When Suo Yang first saw Shen Huiming’s name, he thought he had read it wrong, or maybe it was just someone else with the same name.

       But soon he realized that this was Shen Huiming’s strategy, and the guy was discharged from the hospital without telling him at all.

       Suo Yang was not the least bit upset. Instead, he looked at the passenger list and smiled. A colleague next to him asked, “What’s wrong?”

       “Nothing.” Suo Yang politely responded with a smile.

       Suo Yang wondered if Shen Huiming had ever thought that his whereabouts had been revealed before he even boarded the plane. This so-called surprise made him at a loss whether to cry or to laugh

       For the first time in his career, Suo Yang was a little distracted as he went to get ready after the meeting.

       Suo Yang suddenly remembered the first time he met Shen Huiming on the plane. On that occasion, just like now, he was given the list of first-class passengers during the meeting. However, at that time, he did not feel any strange emotions when he saw the name Shen Huiming, and at that time, he did not know that he would later become so involved with this person.

       At this moment, Shen Huiming, who had completed the check-in procedure and was walking to the VIP lounge, took his mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Suo Yang, but he was afraid that he would affect the other party’s work, so he could only force himself to suppress such thoughts.

       He went to the waiting room and received a cup of coffee. When he sat down and was about to drink, he remembered that he had been told by Suo Yang on the plane not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

       Shen Huiming got up with a smile and went to pick up a small cake that was individually wrapped.

       He didn’t expect he would be so obedient. After Shen Huiming sat down, he took a photo of the coffee and cake in front of him, ready to find a chance to ask for praise from Suo Yang.

       This was the first time Shen Huiming went to Berlin. He was not sure if Suo Yang would stay there and how much free time he would have if he did. However, he took the time to prepare himself properly so that if Suo Yang said he had enough time by then, they could just walk around Berlin.

       Just a casual walk, not really a date.

       Shen Huiming was very cunning. He believed that there should be a complete setup for dating. Meeting, eating, walking, and even watching movies were not considered real dates.

       He anxiously waited for the boarding announcement. He, who has always been calm, even got up from time to time to check the news at the boarding gate.

       This was what it felt like to want to meet someone so badly as if he had smelled the aroma of the other person from a long distance and couldn’t wait to follow this faint fragrance all the way.

       Shen Huiming was holding the half-read copy of ‘On Love’ in his hand, which almost became his ‘love bible’.

       Because Suo Yang had spoiled the ending in advance, Shen Huiming actually started to read the first 120 pages and kept rereading the previous parts again and again.

       He felt that, at least at this moment, his relationship with Suo Yang was more suitable for the first eleven chapters. He refused the entertain the idea of the so-called ‘Romantic Terrorism1it was actually the 18th chapter’, and he only needed to discuss ‘Romantic Fatalism2and Romantic Fatalism is the 1st chapter in the book’ with Suo Yang.

       During his stay in the hospital, Shen Huiming gave serious thought to the relationship between them and what attracted him to Suo Yang.

       Although everyone says that love has no reason and that any love that has reasons would collapse on the first blow.

       But in fact, Shen Huiming felt that everything that happened in the world had its reasonable reasons, including love.

       The emergence and development of love follow the same principle—to touch the soft part of your heart.

       Love was not without reason at all. The first time Shen Huiming saw Suo Yang, he saw the rare calmness and tenderness in the people around him. Although Suo Yang always maintained a ‘professional’ attitude, the just right sense of distance attracted him.

       As they spent time together afterwards, Shen Huiming felt more and more that Suo Yang’s life was like a beautifully wrapped gift box that everyone wanted to take for themselves, but the price was so high that many people had to turn away.

       But he wanted to go out of his way to get it back at a high price, not to get a glimpse of what was inside, but to untie the packaging that was binding him and give him freedom.

       Shen Huiming felt that Suo Yang was yet another kind of himself, a person who was raised high by life and forced to tighten his nerves.

