Chapter 12 – Why is your face so red!?

Chapter 12 – Why is your face so red!?


Xing Zhongwan woke up in the middle of the night. He stretched out his hand to the side and started feeling around, but he didn’t touch anything. His bewildered mind was sober in an instant. This was not in his room, Laozi is lying on the ground!


His throat was so dry that it was uncomfortable, so Xing Zhongwan simply got up and prepared to go downstairs to pour himself some water. Suddenly he heard a low muffled hum from the side. Xing Zhongwan got up and leaned forward, switching on the bedside lamp on one side. Qi Yun was sweating profusely under the dim light. He had his eyes closed, lips pressed so tightly together that they turned white. Xing Zhongwan gently pushed his shoulder, but he didn’t wake up. He was having a nightmare.


Xing Zhongwan grabbed his hand that was clutching the bed sheets tightly, “Qi Yun, wake up. Qi Yun, Qi Yun!”


Qi Yun opened his eyes sharply, panting heavily.


Xing Zhongwan breathed a sigh of relief, “You were trapped in a nightmare just now.”


Following Xing Zhongwan’s voice, Qi Yun turned his head and looked straight at him with unseeing eyes. Xing Zhongwan got up and wanted to get a towel to wipe him but Qi Yun grabbed his hand as soon as he tried to leave. There was still sticky sweat in Qi Yun’s palms as he held onto the back of his hand subtly.


“I’ll get a towel and I’ll be back in a bit,” Xing Zhongwan calmly pulled back his hand. Two grown men holding hands in the middle of the night felt strange.


Qi Yun kept looking at the direction where Xing Zhongwan set out, until he felt the person who had left come back. The warm towel wiped the sweat on his forehead and the feeling of being alive returned to Qi Yun little by little.


Xing Zhongwan’s hand was held by Qi Yun again. Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun incomprehensibly, his cheeks trembling slightly. Qi Yun gritted his teeth, and he was nervous.


“You have something you want to say to me?” Xing Zhongwan stopped wiping, Qi Yun’s pale lips moved slightly, “Why did you stay here?”


In the quiet night, Qi Yun’s hoarse voice cut through the silence. Xing Zhongwan was taken aback for a moment. He threw the towel in his hand on the side of the table, and simply sat cross-legged on the ground with a frown, “You want to hear the truth?”


Qi Yun opened his eyes nonchalantly. Will anyone tell him the truth now? Or can he still trust people now?


Xing Zhongwan drew a handful of his own long-ish hair, “Look, you won’t believe anyone, so is my answer important?” 


There was a long silence… Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help swallowing his saliva to moisturize his parched throat. In the middle of the night, these two big men were talking in riddles with each other. It was really pointless. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but yawn. After meeting Qi Yun, he didn’t get enough sleep every day. It was really terrible.


He gave up the idea of ​​drinking water, intending to lie back down and continue to sleep. He didn’t expect Qi Yun to say, “I want to believe you.”


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes widened like he saw a ghost. Did I lack sleep and was now having auditory hallucinations?


Xing Zhongwan wasn’t getting enough sleep, yes, but his brain was not rusty yet. He couldn’t help but laugh. At first he held it in, but in the end, he couldn’t help but laugh louder and louder. Qi Yun frowned little by little, his voice was dissatisfied, “Is it so funny?”


Xing Zhongwan finally stopped laughing, “Qi Yun, why do you want to believe me? Have you seen me? Do you even know who I am? You just want to believe me. Has lying on the bed turned you stupid? What if my intentions are impure? Maybe I just want to gain your trust and favour to get something from you. Trust? I advise you that this kind of thing is what you need the least of right now. Don’t be harmed by this thing.”


Qi Yun didn’t speak for a long time, as if he was seriously considering Xing Zhongwan’s words. Xing Zhongwan wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, laughing so exaggeratedly that tears came out.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the thin and shapeless man. It was a bit pitiful. But I don’t think I’ve said too much. I’m really not malicious towards Qi Yun. If he takes care of him, his mother can enter Xing’s ancestral grave. At the same time, he can also repay Mrs. Qi’s kindness to him and his mother. That’s all.


It can be said that Xing Zhongwan is selfish, but he also felt that it was unbearable to watch that beautiful sister of the past degenerate into what he is today.


