Questions About Chu Yu and Xu Ye’s Sexual Orientation


Host: Mo Qingcheng



Mo: Tell me your name.

Xu Ye: Is the host mentally retarded?

Mo: (Rolling up his sleeves) Hey, kiddo. Know who your real father is!

Chu Yu: (raised his head and glanced at the host coldly)

Mo: (rolling down his sleeves)…Forget it, I’ll spare you this one time.



Mo: What is your age?

Xu Ye: Twenty-eight.

Chu Yu: Twenty-nine.

Mo: Tsk tsk, you two are just a year apart but surprisingly have different auras…



Mo: What are your respective characteristics?

Xu Ye: (blushing a bit) Sub, shou.

Chu Yu: Dom, gong.



Mo: Where did we first meet?

Xu Ye: A BDSM club called East Coast.

Chu Yu: Yeah.



Mo: How did you come to know each other?

Xu Ye: I felt that I was… frigid and wanted to find something new to try. Then he was brought to him by a bastard named Lion.

The lion outside the field: Ah-choo…

Chu Yu: He is a newcomer, like a hedgehog, which makes me interested.



Mo: What’s your first impression of the other person?

Chu Yu: timid, not confident, thirsty for desires, newbie, easily nervous and shy.

Mo:…Did you see through him at first sight? Who are you, Sherlock Holmes and Conan?

Xu Ye: (glancing at Chu Yu sullenly)

Chu Yu: (Lowering his eyes and smiling) Correction, my first impression is that he has bright eyes and is very cute when he is shy.

Xu Ye: (blushing) Well… He’s a dominant person who exudes a kind of intimidating aura. Because he wears a mask, he has a sense of mystery.



Mo: What do you like about the other person’s character?

Xu Ye: Meticulous.

Chu Yu: Truthful.



Mo: What do you dislike about the other person’s character?

Xu Ye: Nothing.

Chu Yu: Nothing.

Mo: Men in love, tsk tsk…



Mo: What are your zodiac signs? Blood type?

Xu Ye: Aquarius. B.

Chu Yu: Scorpio. A.



Mo: How do you call each other?

Xu Ye: It’s the most pleasant to call him Master. When outside, I call him Sir, and occasionally I call him by his name.

Mo: Calling each other by name happens only in bed, right?

Chu Yu: Our exercise areas are not limited to beds. I call him many things; slave, his name, prince, baby…

Xu Ye: (blushing) Master…don’t tell him this…

Mo: I can’t listen anymore. It’s too cheesy…



Mo: What’s your favourite way for the other person to address you? Why?

Xu Ye: Well… My name, those two words sound good when he says them.

Chu Yu: Name. He was so full of emotion.

Mo: Of course he was so full of emotion. When he called you that, he was being held down by you…



Mo: If you compared the other person to an animal, what would it be?

Xu Ye: I always feel like some kind of large carnivorous feline…

Chu Yu: Deer.

Mo: Isn’t they natural enemy…



Mo: What gifts did you give the other party?

Xu Ye: I gave perfume and ties.

Chu Yu: Ring.

Xu Ye: (Raised his hand, there was a silver ring on his ring finger)

Chu Yu: There is also a nipple ring.

Xu Ye: (blushing)…



Mo: What gift do you hope to get from the other person?

Xu Ye: If it’s from him, anything is good.

Chu Yu: Himself.

Xu Ye: I have always been yours.

Chu Yu: Yeah. (reach out and touch Xu Ye’s head.)

Mo: Don’t show affection in front of me!



Mo: Do you have any dissatisfaction with each other? If so, what is it?

Xu Ye: (continues to blush) That… when we do it, I will always be forced to say some very embarrassing things…

Chu Yu: You don’t like it because you haven’t gotten used to it yet. Just try it a few more times.

Xu Ye: (Sad) Master…

Chu Yu: I have no dissatisfaction with him.

Xu Ye: Master, I was wrong…I have no dissatisfaction with you either!



Mo: What bad habits do you have?

Xu Ye: Not confident.

Chu Yu: Excessive control.



Mo: What have you done to make the other person angry?

