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Clone lover

Chapter 4 – Fulfillment requires cooperation

The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
Fulfilment requires cooperation

There’s no shame in admitting that Tan Yunxiao feels strongly jealous of Feng Sheng’s original lover.

After the two confided in each other and shared their hearts, Feng Sheng only smiled and watched as Tan Yunxiao removed the photo of the two from the bedroom and replaced it with the photo of them when they went to the amusement park last weekend. He calmly allowed Tan Yunxiao to redecorate the house, slowly but surely in an attempt to completely obliterate any traces of the original Tan Yunxiao’s life.

This was quite amusing. It was obvious that the two had the same memories and shared similar hobbies, but Tan Yunxiao stubbornly chooses to wear colors that he has no liking towards, eat foods that he didn’t like and does things he didn’t like to do before. Over time, he really did begin to like to wear different colors, and was more willing to eat foods he was originally unwilling to, as well as became less ashamed to try different positions in bed. Before, when they made love, they only had a few basic positions, but now there were too many for them to try – to the point that it’s ridiculous.

Tan Yunxiao also became more pampered as Feng Sheng indulged him gently, which changed greatly from his originally gentle and considerate temperament. Sometimes after a long night, Tan Yunxiao even stayed in bed until it was time to get up for work instead of spending time preparing breakfast.

Other times, Tan Yunxiao would whisper to the mirror when he was alone: The appearance he had right now, was it really his ‘real appearance’? When he thought about what his ‘real appearance’ might look like, he would always be reminded of the original Tan Yunxiao which would make him feel like throwing up. No, he mustn’t give his lover to someone else, even if that person is technically himself.

Sometimes, Tan Yunxiao has the smugness to think: Doesn’t Feng Sheng also like him as he is now, despite him already being different from the Yunxiao before? He was originally made by Feng Sheng and every bit of his body was made according to the other’s tastes. Even if he was different from his old lover, it was Feng Sheng’s own mind that has really been changed.

Perhaps what Feng Sheng really saw in him was his heart. Thinking of this, Tan Yunxiao couldn’t help but smile giddily at himself in the mirror. If he could’ve met Feng Sheng earlier, perhaps there was even a chance that he would choose him over his lover in the end!

Sometimes Tan Yunxiao feels sad, what does he need to do to be able to overtake a dead person in someone’s heart? Should he utilize his similar-looking face, or should he be more s/utty in bed?

Tan Yunxiao has spent many late nights awoken from his dreams. Stroking his sleeping lover’s cheek in the darkness, he recalled the events that have transpired over and over again.

After finding out about his true identity and Feng Sheng’s strong feelings towards his deceased lover, Tan Yunxiao was sad at first, thinking that he was just some substitute, before rejoicing because he was the one who got to enjoy the handsome and affectionate lover, and then feeling jealous again. The one who really owns his lover is some guy who had already died for a long time, and perhaps he was just a clown wearing the skin of his lover’s ex.

But after all the propositions have been said, Tan Yunxiao feels at ease again. Maybe Feng Sheng can’t refuse him because he had the same face as his lover, maybe this was just some fake affection being shown to him in exchange for experiencing a fabricated love. But it did not matter.

Everyone had to learn to see the good in the bad, and at least all his lover’s sweet words, caresses and kisses are now his own exclusive properties. No matter what his lover makes of this new love, he can no longer get away.

His deep affections have already weakened him, and he was deathly afraid of loss so the pair will stay together until their hair turns white, or even be joined in death.

This was enough. Tan Yunxiao was not that naïve to believe in Feng Sheng’s promise of this love they shared now. Who cares if this love is incomplete or lacking? He is already satisfied. A tear escaped from the corner of Tan Yunxiao’s eyes.

He quickly hid his face in his collar, when he reopened his eyes, he was still the same Tan Yunxiao who had loved Feng Sheng wholeheartedly. Tidying his mind, he sank himself deeper into Feng Sheng’s arms.

“Xiao Xiao…” Hearing his lover calling out his name in his dream caused Tan Yunxiao’s heart to beat warmly. Choosing to put away the jealousy and anger behind him before falling asleep peacefully.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

Under the cover of darkness, someone’s lips curled into a satisfied smile.



