Chapter 12 – Become the door guardian while I leave


The person outside the villa did not affect Xing Zhongwan’s sleep and he slept till dawn. He got up in the morning and simply washed up, put on some exercise clothes and went downstairs for a morning run. Before that, he connected his headset and dialed his secretary’s phone. Due to the time difference, Xing Zhongwan was used to dealing with his conglomerate’s affairs in the morning. While listening to the secretary reporting his daily appointments in an orderly manner, Xing Zhongwan opened the door and walked out.


The car was still there, as well as the people too. It wasn’t very bright in the morning during early winter after six o’clock. Xing Zhongwan put on a pair of earphones and turned a blind eye to the man standing at the door. He instructed his secretary with a few words to make some preparations before running around the community.


Shen Congxin leaned against the car door and bit into a fruit pancake. He felt that his cousin-in-law’s figure was really priceless. If only he could have half of his build. When he turned his head in disappointment, he accidentally saw Qi Yun. Seeing the man who hadn’t slept all night while acting as the door guardian, staring into the direction where Xing Zhongwan ran away in a trance made Shen Congxin swallow the pancakes in his mouth with difficulty, “Big cousin, we have to go back. It’s almost time for you to go back and change your clothes at nine o’clock in the morning.”


Qi Yun didn’t reply and just stood there in a daze. Qi Yun told himself not to be sad about Xing Zhongwan’s attitude towards himself because it was just a front, so his heart was very steady. It was okay to ignore him, as long as he could see him, it was fine.


Qi Yun closed his red eyes, he really should leave.


When he moved his already stiff legs and feet, the piercing pain hit him and he almost couldn’t stand. The bodyguard beside him stepped forward to help him but he was stopped. He opened the car door and sat in the car. His face did not look good as Shen Congxin handed him a thermos cup. Qi Yun did not raise his hand to accept it, but instead covered his forehead, “You stay and watch.”


Shen Congxin opened the door and prepared to get out of the car when Qi Yun suddenly changed his mind, “Forget it. Wanwan doesn’t like people watching him, let’s go.”


Shen Congxin moved his aching buttocks from sitting all night, “Big cousin, what if my big cousin-in-law goes back to country X?”


Qi Yun silently looked out the window. Shen Congxin stopped asking questions as this is what his big cousin is afraid of. If his cousin-in-law really leaves, will he chase him or not? He was not happy after chasing his cousin-in-law, but he was also unsettled if he didn’t chase him. Whatever he did, it was all wrong.


Xing Zhongwan ran back while the sky turned bright. The cars and people downstairs have gone. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he entered the door passcode and entered the villa. Turning on the TV to watch the news, Xing Zhongwan took a bath, changed his clothes and came out in good spirits. He was just pouring himself a glass of milk when the doorbell rang.


Xing Zhongwan opened the door, it was the courier company. The dozen or so large boxes stunned him. He signed the order and asked the delivery man of the courier company who delivered it. Just as he was about to call Xue Qing, his cell phone rang. The number was an unfamiliar one, so Xing Zhongwan picked it up. There was some noise on the other side, but Xing Zhongwan was familiar with the voice of the speaker.


“Have you returned home? I sent over a few things you could use…I…have you had breakfast?” Qi Yun’s tone seemed to be deliberating for a long time, but Xing Zhongwan was not surprised that he was so quick to find his mobile phone number. This was not country X, so it was quite difficult to conceal his actions from him.


Xing Zhongwan felt very irritated while looking at the dozen large boxes, “First of all, thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it.” After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone neatly and then called the community property staff to find a few people to throw the things away. The dozen or so big boxes didn’t even get a chance to be opened and looked at. He then got out his car keys and got ready to go out for a walk. He will be leaving tomorrow so he wanted to have a good meal. Just after he put on one of his shoes, Xue Qing’s phone call came. Xing Zhongwan felt funny. Why are you giving me a call so early in the morning? 


“Laoxing, Zhong Gang has been admitted to the hospital and he won’t be able to come out for ten days to half a month. During this time, you should take care of the branch’s affairs.”


Xing Zhongwan stopped putting on his shoes and switched his hand to answer the phone, “That can’t be, he was still so lively last night. How did he end up in the hospital and won’t be able to get out for ten days to half a month? What’s the situation?”


“He has delayed his appendix operation until now for the company. Yesterday he was in pain and went to the hospital to get help. As a boss, show some conscience.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “What appendix operation? Is it so serious that he needs to be hospitalized for ten days to half a month?”


