Chapter 11

       Although He Yunsheng is not as tall as Xi Feng, he was still a grownup man after all. Xi Feng had to exerted his strength to carry him on his side, but inevitably stumbled a little along the way. So Xi Feng asked him to stand firmly on the pillar, squatted in front of him and let him lie on his back.

       Xi Feng carried He Yunsheng on his back. He Yunsheng put his arms around Xi Feng’s neck, and put his face close to Xi Feng’s face. He asked vaguely, “Who are you?”

       “I am Xi Feng,” Xi Feng replied dully, and he lifted He Yunsheng’s thigh with both hands and walked towards the elevator.

       He had never been to He Yunsheng’s home, and only heard Cong Yu say the room number. At this time, he circled the parking lot like a headless fly before finding the elevator. After entering the elevator, Xi Feng didn’t put He Yunsheng down. Hearing He Yunsheng’s heavy breathing in his ears and fearing the hot breath hitting his cheeks, Xi Feng felt that he was also getting hot.

       When he reached the door of He Yunsheng’s house, Xi Feng put him down and put one arm around his waist, and letting him lean on his body. He reached for the keys in his pocket.

       He Yunsheng’s key was placed in his trouser pocket, with only a thin layer of fabric across his thigh. Xi Feng felt the heat on He Yunsheng’s skin when he reached in, and he immediately pulled his hand back as soon as he felt the heat.

       The searing heat burned from his hand all the way to his face, and he stood in place for a while before he reached for the keys again.

       As he opened the door of the room, Xi Feng felt a slight indistinct chill seeping out of the room. He helped He Yunsheng into the room and turned on the living room light to see that the room was very clean, ice cold, and it felt like there’s no one living inside.

       Xi Feng closed the door, and then picked up He Yunsheng. He hesitated at the door of the room, and brought him to the room that looked more like the master bedroom.

       When he threw He Yunsheng onto the bed, Xi Feng was using too much strength. He saw He Yunsheng rolling half a circle on the bed and hurriedly reached out to support him, fearing that he would roll off the side of the bed.

       The hem of He Yunsheng’s clothes rolled up, revealing a white and soft waist. Xi Feng stretched out his hand to touch his naked waist skin.

       Probably because he had been drinking, He Yunsheng’s skin felt very hot to touch. Xi Feng subconsciously retracted his hand, stood by the bed and looked at him for a while, then helped him take off his shoes and socks.

       When taking off his socks, Xi Feng grabbed He Yunsheng’s foot, but He Yunsheng suddenly retracted, he said faintly, “It’s ticklish.”

       The hoarse voice seemed to burrow straight into Xi Feng’s eardrum, causing him to feel ticklish.

       He Yunsheng retracted his feet, and his body curled into a ball. His clothes still wrapped up to be half pressed by his back, revealing his side waist and abdomen.

       As if he was bewitched, Xi Feng sat on the side of the bed, with his palm pressed against He Yunsheng’s waist. The smooth and soft skin was like a magnet for his hand, letting him stroke along the side waist all the way to just below He Yunsheng’s navel.

       Xi Feng breathed heavily, and he clearly felt the blood boil in his body. He hasn’t done it for a long time, and remains single for a long time after he started to work. Although Xu Qing took the initiative to pursue him, they are quite conservative in this area. The two have only progressed to kissing by now. Xu Qing didn’t have any further intentions for the time being, and Xi Feng didn’t want to force it at all.

       Now that he touched He Yunsheng’s smooth skin, and hearing his heavy breathing, Xi Feng only felt that his passion suddenly rose. He was startled by his own emotions, rationally trying to withdraw his hands, but emotionally, he felt it was difficult to suppress the emotions.

       His temples throbbed, and it was difficult for Xi Feng to calmly think about his current emotions. He felt the burning heat between all his breaths. He said to himself: Just help He Yunsheng take off his outers, and after taking it off, cover him with a quilt, and he can go.

       His fingers trembled a little, and he raised He Yunsheng’s arms to help him take off his coat. Then, seeing that the buttons on his neckline were too tight, he reached out to help him unbutton them one by one.

       The shirt spread out, revealing a delicate collar bone underneath.

       At this moment, He Yunsheng suddenly stretched out his hand and held down Xi Feng’s hand. Xi Feng was startled. When he wanted to withdraw his hand, he heard He Yunsheng say, “Come fvck me?”

       Xi Feng’s pupils suddenly dilated. He watched He Yunsheng slightly open his eyes. His eyes were moist and blurred, his white and transparent face was blushing unnaturally, and his lips were also wet and shiny. His head exploded inside, as if there were many colorful and strange sights flashing, and even made him feel a faint drumming in his ears. Yet all of these sights are, in the end, nothing more than a blank slate.

       He lowered his head and kissed He Yunsheng’s lips.

       What happened that night was more like a bizarre dream for Xi Feng. He couldn’t remember many details. The only thing that remains in his mind is the fierce impulses that he has never tried before and He Yunsheng’s raspy gasps.