T/L notes: Eheh, there wasn’t much smut in this short story but I hope you still enjoyed it nonetheless. I enjoyed translating this quite a bit as there was just so much potential for the story. Even if it was simple, I hope it brought you some joy or gave you a bit to think about.

Life is short, and we should grasp the present moment with our own hands like Yunxiao did. There’s more I could say, but I’m sleepy so I’ll go rest now. Thank you for coming on this short journey with me (OAO)/

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Chapter 3 – Turn around, your true love is waiting

The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
Turn around, your true love is waiting

Feng Sheng has already left while Tan Yunxiao worked a rotational shift today. He unhooks the buttons in front of the large mirror in the bathroom, revealing his smooth chest and shoulders. Sneering at the sight, he tossed his shirt aside.

Carefully, he used a small blade to make an incision on the skin near the collarbone, which caused blood to spill from the wound profusely. He had injected himself with a stimulant earlier to keep himself from fainting, and carefully peeled off the skin, looking for bone.

“Ah, found it.” He sighed softly.

There was a code engraved on the bone, casting a soft blue glow.

“Ah.” He sighed again.

Slumping weakly to the floor, he was immediately attended to by a medical robot. His last hope had been dashed.

When evening came, Feng Sheng returned home with a handful of daffodils that he had just purchased on the street. As soon as he entered, he was greeted to the sight of his lover huddled over on the sofa and flustered.

Before he could change his clothes, Feng Sheng hurriedly stepped forward, half-kneeled on the ground as he put his arms around his lover’s shoulders and quietly soothed him, only for his lover to raise his tear-stained face at him.

“What’s the matter, dear?” Feng Sheng wiped away his lover’s tears, in distress.

“Do you love Tan Yunxiao?” His lover asked in a whisper.

“Of course.”

“Do you love me?”

“… What do you mean? What are you talking about? Honey, aren’t you Tan Yunxiao?” There was a warm smile on Feng Sheng’s face.

It was a pity that his smile quickly turned cold and was abruptly shattered, after Feng Sheng saw that Tan Yunxiao was smiling to himself and unresponsive.

His heart skipped a beat as he called the medical robot. After checking the treatment records, his heart sank.

Feng Sheng was still half-kneeling on the carpet next to the sofa. He shifted himself and sat on the ground. Taking out a cigarette from the inner pocket of his coat, he took a shaky drag of nicotine on the spot as smoke filled out the space between the two of them, covering their respective expressions.

Ah… just when did Feng Sheng learn to smoke…?

“So you already found out that you aren’t really him.” Feng Sheng spoke suddenly, his tone was still soft.

“That… I… I already know.” Tan Yunxiao sniffed again.

There was another long silence.

“So what now? Do you wish to leave me? Feng Sheng had said bitterly while smoking a cigarette, his cool demeanor long gone.

“I… I…”

“Do you blame me? I implanted his memory inside you, tricked you into thinking you were him and lied about us. Your AI level is high so you should choose your own life, instead of being held down by a coward like me who prefers to play pretend.”

Feng Sheng was interrupted by Tan Yunxiao who kissed him on the lips fiercely. The taste of smoke in the man’s mouth was off-putting but Tan Yunxiao didn’t care, in fact, he was even more excited for it, biting Feng Sheng’s lips but stopping just short of tearing flesh.

After the kiss ended, both of them were breathless.

“I still want to be your lover, even if the memory from before was implanted, we can still make fresh new ones after. I am not angry at all that you tricked me, because I already liked you from the first time I saw you. Even without his memories, I still like you.”

The two hugged each other tightly, with a new sort of spark igniting between them as they renewed their love for one another.

Coming close to losing something was bound to make anyone insane, and for Feng Sheng, who has a habit of toughing-it-out and holding everything inside wouldn’t be able to avert it, this insanity. He has been waiting alone for too long, and the long length of time could change or destroy a person.

Feng Sheng used to be arrogant. He still managed to fall asleep peacefully on the night he received the news of his lover’s death, but he never thought that it would be the last gift that the god of insomnia would bless him with. He thought he could redirect all his attention and focus on work instead, but found that everywhere he looked, everyone sported the look of his dead lover. What was he to do? How should he do it? He’s even prayed to god countless times that someone who shared their past memories as lovers would appear before him.

