Chapter 7 – Lu Shifeng is a soldier

Chapter 7 – Lu Shifeng is a soldier


Secretary Jin was frozen.


The little adjutant turned around stiffly. Seeing Lu Shifeng standing at the door, his entire body shivered as he cast a pitying look at Secretary Jin.


Secretary Jin felt that she had encountered the biggest crisis in the workplace in her lifetime: “Mar-Marshal.”


“Yeah.” Lu Shifeng came over. His pace was extremely slow, but he felt very oppressive. His every step felt like it was stepping on top of one’s heart.


Secretary Jin and the little adjutant were rumored to be famous people, but at the moment, in front of Lu Shifeng, they were as well-behaved as quails.


Lu Shifeng went to the table and squeezed some french fries into his large knuckled hand.


Secretary Jin held it up, brown-nosedly: “Please eat.”


“This was given to you by that human being alone.” Lu Shifeng’s voice was low and magnetic: “How can one’s handsome self gain his favour?”


Secretary Jin bit the bullet: “You are joking. Everything in the entire military is your’s.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows noncommittally but did not touch the fries. He put the box back into Secretary Jin’s hand and his fingertips were cold. His handsome profile was sharp and dangerous when the man said quietly, “Let that human continue to bring the meals.”


After he finished speaking, he turned and left.


After a while, Secretary Jin dumfoundedly held the fries: “What does the marshal mean?”


The little adjutant took the opportunity to steal a piece of french fries to eat: “It seems that he is very satisfied with the food. It’s surprising. You tell me. He is indifferent towards the Dark Star chefs, but an unknown blogger in a small place managed to win his great approval.”


Secretary Jin thought of the rice bowl: “He really is special.”


The little adjutant continued to steal the fries: “Since you can contact him, can you get me some fries too?”




Secretary Jin slapped the little adjutant’s restless hands: “If you dare to steal my food again, I’ll lop off your head.”




The little adjutant: Uwa.


The next day


Today was Jian Luo’s big day. Jiang Jiang has contracted to use the projection screens in the central square. It was a day where he could only succeed and not fail.


Before the live broadcast, Jiang Jiang talked endlessly: “Don’t be nervous, just keep your composure.”


Jian Luo: “En.”


“You really don’t need to be nervous.” Jiang Jiang added: “Just like before, loosen yourself.”


Jian Luo was expressionless: “I’m not nervous.”


Jiang Jiang quickly replied to him: “How can you not be nervous!? You must be pretending to be strong for such a big event today!?”


Jian Luo had no choice but to act perfunctory: “Oh, I’m so nervous.”


Jiang Jiang comforted him: “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. Just treat it like a normal live broadcast!”




Was his partner a bit retarded?


To be honest, Jian Luo was really not nervous. After all, it was not his first time becoming an anchor.


What big scenario has he never seen before?


Time passed slowly as he entered the kitchen and waited for the live broadcast to start. When the small ball let out a “di”, the official live broadcast started.


Jian Luo didn’t show his face and just waved at the screen: “Hello everyone. I’m Luoluo, the anchor of Jinjiang Food Network. Today, let’s make a snack called potato chips.”


The Central Shopping Mall was one of the most prosperous areas in Sky City, with at least tens of thousands of Dark Stars passing by every day.


When a food anchor appeared on the big screen, no one cared at first.


Jian Luo picked up the potato: “According to a classic rule, I’ll be using this knife to open up the potato today.”


Although he was being cast on the big screen, his live broadcast room can still be seen from Jinjiang live broadcast. Many people saw his live broadcast and entered the room quickly:


“Popcorn popcorn!”

“My God, the popcorn was so delicious.”

“Anchor, we don’t want to watch potatoes. We want to eat popcorn~”


Jian Luo glanced at the barrage, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Be good. Let’s eat French fries today and not popcorn.”


Most of them were not content.


Dark Stars were stubborn. The more they couldn’t get something, the more they wanted it. Jian Luo didn’t open a shop for the purchase of popcorn. It was different if they hadn’t tried it yet, but to let them try only a few kernels and yearn, it made their hearts fill up with an unbearable emotion:


You devious little demon!


Jian Luo no longer watched the barrage but began to focus on his work. The potato chips were not difficult to make, but they tested one’s skill with the knife. They must be cut thinly or else they won’t be crispy and delicious when they are fried.


After peeling the skin of the potato and putting it on the chopping board, Jian Luo started slicing: “Everyone pay attention. If you make these at home, you must be careful with your hands, otherwise you will be easily injured.”


“Why cut them?”

“Just boil the potatoes and eat them.”

“Does this anchor understand what he is doing?”


People on the website could still express their opinions, but those who watched it in the square could only suffer in silence. When they raise their heads, they can see the live broadcast content, but they cannot express their opinions or interact with the anchor.


Everyone didn’t pay attention at first. But this was akin to normally walking on the road but suddenly seeing someone beside you walking backwards. Wouldn’t that be weird?


Therefore, to them, this potato slicer was very strange.


The unique character that was Jian Luo picked up the knife and cut the potatoes with a clack: “The thinner it is, the better and more fragrant it will be when fried.”


The sharp knife in his hand was like a toy and the large chunk of potato was cut as thin as wings when Jian Luo picked up the knife and dropped it skillfully on the potato.


“fvck, what kind of swordsmanship does this guy have?”

“Are you from the army?”

“That’s scary. Cutting vegetables is like it was meat.”


