Chapter 96

       At the time Chen Yuncheng rushed to the hospital, Guan Anlin had already been admitted to the emergency operating room.

       Outside the operating room, Long Zhanyu was standing alone against the wall. Chen Yuncheng walked up to him quickly, his rapid breathing had not yet slowed down, and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Long Zhanyu answered him, “It’s not clear yet, but he had a fight with Yu Jie on the side of the road before the accident. I suspect that Yu Jie pushed him on purpose.”

       When he heard this, Chen Yuncheng grabbed Long Zhanyu’s lapel, “I said it would be dangerous and told him not to go, yet you encouraged him to continue the investigation!”

       Long Zhanyu looked down at Chen Yuncheng’s hand tightly gripping his lapel, and said, “Simmer down, I didn’t encourage Guan Anlin to investigate Yu Jie.”

       Chen Yuncheng stared at him fiercely without saying anything. His eyes then gradually eased after a while, and he also let go of his grip on Long Zhanyu.

       “How is he doing now?” Chen Yuncheng glanced at the closed door of the operating room.

       Long Zhanyu said, “It’s going to be open-heart surgery, Dr. Ning went in.”

       “Ning Junyan went in?” Chen Yuncheng felt like his strength had been instantly drained from him, and sat down on the chair by the wall. His eyes were a little blank as he said, “I grew up without my parents, and I’ve always treated them like they were my own.”

       He was not only talking about Guan Anlin but also Zhou Yan who was in prison.

       The feeling of watching his loved ones leave, or stepping into a desperate situation was making him feel he was too powerless, and he is really afraid.

       Long Zhanyu walked up to him and squatted down, looking up at him, “No one would have thought that Yu Jie would be that mad.”

       “Where’s Yu Jie?” Chen Yuncheng asked.

       Long Zhanyu took a deep breath, “He’s already been arrested and is now at the branch office making a statement.”

       “Can you convict him?”

       Long Zhanyu replied this time, “Yes, trust me.” He was silent for a while, and continued, “Although the case has not been formally filed, the case is now being investigated for intentional homicide.”

       Chen Yuncheng’s heart was in turmoil. What happened to Yu Jie at this time was far less important to him than Guan Anlin coming out of the operating room safely.

       Long Zhanyu sat with him for a while, went to the corner and made a phone call, and then told Chen Yuncheng that he was leaving, “I’ll go to the branch office and ask my colleagues.”

       Chen Yuncheng looked up at him and nodded.

       After Long Zhanyu left, Chen Yuncheng sat alone outside the operating room and waited. He felt cold all over his body, and there was wet sweat on his forehead.

       After more than half an hour, Guan Anqin walked over from the corridor with a small bag on her back. She stopped when she saw Chen Yuncheng, and called out softly, “Cheng ge?”

       Chen Yuncheng stood up, “Xiao Qin, you are here?”

       Guan Anqin’s eyes were red, and her voice was a little choked up, “How is my brother?”

       Chen Yuncheng could be vulnerable when he was alone, but he had to be strong in front of Guan Anqin, he said, “Dr. Ning is operating on him inside, he will be fine.”

       Guan Anqin nodded.

       Chen Yuncheng asked her to sit down, went to pour her a cup of hot water, came back and sat beside Guan Anqin, and didn’t speak again after that.

       The white lights in the hallway always look a bit bleak.

       It was the second time Chen Yuncheng sat outside the operating room and wait for Ning Junyan. Last time he only felt very worried, but this time he was not only worried but also afraid. He was not in the mood to call Long Zhanyu, and leaned his head against the wall, trying to make his breathing even and soothing, not wanting Guan Anqin to feel his nervousness.

       But this time Ning Junyan didn’t let him wait that long.

       It had been more than three hours since the surgery began when the doors to the operating room opened. Ning Junyan was still wearing the surgical gown and had not changed, walked up to Chen Yuncheng as if he knew he would be waiting there, smiled at him and winked.

       There was no need to say anything at this time, Chen Yuncheng stood up and hugged Ning Junyan.

       Ning Junyan’s body smelled of sweat, and even his clothes were slightly damp, but Chen Yuncheng didn’t care about all those things at this time, he only felt that everything about Ning Junyan was beautiful.

       “Don’t be afraid, I’m here,” Ning Junyan said calmly, but he tightly hugged Chen Yuncheng’s waist with one hand, and kissed his ear. Then he turned to Guan Anqin, who was also looking at him nervously, and said, “Your brother’s surgery was successful, and he will be fine.”

       Guan Anqin was about to cry, she said, “Thank you, Dr. Ning.”

       Ning Junyan stretched his slender fingers into Chen Yuncheng’s hair and said to him, “He should be observed in the ICU for two days after leaving the operating room. You won’t be able to see him tonight, so why don’t you go back and rest?”

       Chen Yuncheng didn’t answer, he turned to look at Guan Anqin, “I’ll take you back to school, you can come back tomorrow.”

       Guan Anqin didn’t know what was going on in the ICU, so she asked in a low voice, “Can I see him through the glass?”

