Chapter 27 – Tested Positive for Pregnancy

Chapter 27 – Tested Positive for Pregnancy


Jian Luo froze all over.


For a moment, he thought of Jiang Jiang. Turning cold, the blood all over his body froze and he didn’t dare look back, fearing that this would be the last second of his life.


“Oh?” A familiar voice came from behind him. Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and looked coldly: “Which dog?”


Jian Luo stubbornly turned around and met his blood-red eyes.


Lu Shifeng was quite tall. He was more than a head taller than him. When he stood up, he looked condescending, yet as majestic as a mountain. This forced Jian Luo to remember the fear of being dominated by Lu Shifeng, but his reason still did not respond. When he came over, his entire body seemed to be in pain in response.


Jian Luo’s body trembled slightly, looking weak, pitiful and helpless.


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Tell me, aren’t you always quite talkative?”




This is what you egged me to say.


Jian Luo stubbornly said, “Well, I didn’t see it clearly. I was bitten at night.”


Lu Shifeng squinted his eyes and the atmosphere in the surroundings suddenly became dark. Jian Luo glanced cautiously, and saw Lu Shifeng’s cold eyes looking at him. His eyes seemed to say:

Little. What about your father?


Jian Luo was scared so he subconsciously took two steps back, turning his face away: “You asked me so I’ll tell the truth.”


The little emperor “pfft” and laughed again.


Lu Shifeng turned his face away and said slowly, “Is it funny?”


The little emperor received the icy gaze and the smile on his face stiffened. He coughed lightly, “It’s not that funny.”


Nie Yan watched it at his leisure, as he pondered about it.


Jian Luo really didn’t want to stay here, so he took the initiative to say, “If the guest requires nothing else, I’ll go down first?”


His voice fell silent when the two individuals looked at him at the same time.


Looking at Jian Luo with this kind of gaze, he was suddenly stressed. He was going to die. Was there anything else he could do? No one ever told me this would happen!


Lu Shifeng sat down directly beside the emperor and said, “Sit down.”


Jian Luo pointed to himself: “Me?”


Nie Yan also immediately repeated after him: “The marshal asked you to sit, so sit down quickly.”


Sure enough, Lu Shifeng still had the upperhand so the little emperor didn’t play anymore. Now it seems that with Jian Luo here, the emperor won’t bother them. It’s the best for both of them.


Jian Luo was very reluctant, but because of his power, he reluctantly sat down.


The little emperor said to Jian Luo, “How can dogs be so good at biting? It only scratched your skin. You can tell me in detail.”




You are so annoying.


Jian Luo was perfunctory: “I didn’t see it clearly. I’ll tell you next time.”


The little emperor was disappointed: “When will the next time be? You must not lie to me.”


“Don’t worry.” Jian Luo continued to be perfunctory: “I’m an honest person. I won’t lie to you.”


The little emperor persistently asked, “What is your name?”


“Jian Luo.”


“Are you married? How many people are interested in you? What do you think of my uncle?”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched: “I think…”


The little emperor was full of anticipation. He fluttered his eyelashes and his pale face looked like a delicate porcelain doll. He asked, “What do you think?”


“I think you should eat quickly.” Jian Luo pointed to the stinky tofu: “It won’t taste good when it’s cold.”


The stinky tofu on the table was still persistently emitting a stench, showing its own presence all the time.


The little emperor pointed to tofu and said to Lu Shifeng, “Uncle Huang, do you want to try it?”


Lu Shifeng’s expression did not change: “This kind of delicacy can be enjoyed exclusively by Your Majesty.”




The little emperor suspected that Lu Shifeng didn’t want to eat it because he himself didn’t want to eat it, so he tried very hard: “Don’t think about the smell, it’s actually delicious!”


Lu Shifeng’s face was expressionless: “Your Majesty should eat more.”



The little emperor looked at Jian Luo angrily: “Luoluo, you said this is what you made. Come and tell Uncle Huang.”


Why is it me again?


Jian Luo felt that he would also be shot at even if he was lying down, and he said, “It’s delicious.”


Lu Shifeng looked sideways: “You made it?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“En.” Lu Shifeng picked up his chopsticks and put a piece in his mouth. After tasting a few bites, he said, “It’s really good.”


Little Emperor: ???


This is discrimination!


You are going too far!


The little emperor looked at Nie Yan: “Do you want to eat it?”


