When Moschery woke up, Qin Yun was still asleep, naked and wrapped in a quilt, lying in his arms. The Emperor looked down for a while, then raised his head and looked at the bedside.

       The snow-white unicorn lay quietly on the ground; its wings spread flat on both sides of its body.

       Moschery walked barefoot in front of it and squatted down gently.

       The golden mane was gently twirled by the Emperor’s fingertips. Moschery reached out and carefully touched the spiral horn on the unicorn’s forehead. The other party did not wake up and unconsciously rubbed its muzzle against the Emperor’s palm.

       Qin Yun was still dazed and sleepy from being pressed from behind. He felt Moschery kissing his neck, then pulling him out of the covers bit by bit like peeling a silkworm chrysalis.

       “…Hmm?” Qin Yun turned his face, and Moschery turned his head and kissed him. The Emperor’s kiss was a bit rough, like a lion patrolling its territory, and it slowly moved from his lips to his earlobe.

       Although Qin Yun was not yet awake, he could still feel Moschery’s powerful and unrepressed consciousness cloud. He ‘smelled’ the alluring smell of pheromones on the other person’s body, and his mental energy boiled and burned uncontrollably.

       Moschery sniffed the back of his neck a few times and whispered, “You’re having Bonding Heat.”

       “?” Qin Yun’s expression was confused. He felt his erect lower body being caressed by the Emperor. The back hole, which had only last night undergone a pleasurable session of lovemaking, readmitted Moschery’s thrusts with ease.

       Qin Yun raised his neck impatiently. Moschery’s consciousness cloud merged with his mental power. Every hard thrust of the Emperor was unruly with each one, with nothing but the most primal of desires and urges.

       “After the final marking, you can only be mine.” Moschery pinched Qin Yun’s chin, forcing him to raise his head. He stared into his guide’s eyes, “You can never leave me.”


       Qin Yun slept until almost noon before he shook his head sleepily. He was hugged by Moschery around the waist and raised his upper body for a long time before he grabbed the electronic clock next to the pillow.

       The Emperor also woke up. He reached out and held Qin Yun’s arm, turned him over, then lowered his head and blocked the other person’s mouth.

       “…” Qin Yun could only wait until he finished kissing her before he had the strength to complain, “I’m starving… I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

       Moschery pushed his semi-erect shaft against the other party’s ass in a somewhat obscene manner, “Haven’t I fed you yet?”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       Moschery, who was disturbed by Zhongyan, finally released the giant dragon from the realm of consciousness. Qin Yun’s unicorn, lying by the bed, only lifted its eyelids slightly at Zhongyan’s appearance.

       However, Qin Yun hugged the dragon for a long time because he hadn’t seen it for a long time.

       But Zhongyan was obviously more interested in his spiritual link. When he first saw the unicorn, the dragon was so excited that he shed a lot of tears…

       “…” Moschery, “Can you shut your mouth?”

       Zhongyan: “…”

       Moschery looked at it with disgust, “Don’t keep raising your wings to cover your face. No matter how ugly you are, it will always be seen.”

       Zhongyan: “QAQ”


       Bixi was the second person to learn that Qin Yun had regained his guide ability, and she seemed unsurprised when she saw the unicorn.

       “He has grown up just like you.” Bixi stroked the golden mane on the spiritual link’s back, “Do you still remember that he followed you around the pasture before you were 8 years old?”

       Qin Yun suddenly realised, “So this is the white pony you mentioned?”

       Bixi smiled, “God-level can self-hypnotize. I just taught you the process… The only way to remove it is to rely on a sentinel of the same level to use consciousness cloud to break the restriction.” She paused and said slyly, “In other words, just forcing you to get Bonding Heat.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       “As expected, I have to fvck you.” Moschery said calmly. He pinched Qin Yun’s neck, “It seems that I will hurt you more in the future.”

       Qin Yun: “……”


       Zhongyan lay face to face in front of the unicorn. It seemed to be very shy and always covered its face with its wings, but it couldn’t help but secretly reveal its eyes to see the unicorn’s reaction.