       The gasp became louder and quicker with his movements, making his body deeply engrossed and his movements becoming rougher and rougher, wanting to hear more of his voice.

       Later, he slept with He Yunsheng in his arms. He obviously didn’t drink as much as He Yunsheng, but he seemed to be more drunk than He Yunsheng. For a while, he didn’t know if it’s day or night, and he didn’t even think of the location and the partner. Anyway, after the unprecedented satisfaction came the exhaustion of being hollowed out. Tired of being hollowed out, he hugged He Yunsheng, smelled the faint smell of sweat on his body, and fell asleep.

       When Xi Feng woke up, the sky outside was completely bright. He felt a little headache, and his body was still sticky but felt good. He moved his arms before he realized that he was holding someone in his arms, and then the memories of last night came rushing into his empty mind like a tsunami.

       Xi Feng sat up all of a sudden.

       He was drunk last night, no, he wasn’t actually that drunk, he always knew what he was doing. Instead of being drunk and disorderly, he just couldn’t control his lower body and couldn’t resist the temptation after he heard He Yunsheng ask him to “Come fvck me” in a sexy voice.

       However, no matter how happy he was when he was doing it last night. Now that he sobered up, he was vexed, and even had a strong sense of guilt.

       Xi Feng turned his head and glanced at He Yunsheng beside him.

       He Yunsheng’s naked upper body was covered with hickeys, and he seemed to wake up because of Xi Feng’s movements. He slowly turned over and opened his eyes blankly.

       Xi Feng was frightened in an instant. His body reacted faster than his head, and he rolled off the bed at once, reaching out to pick up the pants on the floor and put them on his body. But because of his hasty movements, he nearly fell back on the side of the bed.

       He Yunsheng watched his movements indifferently, and said, “No need to look like you’ve seen a ghost. Everyone is not sober after drinking too much last night, I won’t pester you.”

       His voice was even more hoarse from moaning and panting most of the night, and he sat up with one hand propped up, only to feel a tearing pain down there.

       Xi Feng put on his pants and grabbed his clothes, and said to He Yunsheng in a panic, “I’ll go first, you can sleep a little longer.” After saying that, he hurriedly walked outside.

       He Yunsheng didn’t give him a second glance, but frowned and endured the physical discomfort.

       He actually woke up earlier than Xi Feng. When he woke up, and saw Xi Feng’s sleeping face, his mood suddenly sank. He was a little drunk last night, and he knew that someone had taken him home. He also knew that he had sex with someone, but he didn’t remember that the person turned out to be Xi Feng.

       Xi Feng is a straight man, and he has a girlfriend. Even if He Yunsheng were to have a one-night stand with a stranger, he didn’t want it to be with Xi Feng. He raised his hand to cover his head and endured the headache after the hangover. Xi Feng was obviously inexperienced with men, and He Yunsheng was not sure if he was hurt.

       His mood did not improve because of it’s a good sex, and He Yunsheng felt more irritable instead.

       He sat quietly on the bed for a while, got up and opened the cabinet and took out his pajamas and clean underwear, planning to take a shower first. Before leaving the bedroom, he picked up the crumpled shirt that he had thrown on the floor last night and put it on, and walked directly outside.

       When he came out of the bedroom, he realized that Xi Feng hadn’t left, but was sitting on the sofa in silence.

       Xi Feng stared at the floor in a daze. He raised his head when He Yunsheng came out, only to see He Yunsheng wearing only a shirt all over his body with his two white long legs bared, and suddenly the blood rushed to his face again.

       Since they had done such intimate things last night, He Yunsheng didn’t try to hide anything. He could not open his mouth to drive Xi Feng away, and could only say, “You sit for a while, I want to take a shower first.”

       Xi Feng said quickly, “Oh, yes, you go first.”

       He Yunsheng stepped on his slippers and went to the bathroom, turned on the showerhead and stood outside the shower room quietly waiting for the water to get hot before stepping in.

       Xi Feng sat on the sofa and listened to the sound of the water in the bathroom. He raised his hand and rubbed his head, feeling terrible about what had happened from last night until just now.

       He Yunsheng was drunk and did not know anything, but he did not resist the temptation to have sex with someone. He can find a lot of reasons for himself, such as men are an animal dominated by his lower body, or he hasn’t slept with a person for too long. How could he be able to control it when He Yunsheng took the initiative?

       But no matter how many reasons he found, Xi Feng couldn’t convince himself, because he clearly understood that He Yunsheng was a man. He deeply abhors the homosexual group, and he tried to persuade He Yunsheng to go back to the right path. But at the same time he slept with others.

       And the behavior of escaping from He Yunsheng’s room just now made him feel depressed, and he even felt unmanly. So he walked to the door, but then chose to retreat and sit down on the edge of the sofa. He felt that he should talk to He Yunsheng clearly.

       What to say?

       Saying that he is not a homosexual, but he was just losing his mind because of his lust, and he hoped He Yunsheng will not misunderstand him. He also has to say sorry, that this is his fault, and he will never do it again in the future. He hope that something can be done to compensate He Yunsheng.

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