Chapter 25 – Qi Yun, I am a man

Chapter 25 – Qi Yun, I am a man.


In the quiet ward, Qi Yun leaned against the wall while Chen Ying was standing. Qi Yun closed his eyes, the bruises on his hands did not disappear yet and they were particularly conspicuous on his slender, white fingers. Chen Ying looked at Qi Yun who had his eyes closed and was resting. In just two months, Qi Yun had changed a lot. Although he was still thinner than before, the outlines of his outstanding appearance could already be seen and the day to his full recovery was already in sight. It would not be long before then.


Chen Ying couldn’t help but feel that such huge progress was made because of one man.


“Master Yun really decided to have the surgery. I need to report this to the chairman.”


Chen Ying bowed down. Although Qi Yun couldn’t see it, the respect Chen Ying felt in his bones for him had not changed at all.


Qi Yun opened his eyes slowly. His beautiful eyes which should be like the stars were now as dull as stagnant water.


“You did so much so you can see me return to the Shen family. Now that I’ve agreed. Would you really let a blind man sit in that seat?”


Qi Yun’s words were full of disdain and Chen Ying furrowed his brow, “Master Yun, the chairman cares about you very much, and she’s also suffering quite a bit because of this.”


Qi Yun sneered, “Chen Ying, are you my grandma’s or Shen Qinghong’s right-hand?”


Chen Ying bowed down again.


“Master Yun, the old Madam told Chen Ying before her death that the owner of the bracelet will be Chen Ying’s master. But in any case, I wish for Master Yun’s speedy recovery.”


Qi Yun rubbed his sore temples, “Just continue doing what we planned from before. It won’t be easy for them to get what they want from me. There will always be a price to pay for the harm they’ve caused to me.”


There was no trace of emotion as he said those cold words. Chen Ying slowly began to ask uncertainly, “That Young Madam, you…” 


When referring to Xing Zhongwan, Qi Yun stopped rubbing his fingers on his temple. A ray of sunlight shone on that icy heart, quietly melting away at its corner.


“Don’t involve him in it!” Qi Yun put down his hands. His expression was a little ugly.


Chen Ying straightened up and sighed slightly, “I’m afraid it’s too late, the young madam has already entered the fray.”


Qi Yun gradually tightened his hand on the bed sheet, “Don’t let anyone hurt him.”


On the way back, Qi Yun was a little tired. He leaned his entire self against Xing Zhongwan’s body. Xing Zhongwan felt awkward but he was too embarrassed to push him away. After all, Qi Yun looked so weak, so he should bear with it. They were almost there anyway.


While Xing Zhongwan was struggling with his thoughts, Qi Yun suddenly asked, “When is Wanwan’s birthday?” Xing Zhongwan was taken aback, “My birthday? There’s still more than two months left till then.”


“When?” Qi Yun was very persistent.


“Children’s Day on June 1st! My mother always said that my birthday is easy to remember. Hey, what are you asking this for?”


Xing Zhongwan turned his head to look at Qi Yun. From this angle, he could just see his beautifully arched nose. Xing Zhongwan has seen a lot of good features, but there were few as adequate as Qi Yun’s.


He hurriedly withdrew his thoughts, but Qi Yun held Xing Zhongwan’s hand, “I will give you a gift when that time comes.”


Xing Zhongwan wanted to quickly withdraw his hand. The warm touch made him feel a little uncomfortable. “I am not a child. It’s too early for you to give me gifts for my birthday. Just take good care of your body and don’t worry about anything else.”


Xing Zhongwan pulled his hand back and the warmth in Qi Yun’s palm suddenly disappeared. He furrowed his eyebrows discreetly but his head couldn’t help but move closer to his shoulder a little.


Slowly closing his eyes, the faint unique scent on the tip of his nose made Qi Yun’s heart hurt a little inexplicably.


Suddenly, he remembered that woman’s blood-splattered eyes and her vicious words before the car accident, Qi Yun, people like you should die. You are not worthy of love, and no one will treat you sincerely, because you are just a heartless beast, you are not worthy!


The sudden chill running down his spine caused Qi Yun to open his eyes abruptly, but the sound of Xing Zhongwan’s steady breathing by his side slowly suppressed the cold.


Even if he knew that there were some things he knew he would never be able to get close to, Qi Yun just couldn’t bear to let go. Stretching out his hands, he encircled Xing Zhongwan’s waist and felt his body instantly going stiff. He couldn’t help but tighten his grasp. Xing Zhongwan was suddenly hugged and the embarrassment he was trying to suppress doubled in an instant. This posture was so ambiguous, he was going to die or perhaps even explode! Dear mother, please show me a clear way out from the heavens above. If I will throw Qi Yun out now, please don’t enter my dreams to scold me!


