(Vol.2) Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?

Chapter 13 – Have you seen enough?


Xing Zhongwan received a string of addresses and the passwords of the combination lock on his mobile phone and sent a smile to Zhong Gang with satisfaction. He opened the door and got out of the car where Emma had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the elevator in the basement.


When she saw Xing Zhongwan, Emma, ​​who was dressed in a white suit of an elite style, bowed down at him with a smile on her face, “Big boss.” Xing Zhongwan pointed at her with a smile, “I haven’t seen you for more than two years, but you’ve gotten more and more beautiful. Could it be that you want to stay here and don’t want to go back to the head office anymore?”


Emma followed Xing Zhongwan to the elevator, “I would like to thank the boss for giving me the opportunity to learn. I will go back to the boss and the head office in the future after studying more.” 


With the elevator door closed, Xing Zhongwan pulled down his sunglasses and looked at her, “It seems that Zhong Gang has taught you a lot in the past two years, which is good. Tell me about the branch office.”


Emma told him the general situation while standing behind Xing Zhongwan. Just as the elevator opened, Xing Zhongwan stepped out of the elevator loudly.


The branch established by Zhong Gang belonged to the entertainment department of the group. When it was established, they brought a group of artists from the head office. Xiao Ying was one of them and is now very popular. Emma was a very good agent for artists and had the means to lead. Now that the company is operating well, Xing Zhongwan was very satisfied.


Xing Zhongwan was used to leaving things to his employees. Only the TV station that was passed to him from the Xing family’s inheritance was carefully taken care of by himself. As for the rest, he was not interested as long as his investments made money and never lost.


He rarely visited the head office of the entertainment department even once a year, let alone a small brokerage company of the branch. Emma almost couldn’t believe it when she learned that Xing Zhongwan would be coming.


However, even if they referred to it as a small brokerage company, it was actually not. With great difficulty, Zhong Gang managed to bring the new company to its current position today in two years. To achieve the goal of being in the top ten of the industry tasked by Xing Zhongwan, Zhong Gang did not dare to slack off at all. Or else, who would let him go back to the head office to chase a certain person?


The branch office was located on the 33rd to 35th floors of the building where Qingyuan Capital was. When Xing Zhongwan went in, he passed the long office corridor. It was early in the morning and everyone was there. Seeing Emma bringing a man in, everyone was curious and carefully began to look around.


“Wow, who is the man next to Mrs Em? Oh my god, he’s too good-looking.”


“A new artist signed by the company? It doesn’t seem like that. Just look at that aura and those long legs, I’m going to faint!”


“Dong Zhong I’m sorry, but your status as a male god in my heart can no longer be guaranteed.”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t have time to pay attention to the whispers below. He just turned around and took off his sunglasses before entering the office and smiled to the front, making them all gasp in an instant.


Emma looked at the straight black line of people from behind. Boss, you are starting to mess around again.


Xing Zhongwan walked into the office and looked around. He was very dissatisfied. “Zhong Gang’s taste has not changed at all for so many years. Even his office decoration is so boring. It is so square that it is difficult to breathe.”


Emma looked ahead as Xing Zhongwan took off his suit and stretched his waist. As he stretched, his thin waistline wrapped in a dark blue shirt made Emma sigh. Boss, you look very criminal, okay? 


She and Xing Zhongwan have known each other for ten years so she has since gotten used to it, but the young people outside aren’t. Even if the big boss doesn’t reveal his identity, he could make a moth fly into the flames without caring for his life. However, even he himself doesn’t have such self-consciousness and causes raging hormones everywhere.


“Boss, when you liaise with the employees here, you cannot treat them according to the head office’s standards. The quality of the employees here range widely so if there is anything that makes you unhappy, please tell me and I will deal with it.”


Emma said this very vaguely. She was just saying it for the sake of telling the boss to keep it in a little bit as these children were no better than the old fritters in the head office, as they can’t stop pining for your affection.


Xing Zhongwan was looking down at the document and snorted when he heard what she said, “If they can’t even handle this beauty, then they should stop wasting time in this line of work as soon as possible.”


Emma covered her head and felt that she would do this a lot in the future. It was going to be a sad half a month.


“Tomorrow, No. 3 and No. 4 will come over. At that time, if you have any work, hand it over to them. List down your important itineraries and let me know first.”


