Moschery was sitting in the garden. It was rare for him to have half a day free. He only wore a simple shirt and trousers and no mask. Zhongyan lay beside him; his wings and back were still covered with rhinestones, shining brightly in the sun.

       The Emperor lowered his head and wrote the letter. The dragon was not very well-behaved. The light reflected from the rhinestones on his body dazzled the letter paper. Moschery said coldly with a gloomy face, “Can’t you just be a quiet ugly dragon?”

       Zhongyan snorted, and he turned around angrily, facing the emperor with his butt instead.

       “…” Moschery was angry, “You tsundere my foot! Tsundere?! Turn your face to me!”


       The hottest topic on All Universe 818 these days was about the future Queen. Lin Dongliang’s public relations and media skills were always excellent. Whether through images, videos, or text, he could depict the Emperor and Queen’s emotions in a lingering and heart-wrenching way.

       Of course, Qin Yun’s status as a low-level guide had also been questioned. The majority of people didn’t look favourably on it, and there were people who lamented that His Majesty the Emperor was truly romantic or his eyes were blinded by shit.

       Butler Ba Jin took the delivered formal wear and turned around to see Moschery glaring at the tablet with an ominous expression. The Emperor’s fingers were sliding very fast, and the old man couldn’t help but worry about whether the LCD screen could withstand it…

       “Your Majesty.” Ba Jin tried to divert the Emperor’s attention, “The clothes are here. Do you want to try them on?”

       Moschery raised his head and glanced at it perfunctorily, “Yes.” He paused, put down the tablet and ordered, “Show me the white one.”


       Qin Yun’s outfits were elegant and exquisite. Moschery carefully checked the details before showing a slightly satisfied look. He suddenly thought of something and asked Ba Jin, “Have the invitations been written?”

       Old butler, “I’ve written most of it, and I’ll finish it in a few days.”

       Moschery nodded, “Give me a few, and I’ll write them.”

       Ba Jin was a little surprised as to why the Emperor would make such a request, but he didn’t ask any more questions and sent over several unopened invitations that night.

       The stiff gold-coloured paper was simple and straightforward, not overly decorated with anything other than the names of the two men.

       Moschery leaned on the desk, holding a pen and writing slowly in the blank space.

       Zhongyan rarely obeyed and lay down at his feet with his belly turned over. The luminous lamp on the table softened the Emperor’s quiet and focused profile.


       The first to locate Bixi was Tristana. The female general, looking dishevelled, chased after ‘Little Bixi’ for almost a kilometre before finally stopping her on horseback.

       Bixi was petite and looked like a half-grown child from a distance when riding a tall horse. Apart from her long silver hair, her face revealed no signs of age.

       Tristana thought with tears streaming down her face… It was not wrong at all to call her little Bixi!

       Bixi didn’t seem surprised that Tristana would come looking for her. She glanced around and raised her eyebrows, “Where is my little Rainbow Dash?”

       “…” Tristana wanted to complain about the nicknames of this family, but she still held back, “I’ll call him right away! Lord… ah no, Little Bixi!”

       “He asked you to call me Little Bixi?” Bixi frowned and sighed helplessly, “This child is still naughty when he grows up.”

       Tristana felt happy and was about to change to call her Auntie when she heard the other party say calmly.

       “Good girl.” Bixi smiled amiably, “Just call me Sister.”

       Tristana: “…”


       When Qin Yun saw the hundreds of horses behind Bixi, his expression was as wonderful as it could be. He held his forehead and said, “You really gathered a massive army for this rendezvous… How old are you? Don’t you remember the time when you threw your back out while walking the horse the year I left?!”

       “How long has that been…” Bixi complained vehemently, “Why do you remember it so firmly?”

       Qin Yun was angry but found it laughable, “You think everyone is like you, living longer and ageing backwards!” He took a few steps forward to lead the horse Bixi was riding and hugged his adoptive mother off the horse like a little girl.

       “You have grown too big.” Bixi supported Qin Yun’s shoulders, “You are not as cute as you were when you were a child.”

       Qin Yun rolled his eyes, “I’m really sorry.”

       Bixi: “As I get older, my skin is not as good as before, and I have crow’s feet now1Crow’s feet is the common name given to wrinkles which appear at the side of the eyes, stretching out towards the temples..”

       “…” Qin Yun: “That’s enough!”


