Chapter 48 – This is the end of it all

Chapter 48 – This is the end of it all


Qi Yun went back to the ward as the bodyguards stood guard at the door. Qi’s fourth young master took the apple on the coffee table and took a bite, “Qi Yun, are you looking down on me or are you too confident in yourself? It’s just the two of us in this room, aren’t you afraid?”


Qi Yun sat in a wheelchair with a calm face, “Although you are not smart, you are not stupid. If something happens to me, it won’t end well for you.”


Qi’s fourth young master walked up to him and looked at him condescendingly, “I just don’t understand you. You hate me so much that you didn’t give me a chance to live. Qi Yun, is your heart made of stone?” 


Qi Yun turned his head sideways, “Don’t get too close to me. I don’t like the smell of your body.”


Qi’s fourth young master sullenly said, “You know why I don’t like you? You, son of a b-tch, are really unpleasant. Just because you were born earlier than me and became the eldest son and grandson, why should I make way for you? Why? Grandma likes you, grandpa likes you too. Why are you my elder brother? If you were weaker than me, then I wouldn’t hate you as much as I do today.”


Qi Yun rubbed his painful forehead, “We shouldn’t have come this far. I know you like to steal from me. Whether it’s things, women, or status. You came here so open and plainly, as if you are capable!”


Qi’s fourth young master sneered twice and simply sat down beside Qi Yun, “Which woman beside you never gave up on you? You are a heartless person so no matter how infatuated a woman is, she will give up after waiting for a heart that can never be warmed. That wh-re of the Qiu family. Did you know how much effort I spent to get her? That wh-re slept with me for so long, Qi Yun. Did you not know? You knew, you just didn’t care! You see everyone as a tool. Who did you put in your eyes? I just can’t stand you dying with that aloof expression.”


“But so what if she gave up on you. I asked that wh-re to steal documents from you, but she wouldn’t. What could I do? I could only drag her father out. Could Qiu Shihao have stayed in that position for so many years without any tricks? He jumped off the building and committed suicide after so I let you take the blame. The Qiu family hated you to death and as soon as I instigated her, she agreed. Hahaha. Qi Yun, why are you not dead? Your car was destroyed yet you could be saved from it. What a great life you have!”


Qi’s fourth young master shook his head and laughed as tears streamed from the corners of his eyes. The wound on his forehead opened up and blood flowed down his eyes. Qi’s fourth young master raised his hand and wiped it.


“I thought when you became paralyzed, mother would support me with all her strength. I didn’t expect that she would still hang onto your life and was not willing to let you die. Even after you became crippled, I still can’t fight you. I’m so discontent, Qi Yun!”


As Qi’s fourth young master shouted, the bodyguard at the door almost broke in.


Qi Yun turned dark as the corners of his mouth curled up. He looked at the past from Qi’s fourth young master’s point of view with contempt.


Qi’s fourth young master was annoyed and was about to pounce when Qi Yun’s next words made him stop,


“Do you know why? It’s because you are not the child of the Qi family at all. You are a bastard born to Guan Yang and her lover. “


Qi’s fourth young master was stunned with a look of disbelief on his face. After a long time, he seemed to recover from the huge shock, “Impossible! You are lying to me! Qi Yun, you are really vicious! You actually made up such a lie to deceive me. I!”


The disgust on Qi Yun’s face flashed by, “Actually, you already have the answer in your heart. There is the Qi family’s reaction since your mishap occurred as well as the Shen family that has ignored you since you were a child. A Yuan, you have done a lot of bad things to try to obtain a position that’s impossible for you. I don’t care how much dirty water you poured on me but your existence is a shame to the Qi family so Qi Zongcheng won’t keep you and he will let you die to understand this!”


Qi’s fourth young master was shaking his head frantically, “Impossible. It’s impossible. There’s no way, mother will save me, mother will save me!” At the end, Qi’s fourth young master’s voice became weaker and weaker. He couldn’t even convince himself with his own words


“Guan Yang won’t save you. She can’t even save herself now. It’s unforgivable to bring shame to the family. The Qi family can’t keep her and she can’t go back to the Guan family. What is she doing to save you? I’m afraid she only wants to draw a clear line between you two. Don’t you understand our mother and the thousands of calculations she makes in her head?”


Qi’s fourth young master’s eyes were empty and the wound on his forehead was bleeding a lot, “You knew it for a long time, but you have endured it until now and you have never thought about leaving me a way to live!”


“It’s not like you thought about giving me a way out to survive the car accident. A Yuan, it wasn’t bad being a young master who only ate and drank right? Our birthright and position were about the same. To have reached this point, you can’t blame others for it.”


