Chapter 6 – He's really f/cked now

Chapter 6- He’s really f/cked now!


Qi Yun was surprised. His heart, which he thought had withered up from despair, rippled a little in surprise. He originally thought that Xing Zhongwan would not come back again. He had already rejected this person twice. He thought that…he was now a useless cripple. In the past, others approached him because of his appearance and power. Now he was in a state of embarrassment and physically-incapable. Even I feel nauseous when I look at myself. Why was this person being nice to me over and over again? There was nothing in him that anyone could seek to gain.


He even said he looked down on me. Before, if anyone had dared to speak to him like this, there won’t even be any bones left of them to find.


The former third young master, Qi was not a good person, but the current third young master Qi has become a useless person. Strangely, Qi Yun’s heart was not as unsettled as before. Perhaps he felt that all this was too absurd. He didn’t understand why this person would treat him this way.


In fact, Qi Yun made too many presumptions. Xing Zhongwan’s thought process was very simple. Since he needed to stay with Qi Yun for a while, why not make him as seductive and as good-looking as he used to be. Who didn’t like beautiful things, it was better than facing a skeleton all day long. Plus, seeing a haughty person getting better with his own hands will give him a sense of accomplishment. His life here will also not be as boring.


Neither person could guess each other’s thoughts. The hand Xing Zhongwan had been holding out was sore. When he decided to give up and retract it, Qi Yun opened his mouth and swallowed the spoonful of porridge.


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “Isn’t this better? Don’t make it difficult for your own body, alright.”


Taking another bite, Qi Yun swallowed silently. It was undeniable that the porridge in this person’s hand was much better than what he had eaten before.


After feeding a few mouthfuls, Xing Zhongwan stopped, “Can you hold the bowl by yourself? Can you eat it on your own?”


Qi Yun was stunned. After a while, there was a lukewarm thing placed into his hand, it was a bowl. Qi Yun felt a little unsteady. He hadn’t held a bowl in a long time. He tried to put some force into it to pick it up, but his fingers didn’t listen to him. The bowl was turned over and the porridge all landed on the quilt.


There was a sense of self-hatred in Qi Yun, and the feeling of powerlessness in his heart was like his weak waist. Qi Yun was very angry, mad at why he was made to hold the bowl, and that he had lost face1 suffer a shameful loss on the exterior image in front of a stranger.


Realizing this, Qi Yun’s heart was startled. Face? 2 exterior image that he once took pride in  Did he still own such a thing?


There was no complaint or ridicule like he thought he might receive. Only the sound of footsteps entered his ears as the quilt on his body was lifted and replaced with a clean one.


After a period of hustling around, Xing Zhongwan filled another bowl of porridge that was kept warm by the rice cooker in the kitchen downstairs and returned to Qi Yun’s side. “It’s normal to have no strength after a long time. Your upper body isn’t useless. I’ll feed you first this time, then when you have the strength, you can hold the bowl and eat it yourself.”


Qi Yun whiffed the faintly fragrant porridge that was brought to his mouth as the doubts in his heart deepened. Just what could you stand to gain from me?


It was almost dawn when Xing Zhongwan returned to his room. He checked the time and dialed up a video call. The call was quickly connected, and there was a beautiful woman’s face on screen. Her face was really, really beautiful, but the words that came out of her mouth did not match her face at all.


“Laoxing3 like laozi, but with more specificity to Xing Zhongwan as it is literally Lao (adds seniority) + Xing (his name) , you finally took the initiative to contact me. When will you come back? Laoniang is close to dying from exhaustion. I am working with three people at once. I am not some cow4 hardworking animal, like sweatshop worker . I can’t bear this suffering. Come back quickly. Without Xing in my life, I’ll soon cry to death. “


Xing Zhongwan dug his ear, “Speak normally.”


The person in the video immediately sat up, and despite it being obviously a woman’s face, a deep voice much like a man’s spoke out instead.


“I said that if you’re now addicted to pretending to be Xing Zhongjie in the country, and don’t  come back soon, I tell you, just continuing to squeeze me up, overloading me with work like this, I am going to quit!”


 Xing Zhongwan lazily laid on the bed, “My mother’s grave hasn’t been returned yet. I have to wait until my mother’s affairs are finalized before I can leave. Plus, it seems like you can’t revert back to wearing men’s clothes now, you transvestite!”


Cheng Zhengzhe laughed coldly, “Is it your business? I’ll wear what I like to wear. Hey, it’s not as if you won’t be able to leave in the end right? What kind of joy can you even derive from waiting on that paralyzed third young master Qi?”


Xing Zhongwan touched his own face, “What?”


“You seem very happy.”


Xing Zhongwan rolled his eyes at him, “Just treat it as me doing good deeds and accumulating merit.”


Cheng Zhengzhe squinted at him, “As if I’ll believe that!”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “Reality is too hard to bear and I choose to live the life that makes me happy. During this period of time, you work hard first. When I go back, I’ll reward you well, if you want any beauties, as long as you let me know, there’s none that this Xing Zhongwan can’t invite back.”


Cheng Zhengzhe bent his pinky with bright red nail polish and said happily, “It’s a promise!”


