TL: hoenimochi        TLC: hoenibean

  Li Zhenzi drove to the company by himself.

  The cloth cover outside the cage was not closed, and Li Zhenruo was able to breathe a few mouthfuls of air freely in the car. He lay down in the cage, but he was unsteady because of the braking from time to time. In the end, he simply sat and held on to the plastic railing of the cage with his claws.

  Li Zhenzi didn’t pay attention to him all the way to the office. He only turned his head to look at him when he was waiting for the red light at an intersection and laughed when he saw Li Zhenruo look a little nervous.

  What are you laughing at, Li Zhenruo thought to himself.

  He really doesn’t like Li Zhenzi too much. Out of the three brothers, the only one who has the better relationship with him is probably only the eldest brother.

  When he arrived at the headquarters of Yunlin Group, Li Zhenzi drove directly to the underground parking lot.

  After parking the car, Li Zhenruo saw him pull the door and get out of the car, and he suddenly became nervous. He was afraid that Li Zhenzi would really leave him in the car all day.

  Fortunately, Li Zhenzi walked to the passenger’s side after getting out of the car and pulled the car door to carry Li Zhenruo’s cage out.

  Li Zhenzi brought the pet cage to the elevator and made a phone call, probably to his assistant. After connecting, he said to the person on the other side, “Find someone to come down later and bring the cat food and cat toilet from my car to my office.”

  After the order was given, he hung up the phone.

  There’s no need to meet someone when entering the elevator in the underground parking lot. After reaching the first floor, many company employees got into the elevator one after another.

  Seeing Li Zhenzi, the employees were all startled slightly, and then nodded to greet him.

  Li Zhenzi has a relatively easy-going personality and is not very well-mannered. He leaned back against the elevator a little lazily, and nodded his head as a response.

  Everyone noticed that Li Zhenzi was holding a pet cage.

  A young female employee looked down and found that it was a cat.

  A beautiful female employee with a bold personality said to Li Zhenzi, “Mr. Li, is that your cat?”

  Li Zhenzi always had a good attitude toward beauties. He raised his hand to raise the cage a bit, and said with a smile, “Yes, is it cute?”

  The entire female staff in the elevator actually answered him at the same time, “So cute!”

  Li Zhenruo was taken aback, and fell back behind because he couldn’t stand firmly, which led to a series of “So cute!” “I really want to hug!”

  Fortunately, Li Zhenzi didn’t really give him to everyone to touch and hug him.

  As he followed Li Zhenzi until they arrived at the office by himself, Li Zhenruo was still a little shocked.

  Although Li Zhenzi does not often appear in Yunlin’s head office, the brothers all have private offices in the head office.

  When Li Jianglin built this building, he specially invited a Feng Shui master to examine it. A fortune teller once told Li Jianglin that twenty-four was his lucky number, and it happened that Li Jianglin also encountered a major turning point in his life when he was twenty-four. From then on, everything went smoothly. So this building has a total of 24 floors. Li Jianglin’s office is on the 24th floor.

  Li Zhenruo and the four brothers’ offices are allocatedin the 23rd and 22nd floors.

  The large office is a suite. There’s a secretary’s office outside, and inside, there is a lounge with a bathroom inside.

  Li Zhenzi put Li Zhenruo’s cage on the coffee table in the office, and walked towards the inner room by himself, with no intention of letting him out.

  After a while, Su Yao, Li Zhenzi’s assistant, brought Li Zhenruo’s cat toilet and pet food bowl from outside, and placed it in the corner.

  Of the four Li brothers, only Li Zhenzi’s assistant is a woman. She is a beautiful woman with strong working ability.

  Su Yao next walked to the coffee table and bent down to look at Li Zhenruo.

  Li Zhenruo raised his front paws to cling to the cage, just in time to see a bit of Su Yao’s hidden cleavage.

