In the pitch-black abandoned building, Xiang Wenxi walked slowly forward. There was a window ahead, and light was seeping in from outside. He ran a few steps in that direction, and suddenly, a massive black wolf appeared at the window, swiftly leaping inside.

       “Ling Xiao!” Xiang Wenxi quickly ran in the direction of the black wolf.

       The black wolf landed on the ground and took several steps forward.

       Xiang Wenxi found that he was injured. The fur on his front legs was split, and blood was dripping down.

       “Are you injured?” Xiang Wenxi asked.

       The black wolf transformed into a human, covered one of his arms, and said, “That old demon, I haven’t seen it for hundreds of years, yet he is getting more and more scary.”

       Xiang Wenxi stepped forward, stretched out his hand to support him, and asked anxiously, “Does that mean we can’t go back to the bar?”

       Ling Xiao did not answer him but asked, “Where is Chunjun?”

       “That idiot ran away by himself,” Xiang Wenxi said, “Anyway, there’s no way out of this building. I–” Before he could finish his words, he suddenly paused.

       Ling Xiao looked at him, “What?”

       Xiang Wenxi hesitated for a moment and said, “He broke away from my illusion. It shouldn’t be. This whole building is controlled by my illusion.”

       Ling Xiao said coldly, “Where is he now?”

       Xiang Wenxi shook his head, “I don’t know, but he probably didn’t leave this building.”

       “Go find him,” Ling Xiao said.

       Xiang Wenxi grabbed Ling Xiao’s arm, “How can you be sure that he must be Chunjun? What part of him looks like ChunJun?”

       Ling Xiao said, “If that wasn’t the case, why do you think I was injured like this by Demon Zhen? Chunjun has been with Demon Zhen for thousands of years. If he wasn’t it, I really can’t figure out who else he could be.”

       Xiang Wenxi let out a ‘hmph’ sound, “Then, let’s split up. One goes up; the other goes down. We’ll search floor by floor.”

       When they separated, Xiang Wenxi muttered again, “So what if we find him? Chunjun is not yours anyway.”

       Ling Xiao gave him a cold look and said nothing.

       At this time, Song Jun was running forward aimlessly. He still remembered the face of the middle-aged man he saw just now, with the corners of his mouth grinning upward in a strange arc and repeating those words, “It’s so dark. How did you find your way up? Aren’t you afraid?”

       He was really scared and couldn’t think carefully at all. He turned around and ran back. He wanted to find Xiang Wenxi. He didn’t want to stay in this haunted place alone.

       When he first started running, he heard footsteps chasing him from behind. The middle-aged man’s flashlight waved vigorously and shouted to him, “It’s so dark. Aren’t you afraid?”

       Song Jun’s scalp was tingling; he had no idea which direction he was running or what the surroundings around him were like. Gradually, both the beam of his flashlight and the sound of footsteps disappeared. All that remained was darkness and deadly silence.

       All he could hear was his own heavy breathing and messy footsteps.

       No matter how big this shopping mall was, he should have reached the wall after running such a long distance, but he never encountered any obstacles. Maybe he was not running straight at all but running in a weird arc, avoiding all walls.

       Song Jun stopped. He just felt scared and wanted to leave this place.

       After he stopped, his breathing slowly recovered, and the surroundings became dead silent again. At this time, he heard a sound, which sounded like something dragging on the ground.

       The sound was far away at first, then gradually got closer.

       Have you seen The Grudge1Ju-On movie? When the female ghost inside was crawling on the ground, her clothes rubbed against the floor, making such a sound. Song Jun had pathetically seen it too, and in the darkness, he couldn’t stop himself from imagining things.

       He felt like he should hide, but he didn’t know where to go. He struggled to discern the direction of the sound in the darkness and then moved in the opposite direction. He didn’t even dare to run, as if the moment he did, that thing would swiftly catch up to him.

       He walked forward slowly, not too far away, when he suddenly felt that he had hit something.

       That looked like a person.

       At this moment, a light suddenly lit up in front of him. It was the light of a flashlight. The middle-aged man shined the flashlight in the sky and said, “I found you. Why are you running around? It’s so dark. Aren’t you afraid?”

       Song Jun screamed and pushed him away with all his strength. When he ran forward, he missed his footing, and he rolled forward and fell.

       It turned out that there was an elevator in the shopping mall in front of him. The middle-aged man blocked it, and he couldn’t see anything. He rushed over, stepped on the elevator, and fell down.

       Song Jun rolled all the way to the bottom of the elevator, landing in a dishevelled state. At that moment, he almost lost consciousness. He struggled to crawl a few steps forward and saw someone standing in front of him. He instantly trembled with fear.

       But he didn’t expect that man to squat down in front of him and call him, “Chunjun.”

       Who is Chunjun? Song Jun had no idea what he was talking about. His head was throbbing, and as he reached to touch it, he felt a sticky sensation on his hand. Soon after, he lost consciousness.

       When he woke up again, Song Jun found himself lying on a soft big bed, with a small lamp on the bedside, emitting soft light. The surroundings were warm and comfortable, which made him want to go back to sleep again.

       Until he heard two people talking.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “If Demon Zhen knew that Chunjun was injured like this, he would definitely not let me go.”

