Chapter 3

TL: hoenimochi        TLC: hoenibean

       After Li Zhenzi’s visit that day, he hasn’t really appeared for more than ten days.

       When Yu Bingwei came back, Li Zhenruo occasionally heard the mother and daughter talk about Li Zhenzi, saying that he probably went on a business trip with the second son of Li, and it might take a month to come back.

       Everyday Li Zhenruo ate, went to sleep, and ate, and when he was free, he would only stare outside in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in Yu Bingwei’s room. The more the days passed, the more restless he became.

       One day, Mama Yu went out to buy groceries. Probably because she forgot what she brought, she turned back to look for it again. The door was left open.

  Li Zhenruo scampered out all of a sudden. Of course, he couldn’t wait for the elevator. He was not familiar with this building. He scampered around for a long time before finding the stairwell. He climbed the stairs from more than a dozen floors down to the first floor and was exhausted by half of his cat’s life. In the end, the door of the unit on the first floor was closed tightly, and the button to open the door was too high for him to reach. Mama Yu, who was chasing him out finally caught him and returned.

       Mama Yu was a little angry and sad.

       That night, Mama Yu said to Yu Bingwei, “I heard that the cat will become wild when it is in heat, so let’s castrate it.”

       Li Zhenruo, who was already listless, raised his head suddenly, and he felt his fur withered with fright.

       Yu Bingwei said, “It’s not that big yet, at least wait for it to be half a year old to decide whether to castrate it or not, it’s pitiful.”

       Hearing these words from Yu Bingwei, Li Zhenruo rubbed her legs for a long time and acted like a baby, hoping that the mother and daughter could calm down their anger and forgive his impulsiveness.

       It’s just that since that day, Mama Yu was very careful entering and exiting, and she never left Li Zhenruo a chance to slip out.

       Another half a month passed by in a flash. Li Zhenruo counted the time, even if Li Zhen went on a business trip, he should almost be back.

       Sure enough, one night, Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei came back from outside together.

       Because Mama Yu was in the house, after the two entered the door, they didn’t do anything. Instead, they talked and walked towards Yu Bingwei’s bedroom.

       Li Zhenruo was originally lying in his cat bed, and stood up all of a sudden, and couldn’t resist the curiosity to follow.

       Li Zhenzi hasn’t been here for a month. Of course, he didn’t come here to chat with Yu Bingwei. The two entered the room. The door was not closed yet, but they already hugged and kissed.

       Li Zhenruo followed the door, raised his front paws, and pushed the door hard, pushing the door a little bit open, just enough to stick his head to see inside.

       He knew that Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei will inevitably have sex. He should hide in the living room and shouldn’t go in. But he couldn’t restrain his curiosity. He wanted to hear what Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei had to say. Li Zhenzi and his second brother went on a business trip, and he didn’t know what it was for. Most of the large-scale tourism projects invested by the Li family are in the West, and this project is currently Yunlin’s largest investment. If it wasn’t for what happened to him, he might have been the one who followed Li’s second son on this trip.

       Li Zhenzi kisses Yu Bingwei with some passion.

       Finally, it was Yu Bingwei who said, “I’ll take a bath first.”

       Only then did Li Zhenzi let go of her.

       Li Zhenruo saw Li Zhenzi turn around and undressed, and quickly retracted his head, not wanting to be seen by Li Zhenzi. But he was still a step slow, Li Zhenzi discovered his round face hiding by the door, and unexpectedly walked over and grabbed him.

       Li Zhenruo was a little flustered, raised his paw, and waved wildly.

       Li Zhenzi carried him on the back of his neck, sat on the edge of the bed, and hold it on his lap. Li Zhenzi pinched his face and looked around, and said, “What are you peeking at?”

       Li Zhenruo certainly does not need to answer.

       Li Zhenzi snorted himself and stretched out his hand to pinch Li Zhenruo’s pair of round balls.

       Li Zhenruo’s fur rose instantly, waved his front paws at Li Zhenzi’s face, and let out a threatening growl.

       Of course, Li Zhenzi was not scratched by him. He laughed and said, “That temper is not small.”

       Then, he raised his hand and threw Li Zhenruo away.

       Li Zhenruo suffered both psychological and physical damage. Although Li Zhenzi didn’t make a big deal since then, he always felt that the terrible touch lingered.

       He walked outside in an awkward posture, no longer caring what Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei said, and went back to his warm cat bed and lay down.

       After he left, he heard Li Zhenzi lock the door from the inside.

       Li Zhenruo lay down quietly for a while and sighed helplessly. He found that there was too little he could do, even if he saw Li Zhenzi, he could not change anything about the current condition.

       He can’t tell just Li Zhenzi directly that he is actually Li Zhenruo, aside from the fact that Li Zhenzi might not believe him, he still doesn’t know who the killer is, maybe it is Li Zhenzi? It would be too easy for Li Zhen to kill another cat if that’s the case.

       What if it’s too unrealistic to go back to Li’s house? Shouldn’t he think of other ways as soon as possible?

  Before he was killed, he had been investigating who did the identification for him and Li Jianglin in private and handed over the test result to Li Jianglin. At that time, he already had some general ideas. Should he continue to walk this path? Using the identity of a cat as a cover, go to the laboratory to search for their identification records?

  He slept quietly all night in the cat bed, knowing that Li Zhenzi and Yu Bingwei were in full swing inside, but what cannot be seen is none of his business. He tried hard to forget the last time he saw the scene.

  The next morning, he woke up as soon as the door of Mama Yu’s bedroom opened. He straightened his neck but lay in his den without moving.

  Mama Yu went to the kitchen.

  After half an hour, Yu Bingwei’s bedroom door opened.

