Chapter 46

       Li Zhenruo sat by Li Zhenran’s bed, and when Li Zhenran passed by, he patted his cat’s head. He looked up at Li Zhenran blankly and saw him walking towards the bathroom.

       After a while, Li Zhenran came out of the shower and patted his head again as he passed by.

       Li Zhenruo was confused, “?”

       Li Zhenran went to the cabinet to find a pair of clean underwear to put on and then patted him again before going to the bathroom.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t bear it any longer. He turned into a naked youth, jumped up to stand and asked, “What do you want to—”

       He originally wanted to ask what you were doing, but before he could even ask the question, Li Zhenran was already crushing him on the bed. Li Zhenruo immediately reacted. Li Zhenran didn’t want to do anything, he just wanted to fvck him.

       How treacherous!

       Although he was indignant, at the same time he was inexorably caught up in desire.

       Later, Li Zhenruo lay on the bed panting and couldn’t recover his breath for a long time. He saw Li Zhenran turn over and sit up, walked to the window and opened it. He even sat up with his hand propping his body, his long legs stretched out of the window and swung into the air.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t help but say, “You are not afraid that the people downstairs would think they saw a pervert?”

       Li Zhenran didn’t speak.

       Li Zhenruo was still lying on his stomach, propping his face with one hand, and said to him, “Today, such a big thing happened in your house, you still have such a good mood?”

       Li Zhenran said, “Then what? Should I go hug my eldest brother and cry together with him?”

       “Really cold and heartless,” these words were really Li Zhenruo’s evaluation of Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenruo was actually a little sad as he saw Li Jianglin’s attitude today. He found that it wasn’t just the brothers who were indifferent in this family. Even Li Jianglin, the person who held together their blood relationship, was actually indifferent.

       Li Zhenran didn’t speak.

       The lights and air conditioners in the room were turned off, and he sat by the window, feeling the cool breeze outside on his naked body.

       Li Zhenruo rested his chin on the back of his hand, thought for a while and then said, “Why do you say your father insists on letting the eldest marry Wen Chun? Things were already like this.”

       In regards to Li Jianglin’s thoughts, Li Zhenruo always found them difficult to understand. In the past, he could only discuss with Yan Xiujie, but Yan Xiujie’s understanding of Li Jianglin was limited. He didn’t expect to have the opportunity to talk about this topic with Li Zhenran now.

       He couldn’t help but think of a sentence: The God of destiny makes fools of the people.

       Li Zhenran heard the words and said slowly, “Because the eldest was not valued high enough.”

       Li Zhentai was not as good as the other sons in Li Jianglin’s heart, everyone could see it to some extent. But to say he was not as good as Wen Chun, wouldn’t it be too much?

       However, just like the big families in ancient times, there were a few people who could make their own marriages, and they don’t have to be under the orders of their parents. Li Jianglin’s idea of ​​making Li Zhentai marry Wen Chun was understandable, and it was normal not to allow him to divorce. Li Zhenruo believed that Li Zhentai will be the one who finally compromises, but Li Jianglin must also do something to appease Li Zhentai, right?

       Li Zhenruo was in a trance thinking about it. After a while, Li Zhenran went back to bed and put his arms around him to sleep. He felt a coolness on Li Zhenran’s skin, so he put his face on his firm chest, yawned, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

       Just as he expected, Li Zhentai only tensed up for two or three days, and now that he was sober, he has come back to compromise with Li Jianglin.

       The father and son were locked in the study for an afternoon. Li Zhenruo turned to the window to eavesdrop, but as soon as he ran to the window sill, he was chased down by Li Zhentai, who was standing by the window.

       Li Zhenruo hid under the window sill, but there was still some distance to the window, and the glass window of the study was closed tightly, so he couldn’t hear it clearly even with his cat ears.

       However, it was possible to guess what the father and son said. Li Zhentai could not give up the entire Li family for this matter. Li Jianglin gave a stick first and then jujube to eat1it’s similar to the sticks and carrot analogy. Whether Li Zhentai was willing or not, he always had to give in.

