Chapter 23


As per Wen Xingchen’s request, the doctor quickly prepared the medicine for them.


On the way back, Lu Jingning seemed somewhat gloomy. His gaze occasionally flickered towards Wen Xingchen’s lips, revealing a restless appearance.


Wen Xingchen calmly adjusted his collar under the intense gaze and spoke in an indifferent tone, “Stop staring. Don’t even think about it.”


Lu Jingning sincerely suggested, “How about we have a fight? Whoever wins gets to decide.”


Wen Xingchen almost burst out laughing from anger, “So you want to trigger another surge of your pheromones and take advantage of the opportunity to ignite a raging fire?”


Lu Jingning, his concerns exposed, pretended to be calm and whistled while looking at the sky, “Why would you say that? It sounds like I’m coveting your beauty and trying to take advantage of you.”


Wen Xingchen suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at him with a sly smile, “Isn’t that the case?”


The starlight descended from the sky, casting a gentle glow upon Lu Jingning’s handsome figure. He hesitated for a moment, unable to utter the words “it’s not like that” that were on the tip of his tongue.


Covet his beauty? Ahem, it does seem like… maybe a little?


Seeing him remain silent, Wen Xingchen sneered contemptuously.


Provoked by his attitude, Lu Jingning raised his voice unhappily, “I’m just asking for you to led me your pheromones. Aren’t you being stingy? Are you afraid I’ll take advantage of the situation and pester you? I promise I’ll leave after using them, without any entanglements.”


A slight twitch appeared at the corner of Wen Xingchen’s mouth, uncontrollable. “Do I look like some useful tool to you?”


Lu Jingning replied, “I think… that’s not what I meant.”


“Now that the medicine is ready, you should just take it and stop wasting time!” With these final words, Wen Xingchen turned and walked away without looking back.


Lu Jingning stood in place for a while, feeling that something was off about their conversation.


He was the Omega, but why did it seem like he was the one coercing others into submission?


Damn it, if it weren’t for others collapsing at the scent of his pheromones, why would he bother seeking assistance from this Wen person? He’s an Alpha, was he really worth the trouble? It was just a gentle bite, not like he was asking him to get pregnant!


The more Lu Jingning thought about it, the angrier he became. He returned to the dormitory with a disgruntled expression.


Yan Hebin glanced at the medicine he was holding and asked, “Went to the hospital?”


Lu Jingning replied with a sound of affirmation and casually tossed it onto the table.


Ugh, he hated taking medicine!


Seeing him on the verge of exploding, Yan Hebin didn’t ask further and continued working on the virtual control panel for the mecha prototype.


Lu Jingning glanced over and couldn’t help but be curious. He exclaimed, “Yan Hebin, isn’t your progress in the third faculty’s training program too fast? You’re already starting to manufacture mechas?”


Yan Hebin adjusted his glasses and didn’t turn his head, “The course hasn’t started teaching yet. I’m learning it on my own.”


Lu Jingning suddenly looked at his roommate in a new light, “I didn’t expect you to be such a top student!”


Finally, Yan Hebin glanced at him, “What’s the matter?”


Lu Jingning rubbed his hands and said, “If you’re available, can you help me with the theoretical exams in the future?”


“Help” was a nicer way of saying it. The words “cheating on exams” was almost written all over his face.


Under Yan Hebin’s scrutinizing gaze, his face devoid of emotions, he replied, “I’m not free.”


Lu Jingning was coldly rejected by his distant attitude, “Ah, Yan Hebin, with this attitude, you won’t find an Alpha.”


Yan Hebin remained indifferent, “If being cold and ruthless won’t help you find an Alpha, then how come you, who’s neither cold nor ruthless, haven’t found one?”


A deadly strike.


Lu Jingning, “…”


His roommate’s difficult-to-get-along-with level was on par with Wen Xingchen. He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of amazing sparks would fly if these two venomous tongues clashed.


