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Chapter 33 – Ending chapter

Xing Zhongwan, wearing sunglasses, knocked on the door of Country X’s marriage application office


The blond-haired man got up quickly when he saw him, “You’re here? It’s all ready for you.”


Xing Zhongwan took two marriage applications and looked at them carefully before smiling at the person who came, “Thank you.” 


The blond man bent over, “We’d be honoured to serve you.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around and went out the door. After walking a few steps, he couldn’t help but take out the application form and look at it again. The corners of his eyes were curved as he whistled.


His phone rang at the right time. Xing Zhongwan picked it up and Xue Qing’s loud voice made him quickly move away from the phone, 


“Lao Xing, why are you airlifting so many wood hibiscuses?”


Xing Zhongwan said with disgust, “Where are you? Why are you talking so loudly? I’m going to go deaf!”


Xue Qing hung up the phone decisively after a long while.


He then went to the parking lot humming a song. Xing Zhongwan was in a good mood today and so he’ll let her off this time.


Before the car started, his phone rang again.


“Laoniang is at the construction site. Didn’t this place need to be inspected? You haven’t answered me yet? So many wood hibiscuses, are you going to eat it all?”


Xing Zhongwan spun the steering wheel and exited the basement, “It’s for a proposal.”


Suddenly there was silence…


“Are you going to ask him to marry you, Laoxing? Would it even be possible to just hold a wedding? Hey, no, a wedding? Your marriage needs the approval of the royal family. Has it been approved?”


Xing Zhongwan only hummed a single syllable and Xue Qing could hear his joy.


With a sigh, Xue Qing swore at him for bullying a single dog like her.


“Have you found a venue? Is there anything I can help you with? Chinese or Western? Do you want a banquet?”


Xing Zhongwan stepped on the brakes at the red light, “They haven’t agreed yet. Why would you even ask that? It’s still too early.”


Xue Qing tutted for a long time, “Would your lover not agree? He has ‘Wanwan belongs to me’ written from head to toe. Might as well announce it with a loudspeaker. If he doesn’t agree, I will broadcast you shaving your head![/mfn]To become a monk probably. Some people also cut their hair when they’re overly sad due to a break up.[/mfn]“


Xing Zhongwan was amused, “Come on. He went back recently. I’m doing it the day after tomorrow. To be honest, I’m a little nervous.”


“You, Xing Zhongwan, are still nervous? Don’t make fun of me. If you are really concerned about messing up, you wouldn’t have skipped the marriage proposal to the marriage registration. The marriage proposal is just a formality.” Xue Qing disagreed. 


The weather was very cold and she was wrapped in a down jacket at the construction site. It was the worst that she was just fed a mouthful of dog food[/mfn]What information about a couple’s love affairs feels like to single people. It feels like eating dog food. Yuck.[/mfn].


“That’s not the same. I want him to be happy.” Xing Zhongwan smiled, “After all, I love him so much, don’t I?”


Ah… Xue Qing immediately hung up the phone. My days are numbered, Laoniang has to find someone to marry soon!


Xing Zhongwan instructed the servants to lay the wooden hibiscuses from the gate of the manor to the lawn of the Ruoda manor. With a cigarette in her mouth, Xue Qing poked Xing Zhongwan, who was still giving out instructions, “You are being over the top. Your lover is not a woman so why are you spending so much money?”


Xing Zhongwan obliquely glanced at her, “What do you know? In recent years, he has been quite obsessed with flowers, especially hibiscuses, but country X doesn’t have such flowers. I think he looks quite pitiful, so… I just want him to be happy.”


Xue Qing looked unconvinced, “In ancient times, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang sent lychees thousands of miles away.[/mfn]A famous emperor and his love conquest I guess haha.[/mfn] and now Xing Zhongwan is transporting hibiscus from other countries. You are so thoughtful, if Qi Yun is still unwilling, I will not agree to this marriage!”


Xing Zhongwan raised her wrist and looked at the time, “Stop talking nonsense. Is Lao Cheng going to pick it up?”


Xue Qing sat down on the chair by the fountain, “Go, don’t worry. If you don’t say anything, he won’t know what you’re doing today.”


Xing Zhongwan took out the application that already had his name signed on it and looked at it repeatedly. Xue Qing probed his head and pointed to the two pieces of flimsy papers in his hand, “You are just going to use this to propose?”