       Therefore, he wanted to be Suo Yang’s hero, or at least allow the other person to be unrestrained when he was by his side.

       The most clichéd metaphor to describe the relationship between the two he imagined was that Suo Yang was a swimming fish, and he wanted to be the everlasting lake for this fish3in a sense Shen Huiming wanted Suo Yang to be able to keep swimming on and on because he would be the lake that has no end.

       It was challenging and fun.

       Shen Huiming waited for a long time and finally got the boarding notice.

       He took his book and walked towards the boarding gate with his ticket and passport in his hand.

       Here we are again.

       Finally, we meet again.

       He won the bet anyway, albeit with a little less than honourable tricks.

       Shen Huiming smiled and walked towards the shuttle bus, which was going to take him to Suo Yang’s side, and he was looking forward to his reaction when he met him.

       Suo Yang stood there to greet the first-class passengers, dressed in a neat uniform, with a decent smile and standardised conversation.

       When Shen Huiming walked up, he looked at Suo Yang from afar, and the two of them looked at each other without any unusual reaction from Suo Yang.

       When Shen Huiming arrived in front of Suo Yang, Suo Yang smiled and said, “Hello Mr. Shen, welcome to this flight.”

       Shen Huiming smiled at him and nodded, responding, “Hello.”

       After he said that, he went inside and found his place.

       Thirteen hours. The journey was divided into two parts.

       For the first time, Shen Huiming felt that the long flight time was a good thing.

       Suo Yang greeted the passengers and returned to the cabin to continue the service in order. He helped the passengers to place their carry-on luggage and asked them what their needs were.

       Shen Huiming sat there peacefully the whole time, but his attention was focused on Suo Yang.

       His voice.

       His smile.

       The way he lifted his arms as he helped people set up their luggage.

       And that waistline.

       The uniform shirt was tucked neatly into his trousers, and even the belt uniformly distributed by the airline seemed to be a limited edition of a luxury brand on Suo Yang.

       The only one of its kind in the world.

       Everything seemed like yesterday once more4a reference to The Carpenter-Yesterday Once More song. Shen Huiming seemed to have returned to the day he left for New York when a flight attendant called Suo Yang caught his attention and made his long and tiring journey full of mystical tales.

       Ultimately, Suo Yang was very professional and held himself to a very high standard of professionalism.

       He would not let the presence of Shen Hui Ming interfere with his working routine. He treated the other party as ordinary passengers during the whole process, following all the procedures and regulations, without even any unnecessary pleasantries.

       Safety demonstrations routine, after that broadcast tasks routine.

       Shen Huiming listened to Suo Yang’s voice on the speaker and tapped his fingers on the cover of the book with pleasure.

       His fingers landed on the word ‘love’, as if he was tapping on the door of the heart one after the other as if notes were popping out of it.

       The plane took off, and once again, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang flew together into the blue sky and into the clouds, and Shen Huiming felt as if he understood why Suo Yang liked this job.

       It was so romantic.

       Leaving the footprints of his life at an altitude of 30,000 feet, the footprints were the notes, and each route was the lines of the music scores5stave, and not everyone could write such a tune.

       Now, it was not only Suo Yang who had left footprints in his life, but also love who stepped in and forced himself into this life.

       Their relationship sprouted in the blue sky, and it would also sprout and bloom here.

       Shen Huiming looked out the window and watched as they moved further and further away from the familiar city, as they were wrapped in clouds and their love was as sweet and soft as a cloud-shaped cotton candy.

       Does Suo Yang like to eat cotton candy?

       He vaguely remembered that Suo Yang seemed to say that he didn’t like sweets very much.

       But it didn’t matter. He just had to eat this one. Keep this one and put it in his mouth, and let it melt little by little for a lifetime.

       In the midst of Shen Huiming’s wild thoughts, the plane reached the stratosphere, Suo Yang came over, stood beside him, leaned slightly and said, “Mr. Shen, can I get you something to eat?”

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