Chapter 49 – Don’t read into the past and live up to one’s original intentions

Chapter 49 – Don’t read into the past and live up to one’s original intentions


Qi’s fourth young master was dragged out of the ward as Qi Yun’s chest fluctuated violently. Qi’s fourth young master’s words made him nervous. Yes, he was also a scumbag and he’s done a very stupid thing to get Wanwan. He should have confessed, but he dared not to. Only god knows that Qi Yun could also be afraid one day. When he was paralyzed on the bed, his body bad and rotting away, he was not afraid. He was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of losing that heart-warming feeling never coming back to him, the driving force convincing him to live.


Qi Yun was lying on the bed as he covered his eyes with his hands. The ward was eerily quiet and the bodyguards at the door did not dare to enter until a tall man with glasses appeared at the door.


He knocked on the door, stood by the door and called out to young master Yun.


Qi Yun didn’t move so Chen Ying walked in and lowered his head and voice, “You are about to have an operation. The chairman was worried and asked me to come and look after you.”


Qi Yun didn’t speak for a long time. There were two people in the ward. One was standing and one was lying down. The atmosphere was weird.


Qi Yun took his hand away. His eyes were bloodshot and his lips were bloodless, “Go down. When Wanwan arrives, let me know.”


Chen Ying gave him a deep look and turned to leave the ward.


Xing Zhongwan walked out of the emergency building. As soon as he walked out, he heard that someone had jumped off the building. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the bloody man lying on the cart with a calm expression. Even if he died, it would have been better to commit suicide than to be hunted and killed by Qi Zongcheng. Xue Qing handed the medicine in her hand to Xing Zhongwan. Qi’s fourth young master jumped off the building and this was the best ending for him.


“Qi Yun finally drove his brother to death, how ruthless!” Xue Qing patted Xing Zhongwan on the shoulder and went to the parking lot.


Xing Zhongwan went to the inpatient department with the medicine bag in his hand. When he got out of the elevator, Xing Zhongwan saw Chen Ying at once.


“You’re back?”


Chen Ying glanced at him alertly, but suddenly felt that this man was a little different. The entire person was as quiet as a clear spring.


“Young madam.” Chen Ying bowed down to him. His ears heard Xing Zhongwan’s chuckling and the faint contempt in his laughter made Chen Ying raise his head in confusion. In the past, Xing Zhongwan had always been indifferent to the title Young Madam, but today…


When Chen Ying recovered, Xing Zhongwan had already disappeared in the corridor.


Xing Zhongwan opened the door of the ward, walked to Qi Yun’s bed, pulled up a chair beside him and watched him quietly. Qi Yun opened his eyes and smiled, “Wanwan, are you back?”


Xing Zhongwan pulled his sleeves to cover the bandage on his wrist, “Qi’s fourth young master is dead.”


Qi Yun was stunned before relaxing, “There is no pain after death.” After a pause, he asked, “Do you think I was too cruel and forced him to his death?”


Xing Zhongwan leaned on the back of the chair, resting his left hand on his forehead, “No, this was his choice. It was his fault that he ended up like this today.”


Qi Yun turned his head sideways, his expression was a little uneasy, “Wanwan, you always find excuses to cover up the darkness in my heart.”


Xing Zhongwan bent down his waist so he was close to Qi Yun. Qi Yun’s warm breath hit his cheek as Xing Zhongwan took out a string of beads from his pocket and wrapped it around Qi Yun’s hand, “This is what my mother gave me. I’m giving it to you. I hope it will get rid of all your lifetime’s anger inside you.”


Qi Yun held Xing Zhongwan’s hand. Wanwan’s hands were a little strange tonight. He reached out and touched the gauze on his wrist. Qi Yun stroked it a few more times uncertaintly, “Wanwan, you were injured.”


Xing Zhongwan took back his hand without a trace, “I accidentally scratched it on the way here just now. It’s nothing major. You will rest for a while. Your surgery is tomorrow so I will be watching you.