  Being a cat also has these kinds of benefits. Li Zhenruo comforted himself and just wondered what kind of woman the fourth son Li wanted back then. But now he can only get pleasure by imagining women who indulge in Li Zhenzi. Even so, he is still only an immature male cat, so he can only watch and have nothing he can do.

  Su Yao showed a look of surprise when she saw Li Zhenruo’s appearance clearly, but she was not frightened, and quietly stretched out her finger to touch Li Zhenruo’s head.

  At this time, Li Zhenzi walked out of the room.

  Su Yao stood up straight and asked him, “Daniel, why did you raise such a cute cat.”

  Li Zhenzi did not hide in front of Su Yao. He went to sit behind the large desk, leaned back slightly, and said, “It’s not my cat. I’m helping Weiwei raise it for a few days.”

  Su Yao lowered her head and continued to look at Li Zhenruo, and asked, “Can you let it out?”

  Li Zhenzi said to her, “Just let it out,” then looked at his watch, “I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.”

  Su Yao was a little worried, “It won’t make trouble, right?”

  Li Zhenzi looked at Li Zhenruo and seemed to hesitate for a while. He said, “It shouldn’t, it’s always been quite good.”

  Only then did Su Yao feel relieved and unlocked the lock outside of the cage.

  Li Zhenruo took a deep breath. He was afraid that Li Zhenzi would have to keep him locked up for a whole day. Now that he was finally released, he didn’t dare to be too excited, so he could only slowly crawl out of the cage.

  The coffee table is a bit tall, and Li Zhenruo hesitates to stand on the edge of the coffee table, not knowing whether to jump off.

  Su Yao reached out to carry him and put him down gently.

  In order to express his gratitude, Li Zhenruo rubbed Su Yao’s leg.

  Su Yao immediately squatted down with a smile and smoothed his fur.

  Li Zhenruo felt very comfortable.

  Su Yao looked at the time again, and said to Li Zhenzi, “It’s almost time to go to the conference room.”

  Li Zhenzi stood up and said to Su Yao, “Are the documents ready?”

  Su Yao nodded.

  Li Zhenzi then said, “Let’s go.”

  Su Yao walked in front. Li Zhenzi closes the door smoothly when he leaves the office.

  Li Zhenruo stood where he was, looked up at the door lock, and estimated that unless he could learn to fly one day, he would not be able to unlock the lock. He walked around the room somewhat discouraged.

  He was not interested in Li Zhenzi’s office, but when he was on the coffee table just now, he noticed that there was a thick pile of documents on Li Zhenzi’s desk.

  He was somewhat curious about what it was, Li Zhenruo thinks it may involve the recent development plan of Yunlin.

  He walked to Li Zhenzi’s big desk, tried to lift his head but couldn’t see anything.

  Li Zhenruo walked slowly to the front of Li Zhenzi’s office chair, and he wanted to jump on it. He gathered up the courage to try, and hit his head against the edge of the office chair. Okay, it was still a bit painful.

  Li Zhenruo is still a little unqualified to be a cat. After all, he was still a human inside. He is afraid to try, because he is afraid that it will hurt if he falls.

  Not to mention that the office chair is taller than the sofa. Li Zhenzi’s chair can move around since it’s an office chair. It was still too difficult for Li Zhenruo, who had been working hard for a month to barely jump onto the sofa of Yu’s family.

  Oh dear——Li Zhenruo sighed helplessly.

  This feeling of being unable to do anything is really frustrating.

  Li Zhenruo walked to the corner. He was a little thirsty and wanted to drink water, but found that Su Yao only brought up his toilet and food bowl, and did not give him a small bowl for drinking water.

  He is a little unhappy.

  Li Zhenruo went around the room again. He finally jumped on top of the sofa and curled himself down in a ball.

  Almost an hour later, the door of the office was suddenly opened from the outside, and Li Zhenzi strode towards the inside of the office, bringing a gust of wind and even blowing against the small patch of fur on Li Zhenruo’s back.

