Chapter 27 – Drunkenness


The current atmosphere in the car was very embarrassing. Shen Congxin almost jumped out of the car. He didn’t dare to look behind him.


He just recalled Xue Qing’s sigh and her instructions before she hung up the phone. If you want to survive, make sure you take a video.


Shen Congxin felt his scalp numbing up. Xing Zhongwan was hanging onto Qi Yun’s body in the rearview mirror. His legs were still tightly locked to his big cousin and he couldn’t bear to look directly at him. Brother Zhongwan, are you always this enthusiastic when you are drunk? Shen Congxin suddenly felt the strong urge to survive so he took out his mobile phone carefully and listened to Sister Xue Qing.


Qi Yun reluctantly patted Xing Zhongwan who was hugging him like a koala. He was surprised. Turns out there was this side to you, Wanwan. He could smell many different kinds of liquors coming from his body and wondered how many he had to drink. He was about to rub his stomach but was caught by Xing Zhongwan. His mouth, which was red because of the alcohol, exuded hot breaths on Qi Yun’s face.


Xing Zhongwan’s pair of teary eyes narrowed slightly as he leaned on Qi Yun. His tongue licked the tip of Qi Yun’s white ears a little bit. Seeing the snow-white outline turn red little by little, Xing Zhongwan smiled, “Hey beautiful, are you shy?”


Qi Yun sighed helplessly and grabbed his hand that was digging into his pants, “How much alcohol have you been drinking? Are you always like this when you’re drunk?” 


Feeling a little bit angry, Qi Yun flexed his finger and flicked the pitiful Xing Zhongwan on his forehead. Xing Zhongwan narrowed his eyes in pain, looking unhappy, “You hit me?” The slight anger he felt suddenly vanished. Now looking at the quickly reddening forehead, Qi Yun reached out his hand and touched Xing Zhongwan’s forehead in some distress.


“Does it hurt?”


Xing Zhongwan nodded, “It hurts. But it won’t hurt if you kiss it.”


Qi Yun was so stunned his red ears looked like they were dripping blood and he couldn’t help but feel that it would be good if the usual Xing Zhongwan was always like this.


He was unable to stretch his neck in this confined space to kiss him on the forehead, so Xing Zhongwan smiled and grabbed his tie to kiss Qi Yun’s lips instead.


Shen Congxin couldn’t even hold his phone anymore. No matter how juicy this was, whether he was to videotape this or not, he felt that he would die regardless of what he did now.


“Big cousin, where are we going now? It’s not appropriate to send Brother Zhongwan back in this situation.”


It was inappropriate. After all,  Xing Zhongwan now looked like a tumour growing on Qi Yun that he couldn’t get rid of.


Qi Yun’s lips were now swollen due to Xing Zhongwan’s kiss. Xing Zhongwan then proceeded to press his restless head against his chest, “Go to the villa in Xishan, where people are quiet.”


Shen Congxin agreed and ordered the driver to go to Xishan. Because Xing Zhongwan had already started to undress, he quickly covered his eyes. Oh dear mother, I will see no evil.


Xing Zhongwan sat on Qi Yun and took off his suit before beginning to unbutton his shirt. With a dark face, Qi Yun grabbed the suit that had been thrown aside and put it back on him, “Did you use to do this too? Would you just cling to anything beautiful you see?”


Xing Zhongwan only held Qi Yun’s face in dissatisfaction, “What kind of position do you prefer? Or we can try a few. You are so beautiful, I will take good care of you.”


Qi Yun smiled angrily, grabbed his hand and bit his ear lightly, “Beautiful? How beautiful am I? Am I more beautiful than the ones you are usually with?”


Xing Zhongwan’s slightly blue pupils rolled around, thinking carefully and nodding seriously, “You are the most beautiful. With your pretty forehead, pretty eyes, pretty nose, and lips…”


After mentioning each part, Xing Zhongwan gave them a kiss. When he stopped by Qi Yun’s lips, he stretched out his red tongue and gently licked it, “This place is the most beautiful.” 


After he finished speaking, Qi Yun tightly sealed his lips. He held onto Xing Zhongwan’s waist and breathed heavily, “If you can’t meet beauties daily, you’ll seek them out yourself, right?”


Xing Zhongwan was pulling and twisting the originally neat and flat collar of Qi Yun’s shirt,”Then will you be by my side all the time?”


