Qin Yun had never thought about having children in the past nearly 30 years. He had always stayed on the front line of the battlefield and had no idea whether he was safe or not. Even after retiring, it was not something he could think about immediately. Over the years, his mindset was geared towards ensuring his own well-being, with little thought given to the prospect of offspring and descendants.

       “If you want to give birth, of course you can.” Chris was very used to His Royal Highness the Queen often coming to bother him. He did his own experiments and left Qin Yun aside without feeling burdened, “With technology so advanced now, creating an artificial womb for you is possible.”

       Qin Yun: “…Why does it have to be me?”

       Chris glanced at him disdainfully, “I don’t have a problem if you can convince His Majesty to get a big belly.”

       “…” Qin Yun sighed, “I’m not ready to be a father yet.”

       Chris: “It has always been the dream of many men to carry on the family line and have children and grandchildren. His Majesty is still very considerate and has considered it for you.”

       Qin Yun frowned, “He hasn’t considered about it for himself?”

       “His Majesty?” Chris recalled, “When he first came of age, he secretly registered with the ‘Human Reproduction Program’ Bureau to never have offspring. However, such registration is not absolute for a lifetime, and it can be undone if he wishes.”

       Qin Yun was silent. He looked at the sunlight shining into the laboratory at noon. He thought for a while and then slowly said, “He doesn’t want the God-level genes to continue reproducing any longer, and he won’t have any offspring of his own.”

       Chris shrugged, “Well, that’s him, not you.”

       Qin Yun smiled and raised his eyebrows, “Have you forgotten that I am also a god-level?”

       Chris showed a surprised expression, and he was still holding the glass vial in his hand, which looked a little comical.

       “As long as it’s what he desires, I’ll help him make it happen,” Qin Yun said earnestly. “This is my way of loving him.”


       While Moschery was recuperating, Lin Dongliang took over all government affairs as Prime Minister. Although Skarter was dissatisfied, there was nothing he could do. The military department needed to be reorganised and managed. As Qin Yun said, the development of the new regime was lengthy, slow, and complex, and countless people would eventually embark on this path.

       Genes would no longer be the standard for judging humans. Whether they are low-level guides, sentinels or even ordinary people, they all have their own rights and obligations.

       “To contribute to the Empire is to achieve a better self.” Lin Dongliang said this in his post-war speech, “In this way, our lives will have more meaning.”

       Arthur and Shen Zhuofan were finally able to accomplish their wish to travel and get married, but because they had other important things to do, their honeymoon felt like a business trip.

       Olympus had persecuted Eta Star for a long time, and the avian race faced the threat of almost extinction. Shen Zhuofan brought over the childbirth plan that Chris had studied, determined to improve the awkward situation of male reproduction among the avian people. As a result, the title ‘Goddess of Fertility’ somehow ended up being associated with Shen Zhuofan.

       “You think I do?” Shen Zhuofan rubbed his neck with a headache, “His Majesty doesn’t go to work, so we have to do everything. I can’t even enjoy a honeymoon.”

       Lin Dongliang smiled bitterly, “Stop complaining. I’m in the same boat.”

       Shen Zhuofan breathed out, “Fortunately, Little Canon Girl is finally willing to get married. If not, none of us would be able to enjoy our vacation.”

       Lin Dongliang had a look of ‘brother, we’re in this together’. With Tristana’s willingness to marry, aside from Chen Xiao being delighted, the whole group was happy. The Empire’s only female general had finally agreed to marry. Of course, they had to thoroughly enjoy the benefits provided by the Emperor. One of the dowry items was that Chen Xiao had to tame a giant Titan as a pet…

       Chen Xiao couldn’t handle it alone, so he simply recruited Arthur and Skarter as strong men. The three of them went to the ‘Shura Gate’ a week ago.

       “Speaking of this.” Shen Zhuofan seemed to have thought of something and looked around, “Where are Qin Yun and Your Majesty?”


