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Chapter 33 – Ending chapter

The next morning, Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun who was wearing a sarong. He looked up and down carefully. After watching him again, he came to the conclusion, “You should take it off, it’s too attractive.”


Qi Yun looked at himself in the mirror and then looked at Xing Zhongwan, “What? Afraid that I’ll be robbed on the street?”


Xing Zhongwan pulled the sarong around Qi Yun’s waist, “That’s different. Only I can see my fairy sister. You’re too ethereal!”


Qi Yun stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms, “But I want to wear the same clothes as you.” The pulling hand stopped. Xing Zhongwan raised his head and the noses of the two people accidentally touched each other, “Well, then I have to hold your hand well. If any hooligan dares take you away, I’ll cry to death.”


Xing Zhongwan, who was joking, took his precious fairy sister to the market.


Along the way, Xing Zhongwan, dressed like a flower peac0ck, bought many novel gadgets along the way. Qi Yun, who was following behind, worked tirelessly to carry the bag and had to also offer a spare hand for Xing Zhongwan to hold.


Xing Zhongwan bargained in front of a small stall to buy a piece of hand-woven cloth. Just as he was about to pay for it, the proprietress smiled and took out a smaller piece, pointing to Qi Yun who was standing behind him and said in less fluent English, “Gift to your girlfriend.”


Xing Zhongwan held the banknotes in his hand and smirked. He turned to face his expressionless “girlfriend” and said, “Don’t you want to thank the lady boss, they gave it to you.”


Qi Yun was wearing a dress today. Under the light-colored shirt and light-colored sarong, he looked clean like a white lotus with an otherworldly aura. With that face, even Xing Zhongwan couldn’t hold back.


He took the small piece of fabric and said, “He’s my wife.”


Xing Zhongwan touched Qi Yun, “Go thank the lady boss who gave it to you. Just smile.”


Qi Yun curled his lips and thanked her very quietly.


This smile softened the boss’s smile, so she stuffed Xing Zhongwan with many more small gifts.


Xing Zhongwan left the stall and said to Qi Yun with satisfaction, “Sure enough, the fairy’s smile is extraordinary. She will remember you forever in the future.” The two returned to their car with their hands full. Xing Zhongwan wiped his sweat, “This will help get rid of the wolves, tigers and leopards. We will be bringing a lot back.”


Thinking about it, he was a little unwilling to take out his mobile phone so he hugged Qi Yun, “Come on, wife. Let’s scatter some dog food to taunt them.”


Holding the phone at an angle, Xing Zhongwan smiled and said, “I’m going to take a photo.”


Qi Yun suddenly turned his head and kissed him on the cheek. This photo was then sent to the group…


Xue Qing: Laoniang had to chair two conferences in a row and you show me this!!! How unreasonable!


Shen Congxin: You are a bad example to children!!! I also want a girlfriend, I also want to show affection, kiss and hug.


Xue Qing: …


Cheng Zhengzhe: …


Cheng Zhengzhe: Laoxing, you look very busy. I will give you the shopping list from a duty-free shop that I want. Remember to buy it for me.


Shen Congxin: Me too.


Xue Qing sent the shopping list immediately.


There was no sound from Xing Zhongwan for a long time.


Cheng Zhengzhe: Where did these two go?


Xue Qing: I guess he went to do something bad.


Shen Congxin: What’s the bad thing?


Xue Qing: The children stay here!


Cheng Zhengzhe: The children stay and don’t go!


After the two who finished doing bad things, Xing Zhongwan rubbed his kissed red and swollen lips and picked up the phone. He looked at the shopping list in the chat and swore three times in a row.You idiots!


Xing Zhongwan and Xue Qing loved betting. They have never lost from small bets to big ones, but Xing Zhongwan feels that his luck has deteriorated ever since he was with Qi Yun.


For example, Xing Zhongwan lost again this time and the price of losing was to wear women’s clothes at the company’s annual meeting. Xing Zhongwan gritted his teeth with hatred, but he couldn’t say anything.