“You… you let go now. I feel uncomfortable.” Xing Zhongwan coughed and shuffled around uncomfortably. Qi Yun didn’t have any intention to let go.


“All this time, you have asked me to let go of you, Wanwan. What if I can’t let go? Are you going to run away from me? No, you chose to come to me so I won’t let you go.”


Xing Zhongwan was shocked, was this supposed to be my f/cking fault?


Qi Yun slowly straightened up, holding Xing Zhongwan’s face. Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes, his eyes looked like they were about to bulge out.


Qi Yun lifted his face and his pale, bloodless lips pressed against Xing Zhongwan’s cheek. However, because of his fatigue, he must’ve misplaced them. Slowly, they moved to Xing Zhongwan’s mouth and kissed him firmly.


It was like Xing Zhongwan had been punched by someone. The dry sensation on his lips that was different from that of a woman stunned him. Slowly, his anger rose. When it happened the first time, he could treat it as an accident. But now what? Qi Yun, you shouldn’t trick people too many times.


Xing Zhongwan shoved him violently and swung his fist over, Qi Yun’s head was moved aside and his frail body was thrown back heavily onto the chair.


Xing Zhongwan rubbed his lips fiercely, “I said, don’t do this kind of thing again, Qi Yun! Is it fun to toy with me?”


His face was hot and painful, and he had not recovered from the shock of being pushed away. Wanwan has apparently hit him? Even when he was at his most angry, Wanwan never lashed out at him before. The punch on the face made Qi Yun sober up instantly.


Lying on the back of the chair in embarrassment, Qi Yun still couldn’t get up after using all his energy. Surprise, shame, and irritation filled his mind. The warm touch between his lips and teeth was still there. There was also the sound of Wanwan’s rapid breathing, which told him how angry he was.


The driver who was driving in front pulled over in fright before trembling as he opened the door and stood to the side of the road.


Xing Zhongwan calmed down and looked at Qi Yun’s broken lips.


His cheeks were also red and swollen, while his eyes were stained with tears. He was lying on his back, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get back up. His embarrassed appearance made Xing Zhongwan unable to bear it. He took a deep breath and leaned over to lift the other person up. Qi Yun turned his head startled, “I’m not toying with you, you… hate me that much?”


Qi Yun’s words made Xing Zhongwan speechless, hate you? Although he had his own selfish reasons for staying, after getting to know the Qi Yun who had treated him differently, and only showed his weakness in front of him, Xing Zhongwan could not hate him. If he could, he wanted to treat Qi Yun as a friend, but any more than that…Xing Zhongwan couldn’t do it.


“Because I can’t see? Because I can’t move my legs? Because I’m no longer the Qi Yun I used to be? You don’t want to be with a cripple for the next half of your life, so you can’t accept me?”


Qi Yun was extremely calm, but what he said made a cut in his own heart.


Xing Zhongwan frowned, “No! If it was because of all that, would I still care for you now?!”


Xing Zhongwan scratched his hair. This was getting annoying, “Qi Yun, it’s impossible for me and you. You… you’re getting better now and will have other people around you in the future. There is no need to waste time on me…”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t say anymore. Qi Yun frowned as his head hung down. The hand that was throbbing by his side tightened little by little and his body began to tremble. At first he desperately wanted to control it, but in the end there was no way he could do it so his entire body trembled violently.


“Sure enough, I can’t even make you stay.”


As he was suppressing his emotions, he was also trying to keep as much of his composure as possible. Perhaps Qi Yun didn’t even know that his voice was trembling.


It was like a layer of thorns were slowly being pulled out. The fragile Qi Yun who was trying to pretend to be strong finally crushed the last straw in Xing Zhongwan’s heart.


Xing Zhongwan was determined and made a decision, facing Qi Yun’s red eyes he pulled Qi Yun’s hand to his Adam’s apple, “Qi Yun, I am a man.”


The man in front of him turned his head quietly, and the finger placed in Xing Zhongwan’s throat gently stroked the part. Qi Yun used his strength to rest his his head on Xing Zhongwan’s shoulder, “I know!”


T/N: Er, it might be late to say this but in conversational chinese language, ‘he’ and ‘her’ are pronounced the same way – 他/她 (Tā)

So when the others are referring to Xing Zhongwan, his pronouns used are actually rather ambigious hehe.


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