Chapter 5

       After being helped back to the room, Xi Feng sat by the bed. After a few minutes, he got up and went out again. The colleague who stayed with him asked him where he was going, but he didn’t say anything, and just opened the door and left.

       Xi Feng went to the room where He Yunsheng stayed.

       He Yunsheng stayed in a separate room, and there was no need to explain the reason.

       He went back to the room and took a shower. Just when he was about to sleep, he heard a knock on the door.

       When He Yunsheng opened the door, he found that it was Xi Feng who was standing outside, and his face turned cold again.

       When Xi Feng saw him, he tried to go in without any extra words.

       He Yunsheng quickly blocked the door and asked, “What are you doing?”

       Xi Feng didn’t speak, but he squeezed He Yunsheng away with his height and walked inside.

  He Yunsheng hurriedly tried to close the door, but Xi Feng raised his hand and blocked it by the door. The pressure was a little heavy. He Yunsheng was startled and did not dare to force the door shut again, and could only let Xi Feng walked in.

       “What are you doing?” He Yunsheng stood by the door and looked at him warily.

       Xi Feng’s face was gloomy, and after sitting down by the bed, he asked, “Don’t you have a crush on me?”

       He Yunsheng was instantly enraged, and sternly said, “Are you crazy?”

       Xi Feng said, “Or are you eyeing another newcomer again?”

       He Yunsheng stretched out his hand and closed the door. He doesn’t want anyone to hear what they were talking about. Then he walked up to Xi Feng and said, “What have you misunderstood?”

       Xi Feng looked up at He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng only wore pajamas after taking a bath, revealing a white neck and a wrist. His hair was a bit disheveled, falling down to cover half of his eyes.

       He suddenly couldn’t help but gulp. The wine he drank at night seemed to come up, burning his blood for a while.

       He Yunsheng was still not sure what was going on when Xi Feng grabbed his arm, rolled him over and pressed him on the bed, and kissed him on the mouth.

       Xi Feng nibbled on He Yunsheng’s lips for a while.

       Then He Yunsheng reacted and pushed Xi Feng away.

  Xi Feng stumbled a few steps and hit the TV set behind him. After he stood firm, he pounced on He Yunsheng again, trying to kiss him while saying, “Don’t you like me? Why don’t you also let me try what it’s like to kiss a man.”

       He Yunsheng felt humiliated in an instance and stopped being polite with him, raising his foot and kicking Xi Feng’s lower abdomen.

       Xi Feng cried out in pain, took a step back and slid down against the TV cabinet, this time not getting up again.

  He Yunsheng was gasping for air and lay on the bed for a while before he calmed down. He saw that Xi Feng had not moved, and he got up to see how he was going. He only heard Xi Feng’s low snoring when he got closer. He didn’t not expect that Xi Feng would actually fall asleep while sitting in front of the TV cabinet.

       He Yunsheng raised his hand and pressed his forehead, which was throbbing with pain. He Yunsheng sat on the edge of the bed and couldn’t help covering his face with his hand.

       He sat quietly for a long time before pulling himself out of the messy and depressed thoughts, he put down his hand and looked at Xi Feng.

       Xi Feng was already deep asleep at this time, and He Yunsheng could hear his snoring sound from some distance away.

  He Yunsheng wanted to kick him to wake him up and tell him to go back, but he didn’t move even after being kicked. So in the end He Yunsheng could only drag him by the shoulders and let him lie on his side on the carpet, throwing a quilt over him and leaving him alone.

       When Xi Feng woke up the next day, he was the only one in the room.

       He was completely drunk last night, and his last memory is that he was drinking and suddenly went over to provoke He Yunsheng, and then was punched by him. Xi Feng raised his hand and felt a slight pain on his face.

       But why would he sleep on the floor now?

       He thought it was in his room at first, but he stood up and realized that it was not his original room. Because he was in a standard room with a colleague, while He Yunsheng was in a room with a king size bed.

       Xi Feng circled around in a somewhat bewildered manner and realized that not only did his cheek hurt, but his head was also hurting. In addition to the headache, his stomach also hurts. Reaching for his clothes, Xi Feng saw a bruise on his stomach, as if he had been kicked.

       After a while, He Yunsheng opened the door of the room from the outside.

       Xi Feng turned his head in surprise.

       He Yunsheng left Xi Feng in the room last night, and went to the front desk to open another room to sleep, but because it was too late, he didn’t pack the luggage, and it was left here.

       It was actually already late when he came. Originally, he thought that Xi Feng had left after he woke up, but he didn’t expect Xi Feng to sleep until now.

       Xi Feng was in a daze for a while, and asked, “Is this your room?”

       He Yunsheng didn’t want to talk to him, and walked directly into the room. He took out his travel bag and started packing things up.

  Xi Feng didn’t understand how he would sleep in He Yunsheng’s room, but he still remembered that he did go to trouble He Yunsheng last night, and said something very inappropriate. He rubbed his sore forehead, and said, “I’m sorry.”

  He Yunsheng stopped packing his things. Because he didn’t sleep well all night, his hoarse voice sounded even lower. He said, “I said I wouldn’t bother you again, can you please keep your distance from me?”

       Xi Feng was stunned.

       He Yunsheng continued to pack his things, and his movements carried some anger.