       G Star had rainy and hazy weather all year round, and the humid climate was very suitable for the growth of large amphibians. Moschery was riding on Zhongyan’s back, with one of his eyes wearing a black goggle, looking down expressionlessly.

       Qin Yun sat cross-legged next to the fire. He turned on the communication device, and Chen Xiao’s scowling face appeared.

       “When are you guys coming over!” The leader of the Star Thief was very anxious, “Let His Majesty lend us Zhongyan!”

       Qin Yun was helpless, “I told you. Tristana wants silver-ringed snakes, so we have to get a hundred of them first.”

       Chen Xiao was shocked, “What does she want a silver-ringed snake for?! To poison me on our wedding night?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Zhongyan flew across the sky at high speed, and the clear roar of the dragon passed through the tree canopy, startling the birds. Moschery jumped down and threw the cage in his hand to the ground.

       He reached out his hand and turned the communication device around angrily.

       “Your woman’s wedding is more troublesome than mine.” Moschery said coldly, “Go teach her a lesson when you go back!”

       Chen Xiao pursed his lips and silently spat in his heart. Everyone knew that the Emperor spoiled his wife to death, so how could he criticise others…

       Qin Yun put the silver-ringed snake away and made an appointment with Chen Xiao. As soon as the communication device was turned off, Moschery leaned over.

       “…” Qin Yun was pressed on the back of his head, and his lips hurt from the kiss.

       Moschery opened his only remaining eye calmly, tilted his head and hugged Qin Yun’s waist.

       Qin Yun said vaguely, “…Want to freshen up?”

       Moschery’s forehead twitched, “Can’t you just shut up when we’re kissing?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery pinched his chin and said angrily, “How do you want me to stick my tongue in?! Open your mouth!”


       The two of them were piloting Qin Yun’s luxurious gold royal aircraft covered with rhilairones. In a rare act of mercy, Moschery didn’t take Zhongyan into the realm of consciousness so that the dragon could fly with him.

       “It’s like walking a dragon in space…” Qin Yun sighed.

       The gleaming aircraft was like an attractive ‘meat bone’, and the dragon flew happily around it. Fortunately, it was still somewhat conscious and did not breathe fire excitedly.

       Moschery’s expression looked unpleasant all the way. He ignored this stupid dragon’s request to take pictures several times and said cruelly, “Don’t even think about it, you can’t be seen even if I take a picture of you.”

       Zhongyan: “…QAQ”


       After half a year, they went back to ‘Shura Gate’, which had become one of the Empire’s strongholds, and the nearest F Star was home to the giant Titan that Tristana wanted. It was a very cute-looking but huge creature with high combat power and intelligence that could be domesticated.

       Chen Xiao was in even more of a mess than he’d seen in the communicator, and Arthur and Skarter weren’t much better, with Lord Duke’s red hair turned into a hedgehog.

       “We’ve alerted a large Titan lair,” Skarter said wearily. They had been squatting there for almost half a month. If they didn’t capture a Titan soon, Chen Xiao wouldn’t be the only one on the verge of a breakdown.

       Arthur sneered, “I told you not to let that stupid Haast Hawk go as bait. Titans get excited when they see something that can fly. It’s not enough to lure a bunch of them, and it actually lured a lair of them.”

       Qin Yun was embarrassed, “How many are there in total?”

       Chen Xiao clicked on the map, “6… If we catch them all, we can get one each.”

       Arthur looked at him with disdain, “Only Tristana would want such a thing to keep for fun. Zhuofan already has a cat.”

       Skarter said proudly, “It’s enough for the Prime Minister to have me.”

       Moschery didn’t want to pay attention to these wife slaves at all. He observed the surroundings of the lair, found a high point and installed a triangle digital net. When he descended, he noticed that apart from Qin Yun, the other three were still discussing what their wives liked.