Qi Yun’s cold and clear voice echoed in the ward. Qi’s fourth young master raised his head and his eyes were red and swollen, “Qi Yun, where did you get the idea that you are better than me? And how much better are you compared to our selfish and cruel mother with her blood engraved in your bones? Hahaha, does the little beauty beside you know that you drugged yourself? I went to that woman and she said that you drugged yourself that night. Does he know that you used such a dirty way to get him? Qi Yun, hahaha, do you think you are noble? You are also dirty and dirty to the core. Hahahaha, to drug the person you like, how can you do that, hahahaha!”


Hearing this, Qi Yun’s calm and self-controlled face finally cracked, “Shut up!”


Xing Zhongwan was standing at the door of the slightly opened ward. From this angle, he could just see Qi Yun’s profile. That alluringly beautiful face was like a beautiful flower, beautiful but evil.


The bodyguard next to him called out to the young madam but Xing Zhongwan took two steps back expressionlessly, “Don’t tell Qi Yun that I was here.”


After speaking, he bypassed the two bodyguards behind him and walked slowly along the long corridor of the hospital, leaving slowly.


He had promised Qi Yun that he would come back at night, but now he would rather he never came back and never heard what he just said.


His head was swollen and uncomfortable as his stomach began churning for a while. When the physical need to vomit hit him, Xing Zhongwan turned into the stairwell, bent down and retched for a while, but nothing came out.


His eyes turned red and the pain in his heart made his nose sore. After the pain was a burst of uncontrollable anger as he leaned against the wall with one hand. The jade green bracelet stung his eyes and he smashed it against the wall once, then twice…


The harsh sound of collision and the sharp pain in the wrist helped offset some of the discomfort that was like a knife to his heart. The brightly red blood splattered on the white wall as there was a crisp sound of the bracelet splitting into two pieces and falling to the ground.


Xing Zhongwan had a bloody tear on his wrist. As the blood dripped on the ground little by little, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth. It broke. It’s good that it’s broken. It has been long overdue. What secret method? Only he knew the secret method to unlock it? It was this simple all along. Qiyun, I was stuck in my own imaginary world’s impression of you. Your acting was too good, or it was because I didn’t want to admit it. That to me, you were soft and kind? I want to laugh when I think about it now. From beginning to end, I have never seen your true face clearly!


Xing Zhongwan’s wrist needed eight stitches. Xue Qing frowned against the wall. As Xing Zhongwan didn’t take anesthesia, his forehead was covered in sweat and his face was pale, but he never said a word.


Xue Qing sighed and said to the doctor who was suturing the wound, “Doctor, please sew it well, this kid has no small scars at all on his body.”


The doctor raised his eyes and glanced at Xing Zhongwan who refused to use the anesthetic. He didn’t know what to do. With such a beautiful face, the little nurses in the emergency room blushed as their hearts beat fast.


After so long without saying a word, he really managed to bear the pain. His temper was really big.


After cutting the medical tape, the doctor gave Xue Qing a list, “You have to take some anti-inflammatory drugs these days and reapply the medicine on time.” Xue Qing took it with a smile after the doctor went to see other patients. Only the two of them were left in the clinic.


Xue Qing sat opposite Xing Zhongwan, “You didn’t even use anesthesia. Do you think your body is made of iron? Does it hurt?”


Xing Zhongwan stared at the carefully bandaged wrist, “I purposely wanted to remember this pain!”


As he said this, he took out the broken bracelet from his pocket, “Find someone to return it.”


Xue Qing took the blood-stained bracelet and said nothing for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan got up and smiled at Xue Qing. Those long and narrow eyes were less playful and more cold. This was the first time he showed such an expression in his eyes since he returned to China.


Xue Qing breathed a sigh of relief, but was inexplicably uncomfortable.


This was the real Xing Zhongwan. There was a man who helped him shed his cold exterior, but today, everything has returned to how it was originally.


Xing Zhongwan hugged Xue Qing’s shoulders, “This is the end of it all.”


T/N: bWAHAHA… poor Qi Yun. Now it’s no longetr Qi Yun x Wanwan. It’s Qi Yun x consequences owo.

Hope you aren’t too angry about the quiz thingy and it’s consequences I posted in the previous chapters’ translator notes haha. I think I’m becoming a bit demented from translating so many chinese text… (As well as the dog blood drama that’s happening. Jeez, isn’t Qi Yun too cruel… Poor Wanwan… hurry and get outta that toxic place before you get swallowed up too~)

Usually, I hate it when authors use misunderstandings to make the story longer, but I believe Qi Yun deserved to repent and suffer a but for what he has done. It’s true he is not a good person and he should face anything that comes his way as a result of his betrayal, especially from Xing Zhongwan, who has sacrificed much for him. Else, he will not have learned anything.


Consider liking the writer’s work or buying a kofi for me <3 who knows, might update a lil faster hehe


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