Chapter 28 – Experiencing morning sickness

Chapter 28 – Experiencing morning sickness


Jian Luo leaned against the sink to calm down for a while before it was over.


His stomach was terribly uncomfortable and the feeling came in waves as soon as he thought he was better. There was a fishy smell in the kitchen which made him uncomfortable.


Su Liang outside heard a voice: “Luoluo?”


Jian Luo responded in a low voice.


“What’s wrong with Luoluo?” Su Liang came over but just stood outside: “Where is the discomfort?”


Jian Luo shook his hand gently, making a gesture to indicate that he was fine.


Su Liang was relieved. Jian Luo smiled and gestured silently to her to go out first as the live broadcast was still going on.


The audience in the live broadcast room was also stunned stupid:

“Are you alright?”

“Should I call a doctor for you?”

“Uwuuu, you have to be strong!”


Jian Luo laughed when he saw the news: “It’s nothing. Don’t worry. It’s because my stomach feels a little bad today, so I’ll end the live broadcast today and make it up for everyone tomorrow. Sorry.”


After saying that, he saw a lightning strike on the homepage. 


User (Feng): Rest well and make up for it next time.


The thunder’s special effects made the entire page brighter by a degree. It was pretty so it made others feel quite happy.


Jian Luo was a little moved: “Thank you.”


Other audience:

“??? This user again.”

“Why every time there’s something, he’ll mess it up by appearing.”

“Why the torpedoes, why?!”


After a while, the user (Feng) smashed another torpedo and added, “Oops, it should be this one instead.”


Everyone: “…”


This was a tough opponent.


The live broadcast ended. Jian Luo prepared dinner before also walking out.


The inside of the house was too airy so he pushed the big door directly to the courtyard to take a breather. It was nighttime and the small courtyard was quite quiet. There was also a gentle breeze blowing so he felt better after standing outside for a while. 


Su Liang came over from behind: “Luoluo, what’s wrong with you?”


Jian Luo rubbed his eyebrows: “Maybe it’s because of lunch with a client today. I should be careful of what I eat.”


That’s right, it’s all Lu Shifeng’s fault!


It must be him!


Su Liang looked at Jian Luo’s pale face and felt a little distressed: “Luoluo, if it’s too hard to earn Ah Sheng’s tuition, mother will find a way. You’re already working so hard.”


Jian Luo hurriedly shook his head: “I’m having a hard time now because I ate some bad food. You’re thinking too much.”


Only then did Su Liang feel relieved. She said, “Will your mother cook some porridge for you?”




Jian Luo paused and hesitated again. He closed his eyes and hesitated, causing Su Liang to keep staring at him.


Su Liang smiled: “What else do you want to say?”


“Well…” Jian Luo said softly, “Is there any meat at home? I want to eat meat porridge.”


It has been a long time since Su Liang has heard Jian Luo speak so softly while acting like a spoiled child. This child has always been different. She has talked to him for 20 years, until he then fell seriously ill, causing his personality to change. She had always felt that there was something between them. 


Now that this child was whispering softly, saying to her that he wanted to eat meat with a lowered gaze. It instantly awakened a softness in Su Liang’s heart.


This was Jian Luo.


This was her child, no matter what changes. The one standing in front of her now was also her child.


Seeing her talk, Jian Luo touched her nose: “Actually, you can eat now.”


“Eat.” Su Liang frowned and said softly, “Go take a shower first, and we will eat when you come out.”


Jian Luo was happy and said, “Okay, I’m going now.”


After saying that, he went back to his room to get a change of clothes. Most of the clothes in their house were made by Su Liang herself. His mother is very ingenious. If there was a diagram, she could make anything from scratch.


Jian Luo picked up the gray-blue cotton pajamas she designed, took a shower and came back sitting on the stretched sofa in the living room to check the news.


He said to Lightbrain, “Baidu this. What is wrong with me if I retch after eating bad food?”


The Lightbrain buffered for a long time before replying: “At present, this indicates a gastric disease. It is very likely that the human stomach did not manage to adapt to the ingredients, causing stress and lesions, in which severe rejection may lead to cancer…”




Jian Luo fell silent.


Surfing the web using the ball of light was like digging his own grave.


He tapped his lips: “I think it should be possible to cure this. Do a search on the symptoms of common illnesses linked to fishy smell and nausea.”


The light ball searched for a longer time. After waiting for a while, it said, “Have you been feeling sleepy and tired recently? Whereby, it is obvious that you haven’t done anything, but your appetite has increased?”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up, this seems reliable!