Nie Yan wasn’t very interested in this thing, but if he didn’t eat it, it would seem like he wasn’t respecting the little emperor. As a professional businessman, it was his ethics to put the customer first.




Nie Yan put a piece of tofu in his mouth. He endured the smell of the tofu and ate it into his mouth. He thought the taste would be unpleasant, but the moment he put it in his mouth, he was stunned.


Crispy and soft, the aroma overflowed between one’s lips and teeth.


It looked simple and unpretentious, but it tasted amazing!


The little emperor was delighted, as though he was the one who had cooked the food himself. Raising his face, he asked: “What? Is it delicious?”




Nie Yan smiled: “Of course.”


This table was full of exquisite delicacies. After the little emperor finished eating the stinky tofu, he reluctantly moved to the next target.


Jian Luo was not hungry at first, but he became hungry after smelling the food.


In fact, he wasn’t a particularly greedy person, but for some reason, he’s recently been wanting to eat more and more. He doesn’t know what’s going on with him. 


Lu Shifeng glanced: “Aren’t you hungry?”


Jian Luo didn’t expect to be asked, so he hurriedly went down the steps without any manners: “Hungry, hungry.”


There were chopsticks on the table so he picked them up to eat a piece of vegetables closest to himself. The vegetable was really alien to him, and he didn’t know what it was. It tasted nothing like a vegetable and was waxy when one chewed it. 




Jian Luo showed a lifeless expression.


Fortunately, the dining table was brilliantly designed with the ability to automatically rotate so some dishes will automatically be changed from the inside to the outside, and so forth.


There would soon be a stack of meat coming!


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up, and he showed a longing look at the meat. He stretched out a clip to pick it up, and the chopsticks were sent to the middle. However, Tragedy struck——


It was not enough.


Because his hands were too short, he couldn’t reach it!


Damn. Jian Luo almost shed tears, watching a plate of meat slip away in front of him.


Just as he was looking on with hatred, a piece of meat was put into his bowl.


Jian Luo raised his head in surprise and met Lu Shifeng’s gaze. The man looked down at him with a faint smile in his eyes and lightly opened his thin lips: “Eat.”




He was hateful.


Shouldn’t he be laughing at his short hands?


Jian Luo firmly picked up the meat and took a bite. The meat was fresh and tender in his mouth, with a milky and strong aroma. He narrowed his eyes happily: “It’s delicious.”


Lu Shifeng: “Really?”


Jian Luo nodded hurriedly.


“Eat more.” Having said that, Lu Shifeng stopped looking at him and started to eat too, leaving Jian Luo alone with his empty bowl.




Jian Luo was at a loss and couldn’t believe it. He just let Lu Shifeng bring food to him. Did he suddenly not care about his own life or death?!


He came here himself, did he want to be slaughtered by both sides?


The outer rotating tray that was closer to him only had vegetables, but now the vegetables were tasteless. He especially wanted to eat spicy food.






Jian Luo’s heart was beating fast like a drum. He decided to bend himself over for five buckets of rice. He gently tugged at Lu Shifeng’s sleeve. First only once, then twice, then again and again.


Lu Shifeng finally turned to look again.


The human beside him has black and soft hair, and the fair little face was very pitiful to look at. At this moment, his eyes were sparkling which softened the heart of the person watching.


Jian Luo got closer and lowered his voice: “I still want to eat meat.”


The corners of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile. From such a close distance, he could smell the scent of a dragon, which was his own.


From ancient times to the present, the dragon race has always been a race with a strong possessiveness and territorial awareness. They like to circle and mark things that belong to them. It was best if their favourite person could be contaminated with their own scent.


Obviously, in Jian Luo’s current case, this pleased a certain dragon with nasty genes in its bones.


Lu Shifeng stretched out his arm and put the whole plate of meat that Jian Luo just said was delicious in front of him: “Eat it.”


Jian Luo was moved: “Thank you, Marshal.”


The little emperor was stunned and felt a little dissatisfied, so he leaned over and said, “Uncle Huang, I also want to eat meat.”


Lu Shifeng expressionlessly clipped a leaf between his chopsticks for him: “Balanced nutrition.”




The little emperor was silent.


