Extra 2

       He Yunsheng could see that Xi Feng was very nervous about the meal on Saturday night.

       Although at noon that day Xi Feng seemed to be fine lying in bed for a nap, he woke up in the afternoon looking for clothes in front of the closet. After changing two sets of clothes to his satisfaction, there was a thin sweat on his forehead.

       He Yunsheng has been sitting in front of his desk looking at documents on his computer. He raised his head to look out the window. He saw that the light outside was dim, and the sky was so gloomy that it seemed to be densely covered with clouds, so it would probably rain later.

       Xi Feng stood by the bed and folded his pajamas, and said, “I guess it will rain later, and the weather is a bit gloomy.”

       He Yunsheng replied, “It’s okay, we’ll drive.”

       Xi Feng thought of driving and drinking, he asked He Yunsheng, “Does uncle drink?”

       He Yunsheng raised his head to look at him, “Yes, but not much, don’t be afraid.”

       Xi Feng walked behind him, reached out and held his jaw, bent down and kissed him on the lips, and only after a while did he let go of him and say, “Yeah, the thought of drinking makes me nervous.”

  He Yunsheng didn’t expose him. He knew that Xi Feng’s nervousness was not about accompanying his stepfather to drink, but because he regarded tonight as a very formal ceremony to meet his parents. He wanted to tell Xi Feng that he didn’t need to be nervous, but he knew that it was useless to say so, so he should just leave him be.

       Around five o’clock in the afternoon, He Yunsheng went out early with Xi Feng because he was afraid of traffic jams.

       Xi Feng bought two large boxes of health care gifts for the elderly and carried them in his hand. When he went upstairs, He Yunsheng said that he was too exaggerated.

       Xi Feng said, “I said I would buy a woollen sweater for Auntie, and you said it was not necessary.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “That’s not necessary either, you will scare her.”

       Xi Feng was a little frustrated for a moment as if he was doing nothing right, but quickly regained his spirits and said, “Then I’ll put up with it this time. I will get to know her better in the future before buying something else. When will she celebrate her birthday?”

       He Yunsheng noticed the brief change in Xi Feng’s expression. He said, “When she celebrates her birthday, I will accompany you to choose gifts.”

       Xi Feng couldn’t conceal his excitement, because he couldn’t hug He Yunsheng because of both hands carrying things, he could only smile and say, “Okay.”

       He Yunsheng rang the doorbell.

       He Yunsheng’s mom’s voice soon came from inside. She said, “Coming—” with a long trailing voice, showing some excitement.

  Regarding He Yunsheng’s homosexuality, her mother did not readily accept it at the beginning. But after so many years passed in the tug-of-war between mother and son, she gradually realized that her son really could not accept women, and really will only be with men. If this is an unchangeable fact, it is always better to have a fixed and suitable partner than to watch the child alone for the rest of his life.

       The door was opened from inside. He Yunsheng saw that his mother was wearing a goose-yellow cardigan, her hair probably also purposely blow-dried, and the whole person was tidied up very vigorously.

       Mom looked at He Yunsheng first, then at Xi Feng, and said, “Come in.”

       Xi Feng handed her the gift he had brought. She reached out and took it, but then said, “You’re too kind, I haven’t had a chance to thank xiao Xi properly for what happened last time.”

       Xi Feng said quickly, “You’re the one who’s too kind, auntie. Last time, I just did a little help, but you still remembered it after so long.”

  He Yunsheng’s stepfather was a traditional and decent man who wouldn’t accept that his child was gay, but He Yunsheng wasn’t his biological son. So he had a good grasp of this boundary, and both welcomed He Yunsheng and Xi Feng politely, but not caring about their personal relationship.

       Mom greeted them and sat them down. Although there were only four of them, she still prepared a table of dishes.

       He Yunsheng said to his stepfather, “I’m driving, let Xi Feng accompany you for a couple of drinks.”

       The stepfather nodded and walked to the wine cabinet to get the wine.

       Xi Feng was somewhat reserved and his whole body was stiff as he sat in the chair. He Yunsheng passed behind him, reached out to pat him on the shoulder before he went to the seat next to him and sat down.

       Mom sat down and started to look at Xi Feng. She had a good impression of Xi Feng from the beginning, as opposed to her great dislike for He Yunsheng’s previous boyfriend, even though they had been separated for several years.

  In fact, she has to look into her way of thinking carefully. It was nothing more than the fact that she cannot accept He Yunsheng being with a man at that time. No matter how she looked at Xu Fengjie, she found him nasty and annoying. Now that she already accepted this fact, seeing Xi Feng’s tall, handsome, polite and respectful attitude when he ran up and down for her in the hospital. He felt that Xi Feng was really a good choice for a long-term relationship.

       No one took the relationship between He Yunsheng and Xi Feng to the dinner table. They all acquiesced in their hearts, and on the surface, they are still treated as ordinary friends and colleagues.

       But such an attitude is already very good for them.

       When he came out from his mother’s house, He Yunsheng realized that it was raining.

       The underground parking lot of the old community was full. His car was parked on the street outside the neighbourhood, from where he had to walk for a few minutes.

       The two of them didn’t have umbrellas.

       Xi Feng stood at the door of the unit building, looked outside and said, “I’ll go back and get an umbrella.”

       He Yunsheng looked at the sky and said, “It’s not necessary, just walk into the car.” After finishing speaking, he walked towards the outside first.