Jian Luo’s slender and fair fingers pinched a piece of potato chips and held them in front of the camera: “You don’t need to cut it so thin when frying yourself, but it should not be too thick, otherwise the taste of the fried potato chips will be affected.”


It was still alright when the camera wasn’t that close. But because of the difference between a human and Dark Star’s information bracelet, everyone noticed that this maverick little thing was actually a human!


Many people had their opinions:


“What do humans know?”

“Wasting food like he was playing family.”

“Let’s go, don’t waste our time.”


Jian Luo saw these people but he ignored them and started to prepare potato chips for the hot oil. This step was the most important, mastering its heat and strength.


This time, not only the people in the barrage, but even the melon eaters1Usually used to refer to idle stream watcher who don’t react and only watch the stream quietly. in the central shopping mall were shocked. At first, everyone thought that this child was wasting food, but now the child even started to play with fire! 




The pieces of potato chips were put into the pot and the sound was not soft at all. Under the magnification of the lens, the oil splashing out looked extremely dangerous.


“Human, you are playing with fire.”

“Oh my God, it’s too dangerous. Are you really cooking?”

“Don’t try to be grandstanding, okay?”


Jian Luo remembered which button Jiang Jiang had told him to click to switch on the sensory sharing, so he clicked the button to let the audience on the live broadcast network immediately smell the fragrance here.


The website brings up a popup asking the person watching if they would like to accept the sharing.


Originally, only few people were willing to accept it because once they accepted the sensory sharing, that meant that they would be sharing the exhaustion of cooking and the fishy smell of food with the anchor.




The fried potato chips.


The scene in front of them was really exciting and most of the Dark Stars, by nature, liked challenges and couldn’t hold back their eager hearts, clicking the agree button.


Some people even shared it on the web and the live broadcast room participants jumped from 109 to 2002.


Jian Luo began to flip the potato chips continuously with the spatula: “Everyone remember to not let them stick to the pan.”


“Damn it, it’s so hot.”

“It’s so oily, cooking is like fighting a war!”


Some of the people who have already connected and shared their senses found it quite strange and began to express their various feelings.


At the same time, the melon-eating crowd in the central square couldn’t hold back at all. It was not the same as being an audience in the live broadcast room where they could complain and chat with Jian Luo. They also had something to complain about but there is no channel to vent!


While frying the potato chips, Jian Luo said, “If you like live streaming, you can download Jinjiang Live Download users can try these potato chips for free. I will also share more delicious food made on this platform in the future.”


Jinjiang Live Network.


This was a new site that most people haven’t heard of.


“Never mind, I’ll download it first to complain about the anchor.”

“Eat this potato for free?”

“I don’t want to eat this thing.”


Although most of them were cursing, the downloads for Jinjiang Live Streaming Network began to increase bit by bit.


Finally, in the last stir-fry when the potato chips came out of the pot, the fragrance of potatoes wafted throughout the kitchen. The fried potato chips were golden and crunchy on the surface, eliminating the public’s past perception of round and soft potatoes. The stimulation was even greater for the users sharing their senses:


“My God, it smells so good!”

“Anchor, eat it quickly.”

“Yes, it smells good.”


Jian Luo was not in a hurry to eat, so he cleaned the stove because the potato chips were still a little hot. However, the more he was in no hurry to eat, the more frenzied the Dark Stars who were waiting to be fed became!


Finally, when the crowd couldn’t hold back anymore, Jian Luo took a bite. It was very crispy. The freshly fried potato chips had a sweet and slightly sweet aroma. The reason why this puffed food was a healing food for humans was because of the satisfaction and extreme pleasure that can be felt by the taste buds at the moment of its entry. Its delicious taste could be clearly felt with almost no effort at all.


For a moment, the barrage stopped before being followed by a crazy crowd:


“Too delicious!”

“Immediately put them on the shelves!!”

“I want to buy it for ten years straight!”

“I don’t even want to go to Michelin restaurants.”


Because of his unique cooking skills and human identity, coupled with the audience from all over, the number of people in Jian Luo’s live broadcast room increased wildly, maintaining around 100,000 viewers until the broadcast ended.


After the live broadcast, he put the potato chips on the shelf and was ready to rest. It was only customary.


Almost as soon as he took a break, a message came from his information bracelet: “Hello, I’m Ai Jin. We tasted the food you uploaded today and it tasted very good. We intend to sign a long-term contract with you.”


The military?


Jian Luo remembered his mother’s warning and replied, “I am very happy to be recognized, but I am very sorry. I have no intention of working with you for the time being.”


Ai Jin was taken aback.


She really had a hard time believing that she would be rejected!


Does this human understand that cooking for Lu Shifeng was an honor for any chef in the world, yet he refuses?


Ai Jin didn’t give up: “We can discuss the salary issue until you’re satisfied.”


Jian Luo loves money but cherishes his life. He refuses to take the job which requires licking blood at the tip of a knife2very dangerous: “I’m sorry, but you think too highly of me. My craftsmanship is fine for small jobs, but I really can’t serve big people.”


At that point, Ai Jin understood where the problem was.


This human was not afraid to take their orders. But think about it, once Lu Shifeng is unhappy, it wouldn’t take more than a matter of minutes before someone dies.


But if this human being is not dealt with here, the next person to die will definitely be her.


Thinking of this, Ai Jin felt cruel: “Don’t worry, you are not cooking for the big man, it’s just for a soldier3Lol, it’s a reference to the title. That soldier is Lu Shifeng. Yep, just an ordinary soldier. here!”


Jian Luo was taken aback for a moment: “Do you order meals for ordinary soldiers?”


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