However, the prayers could never come true, so he decided to become his own god, through the process of countless re-rendering of his personality and failure of his specialized organ parts, Feng Sheng would be disappointed and slowly destroyed over and over again.

He picked up smoking along the way, using this destructive pastime to try and restore his racing mind to some semblance of peace from before that he knew was fake. When the scent of smoke began to cling to his fingers, Feng Sheng had the revelation that he had already gone insane, whether he wanted to resurrect his lover or whether he was successful in his endeavors, he would soon lose it.

It is said that a thousand tries will be met with a few thousandths of chances. When he procured the present Tan Yunxiao from his culture solution, he was nothing short of ecstatic. Wiping that face he had seen umpteen times before with his sleeves, he couldn’t even bring himself to feel nauseous, only anticipation.

He knew that the god of technology had bestowed upon him this gift, for he must cherish it well this time.

It was unbeknownst to them who made the first move, or who’s lips touched the other but the two rolled on top of each other while tearing at the other’s clothes, eager for each other’s touch.

When Feng Sheng became one with Tan Yunxiao’s body, his brain had already been unable to think as he obsessively pressed Tan Yunxiao under him, ignoring the other’s writhing. He did it harshly as he bit down on his shoulder, unwilling to let go.

“fvck, my head hit the headboard of the bed, have you gone mad?”

Feng Sheng was only slightly relieved when he heard Tan Yunxiao reprimanding him, kissing his lover’s collarbone as compensation as he turned his petite partner over so that he was now sitting on top of him.

“What are you doing?” His lover sounded impatient.

“Move yourself.” Feng Sheng had said meekly.

With their lips and lower halves connected, Tan Yunxiao didn’t even have the chance to move twice before he was broken under Feng Sheng’s ministrations and could only lie pliantly on Feng Sheng’s chest and allow the other to move inside him from time to time, with broken moans escaping his lips which only fueled Feng Sheng’s lust.

Unlike previously, this time had been more intense. Chalking it up to the new position, or shift in mood between the both of them, they were both exhausted by the end of it.

The two laid in bed side-by-side, staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily like fishes out of water.

“Ah.” Feng Sheng had broken the silence first. “This isn’t a bad idea dear, to change one’s taste.”

“En, I guess that makes sense.” Tan Yunxiao replied as he turned around, only to see Feng Sheng’s quiet expression.

He smiled silently as his eyes sparkled.


T/L notes: I had to do a double-take when I saw our precious Yunxiao swearing. And wow, it really did say 他妈的 ^^;
I guess it isn’t all that bad since he’s beginning to learn how to be human (?) or that he’s changing to become his own person? Well, maybe not… I just have a terrible habit of often overanalyzing simple stuff, so don’t mind me!

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Chapter 2 – The emotional turmoil continues

The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
The emotional turmoil continues

“Hey Yunxiao, what do you think?” His colleague waved a hand in front of him.

Tan Yunxiao snapped back to the present from his thoughts.

“Ah, I just suddenly remembered that I had something to rush back to. I’m going to go out for a while, could you cover the rest of my shift for me? My full attendance this month lies on your shoulders now, please?” Tan Yunxiao smiled at his colleague as he held both her hands in his’. Without a second thought, his colleague just agreed to his whims.

Turning back to take a look at Tan Yunxiao’s departing figure, the colleague held her reddening ears and smiled shyly.

Tan Yunxiao strung the windbreaker around himself tightly, but it wasn’t enough to keep the wind and cold out. “This damn weather, I knew that this morning’s warmth wouldn’t even last for more than just a few hours at best.”

He walked into a narrow alley with a few people before looking around and quietly dipping into one of the stores.

“I want to check on some news articles from roughly three years ago.” Tan Yunxiao lowered his hat a little and asked in a calm voice.

On planet F, the news tends to be controlled information and only people with a certain amount of authority can simply obtain information of past happenings as they wished. This was also one of the reasons why Tan Yunxiao decided to come to some shady place to obtain what he needed to know.

“Oh? Looking for this news article again? You sure are persistent, kid.” The man who was seated behind the counter had said casually.

