Chapter 26 – It’s too late


Xie Ming, who was wearing sunglasses, handed a thick folder to Xing Zhongwan. Xing Zhongwan opened and glanced at it. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, “Sister Ming, you?”


Xie Ming took off her sunglasses. Her simple face without makeup held an indescribable tenderness, “Boss, if it wasn’t for you, I would not have gotten my daughter’s custody back. I understand that Speaker Qi helped me get to where I am today even though he is quite busy. I’m so sorry there is nothing much I can do for you in return.”


“No no no.” Xing Zhongwan put the stack of documents away, “Sister Ming, how did you get ahold of these?” 


A trace of bitterness flashed on Xie Ming’s face, “Boss, I always have to leave some way out for myself. None of these people are clean. I was going to use this evidence in exchange for the custody of my daughter. I thought I would have to struggle to death with the other party before this was resolved but I didn’t expect this turn-of-events thanks to you.”


Xie Ming then passed a mobile phone to Xing Zhongwan, “Boss, I’ve also recorded a video of my testimony. If that document is not enough, I can also come back and testify in person.”


Xing Zhongwan took the phone and looked at Xie Ming gratefully, “Sister Ming, thank you.”


Xie Ming smiled and said, “No, thank you. Master Xing treated me well in the past. Even if it’s not for boss, I, too, can no longer stand for that group of cronies’ behavior anymore.”


Xing Zhongwan then handed the two air tickets to Xie Ming, “Sister Ming, return to country X today. Your place of residence has already been arranged. After you resume work in country X, feel free to find Xie Yi anytime.”


Xie Ming patted Xing Zhongwan with the back of her hand, “Boss, please pay attention to your own safety in this country. And as for…you and Qi…forget it, this is out of line for me. Then I will leave first, boss. See you in country X.”


Xing Zhongwan watched as the thankful Xie Ming left. A tall and strong man then came out behind him. It was the same man in the small building that day.


“Boss, someone has been sent to escort Miss Xie.”


Xing Zhongwan put both his hands on the file bag and tapped thoughtfully, “Be careful, don’t let anyone find out.”


Wa Liang’s bald head was in the way. Qi Yun looked indifferently at the serious old general, “Don’t you want to discuss my marriage with your daughter again?


“I can’t find any other good suitors but how can I bear to cast my family’s fate in your hands? There’s another reason I’m looking for you. Have you been in conflict with Laocheng recently? I feel that he’s getting close to the opposition full of elders who think it’ll be over if they apologize to the juniors. Why did you bother offending others at this critical moment?”


Qi Yun took the old general forward and said, “Our way of thinking is too different. Does an old man like yourself find his values to be more compatible with your own?”


The old man pointed to his bright forehead and pointed at Qi Yun, “You stinky boy. Are you cooking up some bad ideas again? Let’s not talk about this. What happened to the railway infrastructure joint-venture with the little princess in X country? You gave her the green light all the way. Does that beauty… have something to do with it?”


Qi Yun asked calmly, “Where did you hear this gossip?” 


The old man laughed, “I’m old, but my ears are not deaf. Whether intentional or unintentional, the news will soon spread. I have to keep it down quickly since I’m in the same boat as you. What good will it be for me if this boat capsizes? But you have to give me some reassurance. Surely you and that person from country X don’t have that kind of thing going…”


Qi Yun suddenly stopped and looked calm, “Don’t you think he resembles someone?”


The old man was stunned for a moment, but his eyes suddenly rounded as he smacked his round and oily forehead, “Oh, I remember now. Xing Yanyin! No way, this…was he the child who was kicked out of the Xing family at the beginning…tsk tsk, let me calm down a little.”


Qi Yun closed his coat, “Think about it slowly. I’m heading back first.”


When Qi Yun came out, he happened to meet the group from country X. Aisha recognised Qi Yun’s face immediately. After all, the project had been negotiated and the contract was signed today. Aisha understood how much effort Qi Yun had put into this project, otherwise there would not be this much progress after just three days of talking. Aisha and Qi Yun shook hands and exchanged a few words as the members of the group behind them all looked at the young president with curiosity.


“Thanks to you, I am able to negotiate this project on behalf of the people who live along the snow-capped mountains in Country X. Your country’s infrastructure is one of the best in the world. If you can encourage some movement regarding this project, many who live in these mountainous areas will be able to benefit from it.” Aisha had said. Her words were not just polite, but sincere too.


Qi Yun said calmly, “It’s also a good project for your country and mutually beneficial.” 


What Qi Yun said was perfunctory but Aisha didn’t mind, “This project will be assisted by the Royal Family Foundation and the person in charge is present here today. Wan, please come here.”


Aisha beckoned towards the end of the crowd. Xing Zhongwan who was bored and had his hands in his suit pants pocket was about to yawn. When he was suddenly called, he started coughing.


