Chapter 2 – Even if you wish to die, don’t involve me!

Chapter 2 – Even if you wish to die, don’t involve me!


At the first dinner with the Qi’s, Xing Zhongwan glanced around the huge dining room alone, with three dishes and one soup right in front of him. Xing Zhongwan took a look and lost his appetite. After looking in all four corners, there was still no one. Xing Zhongwan snorted coldly, even all the quiet ghosts in this house are sure to come out now.


“Miss Xing, is the food not to your taste?” The voice suddenly reminded him of the old housekeeper standing behind, and Xing Zhongwan was startled, “Why don’t your footsteps make any sound?” 


The old housekeeper slowly handed him an envelope. “This will be your living expenses for this month. If you feel that the food is not to your liking, you can go out to eat or cook by yourself. But you can’t leave the villa while the third young master is awake.”


Xing Zhongwan took the envelope and glanced inside. There was a thick stack. Xing Zhongwan looked up at the old housekeeper, “How do I know when the third young master is awake?” 


The old housekeeper’s mouth twitched, “Miss Xing will naturally know from now on.”


Xing Zhongwan waved the envelope in his hand, “Thanks. “


“In this house, I’ll remind Miss Xing again to talk less. There will be professionals here to take care of the third young master, you only have to be present in the house, don’t worry about other matters.”


Xing Zhong smiled belatedly, “I’m not one to pry.”


The old housekeeper nodded in satisfaction and slowly walked out of the dining room. As soon as she left, Xing Zhongwan’s face fell. Looking at the third young master Qi’s appearance, even he couldn’t tell how long he had to live. He won’t die even if I’m not here to play my part.


When night came, Xing Zhongwan finally saw the doctor, he turned over Qi Yun’s quilt and looked underneath, and simply checked on his eyes. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but shake his head. Even this could be considered a fvcking examination! The doctor left in less than five minutes. As soon as the doctor left, the old housekeeper came in with a tray. Xing Zhongwan peeked inside and saw a bowl of porridge, which was supposed to be fed to Qi Yun.


The old housekeeper took something like a bib and wrapped it around Qi Yun’s neck, picked up the bowl, scooped a spoonful of porridge and fed it to him. Qi Yun did not open his mouth, and the porridge flowed to one side of the bib. After dripping down so many times, Xing Zhongwan finally understood why Qi Yun had become so thin, none of it went in at all. When the bowl in the old housekeeper’s hands was empty, the old housekeeper took the bib and threw it into the rubbish bin. She then wiped Qi Yun’s neck with a towel. Xing Zhongwan still saw leftover rice grains on his skinny neck.


The old housekeeper took the bowl and bin before leaving. Xing Zhongwan leaned at the door and opened his mouth, “Does he not have the strength to even swallow?” 


The old housekeeper glanced at him without answering. After a while, the doctor came and gave Qi Yun an IV drip. The needle was inserted into a dried-up blood vessel several times but nothing got inside. Xing Zhongwan felt some heartache while watching, but the person lying on the bed did not react at all.


Xing Zhongwan frowned and said nothing.


And just like that, two days have passed. The old housekeeper still did the same thing, and Xing Zhongwan was almost numb just watching. Finally there was one day when he curiously took a bite of the porridge given to Qi Yun, Xing Zhongwan sneered, he couldn’t even stomach it, how could the one lying on the bed do it. Three meals a day, if there is no variation, anyone would vomit, not to mention the usage of the IV drips every day. These people had no intention of helping the third young master, Qi recover!


Xing Zhongwan felt that he should think carefully about the reason for being sent to Qi Yun. He was told to take care of him, but he couldn’t do anything. Everything was taken care of by the old housekeeper. So what did they want him to do?


In the evening, Xing Zhongwan was lying on the bed, playing with his mobile phone, and there was an overflowing amount of messages asking him where he went. Xing Zhongwan had left his phone on the bed without replying to a single message. Laozi1A superior way of referring to oneself had to bear the humiliation here in order to send his old mother back to the Xing’s house. Before coming, Xing Zhengping already signed a non-disclosure agreement with him. Xing Zhongwan got up and took a black leather band from the bedside table to simply tie his hair. By night, the third young master, Qi, should be asleep. He was going out to have some fun, otherwise he would grow mouldy, just watching the house day long.


