Chapter 3 – Turns out you can still talk

Chapter 3 – Turns out you can still talk


Xing Zhongwan looked at himself in the mirror, the left side of his face had some prominent blood stains. Taking out a small pill box from his luggage, he applied some ointment on it. Xing Zhongwan treasures his face the most, and this daily care is a life-time’s chore. God bestowed him with this face, so he should cherish it well!


He didn’t expect Qi Yun to be that strong. Xing Zhongwan gritted his teeth as he looked at his face distressingly. There was a timely knock on the door and Xing Zhongwan went over to open it. The old housekeeper was at the door looking sternly at him. Xing Zhongwan was still worried about his face, and absent-mindedly asked, “What’s wrong?”


The old housekeeper looked at the scratch on his face for a moment before speaking, “Looks like Miss Xing didn’t listen to me.”


Xing Zhongwan sneered, “Thank you for reminding me, I will pay attention to it in the future.”


The old housekeeper obviously didn’t think he was listening, “Miss Xing, everything you do here reflects the Xing family. Please think your actions through before doing things. “


Who cares about the Xing family, he really doesn’t care about being the Xing part of Xing Zhongwan. If it was not for his own fvcking compulsion, he would’ve long been living it up outside, instead of wading these muddy water.


It was enough just for his mother to be admitted into the ancestral grave, if he can’t do it, Xing Zhongwan is not one to let other’s boss him around either. He might be afraid of cumbersome things, but not of tough situations.


“That person is half dead, it’s not like I can do anything. At least he is still alive, and not some vegetable yet. The way I see it, even the dogs raised by Mrs. Qi, are living a better life than him! For just that cup of water, do you really have to be so concerned over it and come over to press me about it?” 


A glint flashed through the old housekeeper’s eyes, “I saw nothing. This old lady has overstepped, Miss Xing do have a good rest!”


Xing Zhongwan closed the door. fvck!


The phone rang, and Xing Zhongwan glanced at it before picking it up.


“Oh, so you finally answered the phone. Where did you go?” The lazy female voice on the phone had some charm to it, but after hearing it, Xing Zhongwan’s only felt a headache coming.


“Can you speak normally?” The other end of the phone was stunned silent for a while. “Xing Zhongwan, don’t be shameless. Laoniang1Female ver. of Laozi is supporting you with that huge business stuff. Where did you fvck off to, living your merry-go-life. Laoniang works 15 hours a day. I have acne all over my face now, you know. Come back now, almost a month has passed since I lived the Xing lifestyle!”


Xing Zhongwan had a habit of taking cigarettes from his pocket, but there were none now. He pulled open the drawer and took a lollipop from inside.


“I can’t come back in the meantime. You’ll have to live a while longer without Xing!” The chatter came on the other end of the line, ” That’s not right, there’s a situation, snap out of it otherwise Laoniang will quit at it too .”


Xing Zhongwan sucked on the lollipop, it was too damned sweet.


“Laozi is here as a nanny, but I foresee that I’ll be forced into a routine.”


Xing Zhongwan talked about his situation for a while, and the phone kept beeping.


“Unexpectedly, the third young master, Qi, was so miserable. At the beginning, he was said to have had a car accident, and the fiancee who was sitting in his passenger seat died on the spot.It was only said that great efforts were made to save him, and that his legs were broken, but his eyes and his blindness were not mentioned. Tsk tsk, these political circles really have dirty hands.”


“I think Qi Zongcheng loved the third young master, Qi, his own grandson who was about to be the heir of the Qi family. I didn’t expect that there would be nothing left in a car accident. In my opinion, the Qi family really is ruthless. Despite being crippled, the third young master, Qi’s mother, really doesn’t care about him.”


Xing Zhongwan bit the lollipop in his mouth and said, “Don’t young master this, young master that. If you were to speak of this on the past, your mouth would’ve been mutilated by others”


“Hahaha, oh, you’re such a saint. But that’s about right, you are his fiancée in name at the moment. Man, I’m going to die of laughter, haha.”


Xing Zhongwan pulled the phone away from his ears at the presumptuous laughter.


“Qi Yun still has a younger brother. Is he not Mrs. Qi’s only hope now. He is blind, and his legs are gone, what inheritance rights will he get. Qi Zongcheng has so many grandchildren, how can Mrs. Qi protect her own little son. As for this one, it really is a big waste.” 


