(Vol. 2) Chapter 24 – Entering the Urn

Chapter 24 – Entering the Urn


Xing Zhongwan returned to Country X just in time for the royal family’s year-end banquet. As a member of the royal family who is 180th place in line for the throne, he was often sought after not for his identity, but his wealth.


His energy had long depleted after being forced to pretend to laugh since his arrival while also dealing with the complicated banquet process. He finally got some free time and loosened his tie. He was sitting in a lounge to have a cigarette when he was caught by Aisha.


“Wan, I finally found you, I didn’t have a chance to talk to you today.”


Aisha smiled and sat beside him, wanting to light a cigarette for him. Xing Zhongwan withdrew his fingers and calmly avoided it, “Speaking of business, it’s not good for you to smile like this.”


Aisha pointed out darkly, “Guess what those people outside are thinking? My grandfather is already in poor health, they are wondering if there will be a queen next?”


Xing Zhongwan took out a lighter and lit a cigarette, “What do you want me to help you with?”


Aisha folded her arms and opened her eyes wide, “I know that you are the smartest Wan. I need an opportunity and my break would be at the joint railway infrastructure project between two countries.”


Xing Zhongwan put out the cigarette in his hand in the ashtray, “I can’t help you with this project. I don’t plan to go back to China anymore, you can find someone else to help you.”


Aisha didn’t expect Xing Zhongwan to refuse so bluntly, “Wan, I know you and President Qi know each other. He is still the head of the Shen family, so if he can help, then…”


Xing Zhongwan suddenly stood up with a serious expression, “Aisha, I can’t help you with this matter. As long as the project is viable, it can be negotiated without pulling these sorts of strings. And I am done with Qi Yun. Whether you are in country X or going to be visiting with a business group soon, you can’t talk to anyone about our relationship.”


Aisha rarely saw Xing Zhongwan so solemn after so many years with him. When it comes to them working together, Xing Zhongwan’s attitude has always been soft and he will always show her courtesy due to her status as a royal princess, but this time…


It’s a pity for Aisha. After all, as long as the railway infrastructure is partnered up with the Shen family and solidified by the relationship with Qi Yun, there will be no difficulty.


“I understand, Wan. Since you don’t want it, I won’t force it. I believe I can negotiate with my own strength.”


Xing Zhongwan walked over and hugged the petite woman. Aisha laughed, “You don’t need to worry about me. But I’m really curious about you and President Qi. Do you really both have nothing to do with each other, as you said? I’m just being gossipy, but I can see that he likes you very much.”


Xing Zhongwan tidied up his loose tie and smiled at Aisha, “You think too much, my little aunt.”


Aisha shrugged, “It’s a pity, you are both a good match for one another.”


Xing Zhongwan came home from the banquet dazed. He thought about going to bed early to rest but couldn’t sleep, so he just sat in the yard with some wine while enjoying the breeze. Sitting alone quietly would make anyone feel lonely, so he simply let the housekeeper turn on the water fountains but it was awkward to watch the fountains alone as he drank wine while the cold breeze blew.


It’s been a while since he returned to Country X. Even if he didn’t pay attention to news about Qi Yun, the wind still carried some news to his ears. No. 3 and No. 4 supported and really liked Qi Yun, so when he was busy, they always put some updates regarding Qi Yun on his desk. Xing Zhongwan did not inhibit their behavior, but read each one carefully. As he thought, once he returned to Country X, Qi Yun didn’t have anyone holding him back to start his counterattack. However, in Xing Zhongwan’s opinion, Qi Yun was always riding a sinking boat, so he was still a little worried.


Rubbing his aching forehead, the sound of the water fountain couldn’t calm him down so he tipped his head back and drank down a glass of red wine. Xing Zhongwan had some ideas when he heard Aisha’s proposal, but the thought only flashed in his mind for a second. If he follows the business group, he will inevitably run into Qi Yun. The general election is less than a month away. If something goes wrong at this time…


Xing Zhongwan roughly set the cup down on the small table beside him. He got up and the old housekeeper behind him dr4p3d on a thick night robe around him, Xing Zhongwan slowly paced around the huge fountain. There were no stars in the skies of X country. Xing Zhongwan raised his neck and his eyes were dark. Qi Yun, are you also looking at the same night sky as me?


Qi Yun looked at the photo in his hand. It  was the only family portrait of Xing Zhongwan, and it was when he was still a baby. He was still reluctant to return this photo and secretly kept it. When there was a knock on the door, Qi Yun put the photo back into his coat, “Come in.” 


The doctor walked up to him and sighed, “She’s been retrieved. Do you want to meet her? After all, she’s your biological mother.”


Qi Yun was indifferent. He stared at the door of the emergency room not far away, “I’m afraid she doesn’t want to see me. She can’t wait to bite me to death now.”


“I’m not advising you, but there are already so many rumors outside the election. No accidents can occur to her for now, think for yourself.” 


The doctor pushed open the door and went out. Qi Yun suddenly remembered the phone call he received early this morning from the hospital before he rushed over to Guan Yang’s room which had blood all over the floor. There was a hint of mockery in Qi Yun’s eyes, so she couldn’t bear to continue living anymore? Mother, you disappoint me so much.


Qi Yun stood by the hospital bed and looked at Guan Yang, “Can’t you hold on a little longer? I want you to live to see me stand in that position. I want to share a milestone much worthy of celebration with you.”


Guan Yang was indifferent. She turned her haggard face, “Qi Yun, you are so cruel. You still think you deserve to be called my son?”