       In the end, it took the combined efforts of the four to drive all the horses into the stables. Qin Yun seriously wondered how Bixi could walk so many horses…

       “Keep them loose, with Black Pearl watching over.” Black Pearl is Bixi’s spiritual link, a black Arabian horse. She looked at Qin Yun, “Can’t you see it?”

       Qin Yun’s expression froze. He didn’t want to reveal the secret so quickly, but it was obvious that he couldn’t hide it.

       “Something happened on the battlefield…” Qin Yun lowered her head and did not dare to look into Bixi’s eyes, “I was injected with a brain nerve-destroying agent.”

       Bixi frowned, but she didn’t seem to have an overly worried look on her face. She just asked, “How long have you been like this?”

       Qin Yun: “It’s been more than a month.”

       Bixi didn’t speak, and the whites of her eyes gradually turned dark grey silver, which slowly faded away after a while, “What does it feel like?”

       “?” Qin Yun said sluggishly, “What does what feel like?”

       Bixi’s expression became subtle. She took a deep look at Qin Yun and suddenly asked, “I heard you are getting married?”

       Qin Yun was stunned for a moment, then reacted and stuttered with a blush, “Yeah, that’s right…”

       Bixi laughed and patted Qin Yun’s back gently, “Come on, tell me what kind of person he is.”


       The three people who were accustomed to living in the Imperial Capital had not enjoyed such a pristine night for a long time. An endless expanse of green grassland, the silvery moonlight spread all over the sky and the ground. The night breeze swept through, creating layers of undulating grass waves in the dimly lit surroundings.

       Herds of cattle and sheep rested in the distance in twos and threes, and a few over-energetic ponies chased each other. Bixi cooked goat’s milk wine and lit a bonfire in front of the yurt.

       Tristana dozed off under the warm firelight, and Chen Xiao stretched out his hand to hug her into his arms.

       Bixi poured a glass of goat’s milk wine and handed it to Qin Yun, “Is he good to you?”

       Qin Yun didn’t know what to say. He pondered for a long time, thinking about the first time he met Moschery. His Majesty the Emperor threw him into the sky like a gymnastic ball. Although he always called him trash, he never really left him behind.

       They had accompanied each other step by step to reach this point. Even if the final outcome wasn’t perfect, Qin Yun was still Moschery’s only guide.

       Bixi observed his expression, sighed softly, and carefully chose her words, “There may be just such a person in the world with whom you can face bitter failures or sufferings and share warmth and joy as well as happiness, through every day, month, and year…” After a pause, she slowly said, “Their last lifetime.”

       Qin Yun was speechless. He only felt that his heart was sore and full, and countless emotions seemed to be surging to the point of pouring out.

       Bixi’s expression was gentle. She reached out and touched the end of Qin Yun’s hair, “I think you have found such a person.”


       The first thing Moschery did when he woke up early in the morning was to stuff the invitation he had written in the evening into the mouth of the large electronic bird. Zhongyan watched curiously as the emerald green bird fluttered its wings and flew away. It couldn’t help but stretch out his paws and pounced a few times. The bird flew very nimbly between its paws and finally circled a few times and flew out of the window.

       The giant dragon stared at the bird’s shadow somewhat lonelyly. It hummed a few times, put the dragon’s head on its paws, and lazily raised its eyelids.

       “I know you miss him.” Moschery, in a rare moment not mocking Zhongyan’s behaviour. He stretched out his hand and pressed the dragon’s head hard, “I miss him too.”


       Dongliang didn’t react when he received the landing request from Olympus. He read it several times before confirming that the other party was indeed here for a peaceful visit.

       Skarter frowned, “Why are they here now? I thought after the Eta Star incident, they and the Empire had completely fallen out.”

       Lin Dongliang’s face didn’t look good either. After all, he and Skarter had suffered a lot for this matter before, and now they were still frightened after thinking about it.

       “Congratulations on His Majesty’s upcoming wedding.” Lin Dongliang glanced at Moschery, “That’s the banner they’re flying.”

       The Emperor smiled sarcastically, “Coming uninvited, thick-skinned indeed.”

       Lin Dongliang asked, “Do you want to refuse?”

       “It’s not necessary.” Moschery adjusted his cuffs slowly, with a contemptuous expression on his face, “Since they dare to come, there is no reason for me not to answer them. Want to make a scene?”

       The Emperor’s face darkened, and he said viciously, “It still depends on whether they are qualified.”

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