Tan Yunxiao stated his identification number and asked him to find out what he knew pertaining to this three years ago. After he finished specifying his details of investigation, he took out a fat envelope from his pocket and placed it on the counter.

“This is the deposit.”

Tan Yunxiao immediately left the place after, running as though he was escaping from there.

Pitter-patter, Tan Yunxiao’s fingers subconsciously tapped on the table as he watched second after seconds go by on the wall clock which currently read six o’clock. 

He closed his eyes and counted down from five to one, to which another’s hand had reached for Tan Yunxiao’s shoulders just as he finished counting. “I’ve been dismissed from work, my dear.” Feng Sheng, who had a charming smile on his face, appeared.

Tan Yunxiao’s heart sank but as soon as he caught himself, quickly returned his expression to one of a gentle and calm look.

“Well then, let’s go now Feng.”

Sitting in the car, Tan Yunxiao turned to face the window and watched as huge billboards passed them by. There was an advertisement that showed a couple holding each other as they gazed into the other’s eyes tenderly. The woman had a bouquet of flowers in her arms and the name of the movie was written next to her in a large font – “Confession”

“Confession, huh…?” It was summer now, though it should be noted that the words spring, summer, autumn and winter no longer express the temperature or actual climate. On F planet today, the weather was always consistent all-year long, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. They were just nouns and nothing more.

One summer evening, Tan Yunxiao and Feng Sheng had decided to watch a movie together but Tan Yunxiao could no longer remember what they had watched. After watching the movie, they walked outside on the streets for a while when Feng Sheng suddenly suggested that they should visit the planetarium.

Although the two often spent time together, they have never been to the planetarium so Tan Yunxiao readily accepted his idea.

In the planetarium, Feng Sheng was explaining to Tan Yunxiao about how many solar systems made up one galaxy. Using the most humorous metaphors to describe the distant star systems to Tan Yunxiao, he even brought him to a simulation map where Tan Yunxiao could experience what it was like to cross the stars.

“Fufu, this is all very nice, but Feng, to bring me here just to show off your knowledge… don’t you think I already know how smart and brilliant you are?”

Feng Sheng was stunned for a moment, before beginning to stammer. “Y-you know all about it?”

“Of course, We’ve known each other for so long. I’d obviously know a little bit more about you.”

Feng Sheng’s face grew more and more red. “Turn your back to me.” Somehow he still managed to squeeze out a few more words between his lips. “Close your eyes too.”

Tan Yunxiao closed his eyes obediently.

“Okay! Now, open them.”

“This… are those lilies? You even managed to cultivate the one that’s been long extinct?” Tan Yunxiao touched the petals in surprise. After all the changes that have happened on F planet’s environment and greenhouse gas levels, this kind of flora has not appeared in a long time.

“Yes, and I knew that you liked this. So I’ve been trying at this for quite some time now. This is the first time I have succeeded.” Feng Shang lowered his head as he felt embarrassed.

“You’re such a genius, I love you so much!” Tan Yunxiao excitedly kissed Feng Sheng’s cheek.

“No, I… um…” Rubbing his burning cheeks, Feng Sheng started again. “Will you be my lover?”

Tan Yunxiao’s eyebrows were upturned. “Of course! Yes! Did you not hear my answer just now?”

Under the blessing of the sky’s thousands of stars, the pair of newlyfound lovers embraced each other, clutching the flowers between them.

Thankfully Feng Sheng had already made a reservation for the hotel near the planetarium in advance or else who knows what wild things might’ve happened to the enthusiastic, lovey-dovey pair that night.

“What are you thinking about honey?” Feng Sheng asked.

Tan Yunxiao turned his head to see Feng Sheng’s strong facial features and the upturn of the corner’s of his mouth which eased him into an easy-going smile. The wrinkles on his face seemed more prominent than he had remembered, which brought forth a burst of bitterness in his heart.

“En, it seems that you haven’t given me lilies in a long time now.” Tan Yunxiao had tried to swallow down the bitterness rising in his throat, as he murmured.

“Aha, Xiao Xiao is still so old-fashioned. It’s only because I haven’t thought about it recently. How about allowing me to make it up to you by letting me satisfy you tonight?”