You really are a complete mess when you’re drunk. Wanwan, even at gunpoint, you wouldn’t be able to say such things sober.


Qi Yun felt a little sad, “It’s always been you who didn’t want me.”


The driver in front and Shen Congxin were on ice. If it was not obvious already, the question and answer provided was blatant flirting. Xing Zhongwan but he gave the driver a wink and they then drifted to the villa in Xishan.


As soon as the car was parked, the driver and Shen Congxin unfastened their seat belts and got out of the car immediately. They automatically left the car and left the rear door open. Seeing this, Qi Yun carried Xing Zhongwan out of the car with a cold face. Xing Zhongwan waved his hands with an unhappy expression on his face, “Beautiful, you’re pressing down on my stomach, I want to vomit…”


Qi Yun: …


He stepped into the villa. Qi Yun has not been here for a long time, so he was trying to figure out where the switch was. However, they both fell to the ground with Xing Zhongwan against the door.


In the dark space, their visibility was limited and they could only feel each other’s scorching breaths. Xing Zhongwan squinted his eyes and quickly pulled Qi Yun’s belt towards him. He then pushed him into the wall with his lower body. In between, a pair of cool hands pulled Qi Yun’s shirt and grasped his back. Qi Yun gasped and grabbed the pair of naughty hands that were doing bad things, “I’m afraid that you’ll wake up and regret it later, Wanwan.”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and exhaled, “I’ll regret it if I can’t sleep with such a beauty,” He broke free from Qi Yun’s grasp and instead pinned his hand on the top of his head. He then felt around Qi Yun’s flat chest before becoming stunned… The slender hand rubbed that place again uncertaintly before finally looking at Qi with a puzzled expression, “Beautiful, why is your chest so flat.”


Qi Yun was a little embarrassed. Before he could think about what to say, Xing Zhongwan had already lowered his head to hold his nipples, “But it’s so cute here. It’s okay, I don’t dislike your chest.”


Qi Yun laughed again. His hand was grabbed against the wall as chest was attacked by an ambiguous lick. Qi Yun was going crazy, but Xing Zhongwan, who had pushed him against the wall, was in a more of a hurry. He was fierce and skillful in unbuttoning and pulling off his trousers. Qi Yun’s face turned dark again.


However, the other person was still full of interest. He just crouched down and looked at the bulging organ in front of him that was no different from his own. Xing Zhongwan raised his head in confusion, “Beauty, why do you have this?” After speaking, he pointed to his lower body, which was unzipped, “What a coincidence, I have one too.”


Qi Yun couldn’t bear it any longer with that cute look. He broke free and threw him to the ground. The door of the villa was covered with a thick carpet, but there is no floor heating. Even so, it was not cold. Qi Yun’s whole body was surrounded by Xing Zhongwan’s legs as he lovingly rubbed his face, “Wanwan, do you see who I am?”


In the villa, it was hard to see with only the moonlight from outside supplying light. Xing Zhongwan stretched out his arms around Qi Yun’s neck, “You are a beauty.”


It was winter and Qi Yun was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he dragged him to the room on the second floor. On the way, he finally found the remote controller for the light so the two of them didn’t need to walk in the dark.


Entering the room, Qi Yun had just turned on the light when Xing Zhongwan pressed him down on the big bed.


Qi Yun didn’t know where his shirt was thrown by Xing Zhongwan, but as he pressed him down, he looked at Qi Yun’s body carefully, his long fingers tracing the scar on his chest. His eyes were a little red and Qi Yun patted his head, “What’s wrong? You’ve seen it before. It’s ugly, isn’t it?”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and stuck out his tongue little by little on the long scar. With such care and empathy, Qi Yun’s heart moved, “I don’t care anymore.”


Xing Zhongwan murmured, “It must be very painful, it’s so long.”


His hands kept going further down his body until Xing Zhongwan stared blankly at Qi Yun’s crotch as if he was looking at a strange piece of equipment. Before, the treasure was in the dark, so he didn’t feel shy, but now that there were lights and it was bright, Qi Yun blushed. He put his hand over his eyes and was a little embarrassed. Xing Zhongwan took out his finger and poked it. The straight and beautiful pillar bounced back mischievously. Xing Zhongwan seemed to have found something fun and poked it hard several times. Qi Yun was so shy that he couldn’t even care about being shy. If he continued to tease him like this, he was about to catch fire. Qi Yun spread his legs and pulled Xing Zhongwan to lie on top of him, “Let’s do it. Unfortunately I did not bring any lubrication or protection here, but it’s fine. I’m not afraid of the pain.”