Jian Luo ate the meat. The price of food is really expensive now, especially considering the prices on Dark Stars. If you want to eat vegetables, it is expensive, and if you want to eat meat, the price will be even higher. What was the cheapest? Nutrient solution would be the cheapest. You’d also need to rely on yourself to earn money as the meager salary is definitely not enough. Since that was the case, you can’t eat if you have nothing.


There is also a small piece of seafood on the plate.


Jian Luo took a piece and put it in his mouth. The seafood was delicious, but the fishy smell went straight to his stomach.


He frowned suddenly, swallowing down the discomfort.


Lu Shifeng glanced: “What?”


“No.” Jian Luo put down the chopsticks and suddenly said, “I’m full.”




Lu Shifeng looked at it: “Not going to eat anymore?”


Jian Luo nodded firmly: “Yes.”


There must always be a bottom line, he was not just a foodie! He must always find a way to come back to his senses, and um, yes, this was it! 


Kazuki brought the fruit after dinner from behind.


In the platter of unremarkable fruits, the holy dragon fruit appeared to be so prominent and shiny.


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up.


The little emperor propped his chin to look at the fruit plate: “The fruit trees seem to be very happy this year.”


Nie Yan echoed: “Well, the yield of holy dragon fruit was extremely low in previous years. The fruit trees did not even bloom one year.”


This year was different.


It was as though the Fruit trees were high on drugs. Over the course of a single night, the fruit trees in the entire valley blossomed with abundant fruits that grew well.


It’s as if when the trees were bored, they would come up with a few fruits as they wished. When they were in a good mood, perhaps two would blossom, and if they were in a bad mood, they would just go on a strike. However, this year was different.


The little emperor said: “Our Dark Star has not birthed new life for many years. The current life forms are basically synthetic gene replicas.”


Lu Shifeng finally said: “In recent years, the war has subsided, so the death rate has been decreasing. However, more and more superior genes have been lost due to the war.”


“Yeah.” Nie Yan, as a businessman, knew this well: “If things go on like this, the healthy exchange of genes from reproduction will come to an end.”


The Dark Stars have been cursed to lose their fertility nearly thousands of years ago. No matter how strong a race is, if no new life is born, it will lead to self-destruction.


There was no other way. In order to ensure the survival of the race, the National Research Department, led by priests, started the research and development of gene extraction and synthesis to create test-tube babies. They inherited the superior genes of the previous generations, growing both strong and intelligent.


However, the test tube projects also inherited the fatal flaw of infertility.


Dark Stars were soon caught in an endless cycle. Their entire planet had an average lifespan of five or six hundred years and have gradually transformed into the era relying on genetic synthesis.


The little emperor frowned: “Our excellent gene pool is getting smaller and smaller.”


Lu Shifeng leaned back lazily on the back of his chair: “Not everyone with excellent genes are willing to donate genes.”


The reason is very simple. Gene synthesis is just a temporary measure. If Dark Star can’t break the curse, they will still become extinct.


Jian Luo continued to stare at the holy dragon fruit.


The little emperor looked at him: “Luoluo, do you have any ideas?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo turned his head: “What?”


The little emperor was suspicious: “Did you not hear us just now?”




Jian Luo glanced around suspiciously: “I was listening. I was, and you’re right, you’re right, hehehe…”


There was silence at the dinner table.


Lu Shifeng said, “Do you want to eat some fruit?”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment and saw that Lu Shifeng was pointing at the holy dragon fruit.


The little emperor was delighted: “Is the taste of human beings so strange that they actually like to eat it?”


Lu Shifeng handed the fruit to him.


Jian Luo took it and asked suspiciously, “Would you like to eat it instead?”


“Not really.” The little emperor is a very talkative person: “Actually, the nutritional value is very high, but to the average person it must be somewhat unpalatable because it tastes a little sour.”


This can also be regarded as the self-defense tactic of the Holy Tree in order to ensure that the cubs are well-nourished.


In order to prevent people from coveting the nourishment of the dragon fruit as well as allow the cubs to eat the fruit.


Jian Luo happily peeled the holy dragon fruit, which was just like an ordinary dragon fruit, but white, juicy and sweet, and said, “But we humans are different.”


The little emperor nodded in understanding.


During the meal, Jian Luo was almost a happy camper, eating and eating, without any sense of oppression or self-consciousness of being at the same table with the characters of significant importance.


The emperor was about to return.