Xue Qing explained, “He hasn’t ever taken an annual leave for two years since he came to China, so you should give him some time. He needs a good rest. Don’t talk nonsense. There are so many people looking after the head office for you. But not the branch office. I have something to do with Laocheng and we are going to fly back today. That’s all, so let’s hang up.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Xing Zhongwan looked at the phone blankly. Zhong Gang, you really chose this time to be sick.


Zhong Gang, who wasin very much pain, was indeed admitted to the hospital. It was true that he had dragged the appointment to cut his appendix. He had the operation last night, but he didn’t have the absolute need to rest for ten days to half a month. When Xue Qing called, he was pressed by Cheng Zhengzhe on the hospital bed as he listened to Xue Qing’s serious nonsense, who described his hard-working image, working for the company until he became so weak that he would fall if the wind blew on him. The only thing that made him happy was that Cheng Zhengzhe was next to his body. Being sick had its perks. 


“Zhong Gang, during this period of time, you should take a vacation and take a good rest. If Laoxing asks, you can just say you don’t feel good. Didn’t you always say that this branch was treated like an adopted son? Let him watch over it these few days, and let Laocheng stay and take care of you.”


As soon as these words came out, Zhong Gang’s handsome face immediately lit up and Cheng Zhengzhe immediately jumped several meters away from him, “I’m leaving, I’d rather go to shit.”


Xue Qing lifted her wrist to look at the time, “Stop talking, I have to go. Remember, don’t let unnecessary words slip from your mouth.”


Cheng Zhengzhe followed closely behind her and Xue Qing was extremely disgusted, “Stay and take care of Zhong Gang.”


Cheng Zhengzhe’s face turned pale, “A nurse is enough for him. Is he such a delicate big man?”


When Zhong Gang heard this, he immediately covered his wound and groaned. Cheng Zhengzhe frowned and crossed Xue Qing to open the door before quickly walking out.


Seeing his appearance, Zhong Gang smiled bitterly and said to Xue Qing, “I’m not in a hurry, give him time.” Xue Qing really wanted to step forward and kick him when he saw Zhengzhe’s noncommittal appearance, “Then I’ll go first back first and settle some things. I’ll come back when I’m done. I’ll have to trouble you and Emma during this time. The matter of Qi Yun depends on Laoxing’s attitude, if he doesn’t say anything, we’ll just do our part.”


Zhong Gang nodded to show his understanding and Xue Qing then went to catch the plane with confidence.


As soon as Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe left, Xing Zhongwan came in the afternoon and came to visit his good employee with a fruit basket and flowers.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Zhong Gang up and down. This man looked well to him although Xue Qing said on the phone that he was going to die. He took a deep breath, “You have a good rest. You can ask Emma to handle the affairs of the branch, as well as leave it to me.”


“Has boss gotten used to living there? Please tell me if you need anything during your time in China.”


Xing Zhongwan took out an apple from the fruit basket and tossed it in the air twice. “I really need a car.”


Zhong Gang picked up his mobile phone and made a call to his secretary. Soon the secretary came over with the keys and Zhong Gang handed them to Xing Zhongwan, “Boss, this is the key to the basement below the branch office. If you like the cars in it, please take them.”


Xing Zhongwan bit the apple and took the key unceremoniously before gesturing to him an ‘ok’.


Xing Zhongwan left the hospital and went to the basement of the branch office. When he opened the basement door, he couldn’t help but whistle. Zhong Gang really collected a lot of good cars. Xing Zhongwan went in and looked at the cars before taking out his mobile phone. He called the secretary far away in country X, “I guess it will take a while. Ask No. 3 and No. 4 to prepare to fly over as soon as possible.” In Xing Zhongwan’s secretary office, all of the secretaries were numbered for the convenience of summoning them. He thinks that since he has to stay with the people around him for a while, he has to be able to use them easily so his work efficiency will be greatly improved if he transferred the people from the head office over here.


Choosing a black 4×4 vehicle, Xing Zhongwan drove out of the basement and onto the elevated road. Xing Zhongwan frowned and decided to buy a car.


When he arrived at the 4S store, he was told that it would take more than a month for all the cars he wanted to be imported. Xing Zhongwan was depressed and simply called the secretary to have his car shipped by air. Only then did he decide on a place to eat at, with satisfaction. As soon as he started the car, his phone rang. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the number and didn’t want to answer it. But the caller obviously didn’t want to give up, so his phone kept ringing. Xing Zhongwan glanced at the phone’s battery and took it without a choice, “Hello?” 


