In the old century hundreds of years ago, cold weapons1A cold weapon is a weapon that does not involve fire or explosions as a result from the use of gunpowder or other explosive materials. Ranged weapons that do not require gunpowder or explosive materials and melee weapons are cold weapons, including edged weapons, clubs, spears, slings, bows, and crossbows were almost completely replaced by other weapons. Now, cold weapons had once again become the best choice for sentinels, such as the leather armour of giant beasts such as Flame Crocodiles and Mammoths and the cannons and guns of ordinary humans damage it at all.

       The length of the dragon-scaled sword was nearly two meters long. It was heavy and sharp. Every time Moschery swung it, the wind from the sword could easily knock someone over.

       Qin Yun didn’t dare to get too close to him, but he couldn’t stay too far away. It was very hard to follow him.

       “Not enough.” Moschery gripped the hilt of his sword and stabbed it into the neck of the Flame Crocodile in front of him. The giant beast rolled on the ground and tried to throw the sentinel off its back, but unfortunately, it failed. After struggling for a while, it died.

       “What are you afraid of?” Moschery pulled out the Dragon Scale sword and wiped the blood on the body of the Flame Crocodile nonchalantly.

       Qin Yun held his knees and panted. He wiped the sweat dripping from his chin, “I have only done front-line comfort control before… You should know that most low-level guides are involved in such tasks. What we do is protective work…”

       “Don’t just think about protecting me.” Moschery frowned, “You have to fight with me now, do you understand?”

       Moschery gave him a cold look, “I didn’t give you my back with the intention of leaving it full of holes.”

       Qin Yun had been lectured to no end. He drooped his head weakly.

       “Come here.” Moschery put the tip of his sword against the ground and suddenly ordered, “Kiss me.”

       Qin Yun hesitated for a moment. His mental strength was indeed not enough, so he could only step forward in frustration and hold Moschery’s face.

       His Majesty the Emperor opened his mouth very cooperatively, and took his guide’s lips in his mouth gently. He put one hand around Qin Yun’s shoulders and rubbed the back of his neck.

       [You are making rapid progress] Moschery said calmly in Qin Yun’s consciousness [Don’t be too anxious]

       Qin Yun was a little surprised. He silently opened one eye and glanced at Moschery’s expressionless face with his eyes closed. He thought to himself that this guy was really a mensao2 outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside to use such a subtle method to comfort people…


       The two of them had enough of milking one another and found a place to hide. Moschery chose the S-level combat mode, with the environment set to a completely primitive battlefield, lasting for 72 hours. The day and night cycles were distinct, and the temperature fluctuations were so extreme that they were downright terrifying.

       Moschery lit a fire, and Zhongyan lay quietly behind him, with the dragon’s head resting on its paws.

       “Besides the Flame Crocodile and Mammoth, what else do they have?” Qin Yun exhaled and rubbed his hands. The previous training sessions were all completed within 24 hours, focusing on enhancing his personal abilities in both attack and control. Today was the first time they were cultivating prolonged coordination between the two.

       Moschery threw a piece of firewood into the fire, “Seventy percent of Eta Star is primaeval forest, so there are many flame crocodiles, mammoths, many-banded krait3some sort of snakes, and giant tigers. The Avian people are good at high-altitude reconnaissance, so we’ll be landing at the edge of the planet and hiking up to their base.”

       “It’s true that classified missions are all difficult to do…” Qin Yun sighed with a grimace. He suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but ask Moschery, “But aren’t you the Emperor… Why do you need to do this kind of thing? “

       Moschery didn’t answer. He inserted the Dragon Scale into the soil beside him with an indifferent expression, looked at Qin Yun and said, “Are you cold?”

       Qin Yun sniffled, “A little bit.”

       “Come to me.” Moschery tore open the outermost coat. He waited patiently for his guide to move over slowly and then pulled him into his arms from behind.

       Qin Yun fell asleep facing the fire. Moschery’s warm palm picked up his bangs and placed them on his forehead. He said in a rare and gentle tone, “You can go to sleep. I will stay watch overnight.”

