Chapter 40 – You will never harm me

Chapter 40 – You will never harm me


Xing Zhongwan was annoyed. He finally had a little spare time and just wanted to take his long-lost nap, but was woken up by such an ignorant person.


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the chest of the young man. He looked good, but also resentful. At first glance, it seemed excessive. Just what kind of eyes did he look at him with? His eyeballs were about to pop out soon. Xing Zhongwan wedged down one foot and the man under his feet exclaimed.


Hey, no matter how you look at this face, it looked a bit like Qi Yun.


“Who are you? How dare you kick me, you’re going to die!”


Xing Zhongwan moved his feet away in disgust. So arrogant. He guessed it was Qi Yun’s younger brother. Tsk tsk tsk, the difference in temperament when they come from the same mother’s womb was really like heaven and earth!


He turned around to leave as Qi’s fourth young master struggled to get up from the ground and stopped in front of him, “You are not allowed to go! If you hit me and want to leave, there is no way that’s happening.”


Xing Zhongwan raised his eyebrows and looked at the idiot’s expression. Qi’s fourth young master looked at him with a pair of evil eyes and his throat went dry. So beautiful, why was he a man!? What a pity, if he were a woman…


While he was thinking about it, Chen Ying brought someone over and stopped in front of Xing Zhongwan, “Qi’s fourth young master, why are you here?”


Qi’s fourth young master returned to his senses and hummed, “I’m here to find my brother. Why? Can’t I?”


He then looked in the direction of Xing Zhongwan. See? I’m the fourth young master of the Qi family!


Xing Zhongwan yawned and went up the steps with his hands in his pocket. Qi’s fourth young master was anxious, “Hey, don’t go. If you hit me, you can’t leave! I-!”


Chen Ying looked at him blankly, “Young Master Yun has to rest so he has no time to see you. As such, the fourth young master should go back.”


Qi’s fourth young master wanted to go inside, but was stopped and annoyed, “Chen Ying, what do you mean!? Watch how you’re talking to me. Qi Yun is the grandson of the Shen family, so that means I am too! How can I say that? I am also half-considered your master. You are so unreasonable to me. Plus, that person just left after hitting me. Don’t you need to give me an explanation?”


Chen Ying seemed to have not heard what he said and turned his back to him. The man winked, and two people came out from behind and dragged Qi’s fourth young master out.


Qi’s fourth young master shouted, “Chen Ying, how dare you treat me like this. I’ll tell my aunt to teach you a lesson! Chen Ying, just you wait!”


Chen Ying lifted the glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked up to see Qi Yun on the terrace of the second floor sitting on the wheelchair coldly.


Chen Ying walked to the second floor and stood aside slightly hunched over.


Qi Yun put a pair of well-jointed hands on the armrest of the wheelchair and tapped his slender and fair finger, “Which hand did he use to touch Wanwas?”


Chen Ying’s brows tightened, and Qi Yun said lightly, “Break it!”


Chen Ying’s brows furrowed deeper, “Master Yun, should we take this opportunity to advance the plan?”


Qi Yun turned the wheelchair in a different direction, “There are other ways. Don’t involve Wanwan in it. “


Looking at the back of Qi Yun as he entered the room, Chen Ying took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his sore nose. There is no better chance than this. Since you don’t want to do it, Master Yun, let me do it for you. Chen Ying didn’t dare to forget what the late madam entrusted to him back then. Young Master Yun, your surgery is imminent so you can’t wait any longer.


Xing Zhongwan sat happily beside Qi Yun with a bowl of smoothie. Qi Yun said helplessly, “Eat less ice, it’s not good for the stomach.”


Xing Zhongwan said solemnly, “I thought you were going to say, it’s not good for girls to eat too much ice.” After speaking, he couldn’t help laughing and the corners of Qi Yun’s mouth curled into a smile, “You’re still holding a grudge.”


“Every time I recall being called a girl by you for so long, I feel annoyed. Do you know that’s harassment in plain sight?” Xing Zhongwan handed the empty bowl to the servant behind him.


His sharp eyes saw Qi Yun’s hand, “Hey. Qi Yun, your fingernails are long. I’ll cut it for you.”


Qi Yun raised his hand and shook it in front of his eyes, “I hope when you remember me, you won’t just think about my bad points. Otherwise, the Qi Yun in your heart will only have a bad side. But how can I score more points with you and when can I carry you into the Qi family’s house?”


Xing Zhongwan held the nail clippers, and looked at him , “If you talk about carrying me into the Qi family’s house again, I will scratch up your face so you look ugly and make you unable to marry a wife for the rest of your life!”