Jian Luo stood up and respectfully stood aside as he watched him leave. The little emperor walked ahead, and Lu Shifeng stopped in front of Jian Luo.


Jian Luo waited for a long time without leaving.


Lu Shifeng wore a neat military uniform and he was upright. There was always an air of intelligence to him.


Jian Luo was suspicious: “Why aren’t you leaving?”


“I heard you resigned?” Lu Shifeng looked at him condescendingly: “Why?”




You’re still asking why?


Why don’t you think of why yourself?


I don’t even want to talk about it.


Jian Luo casually said, “I just want to try a change of environment and try a new job. It’s nothing else.”


Lu Shifeng: “Tell the truth.”


“Well, there’s no other reason.” Jian Luo said, “I really can’t stand it. You are so cruel. I’ll die again!”


The atmosphere suddenly fell into one of embarrassment.


After Jian Luo finished speaking, he felt a little regretful. In fact, he was also a little panicked. He was also old-fashioned. Although the two of them eventually got along, after having a taste of each other, it was still difficult to hide the pain of separation after.


If Lu Shifeng did that again, who could stand it!


Sure enough, when the words were said, Lu Shifeng’s eyes changed, those phoenix eyes raised slightly: “So you are angry with this handsome man?”




Jian Luo hurriedly said, “Don’t dare.”


Lu Shifeng, the beast, nodded: “It’s better if you do not dare to.”




Jian Luo looked up in disbelief.


The little emperor in front shouted to the back and Lu Shifeng stepped away, leaving a single sentence behind: “Come back anytime you want to.”


Jian Luo was dumbfounded.


Before he went back, he was going to think about it deeply but Kazuki, who had been waiting, came over: “Luoluo, you are also amazing, you actually had dinner with the guests!”


Jian Luo took her back and said, “Do people know about this?”


Kazuki shook her head: “I haven’t said it yet but the master knows. I haven’t told anyone else.”


“Well, it’s for the best.” Jian Luo sighed: “I want to keep a low profile and hang back. I don’t want to be the target of public criticism.”


Kazuki liked his temperament very much.


After returning to the kitchen, Jian Luo took a shower and it was already time to get off work. It was alright to leave a minute early and he would definitely not stay behind so he packed up and left.


When he got back, it was already dark.


His younger brother came out of the house: “Big brother!”


Jian Luo looked happy and bent over: “What’s the matter, did something good happen?”


“Mom tried the live broadcast today.” His younger brother whispered in Jian Luo’s ear mysteriously: “Jinjiang seems to have given her a recommendation, and mother earned stars today.”


Jian Luo’s mouth twitched into a smile: “Really?”


HIs younger brother nodded fiercely: “Well, but mother won’t let me tell you. She said she wants to work harder.”


Jian Luo understood this very well.


He touched his younger brother’s head: “I didn’t hear anything just now.”


His younger brother laughed.


After entering, Jian Luo said hello to Su Liang. After returning from work, he always made dinner every night after seven o’clock. The meal is made during a live broadcast. Even if he was a food blogger, he couldn’t broadcast all day. He had to go to work during the day so the prime time to do a live broadcast was at night.


Su Liang said: “The kitchen is clean. If you need any help, Luoluo, let me know. “


Jian Luo nodded: “Thank you, mom.”


After tying his apron, he walked into the kitchen. It was completely different from the dark and narrow space before. After getting some money, Su Liang was a woman with ingenuity so she invested some into the place.


The live broadcast light ball opened and Jian Luo waved: “Hey, I’m Luoluo. Have you eaten yet?”


Almost as soon as the broadcast started, a bunch of people crowded in:

“Anchor, I miss you to death.”

“I haven’t eaten yet. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ll eat while you cook.”

“Hahaha, what are we eating today?”

“What’s the thing behind the anchor, take a good look!”


Jian Luo looked behind him and found that he had actually drawn the design of the dream catcher before when he had nothing to do. Su Liang was tinkering with it and hung it outside the kitchen window. The small blue dream catcher was gentle and gentle. It was elegant as it was suspended in the air, beautifully swaying gently with the wind.


“That is a dream catcher.” Jian Luo smiled and deliberately zoomed the camera away so that anyone could see clearly: “If you have nothing to do, you can make one yourself and hang it anywhere. It can catch your nightmares if you hang it by your bedside.”


The audience was clearly interested:

“It looks complicated, do you have a link? I’ll buy it.”