Xu Ye: Running away from him, sleeping in the same bed with others, taking medicine indiscriminately, and last time mentioned letting him have a child with another woman…

Chu Yu: (Looking at him) It’s all in the past.

Xu Ye: (nods)

Chu Yu: (Thinking for a moment) Sometimes I go overboard. However, he usually doesn’t really get angry; it’s more like he’s being coquettish.

Xu Ye: …



Mo: To what extent is the relationship between the two of you?

Xu Ye: (turns away)

Chu Yu: The degree of being inseparable, like glue and paint.



Mo: Who confesses first?

Xu Ye: Me.

Chu Yu: It doesn’t matter. In my eyes, “you belong to me” is also a form of confession.

Xu Ye: (Eyes brightened)



Mo: How much do you like the other person?

Xu Ye: If I leave him, I won’t be able to sleep, I’ll be anxious, and I’ll be very uncomfortable.

Chu Yu: I will always be by your side.

Mo: Can you not seize every opportunity to show off your love in everytime?!



Mo: Do you think this kind of liking can be called love?

Xu Ye: Yeah.

Chu Yu: Of course.



Mo: What’s the one thing the other person said that you couldn’t refuse?

Xu Ye: No matter what Master says, I will never refuse.

Chu Yu: When he said ‘hug me’.



Mo: What is the biggest thing you can allow the other party to do?

Xu Ye: I have no right to restrict Master’s actions…

Chu Yu: Interact with other people within normal limits.



Mo: What will you do if the other party exceeds this limit?

Xu Ye: He will not exceed the limit. I fully trust him.

Chu Yu: I will personally eliminate all the things that are not good for him.

Mo: …so ruthless.



Mo: What do you like most about the other person’s body?

Xu Ye: Chest, very warm.

Chu Yu: Every inch.

Xu Ye: (blushing)



Mo: What kind of appearance in the other person arouses your desire the most?

Xu Ye: When taking off the bathrobe…

Chu Yu: Trembling in my arms and calling ‘Master’.



Mo: When do you feel nervous when you are together?

Xu Ye: When I was whipped…

Chu Yu: When I almost lost him.



Mo: Have you lied to the other party?

Xu Ye: In the beginning, yes, but not anymore.

Chu Yu: There are things that I would hide, but I would never lie to him.



Mo: Have you ever had a quarrel?

Xu Ye: Except for the time when I couldn’t help shouting because I was being scolded by the Master at the club… there probably isn’t any.

Chu Yu: No.



Mo: When do you feel happiest?

Xu Ye: Every minute with him.

Chu Yu: Me too.

Mo: …Forget it. I’m not going to complain anymore.



Mo: When did you feel ‘I am loved’?

Xu Ye: When he hugged me.

Chu Yu: When he obeys my commands and accepts the whipping even when he’s afraid.



Mo: How do you express your love for him?

Xu Ye: Companionship.

Chu Yu: Protection.



Mo: Which plant do you think looks similar to the other person?

Xu Ye: Maple tree.

Chu Yu: White rose.



Mo: Is there anything hidden between the two of you?

Xu Ye: No.

Chu Yu: Yes. (Turning to Xu Ye) Sorry.

Xu Ye: It’s okay, Master… I don’t want to know those things.



Mo: Is the relationship between the two of you publicly acknowledged by those around you?

Xu Ye: Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Where was the first night?

Xu Ye: Hanguan No.8.

Chu Yu: The bed in the master bedroom.



Mo: What were your thoughts on the first night?

Xu Ye: Well… I’m a little excited but also a little nervous.

Chu Yu: His body fits me very well, and it feels very pleasant to hold him.



Mo: What was the first thing you said in the morning after your first night?

Xu Ye: He was not there that morning…

Chu Yu: Sorry, I have some urgent matters to deal with that day.

Xu Ye: I understand, Master.



Mo: How many times a week do you do it?

Xu Ye: (blushing)

Chu Yu: To ensure quality, about three times or so.



Mo: What kind of sex is it?

Xu Ye: (continues to blush)

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye and smiling) All kinds of ways.