Xing Zhongwan cleared his throat. He felt like he owed Qi Yun. Thinking of the marriage applications in China that were framed like waste paper, he still felt a little pain in his heart. He understands that this piece of paper is really just a formality for the two of them now. Although Qi Yun never said it, he actually wanted it more than anything. He used to be unable to leave the country, but now that everything is over, Qi Yun followed him back to settle down in Country X. As such, this matter should be completed too.


The sound of a car horn came from the entrance of the manor, bringing Xing Zhongwan back to reality. Xue Qing suddenly stood up, “Come on, I sent a message to Lao Cheng and told him to stop the car at the door.”


Xing Zhongwan gave her a thumbs up and walked to the fountain with the marriage registration form.


Qi Yun opened the car door and got out. He took a deep breath. The air here was very fresh, mixed with the aroma of green grass. It was very pleasant.


He went back to China to deal with some things. After finishing the treatment, he rushed back to catch the plane overnight. He was tired, but no matter how tired he was, he couldn’t stop his urge to see Xing Zhongwan as soon as possible.


He dragged his suitcase and took a few steps forward. The servant did not come out to greet him as usual and it was strange enough that his car was parked at the gate and did not go in. Qi Yun didn’t think much. He just raised his head and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. He saw the hibiscus flowers. Qi Yun dazedly clenched the hand holding his luggage handle and his Adam’s apple slid uncomfortably. He took two steps inside. Not far away, he saw Xing Zhongwan wearing a red suit with a smiling face. Although the view was beautiful, the man standing in a sea of ​​flowers occupied Qi Yun’s thoughts. He had an answer for the strange occurrences in his heart and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly. Qi Yun’s heartbeat became faster and faster as he watched the fiery red figure draw close.


The man who thought about it day and night, holding a signed marriage application in his hand, said to him, “Qi Yun, let’s get married.”


The corners of Qi Yun’s eyes slowly turned red and Xing Zhongwan was a little nervous seeing him like that, “Hey, if you don’t agree, I’ll…”


Before he finished speaking, he was pulled into his arms. Qi Yun buried his face in Xing Zhongwan’s neck. It was warm and comfortable.


“Those should’ve been my words.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “Would there be a difference?” He wrapped his arms around Qi Yun’s back and poked him, “You will feel at ease after we’re married, and you won’t have to keep worrying about me looking at my secretaries. You don’t even know that you are the type they like. You are completely worried about the wrong thing, I…”


His lips were sealed. Xing Zhongwan looked into Qi Yun’s eyes, and there was only him inside them.


Qi Yun took the pen and signed his name solemnly at the signature office. He inadvertently saw some creases on the corners. It was obvious that the papers were pinched so hard that they were wrinkled. Xing Zhongwan picked up the two application forms and put them in the document bag carefully, “I will send these to the notary tomorrow. Qi Yun, where do you want to hold the wedding? Aisha has wanted to be a witness for a long time.” 


Qi Yun propped his chin, quietly looked at Xing Zhongwan who was in high spirits. The fragrance of hibiscus flowers lingered on the tip of his nose, how could he not understand Wanwan’s sentiments?


Xing Zhongwan talked for a long time, but when he turned his head, he saw a face staring at him in a daze.


Xing Zhongwan teased him, “After so many years, do you think I am still super invincible and beautiful?”


Qi Yun smiled, pulled him onto his lap and sat him down, “My Wanwan has always been the prettiest.” 


The two looked at each other and smiled. Xue Qing was holding the camera not far away, “Look at the camera. It’s a pity not to take a photo to commemorate such a day.”


The two only looked at each other and Xue Qing was dissatisfied, “Qi Yun, so you do smile. You only smile very well at Lao Xing. You are so stiff in front of the camera.”


Cheng Zhengzhe took the camera in her hand and said, “If you don’t know how to take pictures, go to the side, I’ll do it.”


“Who said I can’t, give me the camera!”


“No, I’ll do it!” 


Seeing that the two were about to quarrel. Xing Zhongwan raised his hand to touch Qi Yun’s face, “Are you tired?”


Qi Yun shook his head at him and was about to kiss his lips.