       Ning Junyan said to her, “You won’t be able to see him, go back and rest.”

       Guan Anqin nodded.

       Long Zhanyu went to the branch office. Because of the possible involvement of intentional murder, the case was now under the jurisdiction of the branch office, and Yu Jieren was still locked in the interrogation room of the branch office.

       The deputy captain of the fourth squadron, Zhang Zheng, who is in charge of the case, was Long Zhan Yu’s senior in the Police Academy. Zhang Zheng saw Long Zhanyu while smoking in the corridor, and raised his hand to greet him, “Xiao Long, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

       Long Zhanyu smiled, “You guys are busy with big cases every day, how can you have time to see me?”

       Zhang Zheng smiled when he heard this and tossed him a cigarette.

       Long Zhanyu stood beside Zhang Zheng and lit a cigarette. He took a slow puff and then asked, “How about that Yu Jie?”

       Zhang Zheng looked at him, “I heard that he was captured by your people?”

       Long Zhanyu nodded, “I know the victim.”

       Zhang Zheng said, “This man was very stubborn. He insisted that the other party hit him. Then they pushed each other, and he fell to the ground, the other party took two steps back and was hit by a car.”

       At that time, Long Zhanyu asked someone to restrain Yu Jie. After calling the command centre, he followed Guan Anlin to the hospital. He listened to the general situation of the follow-up investigation on the phone, and now he asked carefully, “What about the surveillance? The car that hit him didn’t have a dashcam?”

       Zhang Zheng shook his head, “That place is a surveillance blind spot. The car that hit the person was a very old broken van without a dashcam. And it was dark at the time. The driver said he didn’t pay attention to the situation on the side of the road and only suddenly saw someone rushing out.”

       Long Zhanyu asked again, “Where are the witnesses?”

       Zhang Zheng answered him, “I’m still looking.” After speaking, he glanced at Long Zhanyu, “So concerned? Should I hand it over to you guys?”

       Long Zhanyu laughed, “Okay, you can borrow me as a labour force for free. I will definitely not let Yu Jie go.”

       Zhang Zheng heard the words and said, “I mean it. I’ll apply tomorrow for a temporary transfer of personnel from your squadron.”

       Long Zhanyu looked towards the lighted interrogation room, “Can I ask him a few words?”

       Zhang Zheng said, “Go ahead.”

       In the interrogation room, Yu Jie sat alone on a cold wooden chair with his hands handcuffed to the small table in front of him.

       Long Zhanyu walked in and sat down on the chair opposite him.

       Yu Jie looked at him and said nothing.

       Long Zhanyu said, “Guan Anlin has finished his surgery and his life is not in danger.”

       Yu Jie smiled and said, “Really? That’s really great.”

       Long Zhanyu said again, “That place downstairs of your company, you know that there is a blind spot for surveillance, right?”

       Yu Jie didn’t answer, just asked, “Is this a formal interrogation, officer?”

       Long Zhanyu had no paper and pen in front of him, nor did he use a computer to record. Obviously, it was not a formal interrogation. He did not answer Yu Jie’s question, but continued, “You must’ve thought that broken van must not have a car recorder, right? Did you know that no one in the nearby office building can see what you’re doing from the windows? Now you must be considering how to plead guilty to be seen as sincere enough to give you a slightly lighter sentence when you are sentenced.”

       Yu Jie had a sincere look on his face, “Officer, I really didn’t push him on purpose. Look at my face, it’s the marks where he pushed me to the ground and bruised me.” There were very obvious scratches on his face.

       Long Zhanyu nodded, “It’s okay, you should think about it yourself.”

       He came out of the interrogation room and found Zhang Zheng, “Show me the surveillance.”

       Zhang Zheng said yes, but then said, “We have checked the surveillance in detail, and it is true that nothing was captured.”

       Long Zhanyu said, “I want to find all the vehicles that passed by at the time of the incident. There will always be a dashcam to capture the process.”

       Zhang Zheng was a little surprised, “Are you going to find them one by one now?”

       Long Zhanyu said to him, “A lot of dashcams are going to overwrite the recordings. If the owner of the car didn’t notice it, and we delayed it for a long time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the records for that time. It’s best to contact the car owner in time for tomorrow morning before work.”

       Zhang Zheng looked at him for a while, put his arms around his shoulders and led him outside, and said, “Go, I’ll find someone to go with you, and also, I’ll ask Captain Xia to call the fifth squadron tomorrow and borrow you for two days. “

The author has something to say:
Some readers have a bit of hatred for the character of Long Zhanyu. It doesn’t matter, but please don’t be malicious to the author. The author did not discredit a certain profession, and all the characters serve the plot and do not want to convey any point of view through a web article. The main purpose of writing the article is to share the meng1cuteness points.

Everyone should never learn about a certain profession or group through online articles, because the author’s understanding is very little and one-sided. Entry-level police officers work very hard and there is no saying that they do not handle criminal cases. If you want to have a detailed understanding, you can watch documentaries or something. The trivial matters you think have certain consequences are all criminal cases, and they are all handled by the police at the police station, but they only have certain jurisdiction for some areas.

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