calls again.


Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng, feeling extremely guilty. “They’re not my boyfriends. I’ve genuinely never even met them in person!”


Lu Shifeng arched an eyebrow, implying something deeper. “Is that so?”


Jian Luo wished he could disappear.


This was worse than being caught red-handed!


What had he done wrong for this dream scenario to treat him this way? Did he desecrate the ancestral graves of the Elf Clan in his past life?!


Lu Shifeng smirked coldly, “Placing orders without meeting in person, calling to inquire about well-being? Morning calls?”


“This…” Jian Luo choked up, “I can swear they’re just viewers of my livestream, I have no other intentions. And they’re around forty to fifty years old, they could practically be my father! How could there be anything? Trust me, we’ve never even met in person!”


As the words fell, the atmosphere grew colder.


Jian Luo, in his haste, blurted without much thought. It was only after he said it that he realized, while in human years, forty to fifty might be considered older, in the Dragon Clan, Lu Shifeng could be four to five hundred years old!


Sure enough, Jian Luo cautiously lifted his head, only to see the Marshal’s darkened expression. The atmosphere became somewhat awkward. After his unplanned confession, he had completely dug himself into a pit. No, he needed to salvage this situation somehow!


Upon thinking about it, Jian Luo said, “Um, you have to believe me, I really…”


“Ding ling ling.”


Another phone ring echoed.


Cold sweat poured down Jian Luo’s body in an instant. This phone ring was almost like a death knell. No matter who it was this time, he wouldn’t answer! He swore!


Lu Shifeng glanced indifferently and smirked, “Since it’s no big deal, just answer.”


Jian Luo awkwardly replied, “I-it’s not necessary.”


Lu Shifeng’s gaze turned cold. “Are you scared?”


“…Not scared.”


Jian Luo reluctantly picked up the phone, praying that this guy had dialed the wrong number, hoping not to stir trouble for himself.


As the call connected, a cheerful voice sounded, “Luo Luo, you finally picked up! Are you awake? I happen to be on a business trip to City A and wanted to meet you. I’ve seen your live streams and found you to be a very cute guy. I really want to get to know you offline. Can I?”




Yeah, right.


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