Chapter 2

TL: hoenimochi        TLC: hoenibean

       After staying with the Yu family for more than ten days, Li Zhenruo got a clear general idea of Yu Bingwei’s life pattern.

       Yu Bingwei didn’t work every day, but once she goes out, she may not come home for two or three days. Yu Bingwei would always hug Li Zhenruo and touch him as soon as she arrived home. Well, since she was a beautiful lady, Li Zhenruo still feels it’s quite enjoyable.

       And usually, Mama Yu would almost always be in charge of his food and drink.

       Because he didn’t pull or make trouble at home, Mama Yu also liked him very much. In the afternoon, she would hold him on her lap and groom his fur while watching TV.

       Li Zhenruo also stared at the TV when he was bored, but more often than not, he was thinking about how to sneak out.

       He had already looked outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows in Yu Bingwei’s room. They were at least ten stories high. He couldn’t leap onto roofs and vault over walls, so he didn’t dare to jump outside from the windows.

       His only hope is that when Mama Yu opened the door and forgot to close it, he can slip out directly, or when Yu Bingwei was willing to take him out.

       Although the hope seems quite slim, Li Zhenruo believes that there is always a chance, he must be calm.

       In the evening, Yu Bingwei lay on the bed and played with the tablet after taking a shower, so she carried Li Zhenruo and let him lie down next to her.

       Li Zhenruo lay down quietly for a while, stood up and crawled to Yu Bingwei’s chest, and lay down on the two soft fleshy chests. Yu Bingwei didn’t wear undergarments after taking a shower, so she felt extremely soft as he lay on her stomach. He couldn’t change the status quo anyway, so why not treat himself better? Li Zhenruo thought to himself, lying on his stomach with peace of mind.

       Yu Bingwei didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, she stretched out her hand to pinch Li Zhenruo’s neck, and continued to play with the tablet.

       Her body’s so warm and fragrant. When he was drowsy, Li Zhenruo heard the sound of someone opening the door with a key.

       There had always been only two people in this family, Mama Yu, and Yu Bingwei. A nanny for cleaning comes once a week. It seemed that it was almost ten o’clock in the evening, and Li Zhenruo couldn’t imagine who came.

       He raised his head, acting a little curious.

       Yu Bingwei just smiled, stretched out her hand, and squeezed his ears, lying motionless on the bed in sexy pyjamas.

       Li Zhenruo heard the sound of someone walking toward the room, and Mama Yu had already returned to her room at this time. Probably she heard the sound too but did not respond at all.

       This should be the sound of a man’s footsteps, and he has a key to the Yu family house. Judging from Yu Bingwei’s reaction, it was very likely that this man was Yu Bingwei’s legendary financial backer.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t care about the entertainment industry, but it didn’t mean he was not curious. His eyes were fixed on the bedroom door.

       Then he heard the man’s footsteps walking outside the door, and then opened the door.

       Have you ever seen a cat’s shocked expression1? Since Li Zhenruo became a cat, he no longer tried to hide his expression, because others would not care if they saw it.

       But at this moment he was really surprised, because he didn’t expect that the person who opened the door would be someone he knew, and one of the people he wanted to see.

       It was Li Zhenzi, Li Zhenruo’s third brother, and Li Jianglin’s third son. He was twenty-five years old this year.

       When he was a child, Li Zhenruo and Li Zhenzi’s relationship was not very good. Although he had a bad relationship with several brothers, only Li Zhenzi would not conceal his disagreement.

       Li Zhenzi had gone abroad since graduating from junior high school and went out before Li Zhenruo. When he came back, he got into trouble with a foreign devil2is a common Cantonese slur term for Westerners. For a while, Li Jianglin was very dissatisfied with him.

       As a playboy that was indulgent and enjoyed life’s pleasure. For an industry as big as the Li family, what Li Zhenzi paid most attention to was the entertainment industry.

       There were entertainment and cultural companies under Yunlin, but Li Jianglin preferred to build an entertainment and culture industry than to promote stars to make movies. However, Li Zhenzi was determined to make the entertainment company bigger. He invested in a few movies, and the income was good, so Li Jianglin let him do his thing.

       Of course, Li Zhenzi certainly had an interest in doing this, but in the eyes of Li’s family, sleeping with actresses might be his greater interest.

       Although Li Jianglin was dissatisfied with this, his son was already old, so he could only say a few words. But Li Zhenruo thought this was the best. He was happy to see Li Zhenzi falling into all kinds of gossip scandals, which made Li Jianglin more and more disappointed with him.