Tan Yunxiao only nodded absent-mindedly.

Times have changed since then, and the precious lilies of before are now a commonplace consumable that’s easily purchasable anywhere on the street. Just like how the previously shy and dazed Feng Sheng has become such a wonderful and exquisite adult now. The passage of time that changes everything is just like the new waves that will inevitably crash onto shore, thus replacing the older waters that have arrived before them. No matter how technologically-advanced your oar is, to steer the waters in the direction of your liking… just how can one go against the flow of nature? And what sort of vain yet solemn comfort can be obtained in the end?

Looking at the jubilant and lively expression on his lover, Tan Yunxiao couldn’t help but let a pitiful smile seep from the corners of his mouth. How good can it feel to make love to a mechanical machine he’s created himself? He couldn’t help but ridicule the other in his heart. Could that thing belonging to a man even get erect when facing a machine, let alone at a face that looked so uncannily similar to his lover?

Tan Yunxiao turned his head to the side as he trembled, and unexpectedly came face-to-face to their graduation photo on the bedside table. In the group photo, the two had been hugging each other intimately, smiling from the bottom of their hearts at the camera. The rays of the sun had hit them both just right, and the two looked perfect for one another.

He squeezed his insides tightly, earning a satisfying hiss from the person on top of him. Wrapping his legs tighter around Feng Sheng’s waist, Feng Sheng couldn’t help but begin to kiss Tan Yunxiao’s fair chest with ferver.

In his heightened arousal, Tan Yunxiao raised his neck before moaning as he raised his hands to stroke his lover’s hair – while also knocking the photo by the bedside table so that it was faced down. It was not like he was a pervert who got off to voyeurs peeping at their private affairs.

This special moment was only for the two of them, to only be shared between them.

Tan Yunxiao wholeheartedly devoted herself to their lovemaking, lifting his body to meet with Feng Sheng’s. The two kissed long and deep that it was hard to separate. When they eventually did, the tip of his tongue managed to snag the silver thread that had been shared between them. Tan Yunxiao used his fingers to trace a circle on Feng Sheng’s chest, rubbing his small and hard nipples from time to time, causing him to shudder in delight.

“Am I no good today? You seem far away.” Feng Sheng trapped Tan Yunxiao’s playful hands against the bed and gritted his teeth as he whispered into his ear.

Tan Yunxiao didn’t answer, only intertwining his hands with Feng Sheng’s bigger ones. Feng Sheng’s eyes darkened.

He swallowed down and started to lick Tan Yunxiao’s earlobe with his rough tongue. He felt his face heat up following the lewd noises that reached his eardrums. Tan Yunxiao could only think of his c0ck that felt so hard whilst pre was dripping from it, there was no need for this annoying teasing anymore. He felt like a fish out of water, gasping non-stop. Just then something broke in the man above him.

Feng Sheng looked at the delectable appearance of the man under him with much satisfaction. After doing it for a long time, Tan Yunxiao’s soft moans turned into shaky cries which Feng Sheng placated by spoiling his lover with thoughtfully placed kisses, even as he vigorously continued his other ministrations. After a particularly heavy round, he could feel his stomach involuntary spasming which led him to also spill from the front. His lover followed soon after, releasing himself inside his warm and tight passageway.

Feng Sheng is a considerate lover who knows the next half an hour would serve as a good time to deepen their love. Hooking an arm around Tan YunXiao and feeling his trembling body from time to time, he endearingly laughed out loud a little.

“What are you smiling at?” The petite lover in his arms raised his head and tried to put on an angry look. At the gesture, a feeling of compassion and love filled Feng Shen, provoking him to kiss his lover’s forehead.

At this moment, the lover shrank back into his chest like a kitten, and Feng Shen felt that his heart could be filled for a long time, just off this feeling his lover had given him. Just how could this feeling be described? Feng Sheng couldn’t comprehend it either, but it was better than the real cat from before, so he came to a conclusion.

“My dear, I really wish this could be eternity.” Feng Sheng sighed.

“… I also hope your wish comes true.” His lover’s voice seemed dull.

