(Vol. 2) Chapter 25 – Counterattack

Chapter 25 – Counterattack


Xing Zhongwan wore a suit when he joined Aisha’s business group the next day. Aisha was a little nervous, but there were no other major problems. She was not too surprised to see Xing Zhongwan, and the two entered the small conference room from the side.


As soon as they entered the door, Aisha suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and her rigid little shoulders finally relaxed, “Wan, I feel so relieved after seeing you. When Xue had an accident, I almost thought my uncle was responsible for the accident. But when I think about it, it’s impossible. He doesn’t have the ability to nor the courage. The situation here is very complicated. You can take Xue back, I can do this alone.”


Xing Zhongwan took out a strawberry candy from his pocket and peeled off the candy wrapper before stuffing it into Aisha’s mouth. Aisha stared at him blankly and ate the pink candy in her mouth, “Every time I’m unhappy, you always use this to coax me.”


“They are targeting me. Aisha, don’t worry about anything else. Just do a good job with this joint-venture case and then go back to Country X. I will oversee the whole process. Remember that you are the first in line to the throne. In the future, I will still be in your light, up-and-coming Your Majesty.” 


Aisha somewhat understood why Xing Zhongwan refused to follow her back in the first place and it was still the same now.


“I really don’t need to do anything?” Aisha wanted to confirm it one last time. Above all else, Xing Zhongwan was her indispensable supporter and ally.


Xing Zhongwan tidied up the cufflinks on his shirt and said with a smile, “What you have to do is to discuss this joint-venture and return to Country X safely. I also have things I should do.”


At the afternoon meeting, Xing Zhongwan followed up with the key group members under Aisha. The other group representatives of country X were somewhat surprised as Xing Zhongwan never participated in this kind of trip, but when they thought of Xue Qing’s car accident, these old coots kept silent. The tricks happening behind-the-scenes here had nothing to do with them. They fell in line in order to seek development opportunities to make money and did not gossip about personal grievances. However, the domestic follow-up group was different. The media-person in charge of covering news about X country’s royal family has only heard about him scarcely and most of them are seeing him for the first time. They are surprised at his youth and his appearance. Some who were from the same generation as Xing Yanyin’s described his looks to be almost similarly wonderful.


But the one who was the most surprised and excited was Shen Congxin.


That’s right, poor, young comrade Shen was pushed out again to represent the group in participating in this boring and complicated meeting. He was so sleepy that he yawned but ran up to Xing Zhongwan as soon as he saw him.


Xing Zhongwan, who was sitting next to Aisha, smiled at Shen Congxin, causing young comrade Shen’s face to flush red. This was the first time he saw his cousin-in-law in a suit. It was so scary. What was this look of a forbidden beauty? Shen Congxin resisted the urge to tip off his cousin. At the dinner party in the evening, he finally found a chance to speak with Xing Zhongwan.


Xing Zhongwan smiled and sent away a person who clearly wanted to discuss a joint-venture with him while secretly wanting to inquire about his relationship with Xing Yanyin. Xing Zhongwan vaguely remembered that this man was an old friend of his grandfather. He was secretly complaining and adding up the amount of times the old man had laughed with crow’s feet in his eyes in this one night, and it was almost more times than a normal person would laugh in an entire week.


Shen Congxin brought a wine glass over and the two clinked their glasses. Shen Congxin asked excitedly, “Is Sister Xue Qing okay?”


Xing Zhongwan swirled his glass, “What else could happen to her? She just broke one leg and two ribs…”


Xing Zhongwan’s long drawl made Shen Congxin a little horrified.


“Go back and tell your cousin that since I’m staying here, I have a plan. I, Xing Zhongwan, am not soft. Xue Qing’s accident will not be in vain. I have thought it out, so tell him not to find someone to follow me around.” Xing Zhongwan thought for a while and added, “It’s not that I don’t like it. I know that he has good intentions to protect me, but I can’t have any link with him in the current situation, or at least I can’t be caught with him. Since I am here, it will be easy to find some evidence of our connection.”


Shen Congxin nodded, “Brother Zhongwan, then you have to be more careful from now on. But haven’t you withdrawn all your secret connections in the country?”


Xing Zhongwan took a sip of champagne as he raised his long and narrow eyebrows, “You are too honest. What will you do in the future?! You cannot believe the words of businesspeople. Their words do not hold the same weight as your own. They may mention seven things but leave out three points. You still have so much to learn. Anyway, tell Qi Yun this, even if he will do whatever he wants. Don’t worry about me. During this time, I have to stay and help Aisha restore some order. I also have some countermeasures back in country X, he will understand.”


