Chapter 9 – Qi Yun, I am going to turn into a monk because of you!

Chapter 9 – Qi Yun, I am going to turn into a monk because of you!


Qi Yun knew that the Xing family wanted to send Xing Zhongjie to take care of him. He also knew Xing Zhongjie well, she was his former fiancee. When the old Xing family was still prosperous in the early years, there was no need to say more about the illustrious Xing family. Qi Yun’s grandfather wanted to win over the Xing family, he personally asked for Xing Zhongjie, hand in marriage.


Since he was a child, Qi Yun knew that he would have no control over whomst he married. His only thought about his future wife was for the exchange of interests. So when his grandfather asked him to marry Xing Zhongjie, Qi Yun didn’t think too much. Xing Zhongjie was just for him to keep up with appearances only.


He still had some vague recollections of Xing Zhongjie. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty. She was considered to be the best in the circle. Qi Yun just inexplicably didn’t like her. When they first met, there was a familiar look in her eyes. It was the kind of gaze filled with scrutiny. Calculating and working out how much one could gain and the best way to achieve and optimize such gain.


Qi Yun looked at her coldly. She was a very utilitarian woman. She loved her own appearance and loved the Qi family standing behind her even more.


It’s just that this marriage contract didn’t last long. After Master Xing’s death, the Xing family quickly declined, and the Xing family gradually lost its original power. When he came to divorce, Xing Zhongjie cried prettily and pitifully, even pulling at his sleeves so that he would not abandon her. Qi Yun looked down at his torn cuffs while thinking that these tears seemed a little fake. This woman’s somewhat clumsy acting skills were like a joke in Qi Yun’s eyes.


Sure enough, within a week of the two’s dissolution of their marriage, Xing Zhongjie was photographed being paired up in a speed-dating event. At that time, his grandfather had already found another “right” person for him.


So when Qi Yun knew that Xing Zhongjie was coming, he was full of disgust. It was inconceivable that a person like Xing Zhengping would send his only daughter to take care of him, unless he made some underhanded deal with the Qi family. 


Remembering Xing Zhongjie’s eyes full of desire for the inheritance, he really didn’t believe that she would take care of a cripple like himself.


It’s just that things are a little different from what he thought. Xing Zhongjie that came here was extremely quiet. It was so quiet that it was as if there was no such person in this house at all.


Until that day she poured him a glass of water. Even without listening to her voice, Qi Yun knew that this person was definitely not Xing Zhongjie.


The slightly deep voice was not like an ordinary woman’s, but the old housekeeper called her Miss Xing. He didn’t know that the Xing family actually had another daughter, but this person is definitely not Xing Zhongjie, then who was she?


Qi Yun recovered from his thoughts. There was no one in his room. Xing Zhongwan went back to change his clothes and he has not returned yet. Qi Yun, who was already used to being alone, suddenly felt a little lonely.


Scared by his own ridiculous thoughts, Qi Yun forced himself to draw out his thoughts. Why did the Xing family send this woman here? The Xing family must have made some kind of deal with the Qi family, and the person that had carried out the deal didn’t seem to be his grandfather. Qi Yun knew his grandfather’s personality too well. Once he’s determined that this person was useless, he won’t even have an ounce of care in his heart, then …was it his own mother?


Qi Yun was a little confused. His car accident was not an accident. Someone in the Qi family had wanted to harm him. Although his mother has lost all hope for him, she was still his son after all. She will not watch Qi Yun die, but it is absolutely inconceivable to think that she still wanted to take care of him herself. The old housekeeper was sent under her, but she left him hanging, only half-heartedly caring for him.


But his mother also wanted to keep her good reputation, and even if the eldest son was crippled, she had to act and maintain the image of a kind mother.


Qi Yun sneered. This was his relative, who had very close blood ties with him but was doing the cruelest thing in the world.


He thought of the woman who has been taking care of him these days. Her name was Wanwan, it is a nice name. She was quite tall and Qi Yun felt that she should not be much shorter than his previous self. She was very slender. Qi Yun inevitably touched her chest when she was supporting him. They were…flat…


A tall and slender woman called Wanwan…


Once again, Qi Yun was frightened by his own thoughts. What was he doing thinking about this? What did that woman have anything to do with him?


Qi Yun shut his eyes heavily, there was still the leftover sweetness of beef soup in his mouth, and her cooking was not bad…


Xing Zhongwan took a bath and changed his clothes. He felt really exhausted physically and mentally. He tossed the dirty clothes into the laundry basket and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat some leftover beef soup. Seeing that it was too late to take a nap, Xing Zhongwan decided to go out for a drive.


