Chapter 33 – Wanwan, have a good dream!

Chapter 33 – Wanwan, have a good dream!


Qi Yun’s room was on the second floor of the small building. The room was not big, but it was cozy. There was a problem. In this small room, where should Xing Zhongwan sleep?


Xing Zhongwan was about to ask Qi Yun whether he should move downstairs, but before he could say anything, Qi Yun patted his bed and motioned for him to sleep with him.


Xing Zhongwan’s entire being rejected the idea, “How about I set up a small bed at the door of your room so you can call me over if there was anything?”


Qi Yun, who was patting the bed, stopped. His face was sullen, “Why sleep by the door? Other’s will laugh. Do you still want to sleep in a separate room from me with your current identity?”


Three question marks appeared in Xing Zhongwan’s head, Identity? What was my status now? Wasn’t that just a fake marriage?


To treat it so seriously?


Qi Yun turned his face away silently, “I know you hate me because I can’t see, and because my legs are still crippled.” Xing Zhongwan hurriedly interrupted him, “What are you talking about? How could I possibly think that? I’ll take a shower first, jeez.”


As Xing Zhongwan turned around and went downstairs to get his luggage, Qi Yun turned his head and there was a little smugness on his face. Wanwan, so you are amenable to coaxing.


Xing Zhongwan came out of the bathroom wiping his half-dried hair and put on a pair of pajama pants loosely on his lower body. Xing Zhongwan always slept in the nude. However, this was only because there was also another person in the room who only wore a pair of trousers. Whether the other wore those pairs of trousers or not, it was no different than if he did not wear them when they were hanging loosely by his crotch, about to fall off.


Xing Zhongwan threw the towel away and looked at Qi Yun who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. After thinking about it, he took out his pajama shirt and put them on before pulling up his pants and walking to the bed.


There was only one bed!?


Xing Zhongwan felt like going to get another bed. As soon as he turned around, Qi Yun on the bed opened his eyes, “What are you doing? It’s very late.I have physical rehabilitation early tomorrow so I have to rest well.”


Xing Zhongwan frowned, “I’m going to get another quilt or else I won’t sleep well at night. I’ll steal your quilt too.”


“You slept well last time, so we don’t have to use different quilts.”


Qi Yun said it so naturally.


Slept well? It was a good thing that you were not suffocated by Laozi.


“There are not many quilts left right now. Everyone else has gone to bed, so let’s talk about it tomorrow!”


I really don’t believe that your Qi family failed to bring a single quilt for me! Xing Zhongwan went to bed reluctantly. He lifted the quilt and lay on the edge of the bed. Closing his eyes, he was trying to hypnotize himself to sleep when Qi Yun’s hand suddenly reached out and touched his arm, “Come a little closer, it’s a little cold.”


Xing Zhongwan saw that it wasn’t just a little cold. The windows were so wide open that if it wasn’t a little cold, it would be weird.


He got up and was about to close the window but Qi Yun put his arm around him and said good night.


Xing Zhongwan froze up immediately. Qi Yun was hugging him so he couldn’t get up to close the window. He could only close his eyes resignedly, and Xing Zhongwan who had been hard at work the entire day soon became drowsy.


Jiangnan in March and April was still a little cold when the cool wind blew at night. Xing Zhongwan subconsciously leaned towards Qi Yun’s side. It was very warm. He turned over and hugged Qi Yun, his legs subconsciously hooking him by the waist. He buried his head between Qi Yun’s neck. As his warm breath touched Qi Yun’s sensitive skin, Qi Yun opened his eyes and placed his hand around Xing Zhongwan’s back. It was a good thing that Chen Ying opened the window ahead of time. You see, didn’t he come up to hug him on his own?


Qi Yun turned his face and kissed Xing Zhongwan’s forehead. Wanwan, have a good dream!


Qi Yun was training inside and it was rare that Xing Zhongwan was not allowed to watch. Xing Zhongwan wondered for a while, before I was only allowed to stand by the door, but now I was not even allowed to watch? That man’s heart is not easy to understand. It was a good thing too, he now finally has some personal time of his own. Xing Zhongwan hummed a little song and asked Chen Ying for the car keys so he could go out to play.


In the physical rehabilitation room, Qi Yun struggled to support his body. He was sweating profusely and his weak legs were struggling to take another step. Chen Ying watched from the side, a little puzzled, “Master Yun, the young madam drove out.”


Qi Yun gritted his teeth and replied with an ‘en’, Chen Ying suddenly didn’t know what else to say.


“I don’t want him to see my ugly appearance. It’s better for someone of Wanwan’s attitude who can’t stay idle to go out and relax. Watching me all day long will also bore him.”


Chen Ying was surprised. When did Qi Yun become so sympathetic?


“How’s that going?”


Chen Ying stood up straight and said solemnly, “The fourth young master Qi really likes the gift we gave him. We will be able to reel in the nets soon.”


Qi Yun nodded in satisfaction, “That’s good. It was not in vain for me to have escaped here. My mother probably didn’t expect for the disputes and conflicts to occur internally.”


Qi Yun exerted a little too much force and his entire body suddenly fell down. Chen Ying was startled and hurried up to help him but Qi Yun Yun stretched out his hand to signal for him not to come forward.


“How’s it goin on my mother’s side?”


Chen Ying retracted his hands, “Madam Qi’s side has been silent for a while but the person I sent out reported that she intends to contact the chairman privately.”


