Chapter 4

     It is obvious that at the beginning it was Xi Feng who took the initiative to approach him, and because he couldn’t keep pushing him away, he gradually got closer to Xi Feng. Now, in a blink of an eye, he turned to be the one who deceived Xi Feng, and refused to let him go!

       He Yunsheng felt very angry, and left the small restaurant with his coat. He took out his mobile phone to delete Xi Feng’s phone number.

       When he returned that night, he opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water. He stood still and drank the water slowly.

       The cold water soothed his emotions, and allowed the depression he felt all night to slowly begin to dissipate.

       He Yunsheng put one hand on the refrigerator door, and suddenly smiled bitterly, and said to himself to not be angry, there was nothing to be angry about, and this was not the first time someone has treated him like this. In the eyes of this society, people like him are considered abnormal. How can he hope that someone can understand him and take the initiative to associate with him?

       See, it really was just a misunderstanding.

       After drinking a whole bottle of water, He Yunsheng threw the empty bottle away and went to the bathroom to turn on the water to wash his hands. He washed both hands with hand soap, until he almost peeled off his skin before turning off the faucet. Then he picked up the rag and started cleaning. In one night, he cleaned the whole house thoroughly before taking a shower and going to bed exhausted.

       From that day on, He Yunsheng had made up his mind to keep a distance from Xi Feng. He believed that Xi Feng planned to do the same, and maybe everyone would forget it over time. If Xi Feng had a girlfriend in the future, there will be even less people thinking about it.

       It’s a pity that things don’t always work out the way they should.

       He didn’t know who did it, but someone inside the company started spreading rumors that He Yunsheng was secretly in love with Xi Feng.

       At first, He Yunsheng even suspected that Xi Feng had deliberately said that in order to clear his relationship with him, but soon, He Yunsheng denied this idea. He has been dealing with Xi Feng for so long. Although Xi Feng is the type who likes to complain, his personality has always been straightforward, and he is not a person with so many twisted thoughts.

       After much deliberation, it was probably spread by people in the company who had ill intentions towards him.

       This is ridiculous. He has never provoke anyone, and has been keeping a low profile when working, but just because he is a gay, there will always be people who have inexplicable malice against him and spreading his personal affairs everywhere.

       He Yunsheng had a crush on Xi Feng, and after Xi Feng noticed, he began to distance himself from him.

       Okay, He Yunsheng thought indifferently. It doesn’t matter whatever they think.

       But Xi Feng was not calm.

       He was at loss from the time he found out that He Yunsheng was gay, to the time he said those unkind words to He Yunsheng.

       On one hand, he complained a little bit about He Yunsheng for not telling him clearly at first, and on the other hand, he felt that he was being unreasonable. He Yunsheng was innocent in this matter, but he couldn’t help but vent his anger on He Yunsheng.

       Especially after he heard the rumor that He Yunsheng had a crush on him. At first he was a little relieved and felt that he could get rid of the suspicion of being gay, and then he felt He Yunsheng is also a little wronged. Although he is also a little disgusted with He Yunsheng’s homosexuality, he still likes He Yunsheng. He has always had a good impression of him after getting along for so long, and he does not want other people to look at him with such malicious eyes.

       However, he has stopped contacting He Yunsheng. At the same time, in order to prove that he was a straight man, Xi Feng began to pay attention to a new intern from the company and decided to pursue that young and beautiful girl.

       When Xi Feng made up his mind not to meet with He Yunsheng, he unconsciously began to pay more attention to He Yunsheng.

       For example, when they passed by in the company lobby, when they took the same elevator, when the company held a meeting, He Yunsheng passed by him at the company meeting and went to the front row seat.

       Xi Feng often waited until he was recovered before he found that he had been paying attention to He Yunsheng’s back until he sat down in his seat.

       Xi Feng analyzed his own state carefully, and felt that he was still paying too much attention to He Yunsheng. For example, when he watched He Yunsheng wipe his hands with a tissue, he would think, as expected, He Yunsheng is gay. Why didn’t he notice it in the past? Another example, once he saw He Yunsheng helping a female colleague in the finance department move things in an elevator. It was probably because of some sweat that He Yunsheng unbuttoned the collar, revealing his fair skin and delicate collarbone, he would go and think again, when He Yunsheng is with a man, he would mostly played the role of the female, right?

       Just like this, more than one person asked Xi Feng if He Yunsheng really had a crush on him. Over time, Xi Feng also began to think that He Yunsheng had a crush on him.

       That other time they passed each other in the corridor, didn’t He Yunsheng turn his eyes away as soon as he saw him?

       Thinking of this, Xi Feng began to think carefully about the two of them getting along. Because he didn’t have a car, He Yunsheng drove him back every time. Whether it was He Yunsheng driving by himself or getting a chauffeur, he would take him home first every time.

       Once he accidentally soiled his clothes, He Yunsheng even carefully wiped him clean with a tissue. Now recalling the expression in He Yunsheng’s eyes at that time, he was full of patience and gentleness.

       If He Yunsheng didn’t like him, how could he be so nice to him?

  When Xi Feng took a shower at home alone, he stood naked in front of the full-length mirror and looked in the mirror. He thought his figure was great, and he must be the type that gay would like. Seeing He Yunsheng’s fair and clean appearance, he must like a tall man like him.