Just what should I do, my darling? How can I reach that eternity you speak of? After I found out that the owner of the storage room had been you, and after I discovered the old news of my death about three years ago. How should I face you from now on? The you who is so affectionate and worlds apart from me. Just how should I face myself, my love?

Tan Yunxiao’s heart was restless, but Feng Sheng who had just been physically and mentally refreshed, quickly fell asleep so he did not feel the coldness of his lover by his chest.

Someone has to pay, for the tears that were shed.


T/L notes: Doesn’t it feel strange to know that the shady store owner already recognized our Yunxiao when he walked inside? Perhaps it really wasn’t the first time he’s been there to scrounge around for any info he could get on his past life. Welp, part of my mind just kept thinking: What if Feng Sheng were to find out about Yunxiao’s suspicions- What if he already knew the places he would go to find out more because it’s already happened countless times, where Yunxiao seeks out the truth and it ends with him having his memories wiped.

Ack- which would make this a horror story. It’s not something I can stomach, so don’t worry when I say that all’s well, ends well because ugh, the amount of sweetness the two had and have for each other in this chapter would just be such a waste if everything were to end. I felt like my single-dog was gonna drown as the author showed off their love, but I still hoped that they would find their own happy ending.

Gyah, also… I’m a total sucker for small tidbits of sci-fi elements, especially when the writer mentioned some details about the climate and flowers. Hmm, I guess I’ve said too much so this is it! See ya in the next chapter ehe 🙂

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Chapter 1 – It stemmed from a place of help

The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
It stemmed from a place of help

Tan Yunxiao’s eyelashes fluttered open and he had finally opened his eyes. Maybe the spring breeze had a drowsing effect -even if it was just an artificial, manmade one- Tan Yunxiao who just woke up still felt a little dizzy.

“Um…” There was another person in bed with him.

He looked at the man sleeping beside him. He had a conventionally handsome face, and would be considered attractive to most people. At the moment, the man had his eyes closed tightly as though he didn’t want to be awoken from his dream.

Tan Yunxiao smiled softly and leaned over to kiss his lover’s cheek, making a ‘pop’ sound, and then got out of bed to prepare breakfast for the two of them.

A good day starts with a good breakfast after all.

Preparing the ingredients carefully, he cleans them thoroughly before cooking them and setting them on the table. In this era where machines could be used to cook food, Tan Yunxiao has still insisted on making breakfast for his lover without its assistance. This is something he has done for more than ten years now.

Tan Yunxiao likes watching his lover eat the breakfast he’s carefully made. When his lover finishes the entire plate, a sense of fulfilment always makes itself known in his heart.

The love between the two was a match made in heaven. Together since birth and inseparable since childhood. Their parents were neighbors and good friends too. The two families often used to travel together. After high school, the two even went to the same university and spent most of their time there together before joining the same company for work. They shared each and every day without growing tired of each other.

The two can spend an afternoon in the library together, even without talking. Only occasionally raising their heads to look at each other and smile. Where else would you find two people more suited for each other elsewhere? Both of them have asked themselves the same question before.

Naturally, the two would always be together, and Tan Yunxiao still often recalls the warm confession years earlier.

“My dear, what are you thinking about? Why do you seem so happy?” A gentle voice had come from behind him.

Tan Yunxiao raised his head and leaned it against his lover’s generous chest. “It’s nothing, I just remembered the moment you confessed to me.”

“Hmm, was I more handsome than I am now? I noticed that you were blushing.” Feng Shang said as he gently kissed the smooth back of his lover’s neck.

Tan Yunxiao couldn’t bear the ticklish feeling, turning around, he chuckled at his lover’s antics and gave him a warm look. Seeing his lover content, Feng Sheng smiled heartily.

The two have always been harmonious in every way, and they could understand each other from just one glance. After staring in silence for a while, he found himself moved by the sincerity of the other’s gaze and they shared a passionate kiss in each other’s embrace.

A warm breeze entered the room from the window and the two of them bathed in the rare morning glow, in each other’s arms and feeling one another’s touch, simply reciprocating the love and comfort they felt from being in the other’s company.

“Thanks to science and technology!” Feng Sheng clapped his hands together before making a move on his meal and said, “Oh, and of course thanks to my dear for preparing this lovely breakfast for me.” Feng Sheng winked playfully at his lover who sat across from him.