Qi Yun didn’t let go of Xing Zhongwan’s hand, “Wanwan, if I ever did something wrong and I confessed to you, would you forgive me?”


Xing Zhongwan raised his hand to cover Qi Yun’s eyes, “Don’t think about it. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. Have a good rest.” 


Qi Yun’s Adam’s apple gulped as he whiffed Wanwan’s hand that smelled of disinfectant.


“I want the first thing I see to be you, I have a lot to say to you.”


Xing Zhongwan patted the back of his hand, “Go to sleep.”


Qi Yun closed his eyes and Xing Zhongwan’s steady breathing made his tired body relax quickly as the unease in his heart finally failed to withstand the surging sleepiness.


He still has a lot of time, he will get better and become even better. He had a lifetime to seek forgiveness from Wanwan, as long as Wanwan gave him a chance.


While Qi Yun was asleep, Xing Zhongwan moved his hand from Qi Yun’s eyes before slowly moving down to his white and slender neck. As long as you exert force, yes, as long as you exerted force…


Xing Zhongwan chuckled lightly and withdrew his hands. He glanced at Qi Yun before finally getting up and leaving the ward. Chen Ying was standing at the door when he saw Xing Zhongwan, hurriedly following behind. Xing Zhongwan turned around and raised his mouth slightly, “We should have nothing to say to each other. Just stay, Secretary Chen.”


Chen Ying’s body froze. He was not the same… not the same anymore.


Qi Yun shaved his hair before entering the operating room. Xing Zhongwan smiled and said, “What a handsome little monk.” 


Qi Yun’s ears were red and he turned his head away a little embarrassedly. Fortunately, there was no one else in the ward.


“Sure enough, even a bald head can look attractive on a beautiful person.”


Xing Zhongwan squatted down in front of Qi Yun, “Don’t be nervous. It will be fine. Come on.”


Qi Yun raised his hand to hold Xing Zhongwan’s face, “Will you wait for me?”


Xing Zhongwan smiled and rolled his eyes, “Yes.”


Qi Yun bent down and slowly approached Xing Zhongwan, when their lips were about to touch, Xing Zhongwan tilted his head so Qi Yun’s kiss fell on his ear.


Qi Yun was a little disappointed and Xing Zhongwan said lightly, “It’s almost time, we should prepare.”


When Qi Yun was pushed into the operating room, he kept holding Xing Zhongwan’s hand until the moment they were separated. Qi Yun’s eyes were a little red. As Xing Zhongwan watched Qi Yun being pushed in, the hands that held onto him remained hanging outside the hospital bed.


The soft touch from Qi Yun on his ear was still there. Xing Zhongwan rubbed his tumbling stomach and walked quickly into the bathroom. Holding the washbasin with both hands, he retched constantly. Turning on the faucet and washing his face, Xing Zhongwan raised his head. The hair on his forehead was wet and drooping lifelessly, as the water droplets flowed down the straight bridge of his nose onto his plump lips.


Raising his hand to wipe off the water on his mouth, Xing Zhongwan went out of the bathroom. Before leaving, he glanced at the closed door of the operating room. He only took one glance. When the elevator door opened, Xing Zhongwan never looked back and entered the elevator.


In the cemetery of the Xing family, Xing Zhongwan put a bunch of hydrangeas in front of his mother’s grave. It was the first time he had come to see her since his mother moved in.


His mother’s tomb was well taken care of and it seemed that the caretaker was very attentive. When Xing Zhongwan came, there was already a bunch of hydrangea besides his own.


Xing Zhongwan took off his sunglasses, knelt down and kowtowed in front of his mother’s grave.


“I’m going back. It may be a long time before I can come back to see you, but you won’t be lonely, right? I know you are the happiest with them by your side.”


Xing Zhongwan stretched out his hand and patted his mother’s photo on the tombstone. There were footsteps coming from afar that drew nearer until they stopped beside him. Xing Zhongwan tilted his head, “Thank you, those hydrangea were probably from you.”