  Xi Feng made a disgusting expression, when he thought that He Yunsheng was secretly in love with him, but he didn’t felt that disgusted in his heart. Instead, he couldn’t help being complacent. He Yunsheng has always been a good man in his opinion, and being liked by good people shows that he is attractive.

The thought of being secretly in love with He Yunsheng, Xi Feng made a disgusted face, but his heart was not really that disgusted, but some can not help but be complacent. In his opinion, He Yunsheng has always been an excellent man, and being liked by an excellent person shows that he is attractive.

       One day at noon, he and his colleagues had lunch at a fast food restaurant across the company.

       There were four of them in the group and they were talking and laughing about the female intern that Xi Feng had recently taken a fancy to.

       Suddenly, the person sitting opposite Xi Feng raised his head and called to Xi Feng softly, motioning him to look back.

       Xi Feng turned around and saw He Yunsheng opening the door of the fast food restaurant and walking in.

       He was a little unhappy that his colleague deliberately let him look at He Yunsheng, his face sank and said nothing.

       But He Yunsheng didn’t seem to see them at all, and went straight to the counter to order.

       A colleague said to Xi Feng, “He is not chasing after you, eh?”

  After saying that, several people laughed.

       Their laughter finally caught He Yunsheng’s attention, but He Yunsheng just glanced at them, and soon turned his head back, still pretending not to see them.

       The fast food restaurant was bustling at noon. He Yunsheng sat in the corner with his own meal and started to eat silently.

  Xi Feng has been forcing himself not to turn his head to look at him. He still talked and laughed while eating with a few colleagues. He didn’t turn his head to look until he had finished eating, only to find that He Yunsheng, who had obviously arrived later than him, had finished eating, and left first without him knowing.

       This feeling of being a stranger to each other still makes Xi Feng a bit uncomfortable, and He Yunsheng obviously likes him, but he has to pretend he doesn’t know him, so he probably feels even worse.

       Xi Feng suddenly felt that even if he wanted to keep a distance from He Yunsheng, he didn’t have to be so desperate. It should still be okay to meet and greet him like a normal colleague. So he considered it as pitying He Yunsheng.

       That afternoon, when Xi Feng went upstairs to pick up a document, he passed the office of the Finance Department and saw He Yunsheng standing in the large office talking to a female colleague. After he finished talking, he came outside.

       Xi Feng hurriedly took two steps back, pretending to pass by by chance, and lifted his head to say “Good afternoon” to He Yunsheng, but found that He Yunsheng had turned around and walked away without even looking at him.

       At that time, Xi Feng felt a little angry, thinking that why was he acting and pretending like that. If the worst comes, he will just pretend to not greet in the future.

       After a period of time, Xi Feng and that female intern still had no results until her internship ended.

       When spring comes, the company organizes employees to go out for spring outings in batches.

       Xi Feng and his colleagues were placed in the same group because they were under the same deputy manager of the finance department, so they traveled in the same bus.

       When Xi Feng got into the car with his colleagues in the department, he noticed that He Yunsheng had already come up first, and he was sitting alone in the last row.

       Without hesitation, he sat down side by side with a female colleague in the front seat.

       After a while, I saw that the entire bus was slowly being filled with people. Xi Feng was bored and took out his cell phone to play a game. At this time, a young man from the finance department got on the bus and walked straight to the last row.

       While Xi Feng was playing games, he was distracted to hear the young man greet He Yunsheng, “Manager He, is there anyone next to you?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “No, you can sit down.”

       Xi Feng held the phone in one hand and changed his posture somewhat uncomfortably. The seat of this bus seemed too narrow for him, and his two long legs could not be stretched.

       This spring trip is a two days and one night trip, and they will stay in a mountain hotel at night.

       At dinner in the evening, Xi Feng and his colleagues had a drink at a table. Because it was a rare opportunity to come out to play, everyone was very relaxed. While playing games and drinking, Xi Feng drank a little too much before he knew it.

       It was already around nine o’clock in the evening. Both the younger colleagues and the older colleagues had gone back to the room to rest, but there were still a dozen people sitting in the mountainside pavilion where they were eating and drinking.

       The mountain breeze at night seems to seep in the body. Xi Feng put down his cup and pulled up his collar. He looked up and saw He Yunsheng talking with a young man standing by the hillside outside the pavilion.

       For a moment, Xi Feng stood up and walked in their direction. All the colleagues sitting here looked at him, but he didn’t realize it.

       Xi Feng walked up to He Yunsheng and the others, and said to the young man, “Do you know he likes men?”

       The young man looked stunned.

       He Yunsheng’s face flushed immediately. He looked at Xi Feng incredulously, never expecting that Xi Feng would say such a thing.

       Xi Feng drank a lot, and continued to say to the young man, “He likes men and you dare to get so close to him? Do you like men too?”

       The young man frowned, “What are you talking about?”

       Xi Feng said to He Yunsheng, “It seem that you like tall young men?”

       He Yunsheng couldn’t bear it, and raised his hand to punch Xi Feng in the face.

       He punched a tall man as tall as Xi Feng until he retreated, nearly sitting on his butt on the ground without being able to stand steadily.

       Their colleagues over there saw that they had started to fight, and hurriedly ran over and started to dissuade them. The young man with He Yunsheng also pulled him back and told him not to punch again.

       He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng coldly, and said “Psycho”. He then turned and left.

       Xi Feng wiped his face with the back of his hand and found that the corner of his mouth was bleeding from his teeth.

       Colleagues soothed him one after another, but his head was blank, and he didn’t hear anything.


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