“Yes, it’s thanks to science and technology that we can still enjoy the warmth of spring here.” Tan Yunxiao repeated the sentence thoughtfully before lowering his head to start eating the breakfast laid out on his plate.

After they were both finished with the meal, the AI helper came up to clean up the leftovers and dirty plates. Their method of nutrition intake was rather old-fashioned, but since Tan Yunxiao liked eating, they have retained the habit of eating this way.

Both of them were employees of the National Research Institute. Feng Sheng works in the research department while Tan Yunxiao works in the external department. The two hardly had the chance to meet at work, but fortunately, the workforce right’s movement has recently been demanding some changes in the work hours of employees for the past two years so their lunch breaks have been extended. This allowed the both of them to have lunch together.

“Hey, Yunxiao. Could you do me a favor?” A colleague swiveled his chair in Tan Yunxiao’s direction as he held a phone in the other.


“Ah, thank you so much. Do go right ahead to Room 701 in Area S and copy file No. 3 for me.”

Area S was the storage area of the organization and it contained all the old files and abandoned experiments that were carried out in the laboratories.

As one of the five districts in the area to be rebuilt, very few people these days even think of passing by S district after an accident had occurred here years ago. Plus due to the lack of maintenance, the service machinery around here were all too old to be operated safely. Apart from coming to observe the older and original makes of the machinery, no one would frequent this area, especially not on the weekdays.

Tan Yunxiao sighed. He felt that it was too old-fashioned to have to find these documents manually. Taking out his ID card from his pocket, he scanned it against the identification window.

The door beeped open and Tan Yunxiao raised his hand as he strode inside, only to be surprised that the lights had not automatically been turned on for him. He fumbled around the walls for a light switch instead.

“Hmm, found it.”

The activation sound greeted him with a “Good morning, sir” before the entire room slowly lit up.

“Ah, this really is a storage room.” Tan Yunxiao gulped before taking two steps forward.


Tan Yunxiao knelt down and silently observed the bits of junk that were strewn all over the floor.

The item before him has obviously been a half-complete bionic person. It’s chest hasn’t been closed off properly, leaving its internal circuitry and chips inside the cavity to be partially exposed. The face, however, was already well beyond finished and polished with its distinct eyelashes, down to the detailed moles on the corner of its eyes and the fine creases found at the corner of its mouth.

The face was of someone that he recognized and was very familiar with. He’s seen this person countless times before, because this was the exact face he has just seen in the mirror this morning.

Tan Yunxiao was so shocked that he staggered as he stood back up, surveying the entire room carefully. The whole room was disorderly, crammed with all sorts of extra limbs and appendages that had failed to make it to the final cut. They all lay crookedly on the ground too. From all sorts of disfigured heads, incomplete limbs and inferiorly-made torsos, they undoubtedly cast their shadows onto him as they bore a striking resemblance to his own body.

Not to mention the expressions on their face that were just too uncanny and similar to those of Tan Yunxiao’s. They all had different emotions, some were neutral while others were angry, or had their mouths sealed tightly in grief and some had their eyes closed looking very pitiful.

Seeing all this, Tan Yunxiao only felt his stomach churning and hairs on his arm standing. With every ounce of his strength, he struggled to get out of this eerily, depressing room.


T/L notes: Yikes, imagine walking into a room full of yourself. Well… full of incomplete body parts that looked like you. That’ll be pretty disturbing.

Anyways, I wonder if this would be the first time he’s ever been in this room? After all, his colleague did casually just ask him to enter the room and get him some documents. What if he’s already been here before but just forgotten? Our main character did mention something about having goldfish memory in the previous chapter, but perhaps there was some other reason for his forgetfulness?

Ohohoho, guess you’ll have to continue reading to find out! (^0^)/

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Chapter 0 – (It’s there even if you pretend not to see it)

The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
(It’s there even if you pretend not to see it)

A black sweater over a white tee, a pair of glasses with rounded frames that sat on the bridge of her nose and hair that was neatly tied to the back of her head. With her bangs parted into two in the front, it is hard to tell if they were natural or had been curled with a styling iron prior to this due to the fringes conveniently curling at the right places, yet not being too symmetrical that it may seem unnaturally perfect. She didn’t wear any necklaces, earrings or bracelets, only a white wristwatch that was dr4p3d over her slender wrist.

