Chapter 42 – That child is called Xing Zhongwan

Chapter 42 – That child is called Xing Zhongwan


In a huge ward, coughing sounds were heard from time to time as a pair of scrawny hands were holding a glass of water while flipping through documents. There was a knock on the door and a person came in through the door, walked to the hospital bed and called out to the chairman respectfully.


The person on the hospital bed took off her reading glasses and looked at the person beside her bed, “What did Chen Ying say?” 


The person answered respectfully, “Secretary Chen sent only one sentence. He asked if it was necessary to investigate the man beside Young Master Yun.”


Shen Qinghong coughed twice, “What happened recently?” The person who came only repeated the general overview of the matter to her.


“I see. Tell him not to act rashly and just follow Yun’er. As for you, call Elder Li in.”




Shen Qinghong was half lying on the bed with her eyes closed as a few words flashed in her mind constantly. Yun’er, are you really attracted to a man? Just because he helped you in your worst time? No, that can’t be.


Shen Qinghong slowly opened her eyes. Qi Yun, you’re not that kind of person!


After a while, the door of the ward opened and an old man with gray hair walked in, “Chairman, what are your orders?” Shen Qinghong beckoned to him, “There are no outsiders here, so don’t call me the chairman.”


The elder took a few more steps as he said, “Yes, miss.”


Shen Qinghong coughed a few times, “Uncle Li, do you still remember the Xing family?”


The old man bowed respectfully and lowered his head, “In the early years when I was with the eldest young lady, I had a chance to meet Mr. Xing several times.”


Shen Qinghong chuckled lightly. Yes, in the early years, the Xing family had were such a beautiful image. At that time, her father had just passed away and her mother took her to Xing’s house. The astonishment when she first saw Xing Yanyin was vivid in her mind. A man like that made her feel ashamed as a woman. As the eldest Shen family, who was born prominent and never knew what an inferiority complex was, lowered her head for the first time.


“Uncle Li, do you still remember how many children there are in the Xing family?” 

The old man paused and seemed to be deep in thought, “There should be Xing Zhengping’s eldest daughter Xing Zhongjie and another…”


Shen Qinghong sighed softly, “It’s Qian Yi’s1Xing Zhongwan mother’s name. son. When their mother and son were kicked out of the Xing family, I happened to be out of the country. It’s a pity I couldn’t reach out and help them. Qian Yi was such a good woman…cough cough cough”


Shen Qinghong coughed violently as Uncle Li hurriedly stepped forward, “Miss, you can’t get too emotional, it’ll exacerbate your illness.”


Shen Qinghong’s face turned pale from coughing, “Uncle Li, do you remember the name of that child?”


Uncle Li looked worried that the young lady’s body wouldn’t last any longer. 


“I remember. When the young master of the Xing family was born, the old man Xing specially invited miss.  His name was given by miss, and he is called Xing Zhongwan.”


Shen Qinghong breathed a sigh of relief. He had a beautiful face and was good to Qi Yun. She got her answer right away.


Back then, the kindness shown to his mother was the cause, which resulted in Qi Yun’s feelings today. That child was just here to repay the kindness from those previous years.


Yun’er, I’m afraid that while you grew feelings due to his kindness, the other didn’t mean for them to happen. After all, it was just a misunderstanding.


Xing Zhongwan used a pair of chopsticks to place the bitter gourd in Qi Yun’s bowl. Qi Yun picked it up and sniffed it as his brows wrinkled involuntarily. After that, he ate it without a change in his expression. Xing Zhongwan watched happily, “It alleviates the heat and detoxifies. It’s good for your body so don’t be picky.”


The bitter taste in his mouth made Qi Yun feel bad, but what can he do? He must eat whatever Wanwan has given him..


Chen Ying silently walked to Qi Yun’s side and called out to the young master. Xing Zhongwan looked at him and knew that he had something to say, so he went upstairs after making up an excuse.


Qi Yun put down his chopsticks and his face regained its usual coldness, “Is it something you must mention right now?”


The dissatisfaction in his tone made the attendants behind him involuntarily take two steps back.


“Master Yun, what you ordered has been done. The fourth young master should have been invited for tea.”


Qi Yun touched his very rounded fingernails that were cut by Wanwan, which were well done. He seemed to be good at everything he does.


“There is one more thing. Regarding the person who investigated Madam Qi, I don’t think their purpose in doing so was simple.”


Qi Yun let go of his hand, “What else could their purpose be? Isn’t my mother his weakness, the Qi’s fourth young master? Apart from me and you, who else knows I was drugged?”


Chen Ying couldn’t believe it, “Are you talking about the young madam?” 


A hint of tenderness flashed in Qi Yun’s eyes. Apart from my Wanwan, who else could be so smart, secretly trying to help me bring down the biggest opposition? Were you Lei Feng2A nationally advertised person from the communist party of China. He was used an a good example of how an upstanding citizen should be during Mao Zedong’s rule., not leaving your name behind after doing good deeds?


The smile in Qi Yun’s eyes deepened.


“Master, aren’t you curious about the identity of the young madam? With all due respect, to dig up something so deeply hidden, it must not have been easy. Are you really not curious about the identity of the young madam? Besides, you… trust him too much.”