He was full of excitement: “It seems that you got it right this time. That’s right, those are my symptoms. Okay, tell me what’s the problem?”


The light ball simply said: “If the query is correct, you should be pregnant.”




Jian Luo’s face stiffened instantly. He looked at the information bracelet on his wrist: “You said that this bracelet is outdated, perhaps it is time to get a new one?”


The light ball cowardly said: “Please believe in the product. It may be the light ball, but it can be wrong too.”




Jian Luo had never heard something so outrageous: “I’m a man, you know. Can a man get pregnant?”


“Yes.” The light ball insisted on its own: “Men can.”


Jian Luo sneered: “If you were like me, with no husband, pus you don’t even have a room where…”


Halfway through his sentence, Jian Luo stopped.


As soon as the events of that night appeared in his mind, he had thought it was okay, but just thinking about it made his head buzz.


The ball of light said, “What else do you want to ask?”


Jian Luo said softly, “Help me check if humans and dragons can reproduce?”




This matter was far beyond the light ball’s cognition range, judging from how the light ball was suspiciously silent for a moment.


Jian Luo waited for a long time: “Can they?”


The ball of light was forced to elaborate: “There is no precedent, so there is no such information.”


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief.


It seemed that this was pure nonsense. This damn ball of light was always misleading him and it was really scary. It should just be due to lunch.


The light ball gave up: “I suggest you go to the hospital for an examination.”


Jian Luo thought for a while and finally agreed: “Okay, I’ll take a look.”


Although he thought in his heart that he was highly unlikely to be pregnant, his health was still very important so it was imperative for him to check it out.


The next day.


Jian Luo came to work at Moonlight today.


Just arrived, Kazuki came over and said, “Luoluo. The boss is looking for you.”


“Why is the boss looking for me?” Jian Luo was very curious: “For arriving late and leaving early?”


Kazuki laughed and laughed: “It should be. In fact, you can see that the boss seems to be very easy to get along with. But in fact, he… is indeed easy to get along with. He has always been more relaxed when it comes to valuable people.”


Jian Luo asked: “What’s my value to him then?”


Kazuki thought for a while: “I think it’s probably because you cook delicious food and you created dishes that everyone knows about. The boss must also want to train you well.”




Jian Luo was a little desperate: “I just want to be an unremarkable little chef.”


Kazuki giggled: “The simple and unremarkable little chef did enter Moonlight so you should be grateful for your ordinaryness.”


Jian Luo smiled.


The two quickly walked to a door and Jian Luo knocked on it. A male voice came from inside: “Come in.”


Jian Luo pushed the doors and walked in.


The office was huge, resplendent with gold and blue. The curtains seem to be plated with a layer of bright light and all the tables and chairs were of expensive collections. If the whole room needs to be summarized in one word, it’ll probably be: Grandiose.


Nie Yan stood in front of a row of shelves, playing with a small teacup: “Do you know what this is?”


Jian Luo glanced at it and answered honestly, “I know.”


“Yeah.” Nie Yan’s mouth twitched into a smile: “Of course you know, this is the Tianshui cup brought back from Stan Star. It’s valuable because of its rarity and preciousness.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


He wants to cut off all contact with the local tyrants.


Nie Yan put the cup back on the shelf. His stature was a little smaller than the average Dark Star, around the height of a normal human male, 1.8 meters tall. His face was relatively thin, which gave off a sense of shrewdness.


“You are also one of my collections.” Nie Yan turned around as his eyes slid around Jian Luo’s body: “Yesterday you showed your worth to me.”




Jian Luo just told the truth: “First and foremost, I just want to work hard and get paid.”


Nie Yan’s mouth twitched slightly: “I thought your salary was already high enough for a human being. As long as you take over and work well, you won’t be treated badly.”


Jian Luo was puzzled: “But I can only cook.”


Nie Yan went to the sofa beside him and sat down: ” I only need you to cook well. I told you about the seed cultivation place before. It has already been arranged for you. From tomorrow, if nothing out of the ordinary happens, come back to Moonlight.”


Jian Luo felt overjoyed.


He was very happy to cultivate new vegetables. If they were of use, the discovery of the new vegetables could also be used as a qualification to buy a house. It was like killing three birds with one stone.


Nie Yan said to him, “Choose some good vegetables that can be sold at a good price, understand?”




He was certainly a businessman.


Jian Luo resigned and said, “I will.”


Chili peppers were a national treasure. Any dish without chilies is soulless so Jian Luo wanted to cultivate chili peppers to change the hearts of others.