Suddenly, a tall figure flashed in Lu Jingning’s mind. He was momentarily stunned, and his entire face twisted with abandonment.


No longer in the mood to joke with Yan Hebin, after rinsing off the scent of the hospital disinfectant in the bathroom, Lu Jingning silently climbed onto his bed. Before falling asleep, there was only one thought in his mind.


I refuse to believe that there’s an Alpha I, Lu Jingning, can’t handle. Wen Xingchen, let’s see what happens!



Upon learning that Lu Jingning had gone to the hospital, Yu Qingcang showed an unusual amount of concern. Early the next morning, he waited downstairs in the Omega dormitory with a hearty breakfast.


Lu Jingning had dreams throughout the night, fiercely pressing a certain Alpha in the corner. With poor sleep and a strong case of morning grumpiness, even the presence of delicious food couldn’t calm his agitation.


Listening to Yu Qingcang ask irrelevant questions, Lu Jingning impatiently interrupted him and got straight to the point, “Speak up, what’s the matter?”


Clearing his throat, Yu Qingcang changed the topic, “The second round of traditional basketball games is coming up soon. How have you been lately? Can you still participate?”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help rolling his eyes.


He knew this guy wouldn’t show up for no reason.


But he wasn’t entirely sure about his recent physical condition either, so he couldn’t accurately judge his availability for the traditional basketball games. After contemplating for a moment, he replied, “We’ll see when the time comes.”


Yu Qingcang was extremely familiar with Lu Jingning’s personality, so he was surprisingly taken aback by his voluntary refusal. However, he didn’t say much and simply nodded, “Alright then.”


After all, they had already conquered the formidable Second Faculty, and the remaining First and Third Faculties were no match for them. There was no need for this revered god to make an appearance.


“Oh, there’s one more thing.” Yu Qingcang didn’t pursue the topic any further and lowered his voice, brimming with gossip. “I have to ask, what’s the deal between you and Wen Xingchen? He was the one accompanying you to the hospital. Could it be that what Jian Luan said is true…”


Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Jingning delivered a punch to his head, “I don’t want to hear that name right now!”


Yu Qingcang, confused by the sudden blow, rubbed the sore spot on his head with a bewildered expression. As he looked at Lu Jingning, who appeared indignant, his mind couldn’t help but conjure up a hundred thousand words of love, hate, and complicated emotions.


Although Lu Jingning had never acted like a typical Omega, his resentful appearance was becoming more


 and more suspicious!


Unfortunately, it was almost time for class, and the conditions didn’t allow him to delve deeper into the gossip.


After bidding farewell to Yu Qingcang, Lu Jingning lazily entered the classroom with a bread roll in his mouth and immediately noticed Wen Xingchen sitting in the rear left corner.


His eyebrow raised slightly, without greeting, he bypassed Wen Xingchen and moved to the back row, stuffing his bag into the drawer, then laying down and sleeping.


Jian Luan was about to get up and change seats when he saw this. However, upon witnessing the situation, he froze midway. Turning his head, he saw Wen Xingchen looking at his textbook without raising his head, an expression of surprise evident in his eyes.


What’s going on? Are these two fighting?


Wen Xingchen lifted his head under Jian Luan’s gaze, his tone flat, “What’s the matter?”


Jian Luan glanced at Wen Xingchen’s uncertain expression and thoughtfully suggested, “How about I switch seats with Lu Jingning?”


Wen Xingchen’s lips curled up with a hint of a smile, “Do you have so much free time? Why don’t you try getting along with a few more Omegas?”


That sentence struck directly at Jian Luan’s heart.


Jian Luan covered his slightly aching chest.


This surname Wen is truly despicable! He knows that recently, half of the Omegas have been attracted to him as the new student, while the other half have been drawn to Lu Jingning. And there are those few loners who completely ignore the world. So why should he go after an Omega!


Indeed, the venomousness of his tongue matches the foulness of his mood!