Xing Zhengping looked down at Xing Zhongwan, but did not answer his words.


“You took good care of my mother’s grave, thank you.”


Xing Zhengping snorted, but didn’t seem to have any intention to leave. Xing Zhongwan looked up and saw that he was looking at his mother’s photo in a daze.


Xing Zhongwan stood up straight and looked at him, “I know that you made a deal with Madam Qi to get rid of me through mom. In fact, you did not have to do this, I have never been interested in the Xing family or your position. Besides, you got your position based on your ability. The Xing family has come this far and as long as they maintain their duties, they won’t fall. Every year, I will make a sum of money into the company’s account. Consider it a thank you for taking care of my mother.” 


Xing Zhongwan’s didn’t know how much Xing Zhengping listened to his words. It was the first time that Xing Zhongwan looked at him so seriously.


Xing Zhengping was old, but you could still see how gentle and handsome he was when he was young.


“I really liked Qianyi.” Xing Zhengping suddenly said such a sentence, which made Xing Zhongwan stunned.


Xing Zhengping didn’t look at him, he was staring at his mother’s tombstone.


“When Xing Yanyin wanted to adopt me, I thought it was a joke after three days of delay. We were already distant relatives. No matter who he chose, it was impossible for him to choose me. That was the luckiest my life will get.”


“But I don’t think that was my greatest good fortune. My greatest luck was to marry your mother.”


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes widened and he almost laughed out loud. “That’s why you kicked her out of the Xing family?!”


“When Xing Yanyin asked me to marry Qianyi, I felt like I was dreaming. Xing Qianyi, the goddess in the eyes of many people back then, was willing to marry me, a poor country boy. I swore at the time that I would be good to her for the rest of my life. Even if she wanted the moon in the sky, I would find a way to pluck it off. But… After I got married, I found out that everything was completely different from what I thought. Your mother was indifferent. I thought that as long as I was nice to her, I would definitely be able to warm her heart. I didn’t mind that she already had you in her belly at that time and I was willing to treat you as my biological child for her. But… I thought too much, and when I finally found out the truth, the shock, anger, and shame made me clearly realize that I will never be as good as the person in her heart in my life. It’s too funny.


Xing Zhengping covered his reddened eyes.


“I wanted to be angry with her so I brought back a girl from the countryside and said that I had a relationship with a lover outside. I thought at the time that she would just scold me, but she didn’t. She asked me to take good care of myself! Hahaha, this is your mother. She stabbed my chest with a knife. When Xing Yanyin died, I thought she would pay more attention to me. Hahaha, no, so I took the paternity test certificate and threatened to leak this about the Xing family if she didn’t stay with me, but she would rather divorce me on the accusation of adultery! How could I bear it! Your presence was the greatest threat of them all. I have managed to get it all. Do you know how difficult it is for me as a country boy to climb up to where I am now? But you are different. The blood in your body can easily be used to trample over me.”


Xing Zhongwan listened quietly. At last, he asked him, “Are you happy now?”


Xing Zhengping was stunned. The resentment and guilt that had been surging in his heart was suddenly stopped by this sentence. 

Xing Zhongwan put on his sunglasses and looked at him, “When my mother was dying, the person who was the most sorry was you. She didn’t hate you for driving her out, but only hated herself for delaying your life.”


Xing Zhongwan went beside him, “There will be no change. Xing Zhongwan is no longer on the Xing family tree and no one will steal your position.”


Xing Zhongwan left as Xing Zhengping squatted down and wept in front of the tomb. He endured for a long time and finally couldn’t help but cry.


Xing Zhongwan walked a long way and suddenly looked back at Xing Zhengping curled up as the faint sound of his cries entered his ears.


In life, there are many mistakes to be made. The most important thing is to live the present well, not read into the past, and to live up to one’s original intentions.


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