       Qin Yun hummed ‘Hmm’ as he subconsciously crawled into Moschery’s arms and muttered vaguely, “Is it tiring to be an Emperor?”

       Moschery said calmly, “It’s not easy.”

       Qin Yun: “Then why do you still have to do it… Why bother doing things like this yourself…”

       “Because it’s important.” Moschery thought for a moment and replied, “If I don’t do it, more people will be sacrificed.”

       Qin Yun turned his face sideways and looked at Moschery’s golden-red dragon eyes, which had turned back to their round pupils. The firelight dyed half of his cheeks a warm orange colour.

       Moschery suddenly turned his head, looked at Qin Yun with his normal eyes, raised his eyebrows, and said, “What are you looking at?”

       “Nothing…” Qin Yun shook his head, leaning on Moschery’s shoulder and closing his eyes.

       “Is it warm?” Moschery hugged Qin Yun tighter, covering Qin Yun’s chest with one hand, and suggested, “Put your feet over here, and I’ll cover them for you.”

       Qin Yun refused to move. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. He felt that his heart was beating faster and faster under Moschery’s palm.

       Warm and yet subtly painful.


       He suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Qin Yun propped up half of his body, and Moschery’s coat slipped down. Zhongyan lay beside him; the huge dragon’s tail circled him in the middle.

       The spiritual link still showed that the person had not gone far. Qin Yun felt more relieved, wrapped his coat and stood up.

       The forest was cold and gloomy in the dark night, and Zhongyan also woke up. He kept his squatting posture and moved his wings slightly.

       “Xi Zhao?” Qin Yun shouted, but no one answered him.

       Zhongyan snorted a little anxiously and tilted his head towards Qin Yun, meaning to ask him to sit on his back.

       “…” Qin Yun hesitated, “I have never even ridden a horse…”

       Zhongyan scratched the ground with his paws and picked up Qin Yun in his mouth.

       Qin Yun: “Wah wah wah wah! Go fly later!! Wait until I sit down!!”

       The huge black dragon stood up straight, and Qin Yun hugged the other’s neck tightly. When Zhongyan’s wings spread out, there was an illusion that the sky was covered. The airflow around him was like a hurricane, making Qin Yun almost unable to open his eyes.

       Qin Yun looked down at the ground that was gradually moving away and said in shock, “Wow… This is so cool…”

       Zhongyan let out a distant dragon roar, and a flock of birds at the edge of the forest were startled. Qin Yun lowered his head and saw a black shadow moving quickly between the branches.

       “Xi Zhao?!” Qin Yun was overjoyed, “Zhongyan! Fly low! Let Xi Zhao come up!”

       The dragon flattened its wings and stopped rising, trying to glide close to the treetops. Qin Yun did not care about the danger, and almost half of his body was hanging outside as he stretched out his hand to Moschery, who was still running and jumping quickly among the branches, “Xi Zhao! Take my hand! “

       Moschery raised his head. His face was a little blurry in the dark night. He seemed to want to say something. As soon as he opened his mouth, a fish-like winged creature suddenly jumped out from beside him. It opened its huge mouth and bit Qin Yun.

       “Shit!” Qin Yun was startled, but fortunately at the critical moment Zhongyan’s tail whipped over hard, “What is this?! It can fly?!”

       Moschery pulled out the Dragon Scale and made a light leap. The arc of the sword tip pierced the creature between the eyes in a strange way, “Flying Fish Tiger, can’t fly, but they can jump very high. Please pay attention to the height of Zhongyan’s flight. Don’t get too close to me.”

       “Then what about you?” Qin Yun was carried a little higher by Zhongyan. His guiding tendrils could not be stretched that long. Moschery’s speed was much slower than during the day. It was impossible not to be tired from continuous high-intensity combat. The Flying Fish Tiger had an average body size, but its endurance and attack power were not low. Coupled with its cruel and rampant temperament, no sentinel can benefit from a head-on conflict.


       While the two were talking, four or five more Flying Fish Tigers jumped up. Moschery held a sword in one hand and jumped up to grab Zhongyan’s dragon claw. The two Flying Fish Tigers that were flanking him ‘collided’ together.

