Chapter 5

TL: hoenimochi        TLC: hoenibean

  Li Jianglin has four sons. Well, there are only three now because Li Zhenruo is a fake.

  He didn’t know if it’s because the sons are not from the same mother, but the appearances of the Li brothers are quite different from each other.

  Needless to say Li Zhenzi is handsome because he has a mother of mixed-race beauty. Li Zhenruo didn’t know what his second brother’s mother looks like, but Li Zhenran is just as slender and handsome. Different from Li Zhenzi’s Western profile look, Li Zhenran is more in line with the traditional aesthetics of the oriental people, with slightly raised long eyebrows, tall and straight nose bridge, an expression that’s a little cold, but with a dazzling eyes.

  Being watched by Li Zhenran, Li Zhenruo could not turn his head for a while.

  A man and a cat looked at each other for a long time, until the elevator door opened in front of them.

  Li Zhenran stepped inside with his long legs.

  Li Zhenruo was a little dumbfounded. He was here to wait for the elevator, but he couldn’t let Li Zhenran know that he was waiting for the elevator. Why would a cat know how to wait for the elevator?

  Hold on, why can’t a cat living in an apartment with an elevator take the elevator? They can’t always take the stairs, right? Dogs can wait for the elevator, so why couldn’t cats?

  It’s been a while since Li Zhenran went in, but the elevator door still didn’t close.

  Li Zhenruo only noticed at this time that Li Zhenran was actually holding the door down, like he was still waiting for him!

  He stalled for a while, Li Zhenruo stiffened his head and dragged his tail into the elevator.

  The elevator door slowly closed, Li Zhenran suddenly spoke, and his low voice echoed in the elevator, “Which floor are you going to?”

  Li Zhenruo looked at Li Zhenran in shock, thinking: Is he talking to me? Is he stupid?

  However, it’s obvious that Li Zhenran was just asking casually, because he had already pressed the twenty-third floor button.

  Li Zhenruo still hasn’t recovered from the shock.

  He has three older brothers. In comparison, the relationship with his elder brother Li Zhentai is probably the best, because Li Zhentai has a gentle personality and is more or less willing to take care of a few brothers as the eldest. The conflict with the third brother Li Zhenzi has been obvious and out on the surface. After all, he was young at that time, but now he thought about it, it’s not a deep hatred. As for the second brother Li Zhenran, Li Zhenruo didn’t know him well enough to understand him.

  Li Zhenran is a little indifferent, not only with the Li family brothers, even with Li Jianglin. He rarely communicates.

  However, Li Zhenran is the most capable of the brothers. For a long time, Li Zhenruo regarded Li Zhenran as his greatest enemy in his career.

  This time, Li Zhenruo put a lot of effort into the western investment project. He wanted to neatly show Li Jianglin his hard work, in order to make himself better than Li Zhenran in Li Jianglin’s heart.

  Unexpectedly, everything was in vain in the first place. Even if he predicted he did it well, the project has now been handed over to Li Zhenran. Li Zhenzi is only assisting Li Zhenran in his work. So much of his preparatory work is just to make wedding clothes for others1metaphor for saying someone have done so much only for other to reaped the benefits of it. Read more Tang Dynasty Poem: Poor Girl.

  Thinking of this, Li Zhenruo became hostile to Li Zhenran again.

  He thought that Li Zhenran was probably the most likely among the Li brothers to attack him. It turns out that Li Zhenran is the direct beneficiary when he dies.

  When this western project was neatly handed over to Li Jianglin, he’s afraid that Li Zhenran’s position in the Li family would be unshakeable by anyone anymore.

  The elevator went from the 22nd floor to the 23rd floor in a flash.

  This is a private elevator used by the Li family. It only stays on the 22nd to 24th floors, and the first and basement floor. It’s unlikely for ordinary employees to take it.

  The moment the elevator door opened, Li Zhenruo wanted to go outside.

  But he didn’t expect Li Zhenran to move a step faster than he did and picked him up before the elevator doors opened.

  Li Zhenruo: “?”

  He didn’t understand what Li Zhenran’s purpose for holding him up was. He resisted a bit, but he couldn’t show the resistance too clearly. So he just struggled in Li Zhenran’s arms.

