Chapter 34

       Chen Yuncheng packed up simple daily necessities, brought a change of clothes and left with Ning Junyan.

       He turned off the lights in the room, pulled down the shutters and locked them. When he opened the back row door of Ning Junyan’s car and put things in, he saw a new heater box placed under the seat.

       Chen Yuncheng paused for a while, put the things away and closed the door. Then he pulled open the passenger side and got in.

       Ning Junyan had already started the car and waited until Chen Yuncheng got in, then he silently drove the car away from the curb.

       Chen Yuncheng also sat quietly for a while and asked, “Is the heater in the back for me?”

       Ning Junyan did not answer him.

       Chen Yuncheng asked again, “Are you angry?”

       Ning Junyan just glanced at him.

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly couldn’t help lowering his head and smiled. He remembered when the two were young, there was a time when Ning Junyan was also angry.

       He couldn’t even remember why Ning Junyan was angry at that time. Perhaps it was a minor matter in Chen Yuncheng’s opinion.

       Ning Junyan ignored him for the whole evening that day and was very grumpy. When the foster mother kept rambling on about them during dinner, Ning Junyan pushed his rice bowl away and stared at his godmother with a cold gaze.

       The foster mother was angry at the time, slapped the table and cursed, “What are you looking at me like that for?”

       Chen Yuncheng was startled and stretched out his hand to pull Ning Junyan under the table. When he saw that Ning Junyan didn’t respond, he kicked him lightly with his foot.

       Luckily, the foster father was in a good mood that day and said to Ning Junyan, “If you are not going to eat, get out.”

       Ning Junyan stood up and left the kitchen.

       The foster mother was still angry and cursed, “You just know how to waste food!”

       Chen Yuncheng reached out and pulled over the half bowl of rice left by Ning Junyan over and said, “I’ll eat it.”

       The foster mother pointed at him and cursed at him, “You just know how to eat! It’s better to raise pigs than raising you!”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t know whether he should eat or not for a while.

       At this time, the foster father raised his head and said, “What are you arguing about, eat quietly.”

       After that, did not say anything further and asked Chen Yuncheng to wash the dishes after she finished eating.

       When Chen Yuncheng finished washing the dishes and returned to his room, Ning Junyan was lying on his side with his back to the door and did not turn around even when he heard his voice.

       He went over and leaned over the bed, poked Ning Junyan’s back with his fingers, and said, “Don’t be angry.”

       Ning Junyan didn’t respond.

       Chen Yuncheng took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed, knelt down and approached Ning Junyan. He stretched his head over Ning Junyan’s body from behind to look at his face and saw that Ning Junyan’s eyes were open as he stared at the wall coldly.

       “Don’t be angry,” Chen Yuncheng stretched out his finger and poked Ning Junyan’s face.

       Ning Junyan suddenly raised his hand and grabbed his finger with such force that it wrenched Chen Yuncheng’s finger into pain.

       Chen Yuncheng shouted, “Ouch, that hurts.”

       Ning Junyan glanced at him and let go of his hand.

       Chen Yuncheng simply lay on top of Ning Junyan’s body and shouted, “Yanyan, don’t be angry with me, okay?” He didn’t wait for Ning Junyan to answer and asked again, “Did you have enough for dinner? There are still biscuits in the cupboard, do you want me to feed you?”

       Ning Junyan turned over and lay flat on the bed, reached out and grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s collar, biting him on the collarbone.

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly shouted, “Don’t bite me!” He was a little scared, afraid that Ning Junyan would really bite down hard.

       At that time, they had been together for nearly two years, and Chen Yuncheng was familiar with Ning Junyan’s character. He knew that Ning Junyan was holding back anger in his heart and couldn’t vent it. Opening his mouth to bite him was a form of a temper tantrum, and it was also to relieve the resentment in their close relationship. Chen Yuncheng was not angry, but he was just afraid that Ning Junyan won’t be able to control his strength.

       Fortunately, Ning Junyan let go after a while, leaving a clear tooth mark on Chen Yuncheng’s collarbone, with no broken skin or blood.