With these thoughts, Jian Luan silently hugged himself, determined to protect his vulnerable self.


No matter what, self-preservation is paramount!


Actually, Lu Jingning wasn’t the kind of person who threw tantrums all the time. However, recently, he couldn’t help but feel restless and constantly sleepy, probably due to the disarray of pheromones in his body.


Whenever he saw Wen Xingchen, he couldn’t control his thoughts about the minty scent of his pheromones. That damn enticing fragrance made him want to stick his neck right in front of the man and bite down hard.


But with the previous two rejections from Wen Xingchen, including their encounter in the abandoned warehouse, Lu Jingning knew it was impossible to take the initiative anymore. Even if he wanted to be marked, he had to make sure that Wen Xingchen would be the one to initiate it!


Looking at Wen Xingchen again, he couldn’t help but wear a predatory gaze, as if facing his prey.


On the day of the friendly basketball match with the Third Faculty, Wen Xingchen passed by the rest area when he suddenly caught a familiar scent of pheromones in the air, faint but unmistakable.


His steps involuntarily paused, and his first reaction was to suspect that Lu Jingning’s pheromones were acting up again.


Subconsciously, he looked inside the room through the half-closed door and happened to see Lu Jingning, half-undressed with a clearly defined waistline.


Contrary to his seemingly slender figure, his tight abdominal curve revealed well-developed abs. Accompanied by the scent of pheromones in the air, each frame of this scene seemed to ignite a raging fire in Wen Xingchen’s mind.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Setting aside other unrelated factors, if the camera were to zoom in to capture only the two of them, it would appear to be a large-scale seduction scene.


But Lu Jingning didn’t seem to be in a hurry to put on his basketball uniform. Instead, he casually ran his fingers through his disheveled hair, tilting his head slightly to take a sip of water. His Adam’s apple gently rolled as he swallowed, presenting a perfect male beauty in the process of transformation.


Wen Xingchen: “…………”


Lu Jingning waited for a while but didn’t hear any movement from behind. Finally, he turned around, surprised to see Wen Xingchen’s astonished expression. “What are you doing here?”


While speaking, he casually ran his fingers through his hair, revealing a barely noticeable gland.


A faint scent of pheromones diffused in the air, incredibly ambiguous and provocative.


However, Wen Xingchen remained silent for a moment and didn’t linger his gaze on Lu Jingning’s neck. In a casual tone, he said, “Control your pheromones, don’t release them indiscriminately at this time. Otherwise, when our team arrives, are you planning to make them kneel on the court?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


“Since you’re in this state, there’s no need to change into your basketball uniform. Don’t demolish the court if you go into a frenzy later.” Wen Xingchen said as he took off his coat, swung it lightly, and threw it over Lu Jingning’s head. He wore a friendly smile, “Borrow my coat for now, wear something sturdy and make sure it’s fully covered. Whether you return it or not is up to you, but if you do, remember to wash it in advance.”


Lu Jingning: “…………”


As if Wen Xingchen didn’t notice Lu Jingning’s ever-changing expression, he chuckled and turned to walk away.


From start to finish, he hadn’t even stepped into the rest area.


Lu Jingning clutched the still warm oversized coat by himself, feeling utterly disheveled.


Damn it, where did things go wrong?


Had his charm truly declined, or was Wen Xingchen simply not an Alpha at all?!


He cursed inwardly, almost throwing the coat out the window. But when he raised it, he caught a whiff of the minty scent of pheromones on it and couldn’t help but move his nose.


After a brief moment of hesitation, he wore a calm expression and put the coat on.


Admittedly, the scent was quite pleasant.


Anyway, he couldn’t go without wearing anything, so he would deal with the consequences later!


Wen Xingchen hadn’t gone far.


As he turned a corner in the empty hallway, he suddenly reached out and supported himself against the wall. His expression, usually devoid of emotion, revealed a crack.


