Chapter 2 – A band-aid

A bandage

Because he had been drifting along in the sea for a long period of time, Eudora didn’t realize that his leg was injured. It wasn’t until his damp clothes began to feel a little uncomfortable that he wanted to change out of them when he had discovered an angry white blister. Who knows where the dragon had found it, but Eudora soon donned a pure white nightgown. Uther had insisted that he shouldn’t wear pants on top of his injury and handed him the lacy white dress. Eudora felt that there was some other ulterior motive behind this but did not reject Uther’s proposal.

Of course, this was after he went through the trouble of rejecting the other selection of dresses Eudora had given him so he couldn’t refuse. Taking a careful look at Eudora’s wound, Uther told him that it might take a little over a month for it to heal and when it healed, he would set out for the continent across the sea with him. For now, the dragon went to find some herbs and food for him in the forest, handing him a transparent crystal. He told Eudora to break it should an emergency arise and he will rush back immediately. After explaining this, Uther exited by jumping off the cliff, promptly turning into a dragon and flying off into the distance.

In the cave, Eudora laid on the fluffy fur, observing the light emanating from the crystal in his hand. Suddenly, he was reminded of something and dug into the pockets of the dress he had recently changed into and pulled out a dragonscale. It was something that his parents had passed to him very early on in his memories. They told him that it was gifted to him by the dragon couple who helped him and he had always kept the memento close by even after so many years. Eudora placed the transparent crystal and the dragonscale together as his mind drifted towards Uther. He felt that the other was a good and compassionate dragon. After he’s returned home, he must allow his parents to repay the black dragon. Thinking about this, he soon fell asleep.

Eudora later awoke to the pain in his leg. Uther had brought back some water, herbs and wild fruit. He had been grinding down herbs by the bed. After realizing that he had woken up, he soaked a clean handkerchief into the water, wetting it. Uther gave Eudora a washed fruit as he sat up halfway on the bed, “This is very sweet, use it to suppress your hunger first. Due to your injury, you shouldn’t eat anything too heavy for now. When it is healed, I will bring you rabbit hunting. Now, I’m going to bandage your wound for you. It may hurt at first, but please bear with it.” Eudola accepted the fruit obediently and ate it in small bites, allowing Uther to hold his right leg. He was shy, so his toes had been slightly curled up, making his foot seem round and cute. Uther looked down on his hands and feet and wondered what would happen if he licked a stripe from his toes all the way to his thighs.

Feeling bothered by his own nasty thoughts, Uther quickly brushed them off and carefully wiped the skin around the wound with a cloth. “His skin really is pale and pretty. Even the little beauty’s ankles are so thin that you can encircle it with one hand. I bet the red anklet with a golden bell in my possession would look great around it. The nightdress he adorned also looked wonders on him. I thought he would’ve refused it but the little prince really is too much of a tease. I must let him try on the black one tomorrow.” Uther started making more plans with ulterior motives in his heart as he fed Eudora the medicine without realizing that his thoughts had been completely inconsistent with his own principles as a gentlemanly dragon. While Uther was still thinking about whether a dark blue princess gown or a red low-cut dress would look prettier on the beauty, Eudora retracted his feet. Uther’s heart grew empty and felt an inexplicable loss. Looking up, it turns out that he has already finished bandaging the wound. Had he really done it that fast? He still hasn’t touched it enough, and should’ve bandaged it more slowly. Uther regretted his actions a little. 

Meanwhile Eudora hadn’t realized the various thoughts floating around in Uther’s mind. He just silently commented to himself that Mr black dragon really did love being absent minded all the time despite also being such a careful, gentle person. “Thank you Mr. black dragon, you really are very kind. When I get home, I must remember to repay you well.” Eudora had said. Uther, who had been called a good dragon, only said that it was the least he could do for someone as beautiful as him and turned around to leave. He needed time to calm down and think more about the little beauty. After all, Uther also realized that it might not be good to always be in a daze around the other. Eudora buried his face in the thick fur immediately after the black dragon left. Mr. black dragon looked so handsome when he smiled, he almost couldn’t keep a straight face in front of him. Eudora patted his cheeks that had turned pink, trying to calm himself down, to no avail. Thinking of Mr. black dragon bandaging his wounds only made the pink on his face spread throughout his body.


T/L notes: I think I have a thing for dragons… it probably started when I first read “The reader and the protagonist”, then it was Mr. Zhongli from Genshin Impact. (0///-//0) I also love the mostly draconic cast in Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, and if I had to pick between Tohru, Kanna, Elma, Lucoa, Fafnir or Ilulu, I’d be pretty torn. ಥ_ಥ

I mean… the reason behind it is really terribly inappropriate and I really shouldn’t elaborate but I think you’ll understand more when you read chapter 9 of this tasty, tasty story. Well, if you have the same tastes as me and already know why  (✧≖ ͜ʖ≖), come shake my hand, comrade. You’re have good taste and are cultured indeed 😀

ALSO, do check out my friend’s translation of Perfection, a rebirth and show-biz novel about a very talented star and his elusive secret wink* wink* right … (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ here I mean the top in that story is also pretty kinky ehe

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