       Li Zhenruo circled the house and went back to the living room. When he saw Wen Chun standing on the stairs, he seemed to want to go down to the first floor, but suddenly stopped for some reason and turned back upstairs.

       Wen Chun stayed at home for the past two days and didn’t go anywhere. Originally, after the wedding, she and Li Zhentai planned to go out for their honeymoon, but in this situation, the honeymoon plan has naturally been cancelled.

       Wen Chun still has about a month’s vacation, and she seemed to plan to stay at home so quietly.

       Although it was true that Wen Chun had an affair with Li Zhenzi, but no one knew how many mistresses Li Zhentai had outside. When this matter was exposed, Li Zhentai was completely a victim, which made Li Zhenruo feel it was a little unfair to Wen Chun.

       Obviously, there were problems with both of them, but Wen Chun broke up with Li Zhen after deciding to marry Li Zhentai, but Li Zhentai was still entangled with Yue Zijia.

       Li Zhenruo sighed suddenly, not because of Li Zhentai or Wen Chun, but because it was not easy for a cat to worry about the Li family.

       Li Zhentai did not stay at home for dinner, and Li Zhenruo estimated that he would not come back to sleep tonight. Although he chose to compromise, Li Zhenruo believed that Li Jianglin must have also made concessions for his compromises. During this time, Li Zhentai would spend the night outside, and Li Jianglin would definitely not pursue him.

       Oh my, such a marriage that exists in name only, why should it be maintained?

       Li Zhenruo thought sadly while chewing cat food.

       Li Zhenran finished dinner, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and said to Li Jianglin, “Then I’ll go now, Dad.”

       Li Jianglin said, “Well, go ahead.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment, only to realize that he had been distracted just now, and he didn’t notice what Li Zhenran and Li Jianglin said. When he saw Li Zhenran get up and walk outside, he quickly dropped the half-eaten cat food and followed.

       Li Zhenran walked to the gate and stopped to look at him, “What are you doing following me?”

       Li Zhenruo threw a look at him, you know.

       Li Zhenran gave him a cold look but did not stop him from following him out.

       Without calling the driver, Li Zhenran drove a car by himself. Since the time Li Zhenruo could freely change between the two forms, Li Zhenran’s driving time had obviously increased.

       Li Zhenruo got into the car and realized that he didn’t bring his clothes out. Before Li Zhenran started the car, he put his paw on his arm to remind him with a “meow” and wanted him to go upstairs and get his clothes off.

       Li Zhenran actually understood what he meant and said, “Just stay like this, I’m going to find the third child.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment. He originally wanted to ask Li Zhenran what he was going to do looking for Li Zhenzi, but he thought it would be troublesome to have to turn into a human to speak, so he stayed quiet and analyzed the matter by himself: It might be that Li Jianglin asked Li Zhenran to find Li Zhenzi to tell Li Zhenzi not to go home for a short time.

       After all, Li Jianglin was still more partial to the third child.

       While driving, Li Zhenran took out his mobile phone and called Li Zhenzi.

       Li Zhenruo looked at him and felt it was dangerous, so he couldn’t help raising his paw hesitantly to put it on his wrist. Li Zhenran turned his head to look at him and pinched his face when he had time waiting for the red light.

       With such a simple action, Li Zhenruo was inexplicably a little shy. He retracted his claws and sat quietly in the passenger seat and thought: Damn, so cool!

       Li Zhenzi has lived with Yu Bingwei ever since he was kicked out by Li Jianglin.

       Li Zhenran carried Li Zhenruo upstairs and rang the doorbell. Li Zhenruo tried his best to stick his head out and look around. He still has some feelings for Yu Bingwei’s mother and daughter and this home. After all, she was the first owner after he left the mama cat, and this owner was both a beautiful woman and very kind to him.

       The person who came to open the door was Yu Bingwei’s mother. He had not seen the old lady for a long time, but she was still in good spirits. But when she opened the door, she looked at Li Zhenran with a look of doubt and vigilance. Later, she noticed the cat that wanted to pounce on her, opened her mouth for a while and said, “Oh, is this Dumpling?”