       “I can’t help it; Little Canon Girl likes this kind of thing.” Chen Xiao had a helpless look on his face but felt very proud on the inside, “It has to be cute, not too weak, and smart, so it will have dignity when you take it out.”

       Arthur spat at him, “A titan this big, and you bring it out to show me? You want it to crash the gate once a day?”

       Skarter: “Well, Lin Dongliang likes it very much, but he is busy, and he definitely doesn’t have time to take care of it.” After saying that, he thought of something and turned to ask Qin Yun, “When will Your Majesty recover and take back your duties? Us family head also needs some rest.”

       Qin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just when he was about to answer, he heard Moschery say coldly, “Lin Dongliang did a good job. It’s not like he was unwilling.”

       Skarter said with a grimace, “He is born to work hard, Your Majesty. It’s not like you don’t know; don’t cause any more trouble for him.”

       Moschery glanced at him, not sure if he was joking, and said coldly, “When he becomes president, he can give himself a holiday.”

       “??” Skarter didn’t understand for a moment, “Be what?!”

       Moschery was too lazy to answer. He signalled Zhongyan to hit the rock wall around the Titan’s lair and directed Arthur and Chen Xiao to stand on the control panel of the triangle digital net.


       Qin Yun called out Ishtar. He rode on the back of the unicorn and looked down at Moschery slightly, “What do you mean by waiting for Lin Dongliang to become president…?”

       “That’s what it means literally.” Moschery frowned, “Come down and don’t cause trouble. I’ll be the bait.”

       Qin Yun: “Then what should I do?”

       Moschery: “Sit and watch, cheering and saying, ‘Husband, you are awesome, I love you so so much’.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       Skarter, Chen Xiao, and Arthur were standing by the triangular digital net in elevated positions. Moschery was riding on Ishtar’s back to serve as bait. Zhongyan had already weakened the surrounding walls of the lair with his impacts. Qin Yun was nervously staring at the lair’s entrance, and soon, the snow-white unicorn shot out like an arrow.

       Then, a thunderous sound shook the universe, and one of the youngest Titans rushed to the front, roaring and jumping into the triangle area. Moschery roared, “Cast the net!”

       Blue netting shot out from three high points simultaneously, and Arthur shouted, “Tightened it!”

       The digital net quickly tightened, binding the Titans tightly. The few Titans that had fallen behind had just arrived now. The heavy footsteps shook the surrounding rock walls. Zhongyan was still banging against them, but the rocks would not fall. Seeing the Titans was about to pounce on Ishtar, Qin Yun carried the high-energy cannon that he had put in his bag.

       “Zhongyan!” Qin Yun summoned the dragon while running. Zhongyan swooped down with a scream. It didn’t land, and the giant wings gathered up and lifted the guide onto its back.

       The power of the five Titans running was simply unimaginable. Qin Yun relied entirely on his feelings and fired the high-energy cannon without even standing still. Two of them were fired in a row. The powerful recoil knocked him off the dragon’s back.

       “Qin Yun!” Moschery said angrily. He ignored the Titan chasing behind him and flew directly towards Qin Yun. A Titan stretched out its hand in mid-air and grabbed Ishtar’s white feather. Moschery’s face was as dark as water as he pulled out the Dragon Scales on his back and chopped down with great force!

       The rock walls around the lair finally couldn’t bear any more and collapsed. Ishtar dodged the rolling stones and flew towards Qin Yun, who was still falling. Zhongyan spread his huge wings over the two of them, shielding them from the larger rocks.

       Seeing the ground approaching, Moschery jumped directly from the unicorn’s back. In the last moment, he embraced Qin Yun, swung the Dragon Scales into the nearest rock wall, and slid down just over two meters before barely stopping. However, Ishtar and Zhongyan weren’t as fortunate. The giant dragon, only managing to wrap its wings around the unicorn, crashed belly-up at the entrance of the Titan’s lair.


       Qin Yun looked at his dangling feet in shock. They were less than one meter above the ground. If Moschery hadn’t come, he might have fallen to the ground.