Xing Zhongwan hung up. It was now early morning, five o’clock, so he decided to lie down and sleep.


Xing Zhongwan had a dream in which he and his mother were standing at the door of Xing’s old house. His mother begged Xing Zhengping to let them in to allow them to see his grandfather for the last time. Xing Zhengping stood on the steps and looked at them coldly and told them to dream on. His mother was crying and trembling all over as she was holding him. Xing Zhongwan was still young at that time and didn’t understand what was going on. He was just in shock from seeing his mother’s own tears.


In a trance, someone stretched out his hand to support his mother, Xing Zhongwan looked up, his eyes could not open as if they were blinded by the sun. There was his very kind old grandmother in that blur.


A young man stayed by his side. The young Xing Zhongwan looked over and the boy’s appearance was vague. Just as he tried to squint, the boy’s face suddenly changed to Qi Yun’s. Then, the boy’s face suddenly withered quickly, turning into a bony face with only thin skin dr4p3d around it.


Xing Zhongwan suddenly opened his eyes. His back was wet and he was holding his forehead. How could he have such a dream? Just as he was thinking of getting up, there was a loud noise from outside the door, followed by the housekeeper’s endless cursing.


Xing Zhongwan frowned and got up. He put on his clothes and opened the door to see two servants still complaining loudly.


“He still takes himself for some sacred, precious thing, and won’t allow us to touch him. If it was not because he had money, who would want to touch him.”


“The bed is full of excrement and urine, yet he won’t let other’s clean it up. Does he think I want to do this?”


“That cripple’s temper is just too much! I’m not doing it anymore, whoever is willing to take care of him, go ahead and walk right in!”


The washbasin in his hand fell onto the ground heavily, and the two servants only took a quick glance at Xing Zhongwan before leaving. Although they didn’t understand why the old housekeeper insisted on calling him Miss Xing, despite him being a man, they understood right away by the way he dressed up that he wasn’t some ordinary person. They still didn’t know why he would choose to live with some cripple.


“Miss Xing, hurry up and leave too. This place really isn’t for anyone to hang around.”


Xing Zhongwan glared at them coldly and the two servants looked at each other before lowering their heads and headed out without speaking.


Xing Zhongwan raised his head and looked in the direction of the third floor. What is the one upstairs fussing about now! His mood was sour because he had just woken up. When he went to the third floor, Xing Zhongwan smelled an indescribable smell before even entering. Qi Yun’s quilt was thrown on the ground and his pants were half taken off. The person who was lying on the bed looked like a piece of paper. His chest violently heaving up and down, with his two pitifully pale and bony legs, his lower body was covered with excrement, making him look even more miserable.


Xing Zhongwan clutched his forehead. This person was really cripppled and still didn’t want to change his temper, so he can feel comfortable. Since the others were driven away, who will clean up now? The lifeless voice of the old housekeeper came from behind him, “Don’t worry Miss Xing, a new servant has already been sent for.”


Xing Zhongwan asked, “How long will it take before they arrive?” 


The old housekeeper was silent. Xing Zhongwan laughed angrily, “If there was no other servant, were you just going to let him lie down like this? In a pile of shit and urine?” 


The old housekeeper only smiled, “I have fulfilled my duty. If Miss Xing can’t overlook this, you can do it yourself.”


After speaking, the old housekeeper gleefully looked at Xing Zhongwan. Xing Zhongwan rubbed his aching head. The bad smell wafting between his nose made him want to act violently but when he looked back and saw the slightly trembling body on the bed, he realized that Qi Yun must have heard what the servant and the old housekeeper said just now.


Suddenly the shockingly handsome face flashed across his mind. Xing Zhongwan gnawed his teeth, he’s really fvcked now!

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  1. Moonstar

    QiYun is in a position that clashes with his personality. You don’t simply lose the qualities and personality that make you “you” overnight just because you become disabled. Being treated like this can suffocate anyone. Having to depend on someone who scorns and looks down on you can make people’s blood boil and it’s no different for disabled people like myself. There’s no need to be grateful for scraps. Carers who can’t perform their tasks and treat people with dignity should be fired. I appreciate the translator and Idon’t usually comment but I wanted to make this point clear for all the readers who might be mistakenly wondering why QiYun is always “acting out”. Disabled people and chronically ill people are not always presented well in C-novels but I hope readers can understand that the quality of treatment and care depicted here is deplorable and Qiyun has every right to reject “help”.

    • Peachy

      I totally agree with you! When I was reading this novel. I can’t help but empathize with Qi Yun. My blood boiled from the attitude of the caregivers/nurses. It was so unethical. You don’t say scornful things in front of a patient or at an earshot and the heck! You just can’t say it at all. It was so unethical. A nurse or caregiver could lose their license or job for it. Ugh! It’s exasperating.

      To translator:

      Thank you for continuing to translate this story. It’s such a beautiful piece. I thought you dropped it. If you know any stories similar to this, can you let me know? Please. I really love this novel.

    • Baisha

      Yeahhhhh…I totally agree with you 😤😣.

      Thnx for the beautiful translation ❤️.

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