There was a sigh on the other end of the line, “Xing Zhongwan, what about you, being sent to take care of a useless thing. Isn’t the Xing family just using this opportunity to get rid of you.”


Xing Zhongwan threw the stick into the trash can, “Good idea!”


Xing Zhongwan hung up the phone, after finally convincing the gossipy woman to get back to work, only to see that it was almost time for dinner. Xing Zhongwan opened the door and prepared to go to the dining room to make a scene.


As soon as he went out, he met two maids who were washing clothes. Xing Zhongwan happened to glance at the laundry basket, and saw that there were some yellow dried up bodily fluids with some blood stains on the undergarments on the first layer. Judging from the disgust from the two maids, one doesn’t have to guess whose clothes are in the basket to know who it belonged to.


Xing Zhongwan went downstairs and pondered about it before going back to the third floor.


Opening Qi Yun’s room, the scent of disinfectant overpowered his senses. The smell was really weird, it was as though someone was trying to cover up some other smell. There was a bib in the trash can. It seems that he had already been fed his meal. There was no one else in the room. Xing Zhongwan turned around and wanted to leave but suddenly he found that there was something wrong with the person on the bed, his breathing was faster than before. Xing Zhongwan raised his brows and walked over to see that Qi Yun’s face was a little red. He tried touching his forehead. Xing Zhongwan frowned. He had a fever.


How did he get a fever? Without hesitation, Xing Zhongwan opened Qi Yun’s blanket, and a strange odor rushed towards his nostrils along with the smell of disinfectant. Xing Zhongwan pulled down Qi Yun’s pants. No wonder! Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but cover his mouth and nose. Those inhuman beasts really wanted Qi Yun to pass away quickly.


No wonder underwear had blood stains on them.


Qi Yun’s lower body was not cleaned up and the discharge this time was due to the lack of proper care. It was infected with pus, and the pants he had just put on were soaked with blood.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but swear and curse, looking at his two legs that were as thin as bamboo poles because of neglect, in his heart he felt that Qi Yun was a little bit pitiful. Covering him with the quilt, he glanced at the man. He really didn’t know how the other endured this pain.


Xing Zhongwan thought about it. Before calling a doctor, he had to deal with it first. He stretched out his hand to take off his shirt.


The person lying motionless on the bed suddenly opened his eyes. Xing Zhongwan was startled. Those eyes looked straight at him. If he was not sure Qi Yun was blind, Xing Zhongwan really thought he was pretending. Those eyes had no life to them, but they were sharp and scary.


“Scram!” The hoarse and rough voice was akin to a cogwheel that hadn’t been oiled for a long time. It pierced one’s ears unpleasantly.


Xing Zhongwan smiled suddenly, “So you can still talk.”


The person on the bed did not speak any more, listening to Xing Zhongwan’s gradual departure, he slowly closed his eyes…


T/N: Wow, isn’t our seme being a little too cold to his wife?? ASDFG I guess that’s normal, considering everyone out there is out to get him. Don’t worry, he gets much sweeter later. Well, jk I lied ehe. He gets more possessive and over-protective, that’s for sure. But that’s what I like about this story owo, I’m a bit f/ked up like that I guess… :3 Hope you’re still coming along for the ride 😉

Also, be sure to check out the other works on this site, they’re super good. I recommend Garfield, a transmigration story (about a chaebol too) where the MC came back as a cat and gets picked up and cared for by someone who he thought was once his enemy, or at least someone who wasn’t too friendly towards him hehe. Even though the description says its a face-slapping story, I believe there’s more comforting elements to it than revenge. He is also able to transform back into a human after a few chapters, but hooo boy I personally can’t wait for the smut scenes, I mean… Can you imagine when his estrus cycle arrives owo. It’s all apart of natural cat physiology okay, so I’m not being too much of a perv here okay!?

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  1. Baisha

    In previous chapter I still have a little doubt if the ml was pretending or not!
    But in this chapter I really feel disgust. How can they be so fu*king INHUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thnx for the beautiful translation ❤️

  2. Xelon

    Wtf It is frightening to even imagine that Qi Yun suddenly opened his eyes


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