Mo: Damn it, I don’t want to ask anymore…



Mo: Where do you feel the most?

Xu Ye: (blushing, whispering) Chest and below…

Chu Yu: front end.



Mo: Where does the other person feel the most?

Xu Ye: (blushing) The place that’s used for…

Chu Yu: It’s enough that only I know his sensitive spots.

Mo: So possessive…



Mo: Who takes the lead in sex?

Xu Ye: Master, I try to do it occasionally…

Chu Yu: When he takes the lead, everything is fun.



Mo: Where do you usually have sex?

Xu Ye: Home.

Chu Yu: home.



Mo: Where else do you want to try it?

Xu Ye: (Glancing at Chu Yu) Everything is up to Master.

Chu Yu: (Laughing) Next time, I might try it outdoors.


Mo: Is bathing done before or after sex?

Xu Ye: Once before and after.

Chu Yu: Yeah.



Mo: Does the gong usually cum inside?

Xu Ye: (blushing and nodding)

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Which posture do you prefer?

Xu Ye: (Purses lips) The ordinary kind.

Chu Yu: (Lip hooking) Usually, the rear-entry style will make you feel better.

Xu Ye:…Please, stop talking…



Mo: Which props used during sex impress you the most?

Xu Ye: That… vibrator with a tail…

Chu Yu: If you like it, we can try another animal tail next time.

Xu Ye: (hurriedly) Don’t…

Chu Yu: What impressed me most was the scene where he was tied to the massage table with a rope.



Mo: Have you ever had sex with anyone other than the other person?

Xu Ye: …Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.



Mo: Next question. Do you think your skills in that area are good?

Xu Ye: …not very good.

Chu Yu: (Smile) This kind of question should be answered by the other party.



Mo:…Okay, do you think the other party’s skills are good? Can they satisfy you?

Xu Ye: (Looking at Chu Yu with a blushing face) When he holds me… it’s always very satisfying every time…

Chu Yu: Sometimes he can be too shy and nervous, and that kind of expression makes me more excited. It feels good to hold him. It makes me happy every time.



Mo: What do you want the other person to say during sex?

Xu Ye: (Blushing) I love you.

Chu Yu: Every word is good, especially when he tells me how he feels. (Looking at Xu Ye) I love you.

Xu Ye: (with bright eyes) Master…

Mo: You go on. I’m going to vomit for a while.



Mo: What do you like to see in each other during sex?

Xu Ye: (furious) Why are there always questions like this?!

Chu Yu: (reaching out to touch Xu Ye’s head to express comfort) How do you like me to hold you?

Xu Ye: (with a bright red face) I like Master no matter what…

Chu Yu: (laughing) I like the way he cried and begged for mercy because of emotion.



Mo: What is the most exciting place to have sex so far?

Xu Ye: His office.

Chu Yu: For now.



Mo: What do you think is the most difficult situation when it comes to love?

Xu Ye: His duration is too long…

Chu Yu: When he is too tense, his body cannot relax.



Mo: Has the shou ever initiated sex?

Xu Ye:…I was drunk at that time!

Chu Yu: (Laughing)



Mo: What was the gong’s reaction at that time?

Xu Ye: At that time, I was in a daze, but in the end… we did it.

Chu Yu: Encourage him to try the feeling of being in a car. And let him be on top1at that time Xu Ye asked to be the top(gong) instead of just being on top and Chu Yu let him to be on top(being on top of him) as he requested.

Xu Ye: (On the verge of crying but without tears) I didn’t mean what I said at all…



Mo: Would you do it with someone other than the other person?

Xu Ye: No.

Chu Yu: No.



Mo: How would you react if you found out that the other person had sex with someone other than yourself?

Xu Ye: I will feel uncomfortable.

Chu Yu: (Glancing at the host coldly) This won’t happen.

Mo: …don’t look at me like that. This question is not mine…



Mo: Has the gong ever forced himself on you?

Xu Ye: No… well, it should be said that we stopped when there was no substantial entry.

Mo: Uh, why?

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye gently) He cried.

Mo: You become soft-hearted when he cries… Jerry is right.