Emma looked through the schedule with a look of embarrassment, “There is indeed one this year. The company has launched a new group to participate in the selection of a reality show. The heads of various brokerage companies will participate in the recording of the first episode and Dong Zhong has already agreed. Boss, you have to show your face on behalf of Dong Zhong. “


Emma knew Xing Zhongwan had always disliked appearing in front of the camera and resisted even taking his own pictures. In Country X, no matter how famous Xing Zhongwan was, only a few people knew his true appearance. The only time reporters were able to photograph him was at the annual royal family’s year-end reception.


Unsurprisingly, Xing Zhongwan frowned and lay down on the sofa on the side. At least Zhong Gang’s can boast about how comfortable it was to lie on his office sofa.


Emma hurriedly answered, “At most, it’ll just be a quick sweep from the camera.”


Xing Zhongwan really wanted to go to the hospital and drag Zhong Gang up at this time. Look how much trouble you have caused me.


Zhong Gang, who was drinking porridge in the hospital, suddenly felt a chill on his back and felt that his life after being discharged from the hospital would soon be difficult.


The arrival of Xing Zhongwan made the whole company a little invigorated. They all asked Emma’s assistant who the man who entered Zhong Dong’s office was. Emma’s assistant said with a cold face that if they wanted to continue working here, they should shut up for their sake, so everyone who was excited all morning quickly dispersed one after another.


Xing Zhongwan worked until five o’clock in the evening. It was much earlier compared to when he was in the head office. Looking at the time, he estimated that the secretary from his head office was still sleeping, so he stretched out and planned to go out for a walk. As soon as he left the office, he saw Xiao Ying and his publicity agent walking towards him. Xing Zhongwan leaned against the door of the office and crossed his arms in front of his chest. When they met at the bar that day, he didn’t realize that this child really grew up a lot. When Xiao Ying saw Xing Zhongwan, he stopped in surprise, before greeting the big boss. He saw Xing Zhongwan put a single finger in front of his plump lips before shushing him. Xiao Ying’s face quickly turned red as the publicity agent by his side was dumbfounded. She’s never seen her artist looking so shy. When she looked back again, the man who was leaning against the door was gone.


Xing Zhongwan went back to the office to answer a phone call. It was Shen Congxin who asked him out tonight. Xing Zhongwan agreed with a smile, this child is really doing his duty of taking care of him for Qi Yun. Thinking of Qi Yun gave him a headache, but Xing Zhongwan picked up the suit jacket on the sofa and sent Emma a message.


Going out for an appointment.


The bar Shen Congxin chose won over Xing Zhongwan heart. Xing Zhongwan’s big V-neck sweater was stuffed with god knows how many phone numbers while he made his way from the entrance of the bar to the deck. Xing Zhongwan took a sip of wine and threw a wink at the woman who had been staring at him diagonally for a long time. Shen Congxin who sat in front of Xing Zhongwan quickly blocked him out of the woman’s sight. If his eldest cousin knew about him bringing Xing Zhongwan here, he guessed that he would be skinned. But there was no other way, he had to maintain a good relationship with Xing Zhongwan before he could help his big cousin chase him.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t hide his smile, “I didn’t think that you would be quite good at playing, this place is a good find.”


Shen Congxin laughed. The corners of his eyes curved downwards till there was only a single slit left, “Zhongwan bro, if you like it, then that’s good.” Xing Zhongwan thought his expression of pretending to have fun while being in pain was very funny, especially since he was actually scared to death. Xing Zhongwan turned his head and shook the glass in his hand. Not far away, a man with a good appearance raised the glass in his hand to him. Xing Zhongwan held eye-contact with him and mouthed out a ‘no’.


He saw someone he was interested in tonight. However, with Shen Congxin here, he obviously couldn’t make a move. He had to get this kid out of the way. Xing Zhongwan suddenly got up and pulled Shen Congxin off the dance floor. The deafening music and the men and women writhing crazily on the dance floor all excited Xing Zhongwan. Shen Congxin was a little at a loss at the beginning and was quickly infected by the atmosphere. The men and women who were on the dance floor made it possible for Xing Zhongwan to plan his escape. He stuck out his tongue in excitement to wet the corners of his mouth. It’s time to start eating meat after being a vegetarian for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan watched Shen Congxin, who was jiving along with the music, before disappearing under the colorful lights through the crowded crowd. By the time Shen Congxin stopped dripping with sweat, Xing Zhongwan had long disappeared.


Qi Yun was supposed to attend a dinner party in the evening, but he was distracted. He was thinking about where Xing Zhongwan would move to avoid him today. This was the third house he moved to. Qi Yun was a little impatient and even a little angry. Why did Zhong Gang buy so many houses?