Xing Zhongwan was looking alternately between his crotch and his face. Qi Yun thought that he was repulsed by another man’s body so he didn’t know what to do. However, after looking at his d1ck that showed no signs of softening, he sighed and thought about it. Qi Yun got up and rubbed Xing Zhongwan’s back, “Then can I use my mouth?”


Xing Zhongwan’s crotch and the hardness had already begun to get wet. Xing Zhongwan sighed contentedly, “Remember to breathe even while you put it inside. That’s right.”


Xing Zhongwan opened his legs wide, his knees bent. His hands were holding the head that was swallowing his d1ck. He did not forget to spit out a few words, “Beauty, you are not skilled in this technique.”


Qi Yun’s tongue carefully licked his heavy balls and said, “I don’t have anyone to practice with.”


He took in Xing Zhongwan’s c0ck to the hilt and the drunk Xing Zhongwan couldn’t stand this kind of stimulation. He immediately came inside Qi Yun’s mouth.


When Qi Yun raised his head, there was still some white liquid hanging from his mouth. Xing Zhongwan sat up and stretched out his hand, “Spit it out.” Qi Yun stared at him, opened his mouth and the white liquid dibbled out little by little into Xing Zhongwan’s palm. Xing Zhongwan watched Qi Yun’s red tongue licking the rest of the fluids around his mouth and his half-soft thing suddenly became hard again.


Xing Zhongwan was still dumbfounded as those beautiful eyes stared at him.


Qi Yun sighed and moved his body, only to see Xing Zhongwan’s arms outstretched around his neck. He then whispered, “I can’t bully you. It’ll hurt a lot and you’ll be pitiful.” Qi Yun hugged him and thought it was funny. Who was bullying who right now? If you sobered up and saw us like this, you would probably chop me up with a knife.


As he was about to reconsider, Xing Zhongwan began to kiss him, little by little from the ear down his neck and onto his chest. He then rubbed Qi Yun’s d1ck and pressed it down at his waist. When he realised what Wanwan wanted, he spoke, “Silly boy, don’t get angry when you wake up tomorrow morning.. and don’t run away, understand?”


Xing Zhongwan tilted his head and couldn’t understand why he would get angry.


He hadn’t figured out that Qi Yun had him pressed onto the bed. Qi Yun scrunched his gorgeous eyebrows and couldn’t bear it. “It will hurt, baby.”


Xing Zhongwan took off his gloves and fiddled with Qi Yun’s d1ck, “Then don’t hurt me.” The soft Jiangnan accent made a mushroom cloud quickly pop above Qi Yun’s head.


Kneeling down and spreading Xing Zhongwan’s legs, he could see the beautiful and red entrance beneath the sack. This is the first time Qi Yun has seen Xing Zhongwan’s private place. As it was quite cold in the room, his little hole clenched a little. Xing Zhongwan moaned impatiently, “Cold.”


Qi Yun quickly looked around. He didn’t want to hurt Wanwan. He’d rather endure it than let him get hurt. Qi Yun felt a sharp pain in his lower body when he suddenly saw a tube fall out of his pocket and fall onto the ground. When he picked it up, he saw that it was a bottle of essential oil that he had used to moisturize his hands. He had always known how exquisite Wanwan was, it seems that he’ll have to wrong him tonight again.


Qi Yun opened the lid and poured some on Wanwan’s c0ck. As he watched the yellow liquid flowing down into the small hole, the scent of orange blossoms filled the room. Qi Yun rubbed his c0ck again and fortunately there was no irritation. He was afraid that Wanwan would be uncomfortable, so he carefully stretched out a finger into the closed hole. The foreign sensation made Xing Zhongwan open his confused eyes, “What are you doing…”


His next following words were all blocked in Qi Yun’s mouth. Xing Zhongwan climbed on top of Qi Yun and held his shoulder, panting slightly. Qi Yun stretched out another finger to ask him if it hurt or not. Xing Zhongwan shook his head despite looking cutely uncomfortable. Qi Yun lost his mind when he felt the other’s soft insides. He moved his fingers away, and replaced it with his c0ck, sticking it inside and kissing the corner of Xing Zhongwan’s eye, “I’m coming in.”