Chu Yu: I just wanted to scare him. I didn’t really do anything.



Mo: When was the first time? With who?

Xu Ye: (Looked at Chu Yu, embarrassed) When I was a sophomore… I was introduced to a MB by Liu.

Chu Yu: (Indifferently) Freshman year, and a sub who is a few years older than me.



Mo: Is this person your ideal type?

Xu Ye: Yes.

Chu Yu: Yes.


Mo: Where is your favourite place to be kissed?

Xu Ye: Mouth.

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye) Oh?

Xu Ye: (Blushes and anxious) Master…

Chu Yu: (Laughing) Little liar.

Xu Ye: (Speechless and choked)……

Chu Yu: As for what I said, below.



Mo: Where do you like to kiss each other the most?

Xu Ye: Mouth…

Chu Yu: Lower abdomen. He will be full of emotions.

Xu Ye: …Please.



Mo: What do you think about when you make love?

Xu Ye: I feel like I’m going to die.

Chu Yu: I want to love him more.

Mo: This answer is really not on the same level…



Mo: Do you like or hate doing this with the other person?

Xu Ye: (Red face and softly) I like it.

Chu Yu: Why do it if you don’t love it?

Mo: That’s right…



Mo: What if someone else asks you for sex?

Xu Ye: Refuse.

Chu Yu: Refuse.



Mo: What if you knew someone was pursuing the other person?

Xu Ye: There are many people who like Master (laughs), but he is mine.

Chu Yu: It depends on the situation.

Mo: What do you mean it depends on the situation?

Chu Yu: It depends on the situation of the person. If they dare to cross the line… (lips raised)

Mo: Don’t smile like that. I feel chills all over…



Mo: This question… What would you do if the other person was r4p3d by someone else?

Xu Ye: …Master cannot be r4p3d.

Chu Yu: (Suddenly) No one would dare.

Mo: Damn, don’t show off your murderous intent…



Mo: What should you do if the other person suddenly loses interest in you?

Xu Ye: Think about what is wrong with myself.

Chu Yu: Change my approach to arouse his interest.



Mo: When do you feel the saddest?

Xu Ye: When the Master is angry.

Chu Yu: When I don’t get trust.



Mo: When do you feel happiest?

Xu Ye: When Master hugged me, I meant a simple hug…

Chu Yu: (Looking at Xu Ye) Are you not happy with the not-so-innocent hug?

Xu Ye: (Blushing)… also happy

Chu Yu: (Touching Xu Ye’s head) When I see you happy, I will be happy too.



Mo: Let me ask separately. Chu Yu first. Which of Sub’s behaviours disgusts you the most?

Chu Yu: Presenting one face upfront while concealing a different one behind. A facade of pretence and deception.



Mo: Xu Ye, which behaviour of Dom disgusts you the most?

Xu Ye: Violence that hurts sub.


Mo: What kind of person would you never make friends with?

Xu Ye: Hypocrites, those who do bad things behind the scenes.

Chu Yu: A person who tends to follow the crowd.



Mo: Apart from each other, who is the person closest to you?

Xu Ye: Leopard and Liu.

Chu Yu: (Thoughtfully after listening) The two of them?

Mo: …You’re not going to kill them, are you?

Chu Yu: (Glancing at the host) Not really. For me, it is Chu2Chu Xuan, maybe? It’s only written Chu tho and Chu Qin.



Mo: What leisure and entertainment activities have you been engaging in recently?

Xu Ye: Master is teaching me how to play Go.

Chu Yu: He learns quickly.

Mo: Really? So talented.

Xu Ye: (Biting his lip with a red face) Because there will be a punishment every time you lose…

Mo: What type of punishment?

Chu Yu: Type not suitable for children.

Mo: …I surrender to both of you.



Mo: Tell me about the luckiest thing in your life?

Xu Ye: Meeting Master.

Chu Yu: Falling in love with him.



Mo: The most precious thing you are willing to give to the other party for safekeeping?

Xu Ye: Heart.

Chu Yu: All the time in the rest of my life.

Mo: I’m done asking. You two can go and do whatever you want…

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