Chapter 10 –  You will receive karma, sooner or later


Xing Zhongwan drove the car back to Qi’s villa on the outskirts. He couldn’t see clearly in the rain. Xing Zhongwan opened the door and got out of the car. He was soaked in rain just walking the short distance from the car to the door. Xing Zhongwan quickly went up to the third floor. As soon as he opened the door, a gust of rain blew into his face. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but yawn. The hanging white curtains were soaked and drenched. Xing Zhongwan held back the swear word that had reached the back of his mouth, walked over, and closed the window. He wiped the rain off his face before he had time to observe Qi Yun on the bed.


The person on the bed had his eyes closed and the quilt was soaked. Xing Zhongwan was inexplicably angry. “You are not mute, so why won’t you call for someone to come and close the window for you?”


There was only his own voice in the room, and the one on the bed didn’t respond as if they had already fallen asleep. Xing Zhongwan sighed and paced back and forth in the room. What the fvck is this?


Xing Zhongwan, who did you just offend!


Qi Yun’s eyes moved slightly, and his eyelashes were quivering. Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath. He was getting angry at a disabled person. He turned on the air conditioner and pulled off the quilt from Qi Yun’s body. It was fortunate that the clothes inside weren’t soaked, but…


Xing Zhongwan took one look at Qi Yun’s trousers, and that fire was lit up once again, “Third young master Qi, you could at least ask someone to get you the urinal pot, you… I’m going to… I”


Qi Yun’s eyes trembled more severely, but he didn’t even open his eyes, nor did he speak. Xing Zhongwan’s surrendered. Yes, I’m afraid of you, third young master, Master Qi!


Xing Zhongwan resigned to his fate and went to the bathroom to get a washbasin and towel to wipe Qi Yun’s body and change his clothes. He went to the cabinet and took out a clean quilt. He also had to give him medicine. After he was done, more than an hour had passed.


Xing Zhongwan gasped, “You have not eaten either? I go out for a while, and you end up like this. You… I will get you something to eat.”


Xing Zhongwan ran downstairs and Qi Yun who was on the bed steadily opened his eyes. His body felt refreshed and the air conditioner was turned to a moderate temperature. There was still the scent of Xing Zhongwan’s body in the air, a very refreshing pine wood fragrance. Qi Yun blinked his eyes and his restless heart finally settled down after all afternoon.


After Xing Zhongwan left, Qi Yun briefly fell asleep and when he woke up, it was unusually quiet by his side. Qi Yun’s stomach was a little bloated, and he wanted to go to the toilet. With difficulty, he lowered his hand to get the urinal pot by the bed, but his weak body wouldn’t listen to him. For a long time, Qi Yun sweated profusely as his lower abdomen swelled. There were constant footsteps at the door of the room, as there was always someone outside. Qi Yun bit his molars and wanted to call someone. She seemed to have said that it took a lot of effort to change the sheets and quilts. He thought of how that person was so tired that she even fell asleep sitting next to him.


Qi Yun opened his mouth when the new caretakers’ voices suddenly came from the door.


“Hey, how long do you think the one in the house can live like a dead person?”


“It’s been so long, should we go in and see.” 


“Forget it, didn’t the housekeeper tell us to stop going in to look for trouble. The one inside can’t take care of himself. He’s going to be filthy, you’re willing to go in and take a look?” There was a roar of laughter.


“You said Miss Xing was really beautiful. Why did she come to serve such a useless person?”


“Hey, I heard that the two still have a marriage contract?”


“Oh it really a pity, I heard that the one inside’s ** is paralyzed. I bet that he won’t ever stand up again, even after they get married, it’ll just be like living as a widow, it really is a pity.”


“Hey, you need to talk less. Be careful, the one inside can hear you.”


“What’s the matter? What about the Qi family? Nowadays, there’s no one that doesn’t know that the most favored person in the Qi family is the fourth young master Qi and that the one inside there is a fart.”


“It’s a pity that Miss Xing… would be living with such a useless person for a lifetime.”


Qi Yun clenched the bed sheet tightly with both hands and closed his eyes. His shoulders trembled pitifully. A damp heat slowly spread from his lower half, and a familiar smell filled the whole room.


In the evening, the old housekeeper came to feed him but Qi Yun did not eat. The old housekeeper carried the bowl and went out without saying a word. Qi Yun’s face was facing out, towards the window. She has yet to return… 


It was raining and the wind was very strong. The cold rain hit Qi Yun’s face, Qi Yun opened his eyes indifferently. There was the sound of hurried footsteps outside his door, of doors and windows outside being closed. The sounds slowly became more sparse, but in the end no one opened his door.


Qi Yun faced the doorway and tried his best to support his neck, but the familiar voice still didn’t appear.


Did she already leave…


It’s a pity that the servant’s words echoed in Qi Yun’s mind.


Miss Xing was so beautiful but she had to take care of a cripple.


A useless cripple… Qi Yun’s mouth curled into a twisted arc. The strong wind dispelled the smell of the room, but it couldn’t hide the fact that Qi Yun was a cripple.


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and dropped them down heavily on his leg as he closed his eyes in despair.