After a while of silence, a deep male voice came from the other end of the phone, “It’s time to eat. Have you eaten?”


“Don’t call me again.”


After speaking, Xing Zhongwan neatly hung up the phone and blocked the number.


Qi Yun stared blankly at the phone with a black screen before dialing it, but the line was always busy. As the secretary on the side watched his face get darker little by little, his voice which had been reporting on work also got softer and softer. Qi Yun covered his phone on the table. Who knew what he was thinking. The door of the office opened and the visitor said a few words in the secretary’s ear, before he signaled for him to go out with a smile on his face, “There is news from the foreign affairs office that the young madam has extended his visa period.”


Qu Yun raised his head. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but tug upwards. If that was extended, does it mean that he won’t be leaving in the near future?


The secretary knew that Qi Yun was happy, “I heard that the young madam went to look at car today, but he didn’t choose any.”


Qi Yun got up and walked a few steps, his pale face was probably brightened by the happiness in his heart, “Call Shen Congxin.”


It was past 10 pm when Xing Zhongwan returned to the villa. He ran on the treadmill for half an hour, took a shower and got ready to sleep. He passed by the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw some people downstairs with the same car as last night.


Xing Zhongwan looked at the time. It was after eleven o’clock at night. Was this person not going to sleep? With a cold snort, he turned off the lights and went upstairs. He didn’t know that the man downstairs was stunned for a long time because of his figure passing by the floor-to-ceiling window.


Qi Yun was very tired. After a day’s journey, his body urgently needed a rest, but he couldn’t help himself. The urge to see Xing Zhongwan made his tired body extremely excited. He just wanted to watch him quietly, even if he did not see anyone, he just wanted to guard his house.


He took out the medicine bottle from his pocket, poured two pills out before swallowing them raw. Three months later, there will be the general election, and various events will follow. Qi Yun was considered young to be in his current position, and there were many people who were jealous and wanted to pull him down. On the surface, he has been promoted very quickly in the past few years, but only he himself knew how much suppression and how many conspiracies there were. He made it step by step, soaked in blood, and he was only one step away from the top. He should keep a low profile and not let people get a handle on his weakness but he didn’t want to. He knew very well who he was here for, fighting for things he didn’t like and doing bloody things for half his life. He was tired, but he couldn’t stop. Because his Wanwan is too good, he must have the ability to keep his current position if he wants to keep Wanwan. Qi Yun can only imagine how much resistance there will be for someone of his identity and Wanwan’s identity to be together, but he is not afraid of trouble. Xing Zhongwan was the luck of his life, and Qi Yun was willing to use all of his’ to get him back.


Xing Zhongwan got up early in the morning and was about to visit the branch office. When he went out, Qi Yun was gone, but what was going on with the dozen or so sports cars parked at the door?


It was not known where Shen Congxin popped out from, “Big cousin, you You want to go out.”


Xing Zhongwan pointed to a row of cars at the door, “What’s going on?”


Shen Congxin ‘hehe’-ed, “Seven days a week you can choose any car to your liking. If you don’t like them, I will change them until you like them.”


Xing Zhongwan beckoned to him while looking at the rows of very exaggerated supercars of different colors. Shen Congxin ran over happily. He was much shorter than Xing Zhongwan, so he could only raise his head to look at him, “Cousin-in-law, do you have something to tell me?”


Xing Zhongwan squinted slightly and those long and narrow eyes looked straight at him. Watching this scene so early in the morning made him a little riled up. Shen Congxin’s nose started to heat up again after being hit by this beauty.


“Change what you call me and we can still be friends. Do you know where to have fun at night around here?” 


Xing Zhongwan really liked this child. He was happy-go-lucky which made others happy when they saw him too. He truthfully didn’t want to see Qi Yun, but there was no need to turn his anger on Shen Congxin.


Shen Congxin took a breath, “That, of course I know. Cousin-in… Ai, Zhongwan bro, I’ll take you there.”


 Xing Zhongwan smiled and pointed to the row of cars, “Take these all back. Parking here will only block the road for others.”


After speaking, he turned around and got into Zhong Gang’s plain-looking 4×4 vehicle.


Qi Yun, you are too fast. When I wanted to buy a car in the front, you have already sent the cars here in the back.


He called Zhong Gang, “Zhong Gang, how many houses do you own?”


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