       Li Zhenran let go of his hand, allowing Li Zhenruo to jump into Mama Yu’s arms.

       At this time, Yu Bingwei heard the movement and walked to the door of the room to look, and asked, “Who is it, Mom?”

       Mama Yu said, “Dumpling is back!”

       When Yu Bingwei saw Li Zhenran, she gave a slightly surprised “ah” and turned back and shouted, “Daniel, your second brother is here.” Then she warmly invited Li Zhenran into the room.

       Li Zhenran called Li Zhenzi before he came, otherwise he wouldn’t have known that he could be found here. So when he saw Li Zhenran, Li Zhenzhi was not surprised at all. He still had bruises on his face. It was estimated that he would not have the face to go out to meet people in a short time, so he could only hide on Yu Bingwei’s side.

       Li Zhenzi told Li Zhenran to sit down on the sofa.

       Yu Bingwei asked Mama Yu to pour tea and reached out to take Li Zhenruo into her arms.

       Li Zhenruo buried her face in Yu Bingwei’s chest, took a deep breath, and then felt Li Zhenran’s piercing gaze shooting toward him. Although he couldn’t see it, he also felt a chill on his back, and he quickly pulled out his face.

       Li Zhenzi put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward slightly when he sat on the sofa. Li Zhenruo peeked at him secretly, only to think that his always handsome face was red and swollen, which was very funny.

       He didn’t speak, and the atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.

       Yu Bingwei was very good at looking at reading the atmosphere. When Yu’s mother made the tea, she carried Li Zhenruo into the kitchen, closed the door slightly, and washed the dishes with Yu’s mother.

       They had just finished the evening meal, but there were only three of them to eat and not many bowls to wash.

       Li Zhenruo pricked up his ears and heard Li Zhenran say to Li Zhenzi outside, “Dad asked me to come and see you.”

       Li Zhenzi was silent for a moment, and asked, “Is Chun jie okay?”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously glanced at Yu Bingwei who was holding him, but Yu Bingwei obviously didn’t hear the conversation outside, she was helping Yu’s mother to get the clean dishcloth.

       Mama Yu’s face didn’t look very good, she wiped the bowl silently, and said to Yu Bingwei while putting the bowl in the cupboard, “What happened to him? It looks like there is a conflict with the family, right?”

       Yu Bingwei scratched the top of Li Zhenruo’s head lightly with her fingers and said, “Well, there’s a trouble with the family.”

       Mama Yu opened her mouth and seemed to hold back what she wanted to say.

       Yu Bingwei said, “I know how far to go and when to stop in my heart, Mom, don’t worry. In a few days, it will be easy to part without hard feelings.”

       When Li Zhenruo heard Yu Bingwei’s words, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, not even noticing what Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi said outside. He thought, after being together for a long time, Yu Bingwei didn’t have much sincerity towards Li Zhenzi, but she just took what she needed and waited for the right opportunity to move and break up.

       After a while, someone knocked on the kitchen door.

       Yu Bingwei went over to open the door and saw Li Zhenran standing at the door. He said to her, “We’re going to leave.”

       “Oh,” Yu Bingwei reacted, and immediately returned the cat in her arms to Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran touched the top of Li Zhenruo’s head heavily.

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly lay in Li Zhenran’s arms, looking up at him pitifully.

       When they came out, Li Zhenzi sent them to the gate and said, “I’m fine, it’s my fault, I’ll go to Dad to apologize in a few days.”

       Li Zhenruo listened to his sincere tone but felt that Li Zhenzi probably didn’t really think so in his heart, otherwise he wouldn’t have done things like hooking up with Wen Chun in the first place. The guilt now was nothing more than for Wen Chun, because once the matter was exposed, Wen Chun was destined to be wronged in the Li family in the future.

       In the evening, Li Zhenruo lay on Li Zhenran’s bed and listened to the sound of water in the bathroom.