       Xi Feng raised his hand and ruffled his hair, “I drank too much last night. I was the one who was talking nonsense. I’m very sorry for the trouble I caused you.”

       He Yunsheng replied coldly, “Just don’t talk to me again in the future.”

  Xi Feng froze in place, because He Yunsheng had never spoken to him in such a cold tone. He felt like he had been slapped in the face by the other party. He felt embarrassed and a little uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but say, “I was the one at fault before. I might have said something on the impulse and hurt you, but I don’t mean to say those things. I suppose even if we—” He paused, “It’s okay to be ordinary friends, right? Why do you have to be so stiff?”

       He Yunsheng had finished packing his things, and he said, “Psycho,” he walked out carrying the travel bag.

       Xi Feng was irritated by his words, grabbed his arm and pushed him against the wall, “What the hell do you mean?”

       After he finished his question, he suddenly noticed that He Yunsheng’s bed was flat and tidy, and there was no trace of it being used. For a while, a strange thought popped up in his head, “Where did you sleep last night?”

       He Yunsheng looked at him, “What does it matter to you?”

       Xi Feng couldn’t stop his thoughts, “Your voice sounds hoarse!”

       He Yunsheng’s anger rose up, he took a few deep breaths, suddenly sneered, and said, “I slept with someone else.”

       “You!” Xi Feng looked angry and disgusted.

       He Yunsheng continued, “What does it matter to you who I sleep with? Are you in love with me? Are you a pervert too?”

       Xi Feng was angry and anxious, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

       He Yunsheng seemed to poke his weakness, “You don’t like me? What did you do when you came to my room to kiss me last night? So you are also gay? I didn’t notice it for so long!”

       “Shut up!” Xi Feng said angrily.

  He Yunsheng had never shown such a mean attitude. He found that he was overwhelmed by anger. Now all he can do is use the most ugly words to provoke Xi Feng, “Who was the one who pretended to distance himself from me while pretending to be crazy drunk in the middle of the night to harass me?”

       Xi Feng stretched out his hand and covered He Yunsheng’s mouth.

       He Yunsheng grabbed his hand and tried to move away, but he was not as strong as Xi Feng, so he could only stare at him angrily.

       At this time, Xi Feng felt the palm of his hand touch He Yunsheng’s soft lips, and the heat He Yunsheng breathed on his skin made him tingle all the way from the palm of his hand to his heart. Realizing that was in his mind, Xi Feng had a ghostly expression on his face, letting go of He Yunsheng’s mouth while pushing his shoulder and hurriedly ran outside.

       He Yunsheng was pushed down to the ground, and he sat up with his hands on the ground, and kicked the dressing table across to vent his resentment.

       He Yunsheng felt that the most regrettable thing he had done in his life was to allow Xi Feng to get close to his life at the beginning. He wished to be able to make this friend, but now he finally suffered from the consequences.

       After that spring outing, Xi Feng seems to have fallen into depression.

       He found that he was always brooding about what happened that day and what He Yunsheng said. Afterwards, he asked his colleagues who were in the same room with him and he was indeed the one who had gone out for the whole night without anyone knowing where he went.

       Then He Yunsheng didn’t lie. He went to find He Yunsheng, and he can’t remember what he did afterwards.

       What if he really kissed He Yunsheng? There was a panic in Xi Feng’s heart for no reason.

       Because of these uneasy thoughts, Xi Feng found that he paid more attention to He Yunsheng.

       He thinks about He Yunsheng almost every day, let alone falling in love. And so he has made a big mistake in his work.

       In order to make up for this mistake, Xi Feng had to work a few nights in a row.

       It had been raining that day, and it didn’t stop when he left the company after working overtime. As soon as he walked out of the company’s gate, Xi Feng saw He Yunsheng’s car parked not far in front of the gate. He subconsciously stepped forward and almost ran into the heavy rain, but soon realized what he was doing and stopped.

       Xi Feng didn’t bring an umbrella, and he planned to take a taxi home.

       However, after waiting for a while, he found that He Yunsheng’s car was not moving on the spot, and strangely enough, he was watching that direction. 

       Then, he saw He Yunsheng open the door and got out of the car.

       It was raining heavily outside, but He Yunsheng didn’t open his umbrella. He almost got soaked by the rain as soon as he got out of the car.

       Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng blankly, not knowing what he wanted to do.

       Who knew that after He Yunsheng got out of the car, he went straight to the back of the car, bent down and started pushing hard. The car slowly moved towards the front with his push.

       Xi Feng realized that He Yunsheng’s car was probably broken down.

  When he was thinking about what he was going to do in his head, Xi Feng had already rushed into the heavy rain. He ran towards He Yunsheng. He couldn’t step on the foot on the road, and almost slipped, and pounced on the rear compartment of He Yunsheng’s car, said to him, “Go back and start the car!”

       The rain was too heavy, and the rain entered his mouth as soon as Xi Feng spoke.

       He Yunsheng looked at him  in astonishment, but didn’t hear what he was talking about.

       Xi Feng spit out the rain and shouted again: “Go and hold the steering wheel, I’ll help you push the car!”

       He Yunsheng seemed a little hesitant, both of them were completely wet.

       Xi Feng shouted, “Go!”

       He Yunsheng then stopped hesitating, bypassed Xi Feng and ran towards the driver’s seat.

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