Shen Congxin had agreed before Xing Zhongwan behind around him with a glass of wine. When Shen Congxin looked back, Xing Zhongwan had already started chatting and laughing with the others. After the reception was over, Xing Zhongwan escorted Aisha to the car and was about to go back when he caught a glimpse of a familiar black car parked on the opposite road. Xing Zhongwan paused for a moment while holding the door. He then smiled in that direction, and then bent over and got into his car


As the convoy left, Qi Yun instructed the driver to drive. Shen Congxin sat in the passenger seat and turned around, clasping the back of the seat with both hands, “Big cousin, you could have asked the Foreign Affairs Office not to allow Zhongwan Bro back into the country.”


Qi Yun replied indifferently, “No, he would’ve come back sooner or later. Xue Qing’s status is different from him but they will definitely come back. I was careless this time and didn’t expect them to take action against Xue Qing instead.”


“Then we are really not going to follow him?” Won’t we need to find someone powerful to protect cousin-in-law?” Shen Congxin was still a little worried. No matter how powerful his cousin is, this was not country X.


Qi Yun remembered Xing Zhongwan’s smile just now and raised his right hand to his heart, “Don’t underestimate him, there is far more to him than meets the eye.”


The moment he knew about Xue Qing’s accident, Qi Yun knew that Xing Zhongwan wouldn’t just let it go. Wanwan has always been protective of his loved ones. He will not be tolerant towards anyone when it comes to those he cares about, like his relatives and friends. If anyone hurts them, he will be relentless. Getting involved and tormenting the other party to the end. If anyone can solve this head-on, it is Xing Zhongwan.


Qi Yun sighed, feeling helpless and remorseful. Their problems have started implicating the other innocent people in their lives. Wanwan…


Thinking of that look just now, Qi Yun couldn’t help but smile. He was like an irritated leopard full of anger, but the smile as though saying “it’s alright” was enough to calm Qi Yun down.


Taking a deep breath, Qi Yun pressed down the fluctuations in his heart. The plan will advance after all.


Xing Zhongwan went to the hospital later that night. At this time, Xue Qing was lying on the bed nibbling on chicken legs like she wasn’t a woman with two broken ribs while working on the computer. Xing Zhongwan took away her computer with a sullen face and pointed at her oily mouth, “Just rest after eating, okay? Don’t die.”


Xue Qing carelessly wiped her oily mouth, “Since you want to go ahead with that, I’ll do it even if I’m half-dead. If you want to stop me, you must kill me directly. After I was taken out of the orphanage by your mother, I haven’t been treated well by anyone. Since I don’t have any scruples, what else do I have to worry about? I have enough to eat, so I better work hard.”


Xing Zhongwan disgustedly went to the bathroom to get her a clean towel and handed it to her so she could wipe her hands, “You should rest. Be careful now that your ribs are crooked, how will you eat up young fresh guys in the future.”


Xue Qing just winked and tossed the towel away, “Have you come up with a solution after hearing that?”


Xing Zhongwan took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt before putting his hands on the bed and winking at her, “What do you think?”


Xue Qing sighed, “Just accompany Aisha with her business group to show your identity. Flaunt your status and make sure they know who you really are. Don’t let them think they can play around courageously, and show them that you’re confident and playful with those bright eyes. No one would believe that you and Qi Yun are involved. Qi Yun is too calculative and getting involved with you would be self-destructive. To deal with these people, you must have convincing evidence to start with. It’s unlikely they have people who knew you five years ago, but if they do, then this period of time is very critical. Five years ago, you and Qi Yun had an intersection. Because of this, it’s important that we disclose the origin of the Qi and Xing family. We have to show that it is normal for you to take care of Qi Yun. The most important thing is that you and Qi Yun can’t be caught in the slightest during this time, otherwise it will be troublesome to contact him back and forth to get both your stories straight. “


The corner of Xing Zhongwan’s mouth twitched, but there was no smile in his eyes, “Then how about we find each other’s flaws before that?”


Xue Qing was stunned for a moment, then snapped her fingers, “Understood, it is better to strike first if you have found the entry point.”


She shifted to Xing Zhongwan’s side on her painful ribs, “Seriously, how much of your fighting is for me?”


Xing Zhongwan said something perfunctory, picked up the coat beside the sofa and prepared to leave.


Xue Qing said with a bitter face, “Just lie to me, it will be enough to placate me.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around and pointed to her injured leg, “Take care of that and don’t think about anything else.” He closed the door before Xue Qing could complain.


He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. The call was quickly connected.


“Sister Ming, do you have time for a cup of tea tomorrow?”



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