       It’s just that Li Zhenruo really didn’t expect that the financial backer behind Yu Bingwei would be Li Zhenzi. No wonder this woman has become a success in the entertainment industry in a short time.

       I heard that Li Zhenzi’s mother was a mixed-race beauty. He has a quarter of European blood, his skin was whiter than most people, the bridge of his nose was taller, and his brown hair was slightly curly. He inherited all the advantages of his mother’s appearance.

       At this time, Yu Bingwei put down the tablet in her hand, reached out her hand to touch Li Zhenruo’s head, looked at Li Zhenzi with a smile, and said, “Come here?”

       Li Zhenruo thought Yu Bingwei’s touch felt wrong, his whole body was a little straight, and the cat’s hair was all up.

       Li Zhenzi looked at Li Zhenruo and asked, “The cat you bought?”

       Yu Bingwei smiled and stretched out her hand to pick up Li Zhenruo to see for herself, “Yes, the name is Dumpling, isn’t it cute?”

       Li Zhenzi snorted, “His face is all muddled.”

       Yu Bingwei said, “You don’t understand.”

       Li Zhen undid some of his clothes and walked over to the bed to sit down.

       Li Zhenruo struggled subconsciously as Li Zhenzi approached, but Yu Bingwei did not let him go.

       Li Zhenzi stretched out his hand and shook Li Zhenruo’s leg, and said, “Male cat.”

       Hearing his words, Li Zhenruo subconsciously clamped his legs.

       Then Li Zhenzi said again, “Send it to be castrated in a few days.”

       This time, Li Zhenruo’s eyes widened, and his hair really stood up. He couldn’t help making a threatening cry, and at the same time, he rolled his tail to cover his lower body.

       Li Zhenzi looked at him thoughtfully, “You can understand?”

       Yu Bingwei smiled and took Li Zhenruo back into her arms, “What a joke, I won’t castrate him, how pitiful.”

       Li Zhenruo has never felt so warm in Yu Bingwei’s embrace.

       Yu Bingwei said jokingly to Li Zhenzi, “Why don’t you castrate yourself?”

       Li Zhenzi raised his eyebrows, “Are you going to castrate me?”

       Yu Bingwei smiled and said, “Don’t be a jerk, can’t you see my dumpling is still here?”

       Li Zhenzi suddenly reached out and grabbed Li Zhenruo by the back of his neck, lifted him, and threw him under the bed.

       Li Zhenruo was taken aback. He was thrown to the ground and as he rolled to stand up, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

       At this time, neither Li Zhenzi nor Yu Bingwei could care about him anymore.

       Li Zhenruo looked up and saw Li Zhenzi undressing. His back was smooth and his muscles were tight. Further down, he unbuckled his belt and his trousers fell downward, revealing half of his tight ass.

       Li Zhenruo had never seen Li Zhenzi’s naked body, and he didn’t want to watch his third brother sleep with other women. All this happened so suddenly and he didn’t want to see it!

       The door was locked. Even if it was not locked, Li Zhenruo couldn’t open it. He was not stupid enough to jump up in front of the two people on the bed and try to open the door.

       Li Zhenzi already pushed Yu Bingwei down.


       Li Zhenruo could not help but swear, he turned around in the room, and finally went behind the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows to lie down. He unexpectedly saw what he didn’t want to see, and he couldn’t block his ears, so he could only squint his eyes to calm his mind.

       To tell the truth, compared to seeing Yu Bingwei’s devilish figure, seeing her third brother’s naked body had a greater impact on him, and in this state, it really blinded him.

       On the big bed, Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei were still in full swing.

       Li Zhenruo thought that if Yu Bingwei was reluctant to castrate Li Zhenzi, Li Zhenzi really had the capital to mess around outside.

       The master bedroom has a bathroom inside. Li Zhenruo didn’t have a chance to sneak out when they went to the bathroom, and reluctantly could only lie down behind the curtains and sleep all night.

       Li Zhenruo woke up early the next day. He was lying motionless on his stomach and hesitating if he should go and wake Yu Bingwei, but he really didn’t want to see Li Zhenzi and the woman lying on the bed, he was afraid of getting a sty on his eyes.

       After lying down for a while, he heard Yu Bingwei and Li Zhenzi waking up and lying on the bed talking.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but pricked his ears.

       Yu Bingwei asked about a recent movie.

       Li Zhenzhi was lying down and answered her carelessly, his tone was not impatient, but it was not with much eagerness either.

       Li Zhenruo listened for a while and found that there was nothing he wanted to know, so he hung his ears and lay down again.