“Look at it, did the anchor make it yourself?”

“Anchor, why don’t lower your head? We want to see your face.”


Jian Luo simply explained: “My mother made it. If you’re interested, I’ll let her live stream and teach you.”


Back to business, it’s time to make dinner.


There was a washed pumpkin and a fish on the chopping board in the kitchen. Jian Luo picked up the pumpkin first: “Today, let’s fry a pumpkin pie, and then make a steamed fish. In fact, spicy fish fillet is very delicious. But I have no spices in current conditions, so let’s forget it.”


He adjusted the direction of the small ball while talking.


Because it was too close, a little bit of his face was exposed. Just when the audience was eagerly waiting for Jian Luo’s face to be fully revealed, a golden light flashed across the screen: [Ultimate Alliance Leader entered the live broadcast room]


The audience was completely blinded by this golden light.


This sparked some dissatisfaction:

“The lag caused me to be unable to see the anchor.”

“He just showed a small section of his face. It’s so white and tender.”

“So cute, I like it.”


A group of people started to have unrealistic ideas, but Jian Luo didn’t pay attention and found that after the small ball was used by Su Liang, some parameters were not adjusted properly.


As he readjusted the camera and his face was on the verge of being exposed at any time, the audience became more crazy, and their speech became more explicit. They were all looking forward to it, when suddenly:


[Ready, set, aim! A deep-water torpedo has been shot for the anchor. Catch my love for you!]


Accompanying the torpedo is the special visual effect of the, which obscured the entire live broadcast page, making it blurry and unclear. After waiting for a while, everyone thought it was over when…


Ten seconds later, after the special effect ended, the viewers were greeted by more donation messages on screen:

【Ready, set, aim!】

【Ready, set, aim!】

【Ready, set, aim!】


The bolts of thunder appeared one after another, and the special visual effects finally stopped after Jian Luo fixed the camera. When Jian Luo innocently watched the live page, there seemed to be no special effects. After he was satisfied with the current angle, he said: “Okay, let’s continue the live broadcast!”


A barrage of the chat wailed:

“Ready, set, aim and shoot down that viewer for me.”

“I have a psychological trauma after hearing those three words.”

“Hahaha, my God.”


Jian Luo did not bother to hear the chat wailing. Instead, he began to deal with the fish first. He’s used to this kind of preparation. The fish is cut open with a knife before the internal organs are dealt with. There is hardly any hesitation when he cuts the fish up in a neat manner.


The audience is puzzled:

“Fish is not tasty.”

“The bones are prickly and it tastes fishy.”

“Yes, I don’t like to eat it either.”


Seeing the barrage, Jian Luo also explained: “If you have some, you can use wine to remove the fishy smell, it will be more delicious when steamed. For today, we are steaming the fish so pay attention. We will also be cooking fish soup later. It is very delicious and its high nutritional value is suitable for replenishing the body. As for its bones, they are unavoidable.”


The scene was originally bloody, but the gentle voice gave others a quiet and peaceful feeling, healing the hearts of others unconsciously.


While making fish, Jian Luo didn’t forget to show off: “I used to be very good at making fish, so I’m very good at this…urp”


Before he could finish speaking, the fish was disemboweled and its fishy smell rushed up, causing Jian Luo to vomit a lot. He covered his mouth and ran to the pool to vomit.


The audience was shocked stupid.


The incident happened suddenly, so no one responded in time.


Some people were still stunned. The bragging anchor just vomited in their faces.


Jian Luo retched for a while. After finding that he was only retching and no longer vomiting, and that there was nothing wrong anymore, he returned. Fortunately, the camera was not focused on the side where the pool of vomit was: “It’s nothing, I’ve been feeling unwell recently. There’s nothing wrong with the fish. It’s okay, now we’re going to deal with the fish again.”


While speaking, Jian Luo picked up the fish on the chopping board again, lowered his head and said, “I’ve dealt with this many times and I’ve never reacted adversely before so… urp…”


The fishy smell spread again, making people’s stomachs roll. Almost without hesitation, the fish was thrown aside and Jian Luo ran away again.


The audience was dumbfounded again:

“Is the host okay?”

“How can this happen? It’s so serious, could it be that you’re sick?”

“It’s not like that, it was fine before.”

“Cough cough, don’t you think this situation is very much like the reaction mentioned in the book, it says here…”

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