The possessiveness of an Alpha surged under the influence of pheromones, threatening to burst out. It was as if a surging voice filled his mind, almost making him lose control and pounce on Lu Jingning.


Perhaps this was the result of their high compatibility. Since their encounter in the warehouse, it felt as if a switch had been flipped, making it increasingly difficult for him to resist the effects of pheromones.


Honestly, he didn’t like this loss of control, but he couldn’t resist the instincts inherent in Alphas and Omegas.


He took a deep breath, rubbing his hair roughly, and muttered with a disheveled appearance, “You little demon!”



When Lu Jingning sluggishly arrived at the rest area, Jian Luan happened to catch a glimpse of the coat he was wearing. He froze on the spot, his eyes widening in astonishment. “Is that Wen Xingchen’s coat?”


Lu Jingning absentmindedly responded, not noticing Jian Luan’s increasingly horrified expression.


From childhood until now, Jian Luan knew all too well about Wen Xingchen’s OCD and cleanliness. He never allowed anyone to touch his personal belongings, let alone a coat, which was considered intimate clothing.


Thinking about it, Jian Luan’s face filled with indignation. Damn Wen Xingchen! They had known each other for so long, and Jian Luan had never enjoyed such treatment. This was just too much!


Lu Jingning, lost in thought, pulled Jian Luan over and said, “Jian Luan, let me ask you something.”


Jian Luan: “???”


After a moment of hesitation, Lu Jingning carefully chose his words, “If an Omega invites you to engage in temporary marking, but you refuse, what could be the reason behind it?”


Jian Luan didn’t expect such a profound question and pondered for a moment before saying, “Maybe… is it because the other person is too ugly?”


Lu Jingning: “That’s not the case. This Omega is a beauty of the era.”


“Then there’s no reason to refuse. I’ve always been unable to say no to a beautiful Omega. It’s what a gentleman Alpha should do…” Jian Luan’s words came to a sudden halt, as if he just realized something. He looked at Lu Jingning with growing shock, “Are you asking about Wen Xingchen?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


With Lu Jingning’s silence, Jian Luan started to feel uneasy. His voice involuntarily rose, “You two are already at the point of temporary marking… Uh, uh!”


Lu Jingning quickly grabbed him, gritting his teeth, “Answer the question honestly, and maybe I’ll spare your life!”


Jian Luan nodded repeatedly, his hand covering his mouth, struggling to breathe.


Finally catching his breath, he lowered his voice wisely, “Cough, cough, if it’s Wen Xingchen, you don’t need to worry too much. When it comes to matters of the heart, he’s different from others. He tends to have many concerns, you know? But no matter what he does, he has his own reasons. Don’t get angry with him because of it!”


In the end, he let out a sigh, “There are some things I can’t say, so it’s better to wait for him to tell you himself.”


Lu Jingning, observing his attitude, became more convinced and patted his shoulder with a deep sense of sympathy. “Don’t worry, Brother Lu always keeps his mouth shut. I won’t reveal anything casually!”


Recalling everything that happened, his resentment faded away, replaced by deep sympathy.


It was only natural that no one could resist such an excellent Omega like him. If Wen Xingchen had some issue with his receptor or other parts, everything made perfect sense!




Jian Luan looked at Lu Jingning, who clearly misunderstood, and felt at a loss for words. Subconsciously, he glanced towards Wen Xingchen and shivered inwardly.


I’m sorry, my bro, he didn’t mean it that way!


We absolutely cannot let Wen Xingchen know about this, otherwise, he might kill him, right?!



The following few matches went smoothly for the Quadruple Faculty, advancing all the way to the finals.


In the final match, they once again confronted the Second Faculty, their longstanding rivals.


The outcome of Zhong Feng’s arrest had already been determined several days ago. It was practically impossible to wash away the crime of using an inducer to force an Omega into heat. The final judgment was five years of prison. With this outcome, not only would Zhong Feng lose the opportunity to join the military in the future, his entire life would be irreversibly ruined.