       The nearest Titan was trapped at the entrance by the Diginet, and the remaining five were blocked in the lair by shattered boulders.

       Zhongyan fluttered his wings and stood up. Ishtar licked and kissed the side of the dragon’s muzzle where it had been grazed by the boulder.

       “I almost lost my life by helping others get married.” Qin Yun said with a bitter smile. Moschery’s hand holding him was still shaking a little, and he opened his mouth without speaking.

       Qin Yun sighed, “Put me down.” He patted the Emperor’s hand, and Moschery looked down at him.

       “I was just thinking.” Moschery suddenly said, “If I can’t catch you, I’ll just fall down with you.”

       “…” Qin Yun said with a headache, “The monarchs cannot be buried together during their reign. Please promise me that you won’t entertain such thoughts.”

       Moschery didn’t say anything. He took out the Dragon Scale that was stuck in the rock wall and tied it behind his back, then turned around to close the net.

       Qin Yun chased after him and insisted, “Promise me first.”

       “Impossible.” Moschery said without looking back, “I have already written the abdication edict.”

       “Abdication…” Qin Yun reacted, “Edict what?!”

       Moschery suddenly turned his head, and Qin Yun almost hit his nose without stopping his forehead.

       “Abdication edict.” Moschery said word by word, “From now on, I will no longer be the Emperor of the Empire, and Lin Dongliang will take over the presidency. There will be no god level and no royal family; the two of us will become the most ordinary citizens.”

       Qin Yun murmured, “This is good…not right!” He said frantically, “Why are you thinking like this all of a sudden?!”

       Moschery’s expression was calm, but there was a smile in his eyes, “I have thought so for a long time.” He stretched out his hand, twirled the ends of Qin Yun’s hair with his fingertips, gently pulled and bit his lip.

       “I heard it all from Chris.” Moschery whispered against Qin Yun’s lips, “I know what you gave up for me, a family with intact lineage… You love me in your own way.”

       Qin Yun touched Moschery’s face with trembling hands. He kissed the tip of the Emperor’s nose and found that he was actually crying.

       “You’re ugly when you cry.” Moschery kissed his cheek, “Power means nothing to me anymore, and neither does the seat of Emperor.”

       Moschery said faintly, “Nothing can separate us from now on, not even death.”

       “…Shut up.” Qin Yun said sullenly, “Your only shortcoming is that your mouth is too sweet, you know.”

       Moschery chuckled softly. He picked up Qin Yun and pressed the back of his head, kissing him delicately.


       Chen Xiao finally caught the Titan he had longed for and couldn’t wait a second to go back to marry his wife. The five of them, covered in mud and looking miserable, hurried back to the empire. Skarter sent a message to Lin Dongliang, asking the soon-to-be bride to get ready.

       Fortunately, there was a bathroom in Moschery’s royal aircraft. However, after Chen Xiao finished showering, there’s no time for anyone else to wash up.


       So when everyone arrived at the wedding venue, except for the groom who looked somewhat presentable, all the other people were utterly unfit to be seen.

       Shen Zhuofan frantically rubbed the mud off Arthur’s boots, feeling so rushed that he almost fainted, “Tristana is going to kill us for sure…”

       Arthur stubbornly said, “We tried our best to help her prepare the dowry. What else does she want? What are you afraid of? With Chen Xiao leading the way, we might as well not go.”

       Shen Zhuofan was holding the brush in a funny manner. Arthur’s ferocious lion was still rubbing against him, and the tiger cat was also pulling its claws and trying to climb onto his back.

       “I’m not going.” Arthur clicked his tongue. He hugged Shen Zhuofan from behind and rested his chin on the opposite shoulder, “Let’s just sleep at home and have a baby together.”

       Shen Zhuofan couldn’t bear it anymore and threw the brush at the Lord Duke’s face.