“Come on, look at the camera.” Xue Qing suddenly shouted.


Qi Yun turned his face, Xing Zhongwan lowered his head slightly and dropped a kiss on his cheek. At the same time, a shallow smile bloomed at the corner of Qi Yun’s mouth.


Click, went the sound of the shutter.


In the photo, there were two men. One was looking at the camera, and the other was not. 


My smile is only for you. 

Likewise, my eyes are only for you, who smiled for me.     


The day when Qi Yun got his passport, the first thing Xing Zhongwandid did was put down the work at hand and call back Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe who were on vacation on an island. He then booked air tickets for them as soon as possible for a country where they can get a visa upon arrival. He then packed up and took Qi Yun on a vacation. 


There was a chat group with five people Inside. Xing Zhongwan just got off the plane and turned on his mobile phone when a rush of information hit his face.


Xue Qing: I’m going to die, Lao Xing! Laoniang was suddenly called back when her fresh meat was only half soaked. Do you know how it feels? It’s like holding back forever and then getting blue balled, you know?


Cheng Zhengzhe: Don’t listen to the nonsense of the tigress. She’s undergoing menopause. Ignore her, you guys have fun.


Xue Qing: Just you wait in the office. Don’t think I won’t come and beat you to death.


Five minutes later…


Shen Congxin: I’m so envious, I really want to travel with people~ Unfortunately, I’m still a single dog. Cousin please get me a souvenir~


Xue Qing: I’m asking for a souvenir too!


Cheng Zhengzhe: A souvenir please!!


Xing Zhongwan: All of you, get lost! Do you not have any souvenirs from when you went on vacation yourselves? What were you doing? Shoo shoo shoo!


Xue Qing: Qi Yun, aren’t you worried about your wife? We’re being worked like cows and horses all day long…


[A message has been sent.]


It was rare for Qi Yun to send a message in the group, let alone send 100 red packets[/mfn]Something like venmo. He just sent them some cash.[/mfn] in a row.


But he successfully silenced these mouths that were green with envy.


Putting on his sunglasses, Xing Zhongwan squinted at him with a small fan in his hand, “Why did you give them red envelopes?” 


Then he clicked on his mobile phone for a long time. Those people accepted them really fast.


Looking at Qi Yun with an unhappy face, “I don’t get it. Why didn’t you just send me one?”


Qi Yun helplessly touched  his head, “The limit has been reached. I will send it to you tomorrow morning.”


Xing Zhongwan interrupted him and said, “I don’t care about your money.”


Qi Yun pursed his lips and smiled, “Yes, you don’t care about my money, but you care about me.”


Xing Zhongwan slapped him on his forehead, “Don’t be so full of yourself… if only your face…”


Having said that, he couldn’t help rubbing his lower back with his hands, “I deliberately picked a flight with a short distance, but is your waist still sore?”


Feeling the comfortable massaging motions on his waist, Qi Yun couldn’t help reaching out and grabbing the slender hand, “It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m not as weak as you think.”


Xing Zhongwan patted his hand away, ” I’m really worried about your old injury at your waist. Lie on my lap. I’ll rub it for you.”


Qi Yun did so obediently. Xing Zhongwan sighed while rubbing, “Forget gege. Your body’s more like an uncle.”


Qi Yun put one hand on Xing Zhongwan’s lap, it felt good.


“Wanwan, I’m not much older than you.”


Xing Zhongwan interrupted him, “Take good care of your body. You only started gaining some weight in the past few years, tsk tsk. It’s not easy for me. Just how did I become a nanny after I met you? I have to sleep with you, and when I eat… Why do I have to live like this?”


Qi Yun closed his eyes comfortably, “You didn’t let me in the kitchen.”


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but feel chills on his back when he thought of the kitchen that had been used by Qi Yun. It was like after a rough storm. Forget it, fairies are bound to float in the sky, let him, a mortal, handle all the normal labour.


The place where they’re living is a small villa near the sea, very quiet. Xing Zhongwan simply unpacked his luggage and dragged Qi Yun out for food. After finding a small restaurant and ordering something, Xing Zhongwan slumped on the stool and enjoyed the night wind absentmindedly.