However, no one sympathized with him regarding this matter.


Anyone who could do such a thing to an Omega was undoubtedly scum. If they let him graduate unpunished, it was feared that he would become a menace sooner or later.


Zhong Feng’s situation had clearly dampened the Second Faculty’s spirits. They quietly finished the finals, even without Lu Jingning playing, and were completely out of the running for the championship due to a large point differential.


Having won the ultimate victory in the traditional Basketball Tournament, the students from the Quadruple Faculty celebrated joyfully. Led by Jian Luan, a few people organized students from several classes in the Quadruple Faculty, planning to have a good time outside that night.


Lu Jingning had been feeling down these past few days and rarely had such a good opportunity to stimulate his nerves. Naturally, he had no reason to refuse and appeared particularly enthusiastic.


The one with the completely opposite attitude was Wen Xingchen. Upon hearing Jian Luan’s explanation, he remained indifferent, saying, “I won’t go. I wish you all a good time.”


Jian Luan tried to persuade him with a coaxing tone, “Lu Jingning will be there tonight, too. Lu Jingning, ah!”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh, what does that have to do with me?”


Jian Luan exclaimed, “Of course, it has everything to do with you! Look, apart from him, everyone else that night will be Alphas. What if… cough, you know what I mean, right?”


Wen Xingchen finally glanced at him and smirked, “What ‘what if’? Do you think anyone has the ability to do something to him?”


Jian Luan replied, “Of course not! What I mean is, I’m afraid Lu Jingning might do something to us!”



In Wen Xingchen’s mind, the scene from the rest area suddenly appeared. He felt that, in this special period, even if this guy really did such a thing, it wouldn’t be surprising at all.


He fell silent for a moment and asked, “Time and place?”


Jian Luan felt relieved and recalled the conversation between him and Lu Jingning on the court. In his heart, he silently wiped away a tear of bitterness.


Lao Wen, this is as far as I can help you!


It had to be said that Jian Luan was truly skilled at organizing events. With a total of sixty people from three classes in the Quadruple Faculty, it was neither too many nor too few. After notifying and gathering everyone, they directly booked the entire lobby of a hotel not far from the Imperial Navy, creating an atmosphere akin to a military merit award ceremony.


Such grandeur made students from other academies roll their eyes upon hearing it, thinking that the Quadruple Faculty had become overly inflated after winning the Traditional Basketball Tournament.


Lu Jingning, however, enjoyed this dinner very much.


During the process of recuperating and taking medication these past few days, he had felt weak throughout his entire body. Sometimes, he felt restless and uncomfortable, while other times, nothing seemed right.


That night, he saw it as a release. He enthusiastically engaged in various drinking games, and after completing a round of table games, he returned to his seat. By then, his face was flushed due to the slight intoxication, and he smiled brightly, saying, “Have you all seen, my bros? I’m the best-looking guy at this whole gathering!”


Yu Qingcang was about to join in the celebration when he suddenly detected a familiar scent. His hand froze in mid-air, and his body tensed up. Then, he swiftly retreated several meters, visibly alarmed.


Lu Jingning tilted his head, confused, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Yu Qingcang’s face turned pale with fear. “Lu Jingning, your pheromones are leaking!”


It must be said that things can take a turn for the worse. The other students at the table, who were previously scrambling for food, instinctively retreated when they heard Yu Qingcang’s words.


Most of the people at the other tables were students from different classes, and upon witnessing this strange reaction, they cast puzzled gazes, thinking that they were playing some new game.


Within an instant, several square meters around Lu Jingning became empty. He lightly sniffed the air on his shoulder and furrowed his brows. “Is that so?”


“Yes, yes, yes. Of course!” Yu Qingcang quickly surveyed the surroundings and immediately spotted Wen Xingchen, who was diligently picking fish bones next to him. He rushed over and pleaded, “Wen bro, please save the children!”


