Chapter 13 – So you have a reason to stay.


Since being paralyzed in bed, Qi Yun hasn’t been able to sleep at ease for even a night. But for some reason, he was able to fall into a deep sleep today. The shallow breathing of Xing Zhongwan who was sleeping on the ground made Qi Yun feel inexplicably relieved. If it were a few years earlier, he would not be able to get accustomed to being in the same room with others. Not to mention falling asleep, he would be uncomfortable even after a long time has passed.


Since he was paralyzed, he fell into complete silence. Most of the time, he would be alone, waiting for time to pass by in his dark world. Maybe it was because of the physical pain, Qi Yun sometimes thought that he would not make it on his own. Who knew God would send Wanwan to him.


Qi Yun has never seen such a careless woman who could sleep anywhere, but it is this attitude of hers that made Qi Yun feel relaxed.


This ease made Qi Yun fall asleep peacefully, and he had a long dream. In the dream, his grandma smiled and said to him, “That child is really likable, but he’s a boy, otherwise grandma will ask her to be your wife.” 


In a blink of an eye, his dying grandma was grabbing his hands “Yun-er, the surname you bear is of great importance and you will have to endure hardship in the future. Your mother and grandfather are ruthless people. From now on, grandma can’t look after you. You must be very careful about everything. Grandma really hates herself, her body is not strong enough to help you look for a good match in matrimony. The Qi family is cold, it’s good if you can find someone close to you to be by your side.” 


At his grandma’s funeral, his mother was crying until she almost fainted, and grandpa just took a single look and never came back again. Qi Yun coldly watched his mother’s act and never shed a single tear from the beginning to the end. The circle of relatives and friends said that he was ruthless, even after being brought up by his grandmother since he was a child, but he still didn’t shed a single tear.


In a blink of an eye, he was assigned to marry the only daughter of the Xing family at the age of 25. When he followed his grandfather to the door, he suddenly remembered the jokes between his grandma and him about the mother and son pair that were saved by his grandmother. He could no longer remember what the little boy looked like, but only remembered that he dumbly called him “big sister”.


After the Xing family agreed to divorce, his grandfather matched him up with the daughter of the Qiu family and the two people made a marriage contract after only seeing each other once.


He was sitting next to her on the day of the car accident. When Qi Yun was about to be hit by a truck from the side, Qi Yun wanted to turn the steering wheel but the woman by his side held on tightly to him. Her eyes were full of hate, “Qi Yun, someone like you should die!” When she finished talking, the large truck on the opposite side ran into the car head-on. The face of the woman in the passenger seat was instantly crushed and her blood was splashed onto Qi Yun’s face.


While he was in his trance, there was a voice calling him to wake him up… When Qi Yun woke up, the person beside him breathed out a sigh of relief. Qi Yun suddenly felt that the person beside him could be trusted, maybe he could bring him out of this darkness.


The next morning, Xing Zhongwan called a few workers to do some work in the bathroom. The old housekeeper looked at him coldly as though this unbearable Xing Zhongwan was about to demolish the house.


Xing Zhongwan poured a cup of coffee and smiled at the old housekeeper, “Old lady, take it easy. I’m just putting in a few rail guards, why are you so nervous?” The old housekeeper smiled and gritted her teeth, “You have no right to make changes to the house.”


Xing Zhongwan took a sip of coffee and he smiled at the housekeeper. “Then go ahead and take your complaints to Madam Qi.” The old housekeeper trembled angrily, turned around, and went downstairs.


Xing Zhongwan snorted coldly, went to the bathroom to take a look before going to check up on Qi Yun.


The person in bed has already woken up, “What are you letting them do?”


Xing Zhongwan said, “I’m allowing them to remodel the bathroom so that it is much more convenient for you to go by yourself. It’ll save the number of times I need to help you to get up and go to the washroom so it won’t look like I’m taking advantage of you.”


Actually, Xing Zhongwan felt that Qi Yun was somewhat reluctant to be brought to the bathroom by him. He would have to leave sooner or later and Qi Yun would have to rely on himself one day. It’s better to let him get used to this as soon as possible. “Today’s weather is really good. How about I take you out for a tour?”


Xing Zhongwan walked to the window and took a deep breath. This place was remote, but the air is really good. Qi Yun didn’t speak and Xing Zhongwan didn’t wait for him to answer. He walked to the bed and helped Qi Yun up. “Come on, cooperate with me. Put your hand on my shoulder, and I will carry you down.”


Qi Yun was stunned for a moment, carry him down…? A woman, carrying him down…?


Qi Yun didn’t feel too happy…

Xing Zhongwan didn’t think too much. “Hurry up, what are you doing?” 