When she looked up, her head seemed petite, giving her a slender silhouette. With both arms on the table, she gave off a serious look, but not one the kind that would make her seem lazy.

Ah, looking down at my pastel trousers and black leather boots with one of my legs crossed on top of the other. I was right, we were indeed wearing the same kind of style.

Taking a closer look at her top again, the sweater was more like a coat with a heavy black down that was deliberately purchased in a bigger size, in order to accentuate her petite self.

She had been sitting across from me, as I was supposedly looking at a copy of “The Tenant”. Hey, I guess I’d prefer to observe others rather than read the novel I had at hand.

Suddenly, I felt another’s gaze upon myself. Turns out there was a girl behind the one sporting the cute top that had turned her head to look at me. I glared at her directly.

Whatever do you think you’re looking at? I thought to myself. Although I played it cool on the outside, I was actually, in fact, annoyed by her staring.

Currently, I was seated in the quiet study room on the third floor of the library. The book I have on hand is the one and only suspenseful novel by Roland. Looking at her book, it was currently turned to page 112.

When I reached page 67 in my book, she came to sit across from me (not directly), which made me feel curious when I thought about the reason as to why she might have done this.

Then, when the other girl had reached page 112, she turned her head to look towards me.

After she flipped to page 221, she left her seat and promptly returned soon after.

When she finished reading page 396, she packed up her laptop and printouts before leaving. But before she left, she made sure to pass by the girl who kept turning her head to look towards me, placing her hand on the other person’s shoulder. She seemed to have exchanged a few words softly as the other’s face lit up warmly.

At this point in time, I slowly began to realize that the two of them were actually acquainted with one another. This made me strangely embarrassed and I hoped that I didn’t seem too strange or lunatical when I glared at the two of them.

The library is an excellent place, well, it’s not really the best. My point being that I’ve never had the bad luck of seeing couples hugging and kissing in the more secluded corners of last row bookshelves or seen anyone doing something inappropriate. Everyone here is quiet, but I think this has more to do with the security cameras that have full view of what’s going on behind every bookshelf.

I think the library is a little weird. Sometimes, I can’t tell how much time has passed at all after staying here for a long time, especially after I accidentally doze off, just like today.

I had been focused on reading the book when a sudden drowsiness came from the back of my mind. It had been so strong that I couldn’t resist it at all and quickly fell asleep with my head laying on my arm. When I woke up, she was still sitting from across the other woman, busily tapping away on her keyboard. Of course I didn’t know what she was typing about. After all, the screen had been facing away from me.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but every time I wake up, I feel that my memory will somehow become a little convoluted or jumbled up, but it’s not too important. For instance, I can’t seem to remember whether I had fallen asleep before or after I caught her friend staring at me. I don’t remember what day of the week it was either… (Well, maybe everyone has got this same question in their mind).

I mean, it puzzles me sometimes, but it’s not that big of a deal right? I don’t suppose it would affect my everyday life. Every. One. Has. Got. Some. Bzz. Problems… Bzz. “Beep—:

“Warning! Warning! Abnormal readings detected, researcher No. 0245. Please refresh the data, please refresh the data, please-”

The sound alarm was abruptly turned off by the host, causing only silence to reverberate throughout the room.

A man with a haggard face in a lab coat took off his glasses that flashed with a faint blue light. Leaning against the device, he muttered to himself, “… how long more will it take…”

There was an ID card pinned on the man’s coat which read “Researcher No. 0245” that came with a photo of a soulful young man.


T/L notes: The book that the author made a reference to is indeed a bona-fide one by a French writer by the name of Roland Topor. I believe it was translated into English and adapted into a psychological-thriller and horror film. If you look up some of his other works, jeez are they disturbing… sure gave me a scare at 4 am in the morning. His novel explores the idea of alienation and identity, which this short story often alludes to as Tan Yunxiao, our main character finds out more about his origins.

Not gonna lie, chapter zero feels a little out-of-place, but the story picks up and starts to make more sense in the next. As always, thanks for reading ^^

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