He went upstairs to change his clothes again before taking his car key and going out. The old housekeeper stood by the door and stared at him with a dull but sharp gaze. Xing Zhongwan whistled at her, “Staying in a happy mood is good for your health. Don’t keep a sullen face unless you want to get older quicker. Qi Yun should have already fallen asleep. Let me go out. It won’t violate our agreement.” 


The old housekeeper snorted coldly and went upstairs.


Xing Zhongwan didn’t want to say anything to her. He went out and got into his car and started the engine. Xing Zhongwan opened the window and lifted his head to look up at the windows on the third floor. The weather was very good today. The windows were open as the white curtains swayed with the wind. The wind blew and Xing Zhongwan thought it was funny, Xing Zhongwan ah, Xing Zhongwan, just when did you become such a fussy mother-in-law.


Once I step on the accelerator, I must go around town and let loose.


Xing Zhongwan went to the mall with the thick envelope in his hand. He won’t have to leave any unused, everything must be spent by today. An hour later, Xing Zhongwan’s hands were full carrying shopping bags and when he came out of the counter, he cast a wink at the young lady behind the counter, and she almost went weak in the knees.


Xing Zhongwan shook his cell phone. He didn’t know how many women’s contact information he had added during this time. He has been a vegetarian1 Doesn’t refer to plant-based diet. The ‘meat’ he hasn’t had for a long time refers to sex. for a long time since returning to China… He wondered if he could find someone to meet up with tonight.


Suddenly, the man who was paralyzed on the bed flashed across his mind. Xing Zhongwan thought that Qi Yun had survived so long without him, and it should be no problem not to go back all night.


Tossing shopping bags and humming all the way, he didn’t know how many men and women were watching him in secret. Xing Zhongwan had long gotten used to it. He knew how likable his own face was.


Xing Zhongwan booked a hotel, and found a woman who seemed decent from his phone contacts to meet up with.


Xing Zhongwan took a bath, wrapped his lower body in a bath towel, and opened a bottle of red wine. The water droplets slowly flowed down along the slender and white neck to his prominent chest, flowing through the beautifully shaped abdominal muscles before finally sliding down into the shadow of a bulge looming inside the bath towel.


The doorbell rang, and Xing Zhongwan stretched out his red tongue, tasted the red wine dripping from his lips, and made his move…


It’s just… despite everything being ready, and the mood was heavy. Xing Zhongwan was about to put his gun inside when thunder flashed by the floor-to-ceiling-high windows and the rain hit the glass heavily. Xing Zhongwan violently pushed aside the woman under him. Was the window in Qi Yun’s room open?


Xing Zhongwan got up and put on his clothes, and the woman under him pestered him with some dissatisfaction. Xing Zhongwan smiled at her but was a little bored in his heart. He took out a box from a shopping bag and threw it over. The woman opened it and her eyes were filled with surprise and disbelief. The watch inside was worth a few years of her salary.


Xing Zhongwan carried the shopping bags out of the room and did not forget to turn around before saying, “I have already paid for the room. Next time we have the opportunity, let’s meet up again, goodbye!” The woman fawned at Xing Zhongwan. Where else could I find such a good one-night stand?


Xing Zhongwan closed the door, the smile on his face disappeared, and stepped up the elevator. The window was very close to Qi Yun’s bed. He wondered if the old woman had closed the window.


Xing Zhongwan looked at himself in the elevator mirror and his eyes were filled with suppressed desire that screamed dissatisfaction. The scratch on his face had not faded either.


He cursed in a low voice, Qi Yun, I am going to turn into a monk because of you!


T/N: Hey, welcome back! I’ve decided to do a mass update as an apology for not updating in a while. Also, it does seem rather painful to just leave yall with cliff-hangers where waifie just leaves angrily or Qi Yun’s just pitifully left behind hehe ;D Plus, I’m not that sadistic <3 so consider this thanks for waiting on me!

Poll #2?
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What is he gonna do to relieve his anger and pent-up ’stress’?

A) Google up breathing exercises and sign up for online anger management courses or group counselling.

B) Punch his pillow and scream into it several times, pretending it is the third young master. (Qi Yun: Oh no, waifie don’t be so angry… it’s not good for the baby. // Xing Zhongwan: What baby?!)

C) Quickly leave this madhouse. Everyone’s calling him Miss Xing as though their young master’s blindness is an infectious disease. Quickly pack up before he himself also catch the disease.

D) Unzip. “Turn around.” (to Qi Yun //Qi Yun: !!! I thought I was the seme of this story??)


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