Nie Yan added: “I heard that you live broadcast. You can do it in the Moonlight in the future and you can use the ingredients as you like. Do you understand what you should say during the live broadcast?”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched: “My popularity is low, it wouldn’t bring you any benefit.”


“Stupid.” Nie Yan flicked his eyelids to look at him: “Do you know what Moonlight is? It is the one that’s supporting and benefiting you understand?”




Let’s forget it. It’s as you said.


If he later decides to cook something, he will cook it. Just wait till he chooses the most expensive ingredients later, which will make others cry to death. 


Jian Luo responded, “Understood.”


Nie Yan waved his hand: “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo nodded and when he came out, he saw that Kazuki was guarding the outside. The little girl came over and said, “Luoluo, what did the boss say to you?”


Jian Luo scratched his head: “The boss seemed to have asked me to broadcast live in Moonlight.”


Kazuki was stunned.


Jian Luo looked at her suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”


“The boss is too kind to you.” An envious expression appeared on Kazuki’s face: “You know, the biggest food live streaming internet cafe had their most popular broadcaster rejected by us even if they wanted to come to Moonlight to promote themselves.”


Jian Luo hesitated: “Really?”


Kazuki said fiercely: “We are the most high-end restaurant in the world. No matter where they are from, everyone wants to see the Moonlight.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Then, let’s broadcast it here once.”


In fact, it doesn’t matter where the live broadcast is. He started the live broadcast to make money and Nie Yan didn’t seem to need him to cook for the guests, so he will be able to broadcast instead.


Back in the kitchen, Jian Luo hadn’t even gone in when he heard the people inside say:

“That Jian Luo. I only ever see his shadow every day at work.”

“Yeah, who knows what he’s here for.”

“Obviously he came through the backdoor.”


Kazuki was a little annoyed so she stood up and said loudly, “What are you whispering about!?”


Jian Luo took her arm and walked in slowly. He looked around at the people in the kitchen and smirked: “Am I disturbing everyone?”


The crowd was silent.


Jian Luo walked inside: “Please continue. I was just passing by.”


The more lighthearted he was, the less he seemed to care what others thought about him, which made the people who used to mock him now felt like a joke themselves, very mundane.


Jian Luo went to the stove behind. It was quiet and no one else was here. He remembered the live broadcast promised to the audience last night, and decided he could start it now.


Kazuki followed behind: “Do you want to broadcast live?”


“I didn’t bring the live broadcasting equipment.” Jian Luo suddenly remembered this: “Looks like I can’t live broadcast.”


Kazuki clapped her hands: “It doesn’t matter. We have one in our warehouse. Are you alright with using that if I bring it for you?”


Jian Luo: “Can you do that?”


Kazuki said quickly, “Of course I can.”


So Jian Luo followed Kazuki to the warehouse to get the live broadcast equipment. He thought that the equipment should be different from the small ball of the live broadcast equipment that he had, but he didn’t expect for the equipment to be a big ball!


Kazuki said: “It has many functions, such as viewing the number of people in the live broadcast room, automatic control of barrage, etc. You know, just the basics.”




Jian Luo fell silent.


Kazuki asked him, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”


“Sorry.” Jian Luo said sincerely: “So these are considered its basic functions. The one I have at home doesn’t even have these functions.”


This time, Kazuki was silent.


After everything was settled, Jian Luo finally used the new equipment. He suddenly started the broadcast, thinking that there was no one in the live broadcast room, but who knew that it would become flooded in in an instant:

“Great! Is that you, the one who vomited?”

“Ah ah ah, I saw someone vomit so many years ago!”

“Can you perform again?”



Jian Luo was very speechless now.


The light ball broadcast: “Luoluo’s live broadcast room. The total number of people online last time was 100,000 and the number of people online this time is 250,000. Please make persistent efforts.”


Jian Luo was very curious: “What’s the matter? Did you guys come from the previous live broadcast room?”


The barrage saw him stunned and kindly explained:

“We came from Xingwang.”

“Xingwang showed a video of you throwing up.”

“Hey, I’ve only read it in the almanac before.”


Jian Luo’s heart skipped a beat, he was really outdated. He then went to Xingwang to watch the video that the audience watched. When he opened Xingwang, which he had not been on for a long time, he saw that the number one trending search was:

#Jinjiang live vomited#

#kill the fish and vomit#


Such a shameful hot search really made him speechless. Jian Luo wanted to complain that this group of Dark Stars were really mundane and excessive but when he clicked into the video, he was stunned. Watching the video, he say a group of people commenting:

“It’s been a long time since I was sick. I know what it feels like to vomit.”