       Lin Dongliang and Skarter were the first to get ready. The Prime Minister had to tie Skarter’s tie in a hurry, and the latter rubbed Lin Dongliang’s forehead mischievously.

       “Don’t move.” Lin Dongliang pushed a few times, “It will be done soon.”

       Skarter looked down at the other person and tied a Windsor knot carefully, “Will you give the wedding speech later?”

       Lin Dongliang nodded, and Skarter said angrily, “Then what does the Emperor do?”

       “Your Majesty also has something to say.” Lin Dongliang patted Skarter’s chest, “The marriage of the first female general will be broadcast live across the country. What I said was just the official statement. His Majesty, as the royal family member, must make a statement.”

       Skarter raised his eyebrows, “If the Emperor comes out to speak, doesn’t that mean he’s in good health? Won’t you be less busy from now on?”

       Lin Dongliang, “Logically speaking, it should be like this.” He hesitated for a moment and then said, “But I always have this bad feeling.”

       “The whole universe is watching His Majesty. He can’t avoid it.” Skarter didn’t think much about it, “Unless he doesn’t want to be the emperor anymore.”

       Lin Dongliang’s eyelids twitched, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

       Skarter laughed, “Haha, it’s not possible.”

       “…” The two looked at each other and fell silent…


       Tristana had put on her wedding dress and was combing her hair. Her skirt almost covered the entire bed, and it felt difficult to drag it when she walked. The Titan captured by Chen Xiao had been locked up in the yard. Titan is a creature that respects the strong. Whoever caught it would be acknowledged as its master, so even if it went to a strange place, it would still eat and drink well and treat it as its own home completely.

       Qin Yun was asked to play the role of the bride’s ‘father’. Tristana covered her head with white gauze and stretched out her hand to hold Qin Yun’s stretched-out arm.

       “What should I do?” the female general whispered, “I’m so nervous!”

       Qin Yun could only use his own experience to comfort her, “It’s okay, don’t be nervous, just stand there for a while, and it will be over.”

       Tristana: “No one speaks when you get married, so you just stand for a while. When I get married, His Majesty and Lin Dongliang will have to speak. How long do you have to stand?”

       “…” Qin Yun touched his nose.

       Tristana said gloomily, “Besides, Lin Dongliang is good at writing reports. I used to copy his papers; they were always lengthy, and even the professors were too lazy to read them.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Tristana sighed, “I finally married this pervert Chen Xiao, who has been spying on me since I was 12 years old. He must be moved to tears now.”

       Qin Yun carefully looked under the terrace and found that Chen Xiao seemed to be really crying…

       Tristana winked triumphantly, “Told you so.”


       Lin Dongliang lived up to expectations. The wedding congratulatory speech turned out to be a lengthy 30-chapter paper. He covered everything from Tristana’s birth, and even Chen Xiao’s pursuit of the bride since she was 12 years old was also vividly described. Now, the whole world knows that the leader of the Star Thief was a pervert who liked loli…

       Moschery shook Qin Yun’s hand before taking the stage. The scarlet cape on his shoulders almost reached the ground, and his back was tall and broad.

       “Happy wedding.” His Majesty the Emperor only said these four words.

       Tristana said excitedly, “I can finally throw the bouquet!”

       Moschery said expressionlessly, “No need to throw away the bouquet. Just throw this one.”

       “…” Tristana looked down at the abdication edict that the emperor forced into her hand.

       Lin Dongliang had already stood up. He didn’t know what was going on yet and smiled as he reached out, ready to take it.

       Moschery took Tristana’s bouquet and ignored Lin Dongliang’s expression behind him when he received the abdication edict. He casually tore off his cloak and tossed it high in the air. The flowers fell into his arms, and starlight adorned his shoulders.


       Qin Yun looked at Moschery running towards him, laughed and opened his arms—


I would like to be a lighthouse, pointing the way for you, soothing the trauma, loneliness and stormy seas.

Your life belongs to me, and my soul will be with you.



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