  Followed by Li Zhenzi, there was also a department manager from Yunlin. This manager was hand-picked by Li Zhenzi before, and he has a close relationship with Li Zhenzi.

  Li Jianglin has too many sons, and their age difference is not too big. After joining the company, he naturally chose his own staff, and the factional struggle is fierce.

  The two of them, one standing after the other, did not notice Li Zhenruo lying on the sofa.

  Li Zhenruo raised his head, trying to hear what the two people were saying, but at the same time he noticed that they were not closing the door.

  This was a rare opportunity. He thought he would definitely not be able to get out of Li Zhenzi’s office today. At this moment, he pricked his ears and hesitated, and finally gave up the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversation between Li Zhenzi and his subordinates. He chose to jump down from the sofa and sneak out of the door.

  Su Yao was outside, but she was looking down at a document and didn’t notice him.

  He realizes that a cat can get up and walk silently, so Li Zhenruo swishes out, and no one notices his existence.

  Li Zhenzi’s office is on the 23rd floor, and the former Li Zhenruo did not stay on this floor. He walked directly towards the stairwell at the end of the corridor. He planned to go to the 22nd floor, where his own office was.

  He met no one when he went downstairs. The corridor was empty with no one at sight.

  His own office is on the left, with a layout exactly the same as Li Zhenzi’s office.

  At this time, the door of the office was closed tightly. Even so, Li Zhenruo understood that there would be no one inside, and after so long, his things might not be kept inside.

  People outside thought that the fourth son of the Li family had died in an accident.

  But the people in Li’s family knew that things were not that simple. Before Li Zhenruo died, it was confirmed that he was not Li Jianglin’s biological son and was kicked out.

  Li Jianglin probably did not announce this news to the public for the sake of defending his own dignity.

  And his death said that it happened to solve the problem for Li Jianglin, and he could completely put down this affair.

  As he thought of this, Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but look gloomy. He had been thinking that the person who killed him was one of his three older brothers. But it didn’t cross his mind, maybe it was Li Jianglin who didn’t want to see him appear again?

  If Li Jianglin does not announce his true identity to the public, it is hard to guarantee that he will not still covet the assets of the Li family in the future. But the announcement is at the price of Li Jianglin’s face. Only when he died, this dilemma can be completely solved. His biological mother had been dead for so many years anyway.

  This sudden thought made Li Zhenruo get goosebumps, and all the cat’s hairs stood up, making his mood even more gloomy.

  As the old saying goes that people’s death is just like a lamp that’s extinguished. Li Zhenruo actually has actually died cleanly, even if he can find out who actually staged the murder, what can he do?

  Stage Garfield’s Revenge? Claw them to death?

  Li Zhenruo tilted his head, looking at the tightly closed heavy wooden door. He knew he was a little frustrated. Many things have happened, even if he regrets that he wasn’t more quick witted in the past, there is no room for change. But it’s not like he can’t just die in vain, right?

  Li Zhenruo took a deep breath and cheered himself up.

  Look, God didn’t let him die completely, but came back through the body of a cat. Isn’t it just to give him a chance to get revenge? Worst comes to worse, he can use his ass to smother that person to death as they’re sleeping. Who knows, he may even have been hugged by his enemy.

  Perhaps until that day comes, only then will he be able to let go of his grudge and leave this world to reincarnate.

  Having figured it out, Li Zhenruo stood up and walked in the direction of the elevator.

  He was in a complicated mood and a little absent-minded. Otherwise, he would go back to the stairwell and rush back to the 23rd floor. However, at this time, his head was empty. Until he stopped in front of the elevator, he suddenly noticed a person standing next to him.

  Li Zhenruo turned his head slowly, and he saw a pair of black leather shoes, an Italian haute couture brand. Li Zhenruo knew one person in the Li family who liked this brand. He raised his head a little nervously, seeing the man standing next to him also looking down at him.

  Sure enough, it was the second son of the Li family—Li Zhenran.

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