“Humans are so fragile.”

“Is this the morning sickness mentioned in books?”

“I’m so envious, I’ve never experienced it before.”

“Did he open holographic sharing yesterday? I also want to experience it.”


Overnight, Jian Luo’s live broadcast room became popular because the powerful Dark Stars hardly got sick, so they also wanted to experience this feeling.


With the opening of the live broadcast room, more and more people poured in, and the big round ball actually recorded it: [Current online users are 300,000, 400,000, 500,000…]


Jian Luo was in a complicated mood: “You guys misunderstood, it’s just that my stomach felt bad yesterday.”


He thought it would be good if he explained it, but the audience became even more excited:

“Is your stomach still uncomfortable?”

“My God, I’ve never been uncomfortable.”

“What does it feel like to be uncomfortable?”




Go to hell, Dark Stars.


Jian Luo felt that she had a belly to vomit, but found that the Dark Stars are quite forceful. Although some of them are quite annoying, they were very generous while watching the live broadcast. Even if they were a little stingy, they swiped to reward him one by one whenever he refreshed the live broadcasting room.


Jian Luo took a deep breath: “Okay, everyone. Let’s start cooking.”


Even if he was at Moonlight today, he must still limit himself on the ingredients he is using, as though he were at home. Jian Luo touched the mic: “My stomach has been well for the past two days so let’s make a preserved egg and lean meat porridge.”


‌By entering the name in the smart freezer on the side, the freezer will automatically deliver one the required ingredients.


Jian Luo took out the eggs and said to himself, “This egg will taste even better if it is preserved. It will take about two months for a preserved egg to take shape. However, we will make a box of preserved eggs to eat tomorrow using my method. For now, let’s eat regular eggs today.”


As he lowered the bird eggs, the big ball of the live broadcast automatically followed his line of movement downwards before zooming in on the details of his hand. The small ball he had at home had a completely different working attitude and moved like a dead pig.


Jian Luo cracked the eggs and said, “Cook it for a while first, then add it in the porridge when it’s cooked. For now, let’s cut the meat.”


In the fridge


The meat of the noodles is automatically pushed out.


Jian Luo picked up the meat and prepared to cut it. The meat that had just been thawed slowly exuded a concealed fishy smell, which came and went, suddenly causing him to react violently. Even he himself was unprepared for what he did.




The meat was thrown aside by Jian Luo. He covered his mouth and wanted to endure it, but as he was just holding the meat in his hands previously, the smell became even worse.




Jian Luo rushed to the sink and threw up. His breakfast was all vomited out and a stream of gastric juices came out.


The audience in the live broadcast room was shocked stupid again:

“What happened?”

“You must be really sick.”

“Is he pregnant?”

“Do you have a problem with your brain in front of you, we may have cubs!”


Jian Luo straightened up and leaned against the sink to rest. He felt that he was really uncomfortable and it seemed that it was imperative he went to the hospital.


Kazuki heard the movement from behind: “Luoluo, what’s the matter with you?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo raised his head: “It’s nothing, maybe my stomach feels a little bad. I might’ve eaten something wrong yesterday.”


Kazuki knew that the human body was very fragile: “Luoluo, you want to go home and rest for two days?”


Jian Luo remembered that he had to cultivate new seeds tomorrow, so he said, “Can I ask for a leave today? I’ll come to work as usual tomorrow.”


Kazuki nodded: “It’s okay, I’ll tell the master for you later.”


Jian Luo is grateful: “Thank you.”


“It’s alright,” Kazuki said with a smile on her face: “We’re friends. You should go back quickly.”


Jian Luo had no choice but to nod. He went back to watch the live broadcast room and found that the number of online users reached 1.3 million, and this number was still rising.


The viewers were very crazy:

“I just felt the taste of vomit.”

“God, this feeling is so uncomfortable. I have never experienced it before.”

“Broadcast ball, continue broadcasting your colleague too. He knows.”




Go to hell, Dark Stars.


Jian Luo thought for a bit about the broadcast before he packed up and went home. On his way back, he received a call from the school.


“Hello, Jian Luo.” A voice came from over the receiver: “Your brother will be able to enroll in these two days. If it is convenient, please bring the relevant documents and bring your brother to go through the formalities.”


Jian Luo asked, “Can I do it today?”


The professor nodded: “Of course you can.”


Jian Luo thought for a while and decided to go to the hospital later. It would be better to take his younger brother to go through the admission procedures first.