On the day of the annual meeting, everyone was looking forward to it. Their noble and glamorous big boss finally fell off the high stage. His cute cheongsam made the onlookers choke to death.


Cheng Zhengzhe looked at Xing Zhongwan with his long hair and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up, “Awesome, you look like a real woman in a female’s clothing boss.”


After the noisy dinner, Xing Zhongwan drove back home before changing his clothes. Qi Yun went back to China for more than a month and no one told him about the dinner. Xing Zhongwan misses him a little.


Tonight, he drank a bit too much, so his footsteps were a bit erratic and he entered the wrong password twice to open the door.


Squinting at the man who was looking at him in front of him, Xing Zhongwan swallowed and suppressed the joy in his heart, “Why are you back today?”


Qi Yun stared blankly at Xing Zhongwan, who was standing at the door, dressed in white. The cheongsam was wrapped tightly around Xing Zhongwan’s body, with the high slits revealing his straight and slender legs. The tight ankles accentuated by the high heels of the same color that he had not had time to take off made Qi Yun’s whole body heat up uncontrollably.


Xing Zhongwan felt a little embarrassed and wanted to take off the wig on his head, “It was Xue Qing’s stupid idea, I’ll change it now.”


Xing Zhongwan just wanted to take off his shoes but the man who was still a few steps away suddenly stepped forward. He pushed him against the door and rested his head on the side of his neck, breathing hotly, “Don’t take it off.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment. The heat against his waist made him laugh. He rubbed against it and raised Qi Yun’s chin, “What do you want to do?”


Qi Yun’s cold face was rarely flushed, “fvck you.”


Then he leaned down and bit the complicated collar with his teeth. He raised his leg and hooked it around Qi Yun’s waist, “Hey, you just got off the plane, will you be okay?”


This provocative tone made Qi Yun let go of the collar he was biting on, and start sucking heavily on Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “Why don’t you try me, baby?”


As he spoke, his slender fingers lifted the cheongsam, revealing Xing Zhongwan’s snow-white chest. Qi Yun lowered his head little by little and licked Xing Zhongwan’s nipples and the little flesh quickly stood up. Xing Zhongwan stiffened, his d1ck was hard. Qi Yun knelt down and kissed his abdominal muscles, before pulling down his underwear along the slit of the cheongsam. Without the underwear restraining it, something popped out quickly, propping up the thin cheongsam’s fabric.


Xing Zhongwan groaned, “Hurry up.”


Qi Yun chuckled lightly. He supported both his legs that were crossed around his waist and strode to the room.


Xing Zhongwan was lying on the bed. He took out a tube of lubricant from under the pillow and threw it to Qi Yun before unbuttoning his cheongsam and spreading his legs on the bed. He looked back at Qi Yun and those long, narrow eyes were slightly squinted. The cold air was stimulating, brushing over the opening of his ass. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help but let out a moan.


Qi Yun didn’t even have time to take off his shirt so he just unbuttoned his trousers, smeared his hand with the lube and poked into the slightly open little hole. After more than a month of being apart, the two of them were desperate. Qi Yun rubbed it twice before Xing Zhongwan grabbed his hand and let him in. Qi Yun stretched out his fingers and watched the pink hole dripping with transparent lubricant as he added his fingers one by one. His lower body was aching hard as he glanced at the garterbelt on Xing Zhongwan’s leg. He couldn’t bear it any longer, so he held his own pen-s and pushed the head into Xing Zhongwan’s little hole.


Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheet and groaned. Qi Yun paused for a moment and he couldn’t help but ask if it hurt. Xing Zhongwan shook his head, “What? Just hurry up.” He thrust his butt behind him.


The tight pleasure was about to drive Qi Yun crazy. Then, in one single thrust, he pushed everything in and the two of them let out a pleasured groan at the same time.


While he was inside, Qi Yun couldn’t help twitching. At first, he didn’t dare to use force to let Xing Zhongwan get used to the sensation. In the end, he couldn’t bear it and thrust it in vigorously. The two-meter big bed creaked. He did not stop and Xing Zhongwan grabbed the sheets with both hands and couldn’t help but scream, Qi Yun leaned down and bit Xing Zhongwan’s neck, “Baby, does it feel good?”