       Chen Yuncheng lowered his head but couldn’t see it and felt pain, so he leaned in front of Ning Junyan to let him see and said, “Look at the bite you gave me.”

       Ning Junyan watched silently for a while and tried to bite the other side of his collarbone.

       Chen Yuncheng pushed him away, rolled over and got out of bed, saying, “No more biting!” He found the slippers under the bed and put them on, went over and opened the cupboard to find the biscuits hidden inside, then came back to the bed and knelt down, saying, “Eat something first.”

       Ning Junyan lay still.

       Chen Yuncheng patiently broke the biscuits into small pieces and fed them to his mouth, “You want to eat or not?”

       Only then did Ning Junyan open his mouth, chewing the biscuits slowly.

       Chen Yuncheng fed him the biscuits at night and gave him water to drink before lying down and asking him, “You’re not angry anymore, are you?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer but silently reached out to hug Chen Yuncheng, buried his head on his shoulder, and closed his eyes to sleep.

       Chen Yuncheng knew that this meant that he was no longer angry.

       For Chen Yuncheng, Ning Junyan was still very easy to coax.

       After driving the car into the underground parking lot of the neighbourhood, Ning Junyan got out of the car and opened the back row door before Chen Yuncheng, and took all the things that Chen Yuncheng put in the bag out of the car.

       This was the first time Chen Yuncheng had been to where Ning Junyan lived and judging by the location and the level of the neighbourhood, he knew that the price was not cheap. However, Ning Junyan can drive an 800,000 yuan1around $110k car, so it was not surprising that he lived in a several million yuan house.

       Chen Yuncheng suddenly remembered Ning Junyan’s parents, who had picked him up by car at the time when Ning Junyan had come to his senses and recognised his parents. The middle-aged couple obviously cared a lot about Ning Junyan, their son, and his mother even hugged him and cried. They were very well dressed and drove a car that must seem very expensive to the young Chen Yuncheng’s eyes, and took Ning Junyan to the car.

       Before he got into the car, Ning Junyan shook off his mother’s hand and ran to Chen Yuncheng to hug him tightly.

       Chen Yuncheng felt sad, but he tried to look happy as he patted Ning Junyan’s back and said, “Hurry up and go back with your mum and dad.”

       Then, Ning Junyan got pulled away from behind, although he was hugging Chen Yuncheng very hard, and Chen Yuncheng almost felt that he was about to be dragged over by Ning Junyan. He then reached out and pushed Ning Junyan, gasping slightly as he stood on the ground and watched Ning Junyan being pulled into the car.

       After the car left, Chen Yuncheng followed the police back to the police station, waiting helplessly for his future arrangements.

       They had no phone number, no mailing address, no contact details, and no expectation that they would ever meet again.

       Chen Yuncheng stood in the elevator, looking at the floor that kept skipping, and asked Ning Junyan, “Where are your parents?”

       Ning Junyan stood beside him, holding his things in his hand but never looked at him. Chen Yuncheng almost thought that Ning Junyan would not answer, and Ning Junyan said, “We don’t live together.”

       Chen Yuncheng nodded.

       The first thing Ning Junyan did when he got home was to turn on the heater.

       Chen Yuncheng looked at the whole room and felt a very masculine cleanliness and desolation. He asked, “How many rooms are there? Is it going to bother you?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t answer, walked straight inside, opened the door of a room, stood at the door and said, “This is a guest room.”

       Chen Yuncheng followed him and saw Ning Junyan put the bag on the bedside table. Then Ning Junyan took out the toothbrush and towel that Chen Yuncheng brought and left the room to go to the bathroom.

       Ning Junyan hung up the towel, put the toothbrush in the mouthwash cup, and said to Chen Yuncheng, who was standing at the door, “Take off your clothes.”

       “Huh?” Chen Yuncheng’s entire body froze.

       Ning Junyan said, “I said earlier to see if you had any injuries on your body. Now that you’re not cold anymore, you can take off your clothes.”

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