“Wanwan won’t hurt me!” Qi Yun’s tone was very determined. “If I guessed right, Shen Qinghong disallowed you from investigating him privately. With her personality, she would not put a ticking time bomb by my side without 100% certainty. She must know Wanwan’s identity.”


Chen Ying was still a little worried, “I still think…”


Qi Yun interrupted him, “Do you think he wants to hurt me? Even if he wanted something from me, he didn’t need to help me clean up my mess and clear the obstacles in my way. As he was able to dig up such deeply concealed information, his own background is probably also not simple. With his personality, he hates to be tied down, loves freedom and is not someone who enjoys fighting for power and profit. To him, the Shen family and the Qi family are burdens. It’s just that I’m in this power-struggle so he had no choice but to join in. I’ve abetted him.”


Chen Ying couldn’t refute Qi Yun’s words.


Qi Yun didn’t say a word. In fact, he always felt that he and Wanwan had known each other for a long time. A voice in his subconscious kept telling him that this person could be trusted. In his nearly thirty years of life, Qi Yun has never read anyone wrongly.


Upstairs, Xing Zhongwan read a few emails and dealt with several business affairs. Cheng Zhengzhe and Xue Qing were about to cry to death. They were so busy that they were about to ascend to the skies. Xue Qing sent him a message saying that if he continued being this busy, she would change soon. Xing Zhongwan smiled and shook his head. 


At this moment Xue Qing came in with a voice, “Laoxing, I heard that Qi’s fourth young master’s hand was dealt a heavy blow! He was invited out for tea today, but it was said that he was caught on the spot sniffing drugs with his groupies. He was not only doing drugs, but also selling them. What do you think? It is too much of a coincidence that this happened when the handover for inheritance is so near. Your little Yun’er did it. How ruthless!”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a while, “Who did you hear this from?”


After a while, he received another call. Xing Zhongwan answered it.


“Laoniang was well-informed. Qi Zongcheng won’t be able to hold back this time. Just wait, tomorrow’s headlines will definitely explode! Your little Yun really is cruel. How could it be said that he came out of the same mother’s womb? He didn’t even leave any room for a bit of pity!”


Xing Zhongwan lay back on the bed, “When they were after his life, they never thought that he was born from his own mother’s womb.”


Xue Qing laughed, “This is all well-deserved then. There is still a lot of work. The person you asked about suddenly disappeared after I followed his trail. It is not easy. Someone had the same motive as us. Can you guess who it is? Laoxing, I think you won’t need to worry more. Your Qi Yun is a little wolf who pretends to be good in front of you with his claws all closed. You won’t lose out, but I’ll remind you. Do not be fooled, a wolf’s claws will hurt!”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, hung up, and threw the phone on the bed.


The little wolf with the claws that only pretends to be pitiful in front of him was also cute, isn’t it?


The sound of the wheelchair came. Xing Zhongwan got up and saw Qi Yun at the door. He reached out before knocking on the half-open door, “Can I come in?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “If I say no, you won’t come in?”


Qi Yun also smiled, “Then I’ll wait at the door until you agree for me to come in.”


Xing Zhongwan got out of bed, squatted down in front of Qi Yun, raised his head and looked at him, “Then, my dear prince, what is your business with me?”


Qi Yun’s neck was a little red, “I’m here to pick up my princess and go back to our room to sleep. I wonder if the princess would like to come with me.”


Xing Zhongwan’s heartily laughed and Qi Yun breathed a sigh of relief despite turning more red.


“I’ve never seen someone blush this much.”


​​Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun, who was blushing. No matter how terrible you are in the eyes of others, you always have kindness in my heart. I always believe that you also have a soft side to your heart.


Qi Yun rubbed Xing Zhongwan’s face, bent down and got closer, “Wanwan, can I kiss you?”


He said this carefully as Xing Zhongwan looked at him very closely.


He doesn’t know if he will have the opportunity to look at him so closely in the future, so he’ll just indulge him, even if it is the last time.


Xing Zhongwan hooked Qi Yun’s neck, raised his chin and kissed him.


At the moment when their lips and tongues were entangled, Qi Yun’s face flashed a hint of incredulity. He then took the initiative to kiss Wanwan himself, a kind of joy rippling from the bottom of his heart out of control.


He couldn’t help but step forward and hug him tightly, the pine wood fragrance becoming stronger and stronger. Qi Yun thought that he and Wanwan were one step closer than before.


Chen Ying took the document in his hand and read it carefully several times.


“Secretary Chen, are you sure you want to send it? Should I ask Master Yun for instructions on this matter?”


Chen Ying handed the document over, “Just carry it out. The best time is now while the fuse is hot. Don’t give them a chance.”


“But by doing this, the young madam…”


“Find some tricky angles which don’t reveal his face.”


The people under him stood at the same spot, hesitating. Chen Ying sullenly said, “I’ll take care of it if something goes wrong, so do as I say!”


Chen Ying rubbed his sore forehead. For you and for what the old lady has entrusted him with during her lifetime, Chen Ying will make himself worthy of her trust.


T/N: The drama is here. The drama is here. I repeat, as important things must be said thrice that; THE DRAMA IS HERE! Did I mention the finale is chapter 50? The end of volume 1 is near, therefore prepare for some huge changes and even bigger heartbreaks~~~ Ohohoho


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