  Li Zhenran didn’t let him go, and after the elevator door opened, he walked out.

  On the 23rd floor, in addition to Li Zhenzi’s office, there is also Li Zhenran’s office on the other side.

  Li Zhenran hugged Li Zhenruo and walked towards his office. Li Zhenruo stayed in his arms and smelled the refreshing fragrance of men’s perfume.

  As he entered the big room of the office, Li Zhenran lifted Li Zhenruo by the back of his neck and put him on the assistant’s desk.

  Li Zhenran’s assistant, Hua Yibang, wears black-rimmed glasses. He always looks serious and seems a bit old-fashioned.

  He raised his head and jerked his glasses, and asked Li Zhenran, “Zhenran?”

  Li Zhenran said, “I picked up a cat.”

  Hua Yibang looked at Li Zhenruo with a somewhat puzzled expression. After thinking for a while, he said, “It seems to be Mr. Li the third’s cat.”

  Li Zhenruo’s eyelids twitched.

  The Li family brothers, sometimes when the employees under them meet them, they aren’t sure how to address him. However, for those who are more casual, they will usually call him the Fourth Young Master or his English name2Read more here. However, Hua Yibang always called him Mr. Li the fourth sternly, giving Li Zhenruo the illusion that he was in the Republic of China.

  At this time, Li Zhenran was a little surprised, and said, “The third child’s cat?”

  Hua Yibang said, “Yes when I came today, I heard that Mr. Li the third brought a cat to work.”

  Li Zhenran nodded when he heard the words, “Then you can send it back to him.” After speaking, he put Li Zhenruo aside and walked to the inner office.

  Hua Yibang then stood up, twisted the back of Li Zhenruo’s neck with one hand, and sent him to Li Zhenzi.

  Li Zhenruo didn’t like being lifted off the neck very much. He struggled to express his dissatisfaction, but it didn’t help.

  Hua Yibang brought him to Li Zhenzi’s office, knocked on the door, went in, and handed it over to Su Yao before leaving.

  At this time, Li Zhenzi had already finished speaking with his staff, and stayed alone in the office, with his legs folded and flipping through a magazine.

  Su Yao knocked on the door to send Li Zhenrou in and put him on the coffee table.

  Li Zhenzi put down the magazine and glanced at him, frowned, and asked, “Where did it go?”

  Su Yao said, “Hua Yi Bang brought it over.”

  Li Zhenzi seemed to be a little dissatisfied, “He slipped away as soon as I opened the door, and what did she say about it being obedient.”

  Su Yao asked him, “Do you want to lock it up?”

  Li Zhenruo suddenly became nervous, he walked to the edge of the coffee table, closed his eyes, and jumped down.

  Su Yao thought he wanted to sneak, and was about to bend down to catch him, but he had already reached Li Zhenzi’s leg, and raised his head next to Li Zhenzi’s trousers, and ‘meowed’.

  Su Yao smiled when she saw it, “It knows who the master is.”

  Li Zhen raised his foot and scratched Li Zhenruo’s chin with the tip of his shoe.

  Li Zhenruo didn’t dare to dislike it and slightly narrowed his eyes to look like he enjoyed it.

  Li Zhenzi then said, “Forget it, take it, remember to close the door when you go in and out.” After thinking about it, he said, “Bring him a bowl of water.”

  Li Zhenruo has to thank Li Zhenzi for finally remembering this.

  Su Yao went out for a while and used a small plate to fill clear water on the floor for Li Zhenruo. Li Zhenruo quickly walked over and drank a few sips of water. However, because his face was too flat, he would wet the hair on his face every time he drank water, so he rubbed the carpet from side to side very uncomfortably.

  Li Zhenzi looked at him and ignored him, turning over the files on the desk.

  Li Zhenruo wanted Li Zhenzi to pick him up several times so he could take a peek at the contents of the file. Unfortunately, Li Zhenzi didn’t intend to pay attention to him, and would gently kick him away with his feet when he was annoyed by him.

  After two or three times, Li Zhenruo no longer went over.