“Qi Yun, Qi Yun?” The grandiose old man in front of him called out to him twice before Qi Yun said back to his senses, “You’re right, I really need to improve in this regard.” The old man with a displeased face then eased up. After changing his expression, he was still very optimistic about Qi Zongcheng’s grandson, even if he was decisive and ruthless in doing things.


“After the official business, let’s talk about private affairs. That wild girl from my family has been rolling around in the army for so many years and has reached the age for marriage. She is about the same age as you and also well matched. If she were to enter into your family register, your grandfather would definitely be happy.”


Qi Yun had no expression on his face, so the old man added, “The election is coming soon, and it should be a great joy for you.” 


The old man was implying that if he married his girl, the position as leader of the army would be his’ from now on.


Qi Yun’s eyes flicked over the pile of military ranks on the old man’s shoulders and said lightly, “The general is mistaken about love.” 


The old man froze for a moment and smiled, “Could it be that it is really as the rumours said, that you are still in love with the woman who took care of you back then. Don’t forget, people who accomplish big things can’t be entangled with these kinds of childish love.”


Thinking of Xing Zhongwan’s eyes, Qi Yun had some smiles in his eyes. At this time, the secretary came over and said a few words in his ear. Qi Yun’s expression changed and the wine glass in his hand was placed on the tray of the waiter. He promptly apologized and quickly walked out of the venue.


The old man touched his shiny bald head. He has never seen this kid so panicked, what happened?


It was indeed a big incident. They lost track of the young madam again. Shen Congxin was about to cry. He shouldn’t have had fun, it was bad that his cousin-in-law was gone. When Qi Yun got into the car, as he listened to Shen Congxin on the phone talking non-stop, his face became more and more ugly. Xing Zhongwan was smart so he could easily get rid of people. Where could he be at this point?


From Shen Congxin’s hesitant words, it is not difficult to guess how debauchedly Xing Zhongwan had spent this evening. Qi Yun rubbed his aching eyebrows. He was in a bad mood. The secretary beside him dared not speak. If he accidentally hit a sore spot, he might explode.


His phone rang, and soon there was a reply saying that the surveillance was turned on and the young madam was found at the door of a hotel. However… the young madam seemed to have entered with a lady and her arms slung around him.


The secretary didn’t dare to hide it. Qi Yun listened with an expressionless face, as the hand on his side had already clenched into a fist, “Which hotel?”


The secretary quickly mentioned its name, before finally adding, “The security is very hard.” After following Qi Yun and being by his side for the past few years, he understood Qi Yun’s temper.


Qi Yun looked ahead and released his clenched right hand before looking out the window coldly. The secretary sighed, “Understood, I’ll proceed.”


When Qi Yun arrived at the hotel, the person in charge of the hotel was already trembling while waiting at the door. He was stopped by the bodyguard before he could speak to Qi Yun. Qi Yun arrived at the 17th floor with a cold face. He stopped at the door with the key card, and his graceful eyebrows wrinkled before pursing his lips and swiping the card to open the door.


As soon as the door opened, a person suddenly flew in front of him. Qi Yun lowered his head and looked at the man with his upper body by his feet. His eyes slightly widened as he walked quickly through the short corridor.


He saw Xing Zhongwan wrapped in a bath towel on his lower body, holding a cigarette in his left hand and swinging a fruit knife in his right hand with raised brows. He was looking at the man who was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach in front of him.


“It’s really disappointing. Playing mind games with Laozi’s head.”


Xing Zhongwan exhaled a puff of smoke and when he turned around, he saw Qi Yun who was staring at him. Sigh, someone who made him more disappointed has arrived.


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the soft carpet and sat down with one foot placed on the armrest of the sofa. His long and straight legs could blind another’s eyes. The bath towel wrapped around him was split between his legs because of this movement. The black shadow below could easily draw one’s line of sight.


This was the first time that Qi Yun has seen Xing Zhongwan’s body. He already knew that he was in good shape, but the impact of the real picture under the bright light still made Qi Yun take a deep breath. The solid body, as well as the liquid, whether it was sweat or water, slid down the white glowing skin, past the pinkish nubs on his chest and along the beautifully shaped abs on his firm belly.


Qi Yun didn’t dare to move, his ears were a little hot. But it was obvious that he was hot elsewhere too.


The urge to hug him has never been so strong, and he couldn’t help but blurt out Wanwan. The hoarseness and faint call made Xing Zhongwan narrow his eyes and raise his chin slightly with a terrible expression, ” Have you seen enough?”

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