Wen Xingchen suddenly received a cue, raised his head, and saw everyone’s expectant gazes.


He glanced at Lu Jingning, and his heart inexplicably skipped a beat. Just as a gust of wind passed by, carrying the faint scent of Omega pheromones, he sniffed it subconsciously.


Compared to the time at the hotel, it had clearly intensified. It seemed to have become more turbulent, cautiously testing the boundaries.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t consumed much alcohol tonight, but at this moment, he felt an emotion trying to surge out of control. His grip on Lu Jingning’s arm tightened instinctively, but when he noticed the frown on Lu Jingning’s forehead, he suddenly released his hold.


Without the support of his grip, Lu Jingning swayed and straightened himself. Observing Wen Xingchen’s reaction, he couldn’t help but seize his collar, leaning forward until their faces were close, and their breaths brushed against each other’s skin. He smiled with a hint of ambiguity, saying, “What are you afraid of? I won’t devour you.”


Previously, at the dining table, he hadn’t noticed it. But now, as the cold wind blew, he felt as if a surge of pheromones awakened within him, starting to surge.


This made his fingertips unconsciously graze Wen Xingchen’s back.


Due to the effects of alcohol and the influence of Omega pheromones, Wen Xingchen had exerted tremendous self-control to not lose composure because of the teasing touch. However, the intertwining scent of pheromones in the air, as well as the exceptionally high compatibility between them, was already enough to keep both of them on the verge of losing control.


Through the fabric of their clothes, Wen Xingchen could still sense the softness typical of an Omega. He suddenly felt that he might have been too confident in his self-control. He always believed he could maintain his pride in rationality in any situation, but at this moment, the faint layer of alcohol in his body was urging the pheromones to come out. He was seemingly becoming unrestrained and it was burning inside him.


For the first time, he could feel the pheromones becoming difficult to control, spreading out recklessly with a strong possessiveness, as if eager to seize and dominate.


When Wen Xingchen spoke, his voice was already becoming hoarse, “Lu Jingning, you’d better not get too close to me at a time like this.”


Under the influence of alcohol, Lu Jingning already felt a bit dizzy, and sensing the sudden surge of the Alpha’s aura, a conversation with Jian Luan surfaced in his mind. Instead of maintaining distance, he lazily leaned in closer.


His gaze swept across those sensual thin lips, and he provocatively leaned down and lightly pecked them. His eyes clouded with a misty allure as he teased, “I want to get closer. What can you do about it?”


Wen Xingchen’s heart trembled, and under such a tender touch, his last line of defense shattered.


He firmly held Lu Jingning’s wrist in his hand, his voice tightening, “What can I do? Try it, and you’ll find out.”


Feeling the intense heat inside him, Lu Jingning looked up in a daze, asking in a muffled voice, “What did you say…”


Wen Xingchen silenced him by pressing his mouth against his, and after a moment of passion, he gazed at him coldly, saying, “I said, try it, and you’ll find out.”


Under this passionate kiss, Lu Jingning felt as if fireworks were exploding in his mind, feeling both dizzy and greatly enthralled but also full of confusion.


What happened to the supposed issue between them? Did Jian Luan actually deceive him?!


Seeing that Lu Jingning didn’t respond, Wen Xingchen pulled him into his arms, his eyelashes drooping slightly.


Again and again, Lu Jingning experienced this, and with each time, all his self-control and defenses crumbled.


With a compatibility rate of 99%, the overwhelming taste made him yearn for more. If it was this person… then so be it!


His voice contained a suppressed huskiness, “Do you really want me to mark you? Have you thought it through? Will you regret it?”


As long as Lu Jingning gave a positive response, Wen Xingchen vowed to throw all his self-control out the window.


However, Lu Jingning remained silent for a few seconds before suddenly extending his other hand and pushing him away slightly.


