Zhongyan didn’t have rhinestones on his body today, so he didn’t react for a long time when he was called upon. The dragon blinked, looked up at Moschery, and then turned his head to stare at Kyle.

       The guide smiled faintly at it. It was obvious that he could see it.

       “No need to feel offended,” Kyle’s smile was gentle; he had an East Asian face, but his hair was silver, “I’m just like you.”

       Zhongyan lay on the ground in a defensive posture and suddenly roared angrily when the other party’s guiding tendrils approached.

       The dragon spread its black wings fiercely, and the glass on all sides of the reception room was directly shaken by the airflow and shattered to the ground.

       “Don’t touch it with your dirty hands.” Moschery glanced coldly at the face of the other person who resembled Qin Yun and said with disgust, “Go back to where you came from and don’t let me see you again.”

       Kyle withdrew his guiding tendrils and raised his eyebrows without showing any embarrassment, “I didn’t mean anything else, Your Majesty. You are also born as a god-level. I think you also need…”

       Moschery interrupted him coldly, “I don’t need it.” He took off his military hat, and the dragon eyes behind the mask slowly became a straight line, “You are not a god-level at all.”

       “Just a defective product.” His Majesty the Emperor sneered mockingly, “You are not qualified to talk to me.”


       When she learned that Qin Yun was leaving, Bixi could not help but have words written all over her face, such as ‘paying more attention to a lover than his own mother’, ‘forgetting your mother when they have a wife’ and ‘I know you can’t help but be lustful, little seductress!”

       “…” Qin Yun handed over the invitation, “Will you go back with me to attend the wedding?”

       Bixi hummed. She opened the invitation and saw what Moschery had written, and her expression was surprised, “This is…”

       “Very romantic, isn’t it?” Qin Yun smiled stupidly and raked his hair, “His Majesty is very kind to me and is a sweet talker… Well, he is also virtuous.”

       “…” Bixi: “Isn’t this what you should do?”

       Qin Yun was stunned, “I do them too… I coax him when he is angry.” After a pause, he felt a little depressed, “Although sometimes he gets angry for no reason…”

       Bixi: “…With a husband as incomprehensible as you, I’m probably going to be irritable all the time.”

       Qin Yun: “??”


       Tristana was in a bad mood while video chatting with the Secretary of State. The female general wanted to poke his face with her finger, “You just let them stay like that?! Blow them away! How does that old song go again… I’ll send you away! A thousand miles away!1it’s actually Jay Chou’s Song-Faraway

       Lin Dongliang was helpless, “The peace treaty is still valid, and we have no right to intervene during a normal state visit.”

       “How is this normal?” Tristana gritted her teeth, “What do they want to do by sending a god-level person here?! Bullying our Qin Yun for not having the ability to guide?! That Kyle is a better Queen?! Oh my!”

       Lin Dongliang was amused by her, “Calm down… His Majesty certainly wouldn’t do anything to him.”

       Tristana crossed her arms and grunted.

       “Skarter has already gone to check.” Lin Dongliang said seriously, “Olympus has always been persistent in researching the gene cloning of god-level guides. It is the first time in so many years that a guide with a god-level gene fusion rate of more than 80% has appeared, which can be said to be a miracle.”

       Tristana frowned, “80%?! So high…”

       “That’s right.” Lin Dongliang nodded, “If Helu is still here, he may really become the Queen of the Empire. Unfortunately, it’s His Highness who is in power now.”

       Tristana remained silent. Everyone knew that Helu’s god-level gene fusion rate was only 65%. In recent decades, the god-level gene lineage of the Issa royal family has been degenerating. Generations of replication have caused the fusion rate of Sentinel to fluctuate below 80%, until Moschery’s birth.

       Although Helu was weak and incompetent, he was not stupid. He knew that the Cabinet’s political system was stubborn and conservative but unable to change, so he used the gene of the first-generation god-level sentinel to clone his son without telling everyone.


       “The only way to change powerful things is to be stronger than them.” Helu once said this while holding the young Moschery under the wisteria trellis. Even if the genes of the first-generation god-level sentinel were used, Because of his bloodline, Moschery still could not be 100% integrated.

       The gene backfired, causing one of Moschery’s eyes to turn into a ‘dragon’s eye’, and the lack of strength prevented his spiritual link from showing its full form in the quantum space. No one except himself and his father could see that hideous dragon.

       During his adolescent period, His Majesty was once resentful about his heritage, but as he grew older, he finally understood the meaning behind Helu’s words back then.

       His father may not have given him love, but in the end, he gave him the courage to love.


       “You are just a defective product whose fusion rate has just reached 80%.” Moschery took off half of the mask on his face and stared at Kyle coldly with his golden-red dragon eyes, “You don’t even have the so-called god-level spiritual link.”

       The smile on Kyle’s face gradually faded. As Moschery said, he could only integrate 80% of the god-level guide gene. Not only that, but the gene backfired and caused complete blindness in his right eye, with no pupil and only a golden white.

       But no matter what, he was the only guide in Olympus with a degree of integration above 50% in the past hundred years, and he was one of the few who has survived adulthood.

       “Your Majesty.” Kyle sighed. He imitated Moschery’s actions and removed the mask on his face, looking at him with his only visible eye, “But after all, you and I are equal. Only I can see your dragon, right?”

       “You don’t have a suitable guide by your side right now.” Kyle is confident that Moschery will accept him. After all, there were very few gods-level. “It’s impossible to have someone immune to your pheromones, and you wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by mania one day, causing irreversible consequences, right?”

       “Ha.” Moschery’s face was full of sarcasm, “Then you try it.”

       “Look at your mental power.” His Majesty the Emperor stretched out a finger, tapped his temple, and said coldly, “Can you unblock my consciousness cloud?”


       Upon learning that Olympus had sent a god-level guide, Chen Xiao’s first reaction was, “It won’t be a 100% match, right? If the guide makes a move, and our Majesty responds… what if they publicly emit Bonding Heat?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Tristana: “…I really want to take off my underwear and stuff it in your mouth!”

       Chen Xiao glared at her: “My worries are completely warranted, okay! Sentinel and guide were naturally attracted to each other from the beginning!”

       Tristana was about to curse him again when she heard a click. Qin Yun loaded a high-energy cannon and carried it on his shoulder with one hand.

       “…” Tristana hugged Chen Xiao and quickly stepped back a meter…

       “??” Qin Yun was confused, “I just plan to carry it to the spaceship… We’ll set off tonight, right?”

       “Yes, yes, yes!” The female general immediately threw her sentinel aside in disgust, and the latter leaned on Qin Yun’s shoulder with a look of overwhelming regret.

       “It’s too much…” Chen Xiao mockingly cried in a mournful tone, “I only just touched little canon girl’s hand a little… Wuwuwuwuwu!”

       Qin Yun said calmly, “It’s okay. When I get back, I will issue a decree to have you both in relationship.” After a pause, he looked at Chen Xiao with some uncertainty, “Does the Queen have this right?”

       Tristana: “…”

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