At this time, Qi Yun was looking at him, along with the entire follow-up group. Xing Zhongwan was so sleepy that he wanted to yawn again. He used his brain power too much when he just came back, so the jetlag had not subsided. What did you call me for this time, Aisha?


With this thought in mind, he walked to the front with a smile on his face before stretching out his hand, “Hello, Speaker Qi.”


Qi Yun smiled, reached out and shook it, “Hello.”


Aisha was secretly proud. Thank me later for giving you both a chance to shake hands in an open and honest way.


“Speaker Qi will attend the farewell dinner the day after tomorrow, right?”


Xing Zhongwan withdrew his hand and stood aside to look at Qi Yun.


Qi Yun hesitated for a moment before Xing Zhongwan said leisurely, “His Royal Highness, President Qi is a busy man.” He gave her a wink. Haven’t you occupied enough of his time already?


Aisha glanced back at him. I gave you both a chance to meet, but you’re still hating on me!


“That’s alright if Speaker Qi doesn’t have the time. Next time you have the opportunity to visit Country X, please let me personally show you around.”


Qi Yun nodded slightly and glanced at Xing Zhongwan inadvertently. Seeing that he was fiddling with his trouser legs in a bored manner, the seriousness plastered on his face must have been so boring to keep up with.


“It’s been windy these few nights, everyone be sure to keep yourselves warm.”


When Xing Zhongwan raised his head suddenly, Qi Yun no longer looked at him. As Qi Yun left, Aisha was still sighing about how Qi Yun was really considerate. Xing Zhongwan only looked at the thin suit on his body, and noted that he was dressed the least warmly in the entire group. Qi Yun’s words were actually directed at him.


Xing Zhongwan wrapped himself in a thick down jacket and went to the hospital to see that Xue Qingzheng was in a video-call with Cheng Zhengzhe. As soon as she saw Xing Zhongwan, who was wrapped up like a bear, he quickly summarized the work he was doing and ended the call. She excitedly took the computer and turned to Xing Zhongwan, “Old Xing, where did you get this amazing information?”


Xing Zhongwan took off his down jacket and slumped on the sofa opposite to her, “I’ve never seen such a vigorous patient.”


Xue Qing bit an apple, “That’s because you have a lot to keep in mind. After all, you’ve been tired recently.”


Xing Zhongwan stretched his body and took a breath, “The road has been paved for him. Let’s see just how he will pick this up.


Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the headlines on Xue Qing’s computer. If you want to play, two can play at that game. Take your time.


Shen Congxin was holding a newspaper as he ran into Qi Yun’s office, “Big cousin, have you read the news?”


Qi Yun was on the phone when Shen Congxin came in with a whimper. Qi Yun sullenly motioned for him not to speak.


“Qi Yun, are you just bored? You could’ve held back with such a big event occurring soon. I’m still thinking of how you and Lao Cheng’s relationship can be salvaged. Instead, I now have to draw a line with him. At any rate, you’ll only let me live a few more years until your ambitions are realized right? Despite my position as your manager, you’ve only walked all over us.”


After the other party hung up the phone angrily, Qi Yun motioned for Shen Congxin to come in and read the news to him. The corners of Qi Yun’s eyes gradually curled up and he let out a sigh of relief and laughed.


“Big cousin, you said you wouldn’t do it.”


Qi Yun got up and walked slowly to the window. The smile on the corner of his mouth was getting bigger and bigger when remembered the time Xing Zhongwan alone went to the central government for himself many years ago.


“You did it, didn’t you?” Shen Congxin recalled, “The incident involving my cousin-in-law?”


Qi Yun returned to his position and called the insider to let the secretary come in.


The expressions on Shen Congxin’s face were not too good, “I…I…this move is too ruthless. But how can my eldest cousin-in-law have a director of commerce do this…”


Qi Yun said the word Xie Ming.


Shen Congxin opened his mouth and murmured, “Xie Ming’s ex-husband is… by my cousin-in-law…” Without speaking he made a gesture with his fingers slitting his throat as his hands were shaking.


“Big cousin, I finally understand now. My cousin-in-law doesn’t truly hate you. He’s also really cruel and not a human being either. Hey, that’s not right… that’s not right… Anyway, he’s too good for you in comparison.”


Qi Yun took a sip of water calmly as the secretary knocked on the door. He was severely injured by Qi Zongcheng last time, so it took more than a month to recover but he was already caught up with all the major happenings as soon as he resumed his job.


“A lot of things can be found out by digging into this matter at the Commerce Department. Even I’ll be uprooted along this line.” He had been waiting for this day for a long time, but he didn’t expect Wanwan to give him a good headstart.


The secretary replied in a low voice, “But there will be a lot of people involved in the investigation. I’m afraid the one at the top won’t stand by.”