If you leave, don’t come back again…


Xing Zhongwan spent a long time in the kitchen looking around. He cooked a small green vegetable dish and minced meat porridge. After seeing some pickled vegetables in the kitchen, he grabbed some to stir-fry.


In fact, judging from his looks, one wouldn’t be able to tell that he can cook at all. It was all thanks to his mother. Xing Zhongwan’s mother was bedridden for many years and Xing Zhong learned to cook for his mother in the kitchen at a young age. After his mother departed, Xing Zhongwan seldom entered the kitchen. He didn’t expect that it would be because of Qi Yun that he stepped into the kitchen again.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the hot porridge on the stove and waved the wooden spoon around gently. It was supposed to be a good night to roll in the sheets with the woman he fancied, but now he was standing in the kitchen cooking porridge. Annoyed, Xing Zhongwan almost flung the spoon in his hand into the pot.


Before leaving the country, his mother brought Xing Zhongwan to the Qi’s estate while carrying some pastries she made by herself. His mother was a wise man who wanted to see Mrs. Qi before leaving. But how would the Qi family be so easy to enter, not to mention seeing Qi Zongcheng’s wife. He and his mother were stopped at the Qi family’s gate. The guards of the Qi family looked at them like two dirty mice who dared to meet the Madam and didn’t even look at their identity.


His mother coughed every time the cold wind blew, Xing Zhongwan pulled his mother’s sleeves to persuade her to go home, but his mother refused, wanting to wait a little longer.


Xing Zhongwan trembled as he had to hold her hand as the wind howled, until a familiar-looking teenager came out from the side door of the Qi’s estate.


At the age of fifteen or sixteen, he appeared just like a fairy, not like a mortal at all, and walked towards them coolly.


“Grandma was not feeling well, so it’s not convenient for her to come out. Instead, I can relay your message for you.”


His mother smiled apologetically and handed the pastries in her hands to the teen, ” A small gift, I made it myself.”


After hesitating for a while, he took it, “Thank you, Madam.”


Little Xing Zhongwan’s nose was red from the cold. He looked at the beautiful sister right in front of him, the big sister seemed to grow taller and more beautiful.


Xing Zhongwan tugged at his small mouth foolishly as he looked at the teenager, the teenager turned his head displeasedly, “What are you looking at me for?”


Xing Zhongwan sniffed, “Sister, you’re so good-looking. After I’ve grown up. Will you marry me?”


His mother was shocked and hurriedly apologized, pulling Xing Zhongwan and leaving. Xing Zhongwan reluctantly turned his head and saw that the teenager threw the pastry made by his mother into the trash can near the entrance.


A burning smell rushed up Xing Zhongwan’s forehead, “Oh shit!”


Xing Zhongwan quickly turned off the fire, looked at the burning porridge, and couldn’t help but look up at the sky. Back then, he was so damn fascinated by the beauty. Turns out the pretty fairy-looking big sister was actually a cold, stinky ruthless man!


Xing Zhongwan carried the porridge upstairs and sat next to Qi Yun, “I just accidentally burnt it a little. I took out the top so it won’t taste too bad.”


He sat up with Qi Yun and started to feed him. During the meal, Qi Yun was very cooperative this time, and a bowl of porridge was finished in a short time. Xing Zhongwan looked at his watch, it was getting late. He was going to go back to his room to get a quilt and sleep on the floor, but as his butt left the chair, Qi Yun suddenly opened his mouth, “Where are you going?”


Xing Zhongwan paused on his feet, he stayed standing up without moving. He really saw a ghost1 an expression used to show extreme shock. Usually used after seeing something unusual or not very likely to happen today. Unexpectedly, Qi Yun took the initiative to talk to him today.


“I called them, but they won’t come in.”


After a pause, Qi Yun turned his face slightly, “I don’t want anyone to see my body.”


Xing Zhongwan thought for a long time before he came back to his senses, he was answering his previous questions.


Xing Zhongwan said, “Then why can I look at your body?”


Qi Yun’s neck turned red, followed by his ears. His thin and conspicuous Adam’s apple moved uneasily as he gulped down his saliva.


There was a moment of silence, and Xing Zhongwan felt that he had asked this question out of the blue.


He turned around to go out to get the quilt, when the corner of his clothes was suddenly caught. Xing Zhongwan turned around in confusion, Qi Yun, it never ends with you.


The person on the bed had his head lowered, and his clothes are so big that you can clearly see the prominent spine just below the back of husneck.


“Girls shouldn’t go out at night, it’s not safe.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned. Girl!? Who? Which one? Where are there girls?


Looking back at Qi Yun’s neck, which was about to become ripened2 So red, that it looks like fruit when ripe… aka bright in colour , he finally understood the saying,  “You will receive karma, sooner or later”. Back then, that was rude of him to think of Qi Yun as a girl, but who made him look too beautiful? At fifteen or sixteen years of age, one’s sex maybe still be indistinguishable so he could still be forgiven for misunderstanding.


But with Laozi’s voice, and this physique, how can you mistake me for a woman!?


Xing Zhongwan felt depressed…


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