       After a while, when he heard the sound of the water stop, he stood up and sharpened his claws on the edge of the bed, preparing himself to get ready.

       When Li Zhenran opened the bathroom door and came out, Li Zhenruo jumped on it at once, and perfectly achieved the transformation in the air. The beautiful naked youth threw himself into Li Zhenran’s arms, who was also naked.

       He was so enthusiastic to deliver, and of course, Li Zhenran would not refuse. He reached out to catch Li Zhenruo and then pressed him on the bed.

       Li Zhenruo thought to himself: maybe it doesn’t matter if one was straight or not. He didn’t know if he was too liberal or too greedy for pleasure. Anyway, now he maintained this relationship with Li Zhenran, not only he didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he also liked it.

       Halfway through, he had an idea, if he suddenly turned into a cat in the middle of the next time he was doing it, he wondered if Li Zhenran would go crazy.

       But when he thought about it seriously, Li Zhenran might not only go mad, but it was possible to tear him apart, so it was better not to do these unnecessary things to provoke Li Zhenran.

       As he was lying on Li Zhenran’s shoulder, Li Zhenruo nibbled on his shoulder with some boredom and said, “Will your father be very angry if you let him know that Li Zhentai has a mistress outside?”

       Li Zhenran lay on his back with his hands under his head, and turned to look at him, “Do you think my dad doesn’t know that the eldest has a mistress?”

       Li Zhenruo was slightly taken aback.

       Li Zhenran said, “You forgot, he has so many mistresses outside.”

       Li Zhenruo was silent for a while and said, “But if Wen Chun knew, Li Jianglin would have no reason to stand by Li Zhentai.”

       “So what,” Li Zhenran said, “It’s just a show for Wen Chun to see, what effect can it play?”

       Li Zhenruo’s chin rested on Li Zhenran’s shoulder, and he suddenly felt a little disappointed, “I think your father doesn’t seem to care about anything.”

       Li Zhenran stretched out his hand to squeeze his face and asked him, “What do you think he cares about? Is this important to you?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I don’t think you gave it a thought yet. Your Li family has such a big business, but the brothers are fighting over it. It’s not worth it.”

       Li Zhenran actually laughed, “It was originally something from our Li family. They took what they deserved, and I took what I deserved. What’s not worth it?”

       Li Zhenruo looked at Li Zhenran and saw that he was smiling slightly. The words he spoke seemed to be very casual, like a joke but not like a joke.

       It’s just that Li Zhenruo thought to himself: I believe there’s something fishy about you.

       Li Zhenran said to him, “But you, what do you think of our brother’s things? You don’t want to get a hand in it too?”

       Li Zhenruo felt that Li Zhenran probably suspected him of something. Indeed, from the beginning, he had many loopholes, and he did not hide many things from Li Zhenran. He felt that Li Zhenran’s attitude of indifference was strange, and so it was normal to have doubts.

       It was just that when he thought about himself from Li Zhenran’s point of view, and no matter how many abnormal behaviours point him to Li Zhenruo, he feels that Li Zhenran would only suspect that he has anything to do with Li Zhenruo, instead of thinking that he was Li Zhenruo. After all, it was incredible if Li Zhenran really had such an idea. He would want to just knock Li Zhenran’s head out to see what kind of strange brain circuit he had.

       Anyway, Li Zhenran was suspicious. Li Zhenruo was going to expose the truth, so he put his whole body on Li Zhenran and asked him, “What do you think your father really cares about?”

       Li Zhenran looked at him and said, “What he really cares about is that Yunlin can develop better in the hands of whomever he hands over. The rest are not important.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “The human heart is full of flesh2meaning that the human heart must have feelings, I don’t believe that he is not biased at all.”

       Li Zhenran smiled, “Of course he is biased, he doesn’t like the eldest very much, but this was based on his consideration of the abilities of several sons, you should understand.”

       Li Zhenruo thought: What do you mean I should understand?

       Having said this, Li Zhenruo felt a little sad. He put his head on Li Zhenran’s shoulder, closed his eyes, and sighed softly.

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