       Ling Xiao’s voice was still cold, “Don’t you know that the building is unclean?”

       Xiang Wenxi was a little unhappy, “How do I know? You asked me to take him to escape. Did you give me time to think about it carefully? How do I know where to escape?”

       Ling Xiao said nothing.

       Xiang Wenxi asked curiously, “I heard that when Ou Yezi2Ou Yezi was a legendary master of sword-making in the Spring and Autumn period. According to Yuejueshu, he forged five treasured swords for Gan Jiang and King Zhao of Chu, named, respectively, Zhanlu, Juque, Shengxie, Yuchang and Chunjun. cast Chunjun, he sacrificed the human soul of the most vicious person in the world as the sword’s spirit. Later, although Chunjun was sealed due to its overwhelming murderous intent, Chunjun’s spirit shouldn’t be like Song Jun, right?”

       After a moment of silence, Ling Xiao said to Xiang Wenxi, “I don’t know either.”

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Could it be that you are all mistaken?”

       Ling Xiao didn’t speak this time.

       But even if they made a mistake, Demon Zhen shouldn’t have made a mistake, right?

       Chunjun? Song Jun had listened to them talking about this name all night, and now he understood that they were probably talking about himself and Demon Zhen. He seemed to have heard this name somewhere, but he couldn’t recall it for a while.

       He tried to think hard, but his mind went blank, and he could not recall any memory of these two names.

       Song Jun sat up and realised that he had a severe headache at this time. He reached out and touched his forehead and found that there was a circle of gauze wrapped around his forehead. He remembered that he was in an abandoned shopping mall and rolled off the closed elevator. When he fell down, his head must have been injured at that time.

       He wanted to get out of bed, but the sound alerted Xiang Wenxi and Ling Xiao, who walked in from outside.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Are you awake?”

       Song Jun raised his hands to cover his head and asked, “Where is this?”

       Ling Xiao said, “My home.”

       Song Jun looked around and then asked, “Can I go back to campus?”

       Ling Xiao did not answer him, but Xiang Wenxi said, “You’re here now, so don’t even think about leaving!”

       Song Jun was stunned by what he said.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “ChunJun is much more precious than Thousand Years Lamp.”

       Song Jun said, “I really don’t know what you are talking about. I am not Chunjun.”

       Ling Xiao looked at him and suddenly walked towards him, standing in front of him with his arms folded, “We have met before, do you still remember me?”

       Song Jun raised his head to look at Ling Xiao carefully and shook his head, “I’ve never seen you before.”

       Ling Xiao was silent for a moment and then asked, “Demon Zhen—”

       “Xia Hongshen,” Xiang Wenxi interrupted him and changed his name to something Song Jun could understand.

       “Senior Brother Xia? What about him?” Song Jun asked.

       “Do you remember him?” Xiang Wenxi asked.

       Song Jun looked at them strangely, “Of course I remember. He is my senior brother.”

       Xiang Wenxi stomped on the edge of the bed, “Cut the crap. I’m asking if you have any impression of him in the past?”

       Song Jun hesitated for a while but still shook his head, “I only met him after I came to school. I didn’t know him before.” He knew that Xiang Wenxi was a fox demon, so this Ling Xiao must not be an ordinary person, so he continued, “I know he seems to be a deity in the sky, looking for Thousand Years Lamp. If he finds it, he will go back.”

       The reason why Song Jun deliberately revealed Xia Hongshen’s identity was because he hoped to use Xia Hongshen’s identity to scare them.

       Xiang Wenxi heard what Song Jun said and saw that his expression didn’t seem to be deliberately faking, so he turned to look at Ling Xiao strangely.

       Ling Xiao also had a complicated expression and didn’t know what he was thinking.

       Gilded phoenix wings[/mfn]Fengliu, Feng Junyuan[/mfn], Dragon Tip Whip3Longshao, Long Xing, and Crescent Moon Bell4Yueya, Xi Anling, these were all treasures that Demon Zhen had around him. In the past, before Demon Zhen became immortal, he travelled around the mountains and rivers of the mainland, searching for divine artefacts and treasures.

       Different from Chunjun, these three weapons did not have weapon spirits when Demon Zhen first obtained them. Instead, he personally found human souls in the world that were compatible with the weapons, opened the refining furnace, and used the human souls to refine the weapons again.

       In the past, Demon Zhen was the most powerful demonic beast that threatened the three realms. Born with the creation of the world, it was immortal and resembled a black panther with fangs feeding on the souls of ghosts.

       The previous owner of the Chunjun was a general. He once held the Chunjun in his hand and killed countless enemies on the battlefield. Chunjun was stained red with blood and could not be washed away for a while. Before the general died, he sealed Chunjun with his own hands just because Chunjun’s murderous aura was too much, and he felt that he could not control it.

       After that, the person who lifted the seal for Chunjun and took out Chunjun was Demon Zhen in human form.

       Demon Zhen did not kill people. He just liked to collect divine weapons and artefacts. Chunjun was the first weapon that stayed with him. Later, when Demon Zhen obtained Gilded Phoenix Wings, Dragon Tip Whip and Crescent Moon Bell, he captured human beings for sacrifice, and Chunjun was also with them.

       How could such Chunjun have no memory of Demon Zhen?

       Ling Xiao couldn’t help but start to doubt.

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