Qi Yun’s leg hurt a little so he sat on the side of Guan Yang’s bed and smiled, “I remember my dearest mother hated my smile the most. You mentioned that my smile was like the Shen family’s.” Qi Yun slowly approached Guan Yang and said in her ear, “Though I think I’m the most like you.You’ve always wanted to get rid of me time and time again, but it hurts very much to have knives stabbing my body, mother. I have never been a good-tempered person, so I can’t help but to return your kindness and let you live as well as me. I only have a problem with those from the Guan family… is being obedient not amicable? Why do you want to gather them as my obstacles? Don’t worry, their days are numbered and they won’t have to feel lonely for long. They will get used to being stabbed sooner or later. Maybe when I’m tired of playing with them, I’ll collect some dirt to relieve them of these games.”


Guan Yang stared into his eyes and almost shed bloody tears, “Qi Yun, you are not human!”


Qi Yun stood up, took off his coat and then his shirt until his upper body was bare. His thin and fair chest was filled with staggered scars.


Pointing to the scar in the middle that almost split his chest into two, “Mother, remember this? That car accident, your kind son, otherwise known as my own benevolent brother, caused it himself. I almost died on the operating table after two open-heart surgeries.”


His finger moved down towards a wound that was still very new, “I almost never woke up again because of this knife. This is what my generous grandfather, you, the Guan family behind you, and the countless people who wanted Qi Yun dead did.”


Qi Yun took his shirt and slowly put it back on, “You are the least qualified to say that. I don’t deserve to be a human being? Then what about you?”


Guan Yang’s face was ashen. She was paralyzed on the hospital bed, deflated. Qi Yun’s scars all over his body made her eyes widen.


Qi Yun turned around slowly, “If you want the Guan family in prison to suffer less, stop doing stupid things. Do not assume that I don’t know about your secret connections. You know what my bottom line is.”


In country X, Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes abruptly. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, took a deep breath and slowly sat up from the bed.


The phone by his bedside suddenly rang and Xing Zhongwan picked it up. He got up, suddenly frowned and jumped out of bed quickly. Three days ago, Aisha left with a business group from country X and Xue Qing went with her on behalf of the group. Before leaving, Xue Qing joked that if she ran into Qi Yun, she would shun him. Xing Zhongwan didn’t expect to receive the news of her car accident just three days later.


When Xing Zhongwan got on the plane, his whole body was cold and his palms were sweating. Cheng Zhengzhe was still on a business trip in another country, Xing Zhongwan didn’t dare tell him and just took No. 3 and No. 4 on a private plane while submitting a private flight route application to country X’s foreign affairs office. He didn’t even discuss it with Aisha. Xing Zhongwan leaned on the back of the plane seat with his eyes closed and never spoke on the flight.


No. 3 poured a glass of warm water for him but Xing Zhongwan pushed it away and fell into contemplation.


Qi Yun received a call from the foreign affairs office in the afternoon and was a little surprised when he received the news that Country X applied for diplomatic assistance and a private flight route. This was not like Wanwan’s behavior and something must have happened. Sure enough, that was when the news of Xue Qing’s car accident immediately reached his ears.


After all, the situation was no simple matter.


On the day Xing Zhongwan flew back to China, he had contacted Aisha as soon as he got off the plane. He then rushed to the hospital to see Xue Qing.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Xue Qing who had a cast on one leg and many scratches on her face, his tense body finally relaxing a little, “Fortunately, you weren’t permanently disfigured.”


Xing Zhongwan walked to Xue Qing’s side, squatted down and took her into his arms. Xue Qing patted his back, “You shouldn’t have come, Laoxing.”


Xing Zhongwan let go of her and looked at her carefully again, “If it was me who was lying on the bed now, would you and Laocheng leave me alone?”


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes were firm, and the dark blue in his eyes showed that he was alright with the physical fatigue. Instead, the torment to his heart was the most painful.


“Laoxing, listen to me. Our entire delegation was involved in a car accident and the official news had announced it as an accident. But it was very obvious who the target of the car that hit us was. I could see that it clearly drove out of its way to come in our direction. I’m a native of country X, and have no enemies in China, so why did they want to kill me? The target was not me, but you! This person wanted to draw you back into the country. You know better than me why they’re doing this.”


Xing Zhongwan looked solemn as Xue Qing straightened her body, “Laoxing, the general election is close and everyone’s fighting chaotically. When Qi Yun makes a move, he never leaves anyone any leeway from the start. Now, many people hate him and want to kill him, but he is too stringent about his work, so it is impossible to leak anything about him. Due to this, they are all staring at you now. You must go back immediately before you get pulled into the crossfire.”


Xing Zhongwan got up and took a few steps around the ward. His eyes narrowed slightly as his fists clenched into the pockets of his jacket. He pressed his lips tightly together. Xue Qing endured the pain, “Laoxing, what do you think?”


Xing Zhongwan stopped and looked at her, “I had a dream on the day you had an accident. I dreamed that Qi Yun died and he was full of bloody holes.”


Xue Qing opened her mouth. She was speechless for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan’s forehead tensed up and his snow-white skin was now full of blue veins, “I’ve never had such a dream, but I know it’s not a good sign.”


Xue Qing understood and she exhaled, “I respect your decision.”


Xing Zhongwan stared at the glass window of the ward. He always felt that something would happen to Qi Yun at this time. He was in a hurry to come back because of Xue Qing and because of that dream.


If there is something that he must face, then bring it on. Since he can’t avoid it and will be dragged into this game, he is not afraid. He left this country so he would not become a bargaining chip for others to threaten Qi Yun, but Xing Zhongwan couldn’t bear it if his friends were hurt by those who were trying to lure him back to China.


Five years ago I was able to protect Qi Yun, and I can do it five years later too, so let’s wait and see.


He stretched out his hand and drew a circle on the misted glass window. That dream, it absolutely cannot come true.


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