Chapter 7 – Qi Yun, I must have owe you a lot of money in my previous life!

Chapter 7 – Qi Yun, I must have owed you a lot of money in my previous life!


Xing Zhongwan took off his coat, went into the bathroom, took a clean towel and a wash basin filled with warm water, and walked to Qi Yun’s bed under the surprised eyes of the old housekeeper.


Xing Zhongwan was in a bad mood and didn’t feel like being polite with her, “If you don’t want to help, get out and close the door on your way too!”


Xing Zhongwan’s tone was terrible, and the old housekeeper’s face turned pale. After looking at him for a bit, she finally left and closed the door.


Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath and turned to take off Qi Yun’s pants. Unexpectedly, before Xing Zhongwan could start, Qi Yun’s thin pair of hands had already gripped his own waistband tightly.


Xing Zhongwan felt funny, “What are you doing? I don’t know why you thought of yourself as some virgin young maiden. Besides, I’ve already seen it before, what’s there to be embarrassed about?. Even I don’t feel the need to be disgusted by this, yet you feel disgusted by me?”


He grabbed Qi Yun’s hand, it was so cold that it was frightening. Qi Yun’s body was trembling slightly. His face turned sideways as his whole face went pale. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t see how humiliated he looked nor did he know what the other thought he was going to do with him.


“Qi Yun, you have to face the reality, you have driven away all the caregivers. Do you really want to lay in… this?. It’s normal for you to be unable to take care of yourself in your current situation, but you won’t let others touch you. That’s alright, you have some self-respect and I can understand it. But let me tell you the truth, what’s the use of your self-respect now? Will you just let your wound become infected again? People have to learn to lower their heads at the right time. Your excessive pride will not bring you any benefit. In the eyes of others, it’s just a needless struggle. Nothing more than a joke. “


Xing Zhongwan threw the towel in his hand into the basin, “What do you want to do, You can figure it out yourself!” “


Xing Zhongwan was so pissed off, and the unspeakable smell in the claustrophobic space was getting stronger and stronger.


Some time passed before Xing Zhongwan snorted coldly and got up. He wanted to leave. In the first place, he was not a good person. This was the breaking point, and he didn’t have the time to spend it with the bad-tempered cripple lying on the bed. It’s not a big deal if nothing’s going to change after he’s come all this way. Looks like he’ll just have to think of another way to solve that issue regarding his mother. He can’t afford to stay idle.


Xing Zhongwan thought he understood the other. Just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly saw Qi Yun remove his trembling hand. Xing Zhongwan was stunned, yes, he could not leave now.


Xing Zhongwan untied Qi Yun’s pants, replaced the soiled apparel, and wrung out the towel. Bit by bit, his lower body was wiped clean. During this time, Xing Zhongwan glanced up at Qi Yun who closed his eyes tightly. He could see blood stains from where he bit into his own lips. At this time, Xing Zhongwan did not feel the same anger as he did in the beginning. He also understood Qi Yun’s prideful self, how honorable his status actually was. He had been held in high esteem by many others ever since he was a child. Now, his crippled self only brought him humiliation.


Xing Zhongwan shouldn’t overdo it either, everyone has their own life and he really wasn’t going to bother too much with the other things.


After thoroughly cleaning Qi Yun, Xing Zhongwan applied medicine to him and opened the windows to allow for better ventilation. Some air freshener was also sprayed. After a while, the whole room felt more fresh.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun. The man returned to his indifferent expression again, and his gaze was pointed straight to the ceiling.


“I’ll go downstairs to get something to eat. I will bring it to you later. Rest up.” Xing Zhongwan finished speaking and walked out of the bedroom.


The moment the door closed, Qi Yun’s eyes blinked, his eyeballs were slightly red.


When Qi Yun had just gotten injured, his body had not atrophied that much. Although there were wounds on his body after surgery, the young man’s body was still amazingly beautiful. 


In the beginning, the young nurses were very diligent in taking care of him and Qi Yun did not resist being touched by others as much as he did now.


Later, the nurses were slowly replaced by new ones. When these people touched his body, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Qi Yun became disgusted. Batch after batch, the nurses were changed and later the Qi family became more and more neglectful, and the quality of the nurses they hired became worse and worse. The discussions about Qi Yun’s body and the teasing that were supposedly kept in private didn’t go unheard. The ill will and disgust in their tone of voice made Qi Yun nauseous. He began to resist being touched by others, and the attitude of the caregivers towards him became worse and worse and situations like today often happen. It was common for him to lie on dirty sheets for days and no one would pay any mind. Most of the time, it would be the old housekeeper who came in to feed him. Then when the stench became unbearable, she would force the nurses to come in and clean up.