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “This is not what he wants to see the most. That Zi Zai… he doesn’t want to let go of his power yet. No one would easily hand over the power they’ve obtained after all. I will investigate this issue to the end and the people caught along the way will be enough for Wanwan’s revenge. Someone will always come to clean up the mess, and the higher ups have probably been waiting since a long time ago. They are more than willing to stand on the ‘good’ side and by selling him this favour, I’m also letting him know that I, Qi Yun, will still be on his side. With that, he should know who should go and stay.”


Qi Yun took a sip of steaming tea from the old house of the Xing family in Jiangnan. It was really fragrant.


Xing Zhongwan wore a tie, buttoned his diamond cuffs and put on a sapphire blue suit. Today marks the day of the farewell dinner he has to attend.


Now that the higher ups have been put in a mess. Those people will be afraid that it will be too late before they can stop Qi Yun. As such, they won’t be able to rise from this hurdle. As for the limit of cruelty, it will be up to Qi Yun. This will be the end of his revenge for Xue Qing’s accident.


Aisha is unfamiliar with the guests at the dinner party here. Although the food and wine was delicious, the toast was a little scary to carry out for a person from country X who didn’t know much about the wine etiquette of other countries.


Xing Zhongwan drank a lot of wine on behalf of Aisha. Even halfway through the banquet, Qi Yun was still not seen and it was not easy to leave before the dinner was over. Just as someone just came to give a toast again, Xing Zhongwan took a sip of wine from Aisha’s hand. After gulping it down, he felt something was wrong when the wine entered his throat. It was yellow wine!


When Aisha found out that there was something wrong with Xing Zhongwan, he had already been sitting in the corner for a while. He didn’t speak and his expression was a little dull. It was rare that he blushed. Xing Zhongwan, who claimed to not become drunk even after a thousand cups, was actually flushing red after drinking! Aisha didn’t think that the few glasses of wine he had drunk on her behalf just now could make him drunk, but Xing Zhongwan didn’t seem sober now either.


Aisha walked over and helped Xing Zhongwan up, “Wan, I’ll take you back first.” The drunk person was very obedient. He lowered his head and let Aisha support him.


Aisha looked around. She couldn’t leave her entourage here, but they can always be sent back later. Only Xue Qing can be trusted but she was still in the hospital. What should she do?


Aisha’s small stature supporting Xing Zhongwan was struggling to get out of the side door of the banquet hall. Luckily, she happened to meet Qi Yun, who came late. The two looked at each other and Aisha felt that she had met her savior, “Speaker Qi, Wanwan is drunk now. Can you help me send him off? Or you can find someone else who’s credible, I can’t leave the event now.”


Qi Yun also noticed Xing Zhongwan who had his head lowered and said to Aisha, “Leave it to me.”


Aisha handed his body to Qi Yun and then entered the venue with confidence. Qi Yun supported Xing Zhongwan and patted him on the back, “What’s wrong? Did you drink too much?”


Hearing a familiar voice, Xing Zhongwan raised his head. Those reddish eyes full of drunkenness looked at Qi Yun’s face, slowly sweeping over the bodyguard, secretary, and Shen Congxin with a look of anticipation before finally returning to Qi Yun’s face again. He suddenly stuck out his red tongue and licked those dry lips, his fingers trembling as he lifted Qi Yun’s chin, “You are so beautiful.”


He then hugged Qi Yun Yun tightly, even if Qi Yun was unsteady, and did not stop there.


Everyone had a ghostly expression before then turning around neatly. The young madam or cousin-in-law will silence whoever saw him in such a state once he woke up.


Xue Qing called Aisha when Xing Zhongwan’s did not pick up his phone. She wanted to eat some porridge and wanted him to come back and bring it for her. She learned from Aisha that Xing Zhongwan was drunk when she handed him over to Qi Yun. Xue Qing almost jumped off the hospital bed.


She called Shen Congxin quickly, but fortunately his mobile phone answered quickly.


“Is Laoxing with you?”


Shen Congxin answered hesitantly, “Uh…yes.”


Xue Qing held her hand over her chest, “Yes, I can be rest assured if he is with Qi Yun. Though Lao Xing must have drunk yellow wine. Feel free to enjoy any kind of alcohol together, but if you do have yellow wine, just let him have one cup. By the way, is he drunk already? Fine, listen to me. Just leave him alone. If you leave him alone, it’ll be fine! Otherwise, if he gets drunk, he will hug whoever is the most beautiful and his true colours will be exposed. It will be impossible to separate him and the other person before he sobers up. Hey, are you still listening?”


Shen Congxin desperately looked at his cousin-in-law who was unmoving behind him and starting to move towards his big cousin. Brother Xing Zhongwan then kissed him on his cold face.


“Sister Xue Qing, it’s too late…”



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