       Xi Feng saw him striding forward, and hurriedly followed, and took off his coat while jogging. He caught up with He Yunsheng, put his coat on top of He Yunsheng’s head, and pulled him towards the front.

       The two of them ran out of the community hand in hand and got into the car.

       He Yunsheng took off his coat and returned it to Xi Feng. When Xi Feng received it, he suddenly said, “Will you accompany me back this New Year?”

       He Yunsheng did not answer but looked at him quietly.

       Xi Feng had drunk some wine, but not much, so his head was clear, just a little excited. After he said this sentence and didn’t say anything for a long time, he shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s better not.”

       He Yunsheng started the car, and he said, “It’s not appropriate yet.”

       Xi Feng seemed a bit distressed, he lifted his hand to wipe the rain from his hair and face, he said, “My parents will definitely oppose it.”

       He Yunsheng suddenly let out a soft laugh, “You know they will oppose it, so what are you going to do in the future?”

       Xi Feng said, “Even so I still have to say it, but I will go back and say it by myself first.”

       He Yunsheng heard this and turned his head to look at him.

  Xi Feng repeatedly wiped his wet hair with his fingers, “I thought about it, the first time I told them, they will definitely be very angry. You should not go back with me to bear it, I’ll just go and suffer by myself.”

  He Yunsheng suddenly felt sad, as if he saw that image and heard those hurtful words, he said, “You won’t be able to bear it.”

  ”I will,” Xi Feng said with confidence.

  He Yunsheng asked him, “How do you know you can?”

  Xi Feng showed a smile without warning, “Because as long as I think about you, I can carry through whatever pressure I’m under. Isn’t the most terrible thing losing you?”

  He Yunsheng couldn’t respond to Xi Feng’s corny words, but it is undeniable that the softest part of his heart was still touched by the other party.

  During the New Year holidays, Xi Feng went back to his hometown alone.

  He Yunsheng stayed in Chongfeng City and went to his mother’s house halfway to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. He stayed at home alone the rest of the time.

  Xi Feng called him only on the night of New Year’s Eve, and there was no news after that.

  Before Xi Feng left, he had already bought the return ticket. It was arranged that He Yunsheng would pick him up at the airport at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the fifth day of the year.

  He Yunsheng drove out from home at two o’clock. When he arrived at the airport expressway entrance, he found that there had been a car accident and the entrance was closed, so he had to take a detour and drive to the airport from the old road.

  There was a traffic jam along the way. When he arrived at the airport parking lot, it was already three o’clock. Xi Feng’s plane should have landed for a while.

  He Yunsheng took out his cell phone and found that there was no call from Xi Feng.

  In an instant, He Yunsheng suddenly had an idea in his head: Could it be that Xi Feng couldn’t bear the pressure and didn’t want to come back, or that Xi Feng’s parents had locked him up at home and wouldn’t let him out, forcing him to go to therapy or get married on a blind date?

  These unrealistic fantasies bothered He Yunsheng, making his steps seem hurried and anxious. When he walked into the airport pick-up hall, He Yunsheng realized that those were just delusions, because he saw Xi Feng sitting on his suitcase as soon as he entered.

  Xi Feng’s dark down jacket was not zippered, and he sat on his suitcase with his head hanging down. Because he was too tall, He Yunsheng was a little worried that he would crush the suitcase. He was drooping listlessly from head to shoulders to arms, and his head was downcast.

  He Yunsheng walked up to him.

  Xi Feng raised his head, the corner of his eye was bruised, and the corner of his mouth was also torn. He said, “I got one of my teeth knocked loose.”

  ”Who did it?” He Yunsheng asked.

  Xi Feng said, “My dad.”

  ”You didn’t fight back, right?” nudged him to get him up.

  Xi Feng stood up and moved his neck, “No, he told me not to go back here.”

  He Yunsheng helped him pull the suitcase, “Are you going to go back there?”

  Xi Feng said, “I’ll call my mom first after a few days.”

  He Yunsheng was walking ahead when he suddenly heard Xi Feng call him, “He Yunsheng.”

  He turned around to see Xi Feng stopped.

  Xi Feng said to him, “I can carry on.”

  He Yunsheng nodded, “I know. Would you like to find a place to fill your teeth?”

  Xi Feng raised his hand and touched his cheek, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, let’s go back and find a place to eat first, I’m hungry.”

  He Yunsheng extended a hand towards him, “Come.”

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  1. Nicole

    Thank you for the good work. I enjoyed this story but I can’t say I’m satisfied with the ending. I didn’t feel He Yumsheng’s love . He never once said he liked Xi Feng. Not in the beginning and not in the end. It feels like he is with him to prove that Xi Feng is not committed and to be able to say “I told you so” after. He doesn’t even like Xi Feng as a person and he never did.

  2. BeeBee140 🌸

    Thank you for translating this story – I really enjoyed the character development. It ended well.

  3. Teru

    It’s undeniable that Xi Feng before was unpleasant and immature, so I’m glad with the character development before they finally got together. Good for them 🙏

    Thank you so much for this novel! I enjoyed the ride :3

  4. Papaya

    Thank you so much for translating this story!! It was wonderful and enjoyable to read!

  5. Lucy

    Thank you very much. Enjoy a lot of this story. Thanks for all your effort. Do you know the name of the parallel story?

    • hoenimochi

      Parallel story? O.o
      I’m not sure I understand what parallel story you are talking about (´д`)

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