Qi Yun was like a piece of pork that had long spoilt after being turned over again and again by others. It wasn’t as though he had completely lost the ability to feel in his lower body. Qi Yun could feel the rough movements, and them wiping him down felt like they were scraping away at a dead fish.


Qi Yun is prideful, but Xing Zhongwan said he had to face reality. He accepted his reality long ago, from the moment the doctor deemed his legs and eyes useless. But the pride he grew up with made him want to retain a little bit of dignity.


Xing Zhongwan’s words just now broke that last bit of his dignity.


Xing Zhongwan changed his clothes and scrubbed him off with gentle movements. He heard the slight gasp of the people around him. It took a lot of effort to hoist and maneuver a person whose lower body is paralysed. He often hears complaints from the nurses. But Xing Zhongwan didn’t do that, and he cleaned him up without saying a word. Lying on the bed, Qi Yun felt the dirty air in the room dissipate little by little, and the air freshener smelling of sea salt filled the whole room. For the first time, Qi Yun felt respected.


Qi Yun stared at the ceiling, and he suddenly became a little curious about the person next to him.


Xing Zhongwan was cooking soup in the kitchen, and he only slept for a few hours in the morning so his head felt dizzy. After another physical exertion, Xing Zhongwan knew without a second thought that he must look very haggard. There must be dark circles around the eyes of his baby face now.


Xing Zhongwan felt that he was overstepping his boundaries and just looking for trouble.


The beefy scent wafted into the open and Xing Zhongwan took a sip. It didn’t taste too bad. He turned off the fire. The old housekeeper stood behind him and Xing Zhongwan was taken aback. “Is it a habit of yours to stand behind others and scare people?” The old housekeeper was calm, “I didn’t expect Miss Xing to really care about the third young master.”


Xing Zhongwan was also blunt, everyone is sensible, and there is no need to talk in circles.


“I don’t care. In any case, should I just watch him die? I have to protect myself. The Xing family sent me here just to make me a cannon fodder1 a pawn to be sacrificed or used by someone else to gain the upper hand . I’m not stupid. Old lady, you are here, I don’t know what sort of benefit you’ll get from being here but we’re here for the same reason, that we can’t watch the third young master Qi die. Since our purpose is the same, let’s go on playing our roles without interfering with each other. You are still the old housekeeper, and I am still Miss Xing.” 


The old housekeeper’s haggard face was expressionless, and there was some guard in her eyes. Xing Zhongwan filled a bowl of soup and waved it in front of her, “Relax, it’s not poisoned.” He snorted coldly, before turning to leave the room.


The old housekeeper’s face was livid, as she looked at Xing Zhongwan’s back, lost in thought.


Xing Zhongwan went upstairs carrying a bowl. He walked to Qi Yun’s bed and pulled out a chair.


“It’s beef soup today, I already tried it and it tastes okay.”


Xing Zhongwan bent over to help Qi Yun up, supporting his body upright with a pillow. This time Qi Yun didn’t resist. Xing Zhongwan breathed out a sigh of relief.


He scooped a spoonful of soup and placed it in front of Qi Yun’s mouth, Qi Yun opened his mouth and ate it. Xing Zhongwan felt that he would be able to take a quick nap today.


But… Qi Yun refused to eat after taking two mouthfuls.


Xing Zhongwan: …


Did it taste bad? That’s not right, it still tasted alright.


“Does it taste bad?” Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help asking.


After some time, Qi Yun turned his head away slightly.


Xing Zhongwan was surprised, “Why aren’t you eating?” 


The pin-shaped2 he’s so skinny, that his ribs and hip bones jut out while his stomach is concaved inwards… like a pin in a bowling alley… my poor baby 🙁 man held the sheets under him tightly with his hands. Xing Zhongwan was stunned, and suddenly a strange thought flashed into his mind.


“Are you afraid of eating too much because going to the bathroom would be inconvenient?”


Qi Yun’s face turned away a little, and his upper body was visibly shaking. This Qi Yun looked inexplicably fragile in Xing Zhongwan’s eyes.


Xing Zhongwan held his forehead, it seemed like he really owed something to the Qi family, no, to Qi Yun.


He scooped a spoonful of soup again, “It’s not a problem, I’ll help you!”

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