In the end, Xing Zhongwan still carried Qi Yun on his back. He walked carefully from the third floor to the first floor. Qi Yun was lying on Xing Zhongwan’s back with red ears. How could he let a girl carry him on his back? Even though Wanwan was much stronger than ordinary girls…


Xing Zhongwan dragged Qi Yun’s two soft legs and to be honest, carrying him on his back was much easier than dragging him to the bathroom. Qi Yun was tall and his bones were heavy.


On the first floor, The old housekeeper pushed a wheelchair over and didn’t look too happy. Xing Zhongwan put Qi Yun on the wheelchair and adjusted his waist. Putting a coat on him, he looked back at the old housekeeper. “Don’t worry, we’ll just be around the entrance of the garden. It’s not that far away.”


The old housekeeper didn’t even want to look at him, treating him as though he were invisible. The maids on the side all looked surprised. Unexpectedly, the third young master Qi who had been lying in bed for more than a year finally sat up and came out. This Miss Xing wasn’t some simpleton.


Xing Zhongwan pushed Qi Yun to the garden. Qi Yun was stunned by the incoming fresh air. There was the sound of birds chirping in his ears and the shouts of gardeners not far away. Qi Yun was a little confused as he grabbed the handles of the wheelchair.


“What do you think, it’s still better to be alive huh.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun’s profile. His skin that had not seen the sun in so long became translucent under the sunlight and the blood vessels inside could be vaguely seen.


He didn’t feel this in the room, but after coming out, it seemed that Qi Yun’s hair had not been cared for in a year, making him look like a savage. Xing Zhongwan rubbed his forehead with a headache, looking at it was unpleasant to the eye.


“Wait here, I’ll go into the house to get scissors to trim your hair.”


Xing Zhongwan said so, and he helped Qi Yun fix the wheelchair before going back to get the scissors. Qi Yun’s hand grabbed his sleeves immediately and Xing Zhongwan obliged. “I’ll be back in a while, right at this entrance. The old housekeeper should be watching from a distance. She won’t let anything happen to you.”


Qi Yun slowly let go and Xing Zhongwan suddenly felt that he looked like he was lost, like a puppy who was afraid of being abandoned.


In the past, if anyone were to mention that the third young master Qi would one day feel fear, it would definitely make others laugh their molars out.


Xing Zhongwan quickly ran into the house and asked the housekeeper for a pair of scissors and a comb. The old housekeeper refused to give it at first so Xing Zhongwan laughed angrily, “What good will come out of it if I harm him. Old lady, you look like a smart person, but can’t seem to judge the situation.”


After getting the scissors and comb, Xing Zhongwan jogged towards Qi Yun. Looking at him from a distance, Qi Yun’s thin back looked particularly lonely. Xing Zhongwan slowed down and approached Qi Yun carefully. Seeing him looking straight ahead with his empty eyes and his hands tightly holding the wheelchair handles. Xing Zhongwan just stood aside and didn’t speak. He wanted to see how Qi Yun would react. In fact, Xing Zhongwan still held a grudge from when Qi Yun threw his mother’s pastries into the trash. Qi Yun is indifferent and unkind. In the circle, one of the most prolific rumors was about how he never shed a single tear at Madam Qi’s funeral, the person who raised him since he was a child. He was just that cold.


Qi Yun grasped the wheelchair and his grip tightened. Although there were no expressions on his face, Xing Zhongwan knew that he was nervous. After being paralyzed for so long, Qi Yun finally had a human connection.


Xing Zhongwan swallowed his own disgust but he could not bully others or his mother would appear in his dreams tonight scolding him with bloody profanities.


Grasping Qi Yun’s hand, Xing Zhongwan said, “I’m back, let’s start cutting your hair.”


Qi Yun’s grip suddenly softened and he turned his head to face Xing Zhongwan’s direction. Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes wide, “What? You have something to say?” After he finished speaking, Xing Zhongwan froze. He lowered his head because his hand was held by Qi Yun, it was not strong but still held firmly.


“Stay here, don’t go!” The hoarse voice said very gently and Xing Zhongwan almost didn’t hear it.


“I didn’t say I was going to go.” At least I was not going to leave now, Xing Zhongwan added in his heart.


Qi Yun let go of his hand and recovered his calm. Xing Zhongwan placed a white frock around Qi Yun’s neck and the scissors and comb in his hand danced around neatly.


Qi Yun took in the faint pine wood fragrance and closed his eyes.


Young Madam Qi? Soon, I will make it as you wished!


The corners of Qi Yun’s mouth perked up a little. This way, you’ll have a reason to stay.


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