       At first, Li Zhenruo was a little discouraged, but then Li Zhenruo thought that he didn’t know how to return to the Li family before, but now he has a direct relationship with the female celebrity Li Zhenzi supported, which was a lot of progress compared to the beginning.

       Perhaps he can try harder to do something, even if it was just to hear some news from Li Zhenzi’s mouth.

       For example, he has been dead for several months, and he was completely unclear about how exactly the Li family reacted. Who was actually trying to kill him? Did Li Zhenzi play any role in this? What exactly did his death bring to the Li family?

       Li Zhenruo was lying on the floor, with an especially serious flat pie face.

       When Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei got up, Mama Yu had already prepared breakfast for them.

       Li Zhenruo was finally able to get out of Yu Bingwei’s room. He took a deep breath of fresh air and tried to forget the images he saw last night, especially the ones about Li Zhenzhi.

       When he went to his private bathroom to go to the lavatory, he saw Li Zhenzi next to him, he put one hand in his trouser pocket and played with his mobile phone with the other hand. But he glanced at him, and suddenly he was a little uncomfortable. He hesitated, changed direction, and turned his back to Li Zhenzi.

       Li Zhenzi frowned slightly, somewhat puzzled.

       Yu Bingwei and Li Zhenzi sat down to have breakfast, while Mama Yu was still busy in the kitchen.

       Li Zhenruo licked a few mouthfuls of cat food, and he was still listening to the chat between the two on the table, but unfortunately, it was still something he wasn’t interested in.

       Mama Yu’s attitude towards Li Zhenzi is somewhat subtle, although she is very polite, she was not exactly very courteous. Presumably, she also knew that Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei were nothing more than a relationship to provide. Since Li Zhenzi was only twenty-five years old this year,  too young, and Yu Bingwei was two years older than him. Although the Yu family hopes to join the Li family and marry into a wealthy family, Li Zhenzi is well-known for being flirtatious outside. Both Yu Bingwei and Mama Yu know that there is only a little hope.

       So it’s better to get the benefits you can get now, and as for the rest, it can be discussed later.

       Li Zhenruo has been with the Yu family for half a month and only now did he see Li Zhenzi coming for the first time. It is enough to show that Li Zhenzi is not too attentive to Yu Bingwei. After this trip, it’s not known when’s the next time he’ll come.

       Thinking of this, Li Zhenruo suddenly felt anxious.

       If Li Zhenzi did not come, or breaks the relationship with Yu Bingwei, it’ll be difficult for a pet cat like him to see him again. Even if he could sneak out and return to Li’s house in the future, he’s afraid that as a wild cat he has no choice but to go into hiding and could not enter the house.

       Li Zhenruo lost his appetite when he was worried, he swallowed some cat foods and slowly came to Li Zhenzi’s leg.

       Li Zhenzi was talking to Yu Bingwei about having a meal with a big director the other day and felt an itch on his leg, lowered his head to see the round-faced cat rubbing onto his leg.

       He raised his eyebrows and asked Yu Bingwei, “Does your cat have fleas?”

       Yu Bingwei said, “How is it possible? It’s washed clean, and he also had been deflead.”

       Li Zhenruo’s forehead palpitated, he tried another way, put his soft belly on the insteps of Li Zhenzi’s feet, looked up at him, and let out a soft cry.

       Li Zhenzi lowered his head to look at him. He was peeling the egg in his hand, so he broke the egg yolk and fed it to Li Zhenruo’s mouth.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated, opened his mouth, and carefully licked the egg yolk clean.

       Even though Li Zhenzi didn’t like small animals, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw a kitten approach him so well, and stretched out his hand to scratch Li Zhenruo’s chin.

       Before Li Zhenruo died, he never thought that one day he would rub the third son of the Li family and act like a baby, and be scratched by his chin.

       But that was all. Later, Li Zhenruo leaned on Li Zhenzi to be pampered again, but Li Zhenzi asked Yu Bingwei to carry him away.

       After breakfast, Li Zhenzi put on his coat and left, and kissed Yu Bingwei’s face before leaving.

       At that time, Li Zhenruo was still lying in Yu Bingwei’s arms. When Li Zhenzi leaned over, he was squeezed into the middle of Yu Bingwei’s cleavage with a look of exasperation.

The author has something to say:

Although the name is Revenge, it is not a revenge type of story. It is just a cute story without face slapping, thank you =3=

Even as cat… I don’t want to imagine seeing my siblings… uh… get into action…

Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho


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