  After leaving work in the afternoon, Li Zhenzi has a social gathering.

  Before he left, he said to Su Yao, “It’s not convenient for me to take a cat out. You can help me take it back to my house. I’ll let Wang Ma know.”

  Su Yao replied, “Okay.”

  Li Zhenzi changed to another set of clothes, packed up his things, and left.

  Su Yao put Li Zhenruo in a cage, found a cardboard box, put his toilet and rice bowl together, and planned to go down.

  Li Zhenruo was a little dissatisfied that she put her toilet and rice bowl together, and expressed his protest with a meow.

  Su Yao just left the office to wait for the elevator with a suitcase in one hand and a pet cage in the other, when Li Zhen Ran and his assistant Hua Yi Bang came out of the office one after the other.

  Hua Yibang saw that Su Yao had taken so many things, so he took the initiative to help.

  ”Second Young Master,” Su Yao nodded and greeted Li Zhenran with a smile.

  Li Zhenran looked at the cat cage she was holding and asked, “Where are you taking it to?”

  Su Yao said, “Daniel asked me to send it to your home.”

  Li Jianglin’s sons are not married yet, so naturally they did not live separately. But even if they get married, no one wants to just move out of Li’s house.

  Li Zhenran was a little surprised, “The third one wants to raise it?”

  Su Yao said, “Daniel said to temporarily foster for a few days.”

  Li Zhenran asked her, “Whose cat?”

  Su Yao did not reveal it to him this time, and shook her head apologetically, “He didn’t say, I don’t know.”

  As if he didn’t care, Li Zhenran just nodded his head.

  When the elevator came, Hua Yibang dragged Su Yao’s cardboard box into the elevator.

  Li Zhenran suddenly reached out to her, “Leave it to me, I’ll take it back for you.”

  Su Yao was taken aback, and said with a smile, “This is too much trouble for Second Young Master, how can I be so shameless?” But she thought to herself, I was waiting for you to say that!

  Li Zhenran said, “It’s okay, I’m going back anyway, there’s no need for you to make another trip.”

  Su Yao then handed the cage containing Li Zhenruo to Li Zhenran’s hands and said, “Then thank you, Second Young Master.”

  Li Zhenran was noncommittal and took the cat cage over.

  When he went down to the underground parking lot, Li Zhenran’s driver was already waiting for him in the car.

  Hua Yibang put the whole card box into the trunk of Li Zhenran’s car, and Su Yao opened the trunk of her car and brought in all the other pet supplies that Li Zhenzi had put on her car when he left.

  She repeatedly thanked Li Zhenran.

  Li Zhenran just nodded his head.

  Li Zhenruo was very quiet along the way. Of course, he had no other choice but to keep quiet. No one would care about his opinions.

  The pet cage was placed in the back seat by Li Zhenran, right next to his seat.

  After the driver drove, Li Zhenran reached out and opened the door of the pet cage.

  Li Zhenruo hesitated, he didn’t really want to go out, mainly because he didn’t want to stay in the same car with Li Zhenran. But he couldn’t be too obvious, so he dawdled to put his head out first.

  Li Zhenran gently scratched his ear with his slender fingers.

  Li Zhenruo looked up at Li Zhenran and found that Li Zhenran was also looking at him.


  Li Zhenran’s fingers scratched his chin and rubbed the top of his head with irresistible comfort. Soon Li Zhenruo found that he had succumbed to this irresistible force and wasted no time in getting out of his cage and lying on his back by Li Zhenran’s legs.

  After a while, Li Zhenran withdrew his hand.

  Li Zhenruo reminisced about the touch just now and was reluctant to give it up. With a lot of reluctance touched Li Zhenran’s thigh with a paw.

  Li Zhenran looked down at him.

  Li Zhenruo can’t speak, so he can only open a pair of round eyes to try to express his emotions.

  Li Zhenran did not seem to understand.

  Li Zhenruo was a little frustrated. He lay down on his legs for a while and felt bored. He went back to his pet cage and buckled the door with his paw.

  Li Zhenran glanced at the pet cage, raised one long leg, leaned back comfortably, and closed his eyes.

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