       “…” Qin Yun: “Fortunately, they didn’t have high IQs…”

       Moschery glared at his guide, his feet dangling in the air. The remaining three Flying Fish Tigers kept jumping up and opening their mouths, trying to bite Moschery’s legs. His Majesty the Emperor couldn’t use one hand to attack, and Zhongyan didn’t dare to fly too high for fear of him falling down, and it wouldn’t be to save him.

       Qin Yun was circling around anxiously on the dragon’s back. When he tried to reach out to pull him, the Flying Fish Tiger would stare at him and try to bite him. Before his hand could reach down, only his arm was probably left.

       “Don’t worry about me.” Moschery calmly ordered, “You let Zhongyan fly high. I will go down and deal with them myself.”

       Qin Yun naturally refused, “How are you going down there?! Going straight into the monster’s mouth?!” As soon as he finished speaking, a Flying Fish Tiger jumped up and bit Moschery’s foot.

       The sentinel clicked his tongue, picked up the hilt of the sword and stabbed it hard into the Flying Fish Tiger’s forehead. The beast actually bit hard and stabbed it back and forth a few times before letting go and falling off.

       Qin Yun’s face turned pale, frightened almost to the point of losing half his life. He looked at Moschery’s bloody ankle and asked in a trembling voice, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

       “You try to get bitten.” Moschery said angrily, “Don’t act like a woman. I didn’t even scream your name. It’s not that big of a deal.”

       Qin Yun pursed his lips and said nothing. He knew that Xi Zhao was worried because he was concerned, but he felt really uncomfortable in his heart. The smell of blood made the remaining Flying Fish Tiger even more excited. There were many coming from a distance. No matter how he looked at the situation, it wasn’t favourable for them.

       Moschery obviously noticed it too. He frowned and tied the Dragon Scale behind his back with one hand, and assumed a posture ready to jump off, “Listen, fly upward. I’ll catch up later…”

       Before he finished speaking, he saw Qin Yun standing up from the dragon’s back unsteadily.

       “…” Moschery was confused, “What are you doing?”

       Qin Yun didn’t speak. His expression was cold and solemn. He was holding the long bow that was like a decoration in his hand and stretched the bowstring into a full moon, holding a golden ‘arrow’ condensed with spiritual power between his two fingers.

       Another Flying Fish Tiger jumped up high and opened its big mouth to bite Moschery. Before sentinel could draw his sword, a sound of breaking through the air suddenly came to his ears. Qin Yun’s ‘arrow’ accurately shot through the Flying Fish Tiger’s throat.


       The night sky, crafted by digital means, was adorned with stars, and the sickly pale crescent moon hung in the air. Moschery looked up at Qin Yun, standing tall on Zhongyan’s back, and for a while, couldn’t find the words to speak.

       His guide expression did not relax at all, and he quickly straightened the bow again, with the golden ‘arrow’ firmly on the string.

       “Climb up, Xi Zhao.” Qin Yun ordered without looking back. As he spoke, he had already shot three arrows in succession, each of which hit the enemy’s vital points. The Flying Fish Tiger that was originally jumping up and down on the treetops were killed. They were killed in pieces, and they fell down one after another, screaming. They gradually did not dare to come forward anymore, and they were hovering threateningly not far away with a ferocious face.

       The whites of Qin Yun’s eyes had turned completely pure gold. He slowly lowered his arm, only to realise that he was shaking violently. His fingertips were cut by the thin bow string and were almost bloody.

       “That’s enough!” Moschery hugged him from behind, “That’s enough, Qin Yun.”

       “Huh…uh…?” Qin Yun panted. He looked at his hand and said with some difficulty, “There is no more ‘arrow’… There is something blocking my consciousness… I can’t get out…”

       “Look at me, Qin Yun.” Moschery held his guide’s face, and he pressed his lips against him, “You did a good job… Be good. Open your mouth.”

       Qin Yun closed his eyes, and he could feel Moschery’s full and rich pheromones soothing his almost dry mental energy. During the long and gentle kiss, he finally couldn’t help but reach out and grasp the other person’s back tightly.

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