       The latter remained calm as usual, occasionally flapping the snow-white wings on his back a few times while his golden eyes stared gently at the black dragon.

       Zhongyan looked extremely shy. Qin Yun thought to herself that it was lucky that he was dark coloured; otherwise, it would be impossible to imagine how beautiful this guy’s face was when it blushed…

       The giant dragon suddenly squatted down, shook its wings, and dropped a bunch of rhinestone pendants that Qin Yun usually attached to him. It looked at the unicorn expectantly, then he stretched out his dragon claws and carefully pushed his favourite Toothless in front of the unicorn.

       Unicorn: “……”

       Zhong Yan tilted its head and looked at the unicorn. It hesitated for a moment and then pushed an oversized Kitty cat rhinestone pillow against it.

       The unicorn lowered its light golden eyelashes and looked silently at the giant dragon’s drool on Kitty Cat…

       Zhong Yan stared at it with fascination, and another drop of saliva fell to the ground with a ‘splat’ at the corner of the mouth…


       Lin Dongliang was speechless for a long time when he saw Qin Yun’s spiritual link. The Secretary of State rubbed his forehead with a headache, “No wonder Tristana and I couldn’t cure your brain nerves at that time… You are not a low-level guide at all…”

       “God-level has a powerful self-healing function.” Shen Zhuofan mused. Although he couldn’t see it, with the vast amount of guide knowledge in his mind, he could almost imagine the level of god-level, “What’s more, you have been raising it since you were 8 years old. Now that you have accumulated so much energy…a destructive agent cannot destroy all of your mental power.”

       Qin Yun smiled, “Actually, it still has an effect.” He stroked the unicorn’s spiral horn, “It doesn’t have the ability to fly for a short period… the wings are a bit atrophied. It’s currently recovering.”

       “…” Shen Zhuofan said contemptuously, “Isn’t it because you haven’t let him fly for too long that he has degenerated?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Lin Dongliang comforted him, “It’s okay… This is a blessing in disguise… But we can all see your spiritual link. Does that mean your god-level gene fusion is higher than His Majesty’s?”

       “I don’t know either…” Qin Yun frowned, If I am also a gene duplicate, whose duplicated… “

       “You are not a genetic copy at all.” Bixi interrupted him, “And certainly you are not a clone.” She looked at the unicorn lying quietly on the ground, “The reason why Olympus cannot develop a successful god-level guide is because they think that the guide, like sentinel, can genetically evolve through scientific means and eventually fused or copied for a new god-level guide.”

       “Under the protection of the sentinel, mankind finally survived, but the genetic defects that followed caused a rapid decline in the population until the first ‘guide’ was born naturally.” Shen Zhuofan recited softly, “The Epoch of Sentinel and Guide from a third-year textbook.”

       Bixi smiled, “That’s right, history possesses the truest eyes.” She looked at Qin Yun and said softly, “You are the final result of natural evolutionary selection. After more than a hundred years, human evolution has finally drawn a new chapter. It was a perfect ending.”


       Moschery pressed Qin Yun under him, and the night wind blew into the room, lifting the curtains by the window. The unicorn lay quietly, its whole body covered with silvery light.

       Zhongyan stretched out his huge black wings to wrap around his spiritual link partner, and his dragon muzzle rubbed the partner’s golden mane intimately.

       Qin Yun’s whole body was made unbearably hot by the Emperor’s kiss. He raised his legs to wrap around the other’s muscular waist, rubbing his hips against Moschery’s lower body.

       “Don’t be so impatient.” Moschery inserted slowly. He spread his guide’s legs, slapped Qin Yun’s ass in a punitive manner, and said harshly, “Beg me, say please, and I will give it to you.”

       Qin Yun: “…” What happened to not hurting me? Sure enough, everything a man said was a lie!!

So I was actually a bit confused because at some point the mention of the link is a white colt, and sometimes it’s a white pony. But then since I saw that his spiritual link is actually a unicorn, calling it a pony would be kinda wrong. So I put it as a colt (young horse) instead of pony

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