Xing Zhongwan still didn’t understand what he meant by coming in and as his lower body was penetrated, the uncomfortable feeling of his internal organs being squeezed made him frown. He held Qi Yun’s back tightly and a tear escaped from the corner of his eyes. Qi Yun immediately stopped, “Does it hurt?”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth, as Qi Yun held his firm buttocks with both hands. He shook his head, “Just a little.”


Qi Yun breathed a sigh of relief and buried himself in his body before sticking out his tongue to lick away the fine sweat on his forehead.


He hoped that he would still  be able to see the sun tomorrow…


Xing Zhongwan was lying on the bed as he pouted. Qi Yun grabbed his waist with both hands, and slowly pushed his thick and beautiful shaft into the small hole to open its folds. This mercilessly squeezed out some white fluids and some yellow-coloured orange blossom essential oil started dripping from where they were connected. Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheet with both hands and bit his lip tightly. Qi Yun pinched his chin for fear that he would bite and hurt  himself, “Wanwan, don’t bite yourself, bite me.”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth slightly and couldn’t help but moan, “Ah…you…stop…ngh!”


Qi Yun took out his c0ck completely, swapped positions so Xing Zhongwan was under him and spread his legs. His hardness pressed against the pitiful back entrance that had been fvcked open and pushed it open again with force. Xing Zhongwan tugged at his neck. Screaming silently, his strong and beautiful abdominal muscles that were tensed up were clearly revealed in the bright light. Due to the force, his beautiful c0ck was half-hard with some crystal clear liquid beading at its head.


Qi Yun separated his legs and hooked them on his arms. He didn’t move quickly but thrusted deeply into Xing Zhongwan’s body so he could carve himself into his body.


As his lower body was moving, Qi Yun bit the pretty pink buds on Xing Zhongwan’s chest, “Wanwan, do you remember that you promised me to call my brother next time we meet? Can I hear that from you now?”


Xing Zhongwan’s head was spinning from the alcohol but he could still hear his words. His lower body was sore and numb, yet the discomfort at the beginning had already turned into unspeakable pleasure under the intense thrusting. He couldn’t help it and started to stroke his half-hard c0ck as moans escaped his mouth.


However, Qi Yun suddenly stopped and the small hole that was full but suddenly lost the pleasurable rhythm. Xing Zhongwan opened his eyes unhappily, Qi Yun leaned into his ear and tempted him, “Can you call me gege[/mfn]Means older brother in chinese. Also a coquettish term of endearment.[/mfn]? Call me gege and I’ll give it to you.”


Xing Zhongwan moved his own lower body impatiently. He did not know where the others’ capriciousness came from but he rolled over and pushed Qi Yun under him. Some of Qi Yun’s c0ck slipped out but Xing Zhongwan sat down heavily and slipped it inside again. As it went in, both parties sighed comfortably at the same time.


Qi Yun smiled as he grabbed Xing Zhongwan’s strong waist. My Wanwan’s figure is really good. “Do you like to sit on it?”


Xing Zhongwan didn’t say a word. Instead, he began to twist his body. For a while, his red and swollen hole was fvcked quickly and repeatedly swallowed the huge c0ck. Qi Yun was hooked and almost went crazy because of him, his eyes dyed red with love.


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue to lick the salty sweat from his mouth. Finally, he opened his eyes and stopped. Those long and narrow eyes were bright as he said, “Gege.”


When he called out to Qi Yun, Qi Yun was stunned, but before he could react, his body was already one step ahead of him. He grasped Xing Zhongwan’s waist and pushed it down heavily.


He ejaculated inside as Xing Zhongwan tightly tightened his hole, before Qi Yun could pull it out.


Looking at Xing Zhongwan, who was sleeping soundly on top of him, Qi Yun put him on the bed with a wry smile. He cleaned his hole and covered him with a quilt. After taking a shower, he got inside the quilt and hugged his drunk baby who slept like the world did not exist and looked at his reddened face and tears at the corner of his eyes.

Qi Yun kissed the corner of his lips and hugged him tightly. Ah, I hope this won’t disappear tomorrow morning.



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