Chapter 3 – Introductions and returns

Introduction and returns

Uther returned back outside. Sweaty, he went to the forest where there was a big waterfall to meditate. After calming down, he rushed back to the cave, picking a handful of wildflowers on the way back, hoping to cheer up the little beauty. He had read in a book that giving a lady beautiful flowers and telling them that they were as pretty as the said flowers will allow him to gain the favour of the lady. Although the little beauty was a male… it should be somewhat… applicable. Uther thought about it nervously with the flowers in his hands but when he approached Eudora, he realized the other person had already fallen asleep. He slept very peacefully with his long hair spread out on the fur, very akin to the elves he met when he journeyed to the tree of life with his parents as a young lad.

Uther placed the flowers next to the little beauty’s bed before turning off the surrounding lights, leaving only some glowing crystals. After thinking for a while, he returned to his original form and circled his body around the little beauty before shutting his eyes. Before drifting asleep, he thought that sleeping like this was much better than sleeping in his piles of gold. Compared to the beauty, gold was both cold and hard.

When Eudora woke up in the morning, he saw a tall black mountain? After looking around for a while, he realized that it had been the real form of Mr. black dragon. He really was a beautiful being. His whole body was black and shiny with sharp claws and sturdy wings – all of an adult black dragon that was in his prime. Uther opened his eyes to find the beauty staring at him curiously. He waggled his tail in response and said to the little beauty: “So you’ve finally woken up. There are fruits next to you if you’re hungry. If you’re scared, I can transform back to my human self.” It was only then when Eudora had noticed the wildflowers beside the fruits. He asked: “Are these flowers for me? Thank you Mr. black dragon, I love them very much. I also like Mr. black dragon’s original form.” Uther fluttered his wings shyly after hearing those words, replying: “If you like, you can transform into your own dragon form if you think it fits you well. Also, no need to call me Mr. black dragon, you can call me Uther.” Eudora smiled and nodded, telling Uther that he could also call him Eudora. They both exchanged their names that morning and entrusted themselves to the other.

One month passed in a blink of an eye and they soon developed deeper feelings for each other. Every morning, Uther would fly outside to find herbs or wild fruits for Eudora, oftentimes bringing back a variety of gifts for him which ranged from flowers to golden treasures. Uther found many human books for Eudora and also told him many stories about dragons and the other races which made Eudora fall for Uther even more. Uther’s voice is magnetic and the stories he’s told are also very interesting. With a face like that, it was easy to fall in love with him. Eudora was already enamored with him, and as their time together went on, he only became more and more drawn to Mr. black dragon. The thought of living here with Uther for the rest of his life even crossed his mind, but his yearning for his parents placed him in a dilemma. It was late one day when Uther was sitting on one side of his bed, as per usual. He picked up a book and started reading. Eudora’s legs were almost completely healed by now and he could now move around slowly. Due to this, Uther had gone out to find an ebony branch, trimming it so Eudora could use it as a crutch. Because of this, Eudora’s favorability towards Uther has skyrocketed.

Uther had also prepared himself to send Eudora away on the day his legs finally recovered. Even though he was very unwilling to give the other up, he still took Eudora to the beach conscientiously. Eudora wore the same dress as he did when they had first met. Despite Uther preparing a luxurious men’s outfit for him, Eudora refused it, telling him that he was a princess. Uther had no choice but to just bring him some jewelry so he could make Eudora look more stunning.

After completing all their preparations, Uther turned back into a huge black dragon and lowered his body so Eudora could climb aboard. He then flew towards the mainland. For Eudora, it had been a very novel experience sitting on his back. Uther greatly slowed down the speed at which he was flying at for him so it was a steady and slow flight. This allowed Eudora to carefully take in the breathtaking view as they passed though flocks of seabirds, met giant whales coming to the surface of the ocean to take a breath of air, as well as a group of courting dolphins. 

When a barrier of coral reefs entered his vision, only then did Eudora realize that they were about to reach the mainland. This also meant that he and Uther were soon about to go their separate ways, which made his reluctance to leave the other rise up in his heart. The contradictory feeling made him realize that he had fallen in love with Uther, this careful, gentle and somewhat lonely Mr. black dragon. He didn’t know what Uther would make of it. Would he like him back too? Eudora shook his head, trying to get Mr. black dragon out of his mind, trying to get his heart to stop beating so quickly, but it was for naught. After arriving on the mainland, Uther found a remote area to land at. After transforming into his human form, he asked around to find where the nearest city was, while also finding a carriage to get there – after all, his dragon form would be rather conspicuous on the mainland.

After doing so, Uther took Eudora to a tavern and bought him some food, hoping to alleviate Eudora’s fatigue by filling his stomach. For a sturdy-skinned dragon like him, a long journey across the sea was no problem at all, however humans were different. They are fragile creatures in comparison. Uther recalled the knowledge he had read about humans in a book as he ordered a meal from the owner of the establishment.

Uther fed the nicely-cut steak to Eudora. The soft gold of the atmospheric light landed on Eudora as he sat quietly opposite him, also drinking the warm broth in the bowl and eating the yummy steak fed to him. Seeing Eudora like this made Uther’s heart soft. The thought that he might fall in love with the other suddenly made itself known to Uther. During the time they had spent together in the cave, from the time they had spent the beginning only reading by themselves without bothering the other, up to the point they had unknowingly drifted closer and even slept together after reading to each other. Even just up till recently, when Eudora was finally able to walk around, they both went for walks together near the cliff’s shore, watching fireflies and hunting together. Although Eudora was known as a princess, he had been given a private education demanded of a successor to the royal family. Uther realized this when he saw that the other’s arms were lean and muscular. Although his leg had been injured, he could still see power and grace in the way the other had handled the prey they hunted. Their feelings grew day by day after getting along, despite them being unaware of it themselves. It was not until they realized that they would soon be separated that their feelings began making themselves known. 

After thinking it through, Uther finally understood this and was ready to confess his feelings to Eudora, hoping that Eudora would agree and come to stay by his side. But what if Eudora rejected him? As he rethought it again and again, Uther and Eudora also reached the Country of Hessel. From the moment he stepped into the palace, Uther was overcome by an indescribable sense of familiarity. It wasn’t until Eudora had introduced his parents to him that Uther was certain that the person in front of him had been the ‘little princess’ he had once met when he was younger. For this reason, he felt that this had been fate working its gears, strengthening his resolve to confess to Eudora.


T/L notes: How are you liking the progression so far? I gotta say, you aren’t just skimming through looking for the NSFW parts, are you? Hehe, I don’t blame you if you are… hang in there (ó﹏ò。), we’ll soon be arriving at hoeni station… soon.

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