Feeling Lu Jingning’s absence in his embrace, Wen Xingchen’s eyes dimmed a bit, “Still… let’s go back.”


But just as he was about to turn away, he saw that Lu Jingning had already loosened his collar, revealing the glands behind his neck. In an instant, Lu Jingning couldn’t wait any longer, “Go back? Go back where? Wen Xingchen, I don’t regret it. Hurry up and mark me!”


It wasn’t just the torment of drowsiness over the past few days that made Lu Jingning impatient; it was the pheromones, which had already been ignited, that made him want to fully absorb Wen Xingchen’s scent into his body.


It was the most infatuated scent he had ever smelled.


Sometimes, the compatibility between an Alpha and an Omega was truly a wonderful thing. He had never been so eager to have someone like now.


He wished to resolve everything right here!


However, even though Wen Xingchen was also on the edge, he still held onto the last thread of reason. Although the surroundings were empty, it was still on the roadside, and if anyone happened to pass by, they would easily spot them entangled together.


Looking at the exposed glands that were now within reach, Wen Xingchen clenched his teeth, “Lu Jingning! Are you sure you want to do this here?”


Lu Jingning looked at him blankly, his tone languid, “It’s just a temporary marking. Do we need to perform some kind of ritual?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t respond but glanced around. Unable to control himself any longer, he pulled Lu Jingning into the nearby bushes.


He held Lu Jingning’s wrists and finally felt the Omega’s softness. Raising Lu Jingning’s hands high and pressing them against the tree trunk, his gaze swept over the glands on his neck, and a greedy glint flickered through his eyes. Finally giving up all restraint, he lowered his head and gently bit down.


Lu Jingning’s body tensed for a moment, trembling slightly, but soon, the pheromones inside him quickly merged as the temporary mark was completed.


During the process, he felt as if he had had an extremely comfortable dream. When he woke up, he was still facing Wen Xingchen, under the same moonlight filtering through the branches, but the world seemed to have become extraordinarily refreshed. Even the intoxicating alcohol in his body seemed to have dissipated a lot.


He felt really comfortable!



As the dorm supervisor, Lin Wei walked into the classroom, and all the students immediately quieted down.


A document was projected onto the screen, and Lin Wei introduced, “Tomorrow marks the start of the recruitment for various student clubs. Please familiarize yourselves with the information and feel free to sign up.”


Her words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.


Lin Wei continued, “The list includes the names and classification levels of all student clubs at the Imperial Navy University. The difficulty of joining different-level clubs varies, so please make sure to choose wisely. The S-class organizations have strict entry requirements, so if you want to apply, be sure to understand them well. If you have any questions, you can always come to me for advice.”


Lu Jingning quickly scanned through the names of the various organizations, and when he saw “Imperial Navy Patrol Team,” his gaze paused slightly on the S-class rating.


This name was mentioned by Yan Hebin and Jian Luan before. They said that if a new student successfully completed a 1v3 challenge, they could join without any conditions. And the reason why Wen Xingchen intentionally lost the final match during the new student challenge was likely to avoid getting involved with this Imperial Navy Patrol Team.


However, Lu Jingning didn’t believe that Wen Xingchen was afraid of stepping onto the battlefield. If not to avoid a fight, then why?


Puzzled, he subconsciously turned his head to look at Wen Xingchen.


Unexpectedly, as he turned, his gaze met Wen Xingchen’s gaze that was neither happy nor angry.


The beautiful eyebrows furrowed tightly, seemingly scrutinizing and questioning. Lu Jingning didn’t know how long Wen Xingchen had maintained this posture.


Lu Jingning was also surprised that Wen Xingchen was also looking at him. He opened his mouth to say something but saw the man suddenly look away without saying a word.




A row of question marks involuntarily popped up in Lu Jingning’s mind. He subconsciously touched his face.


What’s with this attitude? Could it be that he got too excited during breakfast and accidentally got minced meat on his face?


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