Xing Zhongwan is not a saint, he will leave sooner or later, so it’s better not to have this kind of trust.


Qi Yun faced Xing Zhongwan’s direction, his eyes turned blankly. He could not see, it was pitch black, but he could only feel Xing Zhongwan’s breathing and body temperature.


“You are not that kind of person.” Qi Yun’s tone was very calm.


Xing Zhongwan was stunned, “You have only been with me for a few days, how do you know that I am not such a person?” 


“If you are someone sent just to spy on me, then you just have to keep me alive like how they’ve been doing, instead of wasting your effort to take care of me. Taking care of a body like me is an arduous and thankless task, and you don’t have to act so diligently.”


“Besides, you don’t have anything you can gain from me. It’s unlikely what my mother wants will come through you from the Xing Family, no one trusts her. The reason why Xing Zhengping is willing to let the Xing family take care of me is to get some benefits from me in the end. He made some very good calculations. Xing Zhengping was reluctant to let his only daughter take care of my crippled self, but he will not find some random person to stand in as someone from the Xing family, so you must also have the Xing surname. There is only one daughter of Xing Zhongjie in the family, so you are either the daughter of a collateral or an illegitimate daughter. Xing Zhengping is not ballsy enough to threaten others. The Xing family is now gradually falling into disarray so the others won’t take him too seriously. If there was any interest involved and you are here for the money, you don’t have to do that much for my sake.”


Qi Yun’s neck was red again now and Xing Zhongwan doesn’t have to think too much to know that it must be time for him to go potty again.


Qi Yun snorted, “So what are you doing?”


Hearing Qi Yun’s words so concisely, Xing Zhongwan really wanted to applaud him, except for the fact that he didn’t know his gender, he didn’t get anything wrong.


“You didn’t tell the truth either. You obviously still have some feeling in your legs but you deceived everyone.”


Xing Zhongwan was a little tired. He bent down to lie on Qi Yun’s bed.


Qi Yun turned his head, the darkness in front of him was like his current state of mind.


At first, his legs did not feel any sensation, it was just that his mother and grandfather’s attitude made Qi Yun cold. After that, his legs slowly regained some feeling, but there were spies all around him. Not only Madam Qi’s people, but also many people who hid in the dark, wishing for him to die sooner. Qi Yun couldn’t let these people know that his legs felt some sensation as it would be easier for him to get by now that he was both crippled and blind. He needed to keep this a secret so that he could protect himself.


“My car crash was not an accident, someone wanted to harm me.”


Qi Yun’s voice was rough and awkward while saying that someone wanted to harm him but his tone was terrifyingly calm.


Xing Zhongwan thought to himself that he too didn’t want to think about Qi Yun’s previous style of doing things, one where he didn’t show any mercy or do things that were less dirty. This was naturally just karma.


It was clear that this person grew up to be even prettier than paintings, but his heart was harder than stone.


Xing Zhongwan did not reply to his statement, he was not interested in these things, and did not want to know too much. The less he knows, the easier it is to get out.


“So, what are you doing this for?”


Qi Yun seemed obsessed with asking this question. Xing Zhongwan became very playful and wanted to tease him.


“What am I doing this for? Of course, it is to marry you. Isn’t my current status your fiancee? Xing Zhengping promised me that if I take care of you, I will get the title of Young Madam Qi. So that’s why I came here.”


Xing Zhongwan said while holding back a laugh. He thought Qi Yun would refute a few words, such as saying that he wouldn’t want the daughter of the Xing family, or that the title of Young Madam Qi was now useless.


But the strange thing is that Qi Yun didn’t even refute it.


Xing Zhongwan waited for a while and leaned forward curiously and looked over.


It’s okay if you don’t look at it, Qi Yun’s neck and ears were a mess, and even his face was a little red.


Xing Zhongwan was startled, thinking Qi Yun was not feeling well, his hand was on his forehead, but it didn’t feel hot.


Xing Zhongwan was surprised, then why is your face so red!?


T/N: Insert ‘another one’ meme here.

Looks like Qi Yun’s getting a bit more self-conscious and shy around his waifie nowadays. What a good development hehe, yeah, you better watch out! If you scare your Wanwan too much, he might really run away owo! On to the next chapter!!

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