After seeing everyone who lived and came by this house, no one except the third young master, Qi, cared whether he was a man or a woman. Xing Zhongwan no longer concealed that he was a man. Holding the car key, Xing Zhongwan went down to the second floor and coincidentally saw two people dressed like nursemaids conversing.


“Did you help the mister wash his body for today?”


“How could I dare to, he won’t allow others to touch him at all, not to mention, he’s so dirty, would you want to do it.” 


“As if I want to do it. If they didn’t pay this much, I wouldn’t have agreed to come here. But the person lying on that bed is also pitiful. It’s been a year, but no one has come to visit.”


“I heard that he was the eldest young master of the family, I think even now, we are still inferior to him.”


“He’s not only disabled, but blind as well, if not for the IV drips he would’ve long died!”


Xing Zhongwan shook the key in his hand, sneering. Qi Yun, Oh, Qi Yun. If you knew that these two workers were sent here just for the sake of it, the previous you would have been angered to death.


Exiting the villa, he opened the car door. Xing Zhongwan looked at his own wicked eyes in the rearview mirror. His eyes moved down and there was a string of Buddhist prayer beads hanging from them, which was given to him by his mother while she was still alive. Xing Zhongwan lowered his head and cursed before opening the car door, and getting out of the car.


Walking to the door of Qi Yun’s bedroom on the third floor, Xing Zhongwan opened the door. There was still that indescribable smell. There was something different this time, the person in bed had stretched out his arm and was holding onto a glass of water on the nearby bedside table. Those thin arms supporting the large hospital gowns look as though they would snap at any given moment.


Xing Zhongwan leaned at the door and silently watched. Turns out his entire body wasn’t completely paralysed.


Just thinking about it, there was a sharp sound, and the glass fell to the ground. The water spilled all over the ground. The arm froze in mid-air, and then was slowly retracted.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the clock, five minutes had passed and no one came up to see what happened.


Xing Zhongwan used his finger to shift the wristwatch, aiming the sapphire’s glimmer into the dimly-lit room. The person on the bed remained unmoving and silent like a dead person, with only the slight ups and downs of his chest proving that he was still breathing.


Xing Zhongwan turned around and went downstairs. Holding a water glass in his hand, he approached Qi Yun. Xing Zhongwan put the water glass on the bedside table and reached out to help Qi Yun up but he did not expect a thin hand to suddenly grab his wrist as he touched the other’s body. The cold touch made a chill run down the back of his spine.


“I didn’t mean anything by it, just poured you a glass of water. “


Xing Zhongwan regretted going out of his way a little bit. He could’ve completely ignored him, but sympathy is a terribly scary thing, good people often rationalize it in order to prove to oneself that they did not lie to the other. Xing Zhongwan held Qi Yun’s arm and placed the glass of water in his hand. With a sudden swing of his arm, the unstable water cup fell to the ground, and the water splashed all over Xing Zhongwan.


Xing Zhongwan laughed angrily, apparently he couldn’t play the good guy in this case.


Xing Zhongwan got up and looked at that thin face, where there was still the slightest bit of that same old pride from before in it.


Xing Zhongwan hummed coldly, turned and went downstairs to pour another glass of water. Without a word, he dragged Qi Yun up from the bed. The stubborn man waved his arms frantically. It was not known how long he hadn’t cut his nails. They inadvertently left marks on Xing Zhongwan’s face.


Xing Zhongwan opened Qi Yun’s mouth and poured water in. Qi Yun coughed violently and his meager chest violently heaved up and down.


Xing Zhongwan threw the person back on the bed and looked at him coldly, “Even if you wish to die, don’t involve me!”


T/N: If you’re wondering why Zhongwan did that thing with the sapphire, I think he was trying to test if Qi Yun would react to the light, making sure he was completely blind before coming any closer. 


Also, I hope you enjoyed this chapter 😀 there’s like 70-ish in total, so I hope you buckle up cause things are about to get more awkward for the poor Xing Zhongwan ahaha, not to mention the strange misunderstanding that’s about to take place. Oops, my, my is that a spoiler? Ahaha pardon me ^^

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