Qi Yun stopped and pulled out slowly as Xing Zhongwan rolled over and pushed Qi Yun onto the bed. He sat with his legs apart and sat down little by little, holding onto Qi Yun’s member while going down on it. Qi Yun hugged Xing Zhongwan’s waist, looking at the cheongsam that was still half hanging on Xing Zhongwan’s body. His column buried deep in Xing Zhongwan’s body hardened up more and couldn’t help but squeeze Xing Zhongwan’s firm buttocks. He couldn’t help but thrust up, “Baby, please move.”


Xing Zhongwan twisted his waist and whispered in Qi Yun’s ear, “This thing under you really doesn’t match your face.”


Qi Yun touched Xing Zhongwan’s rosy lips, “But do you like it?”


Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth and bit Qi Yun’s lower lip, “I like it to death.” His hips began to rise and fall as Xing Zhongwan raised his head back. With his beautiful, slender neck leaning back, some sweat dripped onto Qi Yun’s firm abdomen. Qi Yun looked at his darling and bit the charming little buds on his chest.


“Wanwan, I would die without you.”


The slender fingers wrapped around Xing Zhongwan’s wet member. Xing Zhongwan opened his mouth slightly, and clenched heavily around Qi Yun. A burst of pleasure hit Qi Yun. He couldn’t endure it anymore and came.


Xing Zhongwan opened his wet eyes and carefully wiped away the sweat on Qi Yun’s forehead, “Hold me, let’s go wash up.”


Qi Yun looked at the beautiful member that was still standing tall at Xing Zhongwan’s crotch, “Wait, you haven’t finished yet.”


Xing Zhongwan hugged his neck, “I’m fine. Your waist will be sore if we do too much.”


Qi Yun kissed his hair. Putting him down on the bed, Xing Zhongwan, who was lying on his back, was disheveled. The white cheongsam was lifted up high, the slender and straight legs were covered in fine sweat. The flesh-colored garterbelt was attached to the pantyhose. Slightly reddened, some semen was clinging onto his folds. Qi Yun got hard again so he leaned down and pushed Xing Zhongwan down with some force. Xing Zhongwan moaned, clinging to his back tightly, “Be careful of your waist, Qi Yun gege.” The tone of the first half of the sentence was very serious, the second half was teasing. Qi Yun thrust hard and a loud moan spilled out of Xing Zhongwan’s mouth and he couldn’t help but squeeze him tightly. The small hole still let Qi Yun enter deeper. His legs wrapped around Qi Yun’s waist and his eyes were watery and cute, “Gege, it hurts.”


Qi Yun was taken aback. He lowered his head and didn’t know what to say. He grabbed his waist and thrusted hard. Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help screaming when the head rubbed his prostate, “It’s there. More there, don’t stop! Qi Yun, ah…ah…don’t stop! Harder, ah! Gege, gege, hurry up!”


Qi Yun looked at the man with messy eyes under him. He leaned down and kissed the screaming mouth. I’ll give it to you, gege will give it to you, gege will give you everything.


During the violent thrusting, the mattress shook. Qi Yun’s abdomen was hot and sweaty as Xing Zhongwan came.


“Third young master, we’re here.” Qi Yun had been sleeping and his secretary woke him up. He opened his eyes and there was sweat on his forehead. He actually had a wet dream on the plane. He lowered his head and looked at his pants. Luckily it was covered by a blanket. He was in a hurry to get off the plane, but looks like he won’t be able to leave immediately.


When he looked down again, his phone was ringing. There was a photo sent by Xue Qing, “Look at your wife, he’s so pretty.”


In the photo, Xing Zhongwan was wearing a white cheongsam and light makeup. Qi Yun swallowed his saliva with difficulty. The soft member was hard again.


Seems like he won’t be able to get off this plane for now.


Wanwan, wait for me.


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