So he sent a message home: “Mom, take brother to the station and take a taxi back later. I’ll take him to school to enroll.”


Su Liang was surprised: “So fast?”


Jian Luo nodded: “The school just notified me.”


“That’s good.” Su Liang replied: “Luoluo, will it disturb your work? You can ask mother to send him there too.”


Jian Luo said: “It’s alright. I went last time so I am familiar with the place. Don’t worry.”


In fact, when it came to the accommodation fee, he had deceived Su Liang. It was 30,000 Star Dollars but he said it was 3,000 Star Dollars. However, if this woman knew that it was so expensive, she would definitely feel guilty again.


There was a ‘en’ before she hung up. 



“Big brother!”


Jian Luo was on the platform as he waited for his younger brother. He took him to the school and said, “Get along well with your classmates. If it has anything, talk to us, your family first. You are not lower than them and you can be friends. Doing so requires some strength, you know?”


Please be obedient, little brother.


When the two entered the school, an extended version of a luxurious car drove by their side. It had a red number plate, indicating that they were very rich or important. 


The little emperor was looking out the window, his eyes lit up: “Uncle Huang, is that Luoluo?”

Lu Shifeng was closing his eyes and resting, when he heard the voice and raised his eyelids, he was sure: “It’s him.”


“Luoluo also has a child.” The little emperor asked: “Is it his child?”




The temperature inside the car dropped by one degree.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said: “He has no children, that is his younger brother.”


The little emperor blinked: “How can Uncle Huang be so familiar with Nie Yan’s chef?”


“Your Majesty is interested in that chef.” Lu Shifeng glanced at him lightly, and hurriedly said, “So it’s normal for me to be a little familiar with his conditions.”


The little emperor pouted: “You have no other intentions?”


Lu Shifeng mentionned only the perfunctory: “Exceedingly so.”


The cloud car gradually drove into the teaching center. The little emperor came this time to find the principal to discuss something. After meeting Jian Luo, the little emperor was even more determined to support the entry of human beings into the campus. He wanted to conduct the pilot project on this campus.


The emperor said, “Can uncle accompany me inside?”


“Tsk.” Lu Feng sat in the car and moved: “I’m upset to see that old man.”




How annoying.


The little emperor went in by himself. Jian Luo, who walked behind slowly, was still chatting with his younger brother: “Did you see that? I will study hard in the future so that I can afford that car.”


His younger brother asked, “Brother, do you want to buy such a car?”


“What nonsense. If you can sit, you wouldn’t want to stand, would you?”




The two brothers walked farther and farther inside. Afterwards, Jian Luo finally met the professor in the office on the first floor: “You told me to come. I’ve come here to go through with  the formalities for my brother.”


The professor was the same professor who received him that day.


The man said, “You’re too polite, call me Mr. Wang. Is Jian Sheng already here? Xiao Li, take the child to the dormitory. I’ll talk to his guardian!”


Xiao Li in the office stood up and responded, “Okay.”


There was no one in the office, and Professor Wang said to Jian Luo, “Is Jian Xian doing well recently?”


Jian Luo felt a little strange, but despite the strange feeling in his heart, he replied, “He’s okay.”


“That’s good.” Professor Wang wiped his glasses: “Jian Sheng still has some books and materials to pick up. I’ll take you there.”


Jian Luo hesitated for a while before saying, “Okay.”


The two walked out side by side, turned a corridor, and seemed to be going to some isolated place. Jian Luo slowly stopped: “Mr. Wang, I’ll take it later when my brother comes back.”


Professor Wang made a move: “It’s okay, we can go get it. We’ll be there soon.”


Jian Luo agreed before he began to step back slowly: “I suddenly remembered something urgent so I’ll go and make a phone call first.”


He was about to turn around when his arm was grabbed.


The Dark Stars are tall and mighty. Human beings cannot break free even with all their strength: “Mr. Jian, I like you very much and I’m your fan. Do you have to be so ruthless?”


Jian Luo froze.


“Every time I watch your live broadcast, I think your hands are very beautiful.” Professor Wang’s hand rubbed vaguely on Jian Luo’s hand: “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time…”


Jian Luo got goosebumps all over and he suddenly wanted to withdraw his hand: “Please…”


But the strength of a human being is too weak. He would not let go of Jian Luo no matter what. His face flushed red as he became more agitated.


Professor Wang grabbed him and pulled the person in front of him forcefully: “You played this game yourself. Live broadcasting to hook up with a Dark star who is going to launch your status higher. Why are you being so coy and pretending today? Here’s your chance, you should know what to do!”

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