    Qi Yun: …


    Wanwan, are you really so childish…


Under the sun, Xing Zhongwan lowered his head, grabbed Qi Yun’s hand, and carefully cut his long nails with the nail clipper. Qi Yun turned his head sideways with a smile on his lips and raised his other hand lightly on Xing Zhongwan’s head.


What the entourage behind them saw was the most peaceful appearance over the years. Qi Yun’s face was so tender they were about to drip tears. One was seated while the other was standing and it was as beautiful as a painting. No one wanted to disturb those two in the picture perfect painting.


Xing Zhongwan shook his head impatiently, “Qi Yun, take your hand away. Are you petting a dog!”


Qi Yun said, “Do you still want to keep long hair after all the time?”


Xing Zhongwan took a handful of hair in his finger, “I just didn’t have any time to get it trimmed? It’s too troublesome to keep long hair.”


He raised his head and Qi Yun’s face was very close. Xing Zhongwan raised his head and looked at his fair skin, delicate eyebrows and the slightly curved mouth, which made his heart beat faster.


Those eyes fluttered without focus and the creamy white cardigan that lined the thin body made the entire person look extremely gentle. Was this his impression of Qi Yun?


The two of them looked at each other like this. The smile on the corner of Qi Yun’s mouth became bigger and bigger. Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes wider as the other got closer. Was he going to kiss Laozi again? What should he do? Was it urgent? Did he have to push him away now?


While struggling, Qi Yun’s soft lips brushed against his cheek and kissed his ear gently.


Xing Zhongwan felt like he was electrocuted and numb all over because of what he thought just now. His embarrassed face turned red and he straightened up quickly, looking around in a panic, “Uh… ah… I think I still  have something to do, so I’ll go first!” After speaking, he lowered his head and ran away quickly. 


Qi Yun innocently raised his eyebrows as he held his hand, “You haven’t finished cutting it yet?”


Someone behind him couldn’t help laughing and Qi Yun’s face turned cold, “Who is laughing?”


The person stood up behind, “Master Yun, I…”


“Why are you laughing?” 


The attendant answered with fear in his eyes as he trembled, “The young madam is blushing.”


Qi Yun waved his hand to the back and a smile appeared in his eyes.


At dinner, Qi Yun suddenly remembered something, “Wanwan, is your birthday coming soon?” Xing Zhongwan was struggling with the embarrassing event from this afternoon. The people in the room always looked at him with a deep smile. Anxiously poking at the rice in the bowl, Qi Yun’s sudden question startled him.


“Aiyah, next time you speak, can’t you give me a warning first?”


    Qi Yun: …


    Wanwan doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.


“Why did you ask me about my birthday? It’s not like a child’s birthday, we don’t have to celebrate it. Plus the timing is not good. It just happens to be on the same day as your surgery.”


Qi Yun put down the spoon in his hand, “I can celebrate it with you in advance. Let’s do it tomorrow. We will go out, to a place you want to go the most. There will be a gift for you.”


Xing Zhongwan thought about it. The place I want to go most?


When he turned his head and saw Qi Yun’s look of anticipation, he snorted twice, “Okay, I’ll think about it. Anyway, you will be bored all day long. I will take you there so you can relax. I don’t need the gift.”


“There is one more thing. Can’t you stop calling me Wanwan? That’s my mother…”


Qi Yun looked on innocently, “To be honest, I only know you as Wanwan. I don’t even know your full name.”


Xing Zhongwan almost blurted out his name.


“Isn’t it easy for you to check my identity and name?”


Qi Yun shook his head, “That’s different. Your name, your identity, your past. As long as it is you, I want to know everything about you. But I think you will tell me personally. I believe that one day you will accept me and tell me everything yourself.”


Xing Zhongwan dug himself into the pit again. He panicked for a while, suddenly stood up and almost knocked down the chair behind him, “If you want to call me Wanwan, go ahead. I’ll go up first and think about where to take you tomorrow.”


Xing Zhongwan hurried up the stairs, not paying attention as he slammed into the handrail of the stairs harshly, shocking the servant on the side, “Young madam, be careful.”


Xing Zhongwan wrinkled his face, waved to him, covered his knees and went upstairs.


Hearing the voice behind him, Qi Yun chuckled softly.


Identity? Someone who can reach the top of the information office and bypass his mother to send news to Qi Zongcheng must not be an ordinary person.


Wanwan, no matter who you are, the only thing I can be sure of is that you will never hurt me.


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