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “She really is willing to cause trouble to others when she has no one else to turn to! Considering that woman she brought in, I’m afraid she can’t wait anymore.”


Chen Ying responded, looking at Qi Yun’s tired face and couldn’t help but try to persuade him, “Master Yun, please take a rest.”


Qi Yun’s face was cold, “No, let the doctor in.”


Xing Zhongwan drove to the city and parked the car in a parking lot before taking a taxi to the suburbs that was more than an hour away from the city. Uncle Zhong was already waiting for Xing Zhongwan at the door.


“Master, it’s been a long time, this old man thinks of you a lot.”


Uncle Zhong was an old man with gray hair and a small stature. His originally amiable face was overshadowed by a ruthless, long scar on his face.


Xing Zhongwan put his arms around him, “Think about what you said. Didn’t I come to see you just two months ago? Since then, how is that a long time?” 


The smile on Uncle Zhong’s face bloomed, but his scary-looking face became more and more odd, “Come in, this old man made your favorite white water shrimp.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “I was waiting for you to say that.”


After dinner, Xing Zhongwan took a whiff of the tea he was drinking. Appreciating the leisurely fragrance of tea, he said, “The most fragrant tea is still the one that’s grown at home.”


Uncle Zhong said with a smile, “When the new tea leaves comes out, I’ll bring it for you and also give Mr. Cheng and Miss Xue to try.”


Xing Zhongwan said, “They look forward to this every year, Uncle Zhong. I will leave my mother’s affairs to you.”


Uncle Zhong’s face suddenly lost his smile, “Don’t worry, Madam’s affairs can’t be delayed, the master over there cannot be trusted. I’ll arrange for it as soon as possible. Master, hurry up and retrieve the ashes of the madam back.”


After speaking, old uncle Zhong’s wrinkled eyes filled with tears, “The madam can finally return to her home. After so many years, how lonely it must be for madam to be here alone.” 


The old man stretched out his sleeves and wiped away his tears, Xing Zhongwan put his arms around his shoulders, “Oh, don’t cry. Are you inviting me to cry with you? It’s a good thing that my mother can go back. Why are you still sad?”


Uncle Zhong wiped away his tears and raised his head to look at Xing Zhongwan who was smiling in front of him, “Master, the older you become, the more you look like the master. Your personality was also so similar to his when he was young.”


Xing Zhongwan was taken aback, “That can’t be. I grew up beaten by that old man’s stick, how can I not be like him?”


Uncle Zhong’s eyes flashed with a complex emotion, but it was only for a moment.


“Young master, you are close to the Qi family now, but don’t implicate yourself. The Qi family are very good at treating others differently based on their social status. When the master was still alive, Qi Zongcheng cheekily came to ask for his son’s marriage partner. Qi Zhongcheng was even willing to accept that kind of daughter born from Xing Zhengping. They are the kind of people who are willing to marry anyone for the sake of profit by any means. Although his grandson is disabled now, he was a ruthless person back then. The young master has been wronged for the sake of the young lady. After settling the young lady’s matter, the young master must get out as soon as possible.”


Xing Zhongwan thought, Get out early. He didn’t know how many times he’s thought about it, but now…


Thinking of Qi Yun’s side profile as he slept peacefully while leaning on him when he woke up this morning, he couldn’t tell him that he was going to leave early. He’ll wait for Qi Yun to finish the operation, then he will really leave. By then, the kindness he gave will be repaid. If he didn’t leave… Xing Zhongwan sighed while covering his pained chest.


Old Uncle Zhong called out to the young master a few times but Xing Zhongwan didn’t respond. He couldn’t help but wonder as he stretched out his hand and nudged him, “Young Master, is this something difficult to do?”


Xing Zhongwan finally recovered and said hurriedly, “You should also leave with me this time. I’ll worry if you’re going to stay in the countryside alone.”


Uncle Zhong shook his head, “I’m already old, so I want to guard this old house. This was also my promise to the master. As long as Xing’s old house is here, this old man will be here too. There are many old things belonging to the master in the house. I often take them out to wash and dry them. When one day I can’t do it anymore and die of old age, then young master can bury my ashes under the peach tree in the yard.”


Xing Zhongwan’s eyes were getting red. As he looked up at the old Xing family’s house which was still standing after withstanding the day-by-day weather as well as the old servant who has already grown old but was still loyal. Grandpa, was this the Xing family’s character you often talked about?


As Xing Zhongwan left the old house, Uncle Zhong stood by the door watching Xing Zhongwan’s back disappear gradually. He then turned to close the door and muttered to himself, “Master, the young master has become calmer. This is good, so you must be happy. This old man knows that you must be very happy. The young madam will also return soon so don’t be angry with her anymore. You must treat her well!”    


T/N: When the elderly talk like that in stories, it makes me feel a little nostalgic. I feel sad too, but they’ve probably also had their fair share of time and already lived their life. Only slowly passing the days by peacefully to reminisce about the long by-gone past and cherish the memories that in the past, many others also shared with them while they were still truly alive, and younger.


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    i knew it!! There’s something fishy about Xing ZhongWan’s birth!! Its either his mother is an illegitimate daughter of the Xing, or he is Grandpa Xings son from his(grandpa xing) so called adopted daughter which is Xing ZhongWan mother. Haysss , I already comment this theories from the previous chapters. Anyways thanks for the update ♡♥.

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