  Li Zhenruo saw Li Zhenzi walk out of the room while buttoning his shirt.

  He changed into a formal suit today. The outside of his shirt is a dark suit. It should be the clothes that have been left at Yu Bingwei’s.

  While sitting down for breakfast, Li Zhenruo heard Yu Bingwei say to Li Zhenzi, “What about the things I told you?”

  Li Zhenzi was a little indifferent, “What is it?”

  Yu Bingwei pouted, “Didn’t I ask you to take Dumpling back to find someone to help me raise it for a period of time?”

  Li Zhenruo knew that Li Zhenzi was looking at him, but he couldn’t help it, his ears were perked up, and a pair of round eyes stared at Li Zhenzi closely.

  Li Zhenzi took a sip of milk, “How old is it? I’ll take it to raise it for a month. When I come back, will it still recognize you?”

  Yu Bingwei said, “What can I do? My dad is not in good health recently. My mom has to go back to take care of him. I will be on the crew again. It will take at least a month. I can’t leave it here during this time, right?”

  Li Zhenzi said to her, “Take it with you.”

  Yu Bingwei gently bumped Li Zhenzi with her elbow, and said coquettishly, “Are you kidding?”

  ”Hmph,” Li Zhenzi groaned, “I told you not to buy a cat, but you didn’t listen to me. Now you can’t find someone to raise it and you want to toss it to me.”

  Yu Bingwei hurriedly said, “What do you mean by tossing it to you? I’m just asking you to take care of it and I’ll pick it up in a few days.”

  Li Zhenzi ate his food without saying anything.

  Yu Bingwei saw that his attitude softened, and then continued, “Dumpling is very good. It only eats cat food, never pulls or scratches things at home, and it doesn’t make loud noises at all and won’t cause you trouble.”

  Li Zhenzi looked at Li Zhenruo when he heard it.

  Li Zhenruo looked at him, tried hard to impress him, and let him take him away, opened his mouth and wanted to meow softly, but couldn’t make a sound because of being too nervous.

  Li Zhenzi finished eating the egg, clapped his hands, and said to Yu Bingwei, “You get its things ready, use the cage, I’ll take it away later.”

  Yu Bingwei said, “So hasty, come over to pick it up tonight.”

  Li Zhenzi had already stood up and walked towards the room and said, “I’m not free tonight, otherwise you can send it to my place early tomorrow morning.”

  Yu Bingwei heard the words and said quickly, “I can’t do it, you should take it away now.”

  Li Zhenruo’s whole cat-self felt somewhat a bit silly. He didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly. He kept thinking about how to return to Li’s house, but he did not expect Yu Bingwei to give him such a big surprise directly.

  He really likes Yu Bingwei! The woman is beautiful, the figure is good, and she takes good care of him.

  Li Zhenruo dropped his breakfast and ran to Yu Bingwei’s feet, rubbing her legs with his own soft back.

  Yu Bingwei hugged him, put it on her soft chest, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “You must be obedient when you go to Li’s house. Don’t make trouble for Daniel, understand?”

  Li Zhenruo almost wanted to nod hard to show that he understood.

  Yu Bingwei is going to go out to film, and Mama Yu is going back to her hometown. Li Zhenruo doesn’t know all these things. He ate and slept at Yu family’s every day, and listened to their mother and daughter, but still missed such important information.

  Maybe sometimes when he listened, he’s bored and falls asleep. After all, he is still a kitten.

  It seems that he has to be more proactive in the future.

  Mama Yu and Yu Bingwei packed all Li Zhenruo’s things together, including his cat food, cat bed, cat toilet, and other daily necessities.

  After living here for more than a month and being taken care of by both the mother and daughter of the Yu family, Li Zhenruo was still somewhat attached.

  Finally, he was put into a cage by Yu Bingwei.

  Li Zhenzi came out of his room and was tying his tie, Yu Bingwei stepped forward to help him and asked, “Going to the company today?”

  Li Zhenzi nodded, “There’s a meeting in the head office that I have to attend.”

  Yu Bingwei said, “Then you have to carry Dumpling with you all the time?”

  Li Zhenzi said to her, “Just put it in the car.”

  Yu Bingwei heard the words and said quickly, “No, you will suffocate it.”

  Li Zhenzi frowned and was getting impatient, “So troublesome.”

  Yu Bingwei immediately softened her voice to soothe his emotions, “Don’t treat the little animals like this.”

  Li Zhenzi still looked impatient, but stretched out his hand and squeezed Yu Bingwei’s face to vent.

  Li Zhenruo looked in the cage and secretly cursed: stinky rascal.

  He really likes Yu Bingwei. Although most of the comments on this woman from the outside world are that she only has big breasts but no brain and that she just has a pretty face but no acting skill. But during this time, the Yu Bingwei whom Li Zhenruo came into contact with was at least a gentle and cheerful beautiful woman.

  Yu Bingwei and Mama Yu helped move all Li Zhenruo’s things into the trunk of Li Zhenzi’s car.

  Li Zhenzi had driven here by herself with Yu Bingwei yesterday and did not call the driver to pick him up in the morning. He planned to drive directly to the company later.

  In the end, Li Zhenruo was lifted from the cage by Li Zhenzi himself and was thrown in the passenger seat.

  Mama Yu and Yu Bingwei both came to pet his head and said a few words to him.

  Li Zhenzi got into the driver’s seat and turned sideways to fasten the passenger’s seat belt, at least blocking the cage and not falling due to sudden braking.

  Yu Bingwei stood by and waved goodbye to him, “Be careful on the road.”

  Li Zhenzi didn’t have any reaction since he started the car and rolled the window up simultaneously.

  Li Zhenruo silently raised a paw in the cage and waved it to Yu Bingwei, but no one would see it.

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