Qi Yun sat beside him and fanned him. The wind chased away the mosquitoes and he looked at Wanwan with a smile on his face. He was really tired over the past few years. A few years ago, when he couldn’t go abroad, Xing Zhongwan told him that he was fine, but he had worked very hard in the past few years and let Xue Qing and Cheng Zhengzhe rest more. When he obtained his passport, he could now accompany Qi Yun to go and play everywhere. 


He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch his snow-white cheeks. Xing Zhongwan turned his head back and suddenly stretched out his hand to hang on Qi Yun’s shoulder. He kissed him on the cheek, “I’m hungry.”


Qi Yun patted him amusedly as Xing Zhongwan shook his head, “No. Don’t rush the chef or else the food won’t taste good. Can you please give me a kiss?”


Qi Yun turned his head to the side and kissed him on the ear, “En, let me kiss you.”


While talking, he still didn’t forget to free up a hand to chase away mosquitoes for him. Xing Zhongwan always attracted the mosquitoes. If he is not careful, he will be covered in bites. Since he was bitten by a mosquito a lot, they once swelled up and Qi Yun had to take him to the emergency room in fright. In the summer, as long as the two of them went outdoors, Qi Yun would always hand Xing Zhongwan a mosquito repellent out of reflex.


Xing Zhongwan’s mouth was full of curry chicken with a smile, “It’s great to travel. I don’t have to think about anything and no one knows me. I’m just a free bird, I can go wherever I want.”


Qi Yun wiped the curry from his mouth with a tissue, “I think you usually have the same freedom, you just choose not to do whatever you want.”


Xing Zhongwan waved at him, “I still have to care a little. I want to wear a big vest and big pants every day. I want to step on the runway and drop everything for my uninhibited love for freedom but it is impossible. It must be bright and beautiful in front of everyone. I represent not only Xing Zhongwan, but also the whole group. I’m so very tired.”


Qi Yun put a mango into his mouth with a fork, “To my bright and beautiful Boss Xing, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.”


“I’m angry when you talk about this.” Xing Zhongwan put down the spoon and said, “Since my secretaries met you, I have no place in their hearts. You are unattainable in their hearts, so they said if they can’t be with you, they’ll just leave. What shit luck.”


Qi Yun lowered his eyes, with a smile on his lips, “I can only be with you due to my shit luck.”


Xing Zhongwan nodded, “No, they are just confused by your appearance. You are actually black inside, so an honest person like me can’t expose you.”


Xing Zhongwan was serious before he realised the nonsense he said and couldn’t help but laugh at the end.


There were a few little girls on the side and a few tourists couldn’t help but take out their mobile phones to take pictures of them.


Xing Zhongwan moved quickly and opened the folding fan to cover Qi Yun’s face, “If you want to take pictures, take pictures of me. My wife is shy, so don’t take pictures of him.” 


The girls who took pictures turned red and then looked at each other excitedly, “They’re a pair! They’re together!.”


A girl boldly said to them, “Be happy.”


Xing Zhongwan looked at them with a smile. He then looked at Qi Yun who was blocked by the fan, he leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.


He then immediately turned his head and smiled at the girl, “Thank you, we are very happy.”


Qi Yun put his arms around Xing Zhongwan’s waist in an odd way but it was to quickly kill a mosquito hovering near him.


Back at the residence, Xing Zhongwan came out of the bathroom. Qi Yun was leaning against the bedside reading a book. When he saw Xing Zhongwan, Qi Yun took the towel in his hand to dry his hair, “Where shall we go tomorrow?”


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes comfortably, “Let’s go to the market and pick out gifts for those debt collectors. If you really go back empty-handed, Xue Qing is going to talk and her saliva can flood the entire group company.”


Qi Yun held back a smile, stared at Xing Zhongwan’s fair neck and kissed it. Xing Zhongwan reached out and slid his hand into Qi Yun’s hair, “Come on, I feel bad for your waist, so let’s not do any strenuous exercise.”


Qi Yun threw the towel in his hand on the bed and hugged Xing Zhongwan tightly from behind, “You’re beautiful. I can’t help it, so just kiss me, my dear.”


Xing Zhongwan turned around. As their foreheads pressed against each other, their breaths intertwined, “I say this every time, but you don’t go overboard. Be obedient.”


Qi Yun rubbed his back, “Okay, we still have a lifetime